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									                             Quality Control – Ford India Ltd.

Ford India Ltd., a subsidiary of the global automobile major Ford Motor Co. The company has its
manufacturing facilities in Maraimalai Nagar, Chennai.

The Process
The manufacturing process of an automobile company comprises of four major functions that are
carried out in different locations. Since these functions form the crux of the automobile
manufacture or the production cycle, the specialized area for each of them is as under
    Ø   Press Shop                        -pressing or shaping of the automobile parts
    Ø   Body Shop                         -framing of the automobile body
    Ø   Paint shop                        -painting or coloring of the automobile
    Ø   Assembly Shop                     -assembling or final fixture of the automobile
In order to assure the roll out of quality vehicles and adhere to the International Quality Standards,
the Quality Control team documents the manufacturing process undergone by each of the
automobiles produced.
The documents used for the purpose of specifying the particulars of the processes in automobile
manufacture are named as ‘Travel Cards’. Each automobile has a Travel Card and as suggested
by the nomenclature the card moves along with the vehicle in the production cycle. The document
contains a set of Checklist, Questions and Sign-Off sheets. At each of the shops in the production
cycle, the respective personnel who have performed the process on the automobile fill up the
The Travel card is split into two parts. The first part travels through the Press and Body shops
after which it reaches the Quality Control department. Since at the Paint shop the automobile
undergoes painting, the second part of the Travel Card is filled up at the end of the process and
moves along with the automobile into the Assembly shop. Finally, at the end of production cycle
the second part of the Travel Card reaches the Quality Control department.
At the Quality Control department a folder is assigned to each automobile. For any given
automobile, both parts of the Travel Card documents are merged in the allocated folder and
archived for future reference.

The Problem
The Travel Card for each automobile is maintained for a period of three years for legal purposes.
The Travel Card is retrieved to answer internal queries, solve customer problem reports, as
reference/proof in legal issues, audit purpose etc.
    Ø   Handling documents while answering multiple queries.
    Ø   Cost of storage and retrieval in terms of space occupied, consumables etc.
    Ø   Time and Manpower required for planning and organizing document storage and retrieval.

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The Solution
Newgen offered a solution to this problem with OmniDocs, the state-of-the-art Document
Management Solution, designed to cater to the ever-growing requirements of any business
organization. The system manages all the paper based and electronically generated documents
The Travel card document on reaching the Quality Control department is scanned and indexed as
a multi-paged document in the system. The Vehicle Identification Number is the unique index for
the documents apart from the other keys like Batch Number, Production Date, and Model etc. The
documents once scanned and stored are available for:
Viewing                                  -facilities to view more than one document
                                           through multiple windows.
Working                                  - Includes annotating and writing over the
                                           documents. Also includes facilities such as appending,
                                           embedding and linking of documents.
Archiving/Distributing                   -facilitates to transfer the documents along with
                                           the data to Compact discs, Optical disks and
                                           other storage media.
The documents can be instantaneously retrieved using any of the indices, whenever required.
Also, sets of documents based on some criteria like automobiles produced in a Batch or of a
certain time period can be retrieved.

    Ø   Cost reduction in storing and retrieving the documents.
    Ø   Drastic reduction in Time and Manpower required for documents storage and retrieval.
    Ø   Efficient handling and archival of documents for the regulatory period.
    Ø   Safe and secure solution for storage and retrieval of documents.
    Ø   Instant access of information/document.
    Ø   Reduction in operating expenses and investments.
    Ø   Instant access to information resulting in faster decision making.
    Ø   No lost or tampered documents.
    Ø   Sharing of documents with no cost involved.
    Ø   Restrict and Track the operations performed on the documents.
    Ø   Efficient flow of documents and information within the organization.
    Ø   Distribution of documents/information to different physical locations.
    Ø   Reduced compatibility issues in viewing various documents.

With the lowest optical disk drive of 5.6 GB, an organization can keep about 8 months data online,
whereas, 2 Compact discs will be required to keep about 1 months data online by the above
estimation (for peak loads). Depending on budget constraints and the requirements of the

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organizations to keep a volume of data online, it can go in for an Optical Disk Drive or a CD-Writer

System Requirements
Hardware:        Pentium 166 MHz and above
                 32 MB RAM, 2 GB HDD
                 Twain compatible Scanner
                 Re-writable CDR /Optical Disk Drive (Optional)
Software:        Win NT/Win 98/95
                 OmniDocs TWAIN Scanner drivers
                 Drivers for CDD/ODD
                 Oracle or MS-SQL (Optional)

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