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									                                                                               Data reflects 9-12 enrollment.
Neal F. Simeon Career Academy High School                                        Total Membership: 1,572
8147 South Vincennes Avenue · Chicago, IL 60620 · (773) 535-3200                % ELL Membership: 0.0
SCHOOL SCORECARD                                                               % Special Education: 12.2

                                                                   Score   CPS Rank    Trends & Benchmarks

                STUDENT OUTCOMES

                                                                              23           60     60      58
 Freshman Graduating in Five Years                                 58%
                                                                             of 58
                                                                                          2003   2004    2005
 Graduates Enrolled in College or Post-Secondary Education         51%                             --
                                                                             of 62
 Employment Success
                                                                     --       --                   --
 (Under construction, available Fall 2006)

                ACADEMIC PROGRESS

 Average ACT                                                       16.5                 Illinois Average - 19.9
                                                                             of 69
 Students Making Expected Gains                                    38%                             --
                                                                             of 70

                                                                              36           18     19      16
 Meet/Exceed PSAE State Standards                                  16%
                                                                             of 69
                                                                                          2003   2004    2005
 Students Enrolled in Advanced Placement Classes                    6%                             --
                                                                             of 52
 Students Scoring 3+ on Advanced Placement Exams                    N/A      N/A                   --

                                                                              14           60     69      70
 Freshman On-Track to Graduate                                     70%
                                                                             of 70
                                                                                          2003   2004    2005

 Made NCLB Adequate Yearly Progress                                 No        --                   --

                STUDENT CONNECTION

 Average Days Absent per Student                                   18.9                            --
                                                                             of 81
 Participation in Extracurricular Activities
                                                                     --       --                   --
 (Under construction, available Fall 2006)

 Safe and Respectful School Climate
                                                                     --       --                   --
 (Under construction, available Fall 2006)

 High Expectations and Support
                                                                     --       --                   --
 (Under construction, available Fall 2006)


 Highly Qualified Teachers                                         79%                             --
                                                                             of 76
 Average Days Absent per Teacher
                                                                     --       --                   --
 (Under construction, available Fall 2006)

 School Cleanliness
                                                                     --       --                   --
 (Under construction, available Fall 2006)
                                   METRIC DEFINITIONS
       CATEGORY                       METRIC                                DEFINITION
Student Outcomes            Freshman Graduating in Five   Percent of freshman who graduate within 5
                            Years                         years, including summer school.

                            Graduates Enrolled in         Percent of graduates who enroll at a post-
                            College or Post-Secondary     secondary school. Post-secondary schools
                            Education                     include colleges, universities, community
                                                          colleges, and trade schools.

                            Employment Success            Under construction. A rating of graduates with
                                                          jobs after graduation.

Academic Progress           Average ACT                   Average score of all students taking the ACT
                                                          college entrance exam. Uses scores students
                                                          received on the PSAE test in 11th grade.

                            Students Making Expected      Percent of student tests that achieve the
                            Gains                         expected improvement from test to test. Tests
                                                          (Explore, Plan, ACT) are taken from 9th to 11th
                                                          grade. Compares improvement to the expected
                                                          improvement based on national averages for
                                                          each test.

                            Meet/Exceed PSAE State        Percent of students meeting or exceeding state
                            Standards                     standards on the PSAE exam (11th grade).

                            Students Enrolled in          Percent of all enrolled students taking at least 1
                            Advanced Placement            Advanced Placement class.

                            Students Scoring 3+ on        Percent of students taking at least 1 Advanced
                            Advanced Placement Exams      Placement class who score a 3, 4, or 5 on at
                                                          least 1 Advanced Placement test. Students who
                                                          score 3 or higher can earn college credit.

                            Freshman On-Track to          Percent of students having earned five credits
                            Graduate                      without failing more than one core class at the
                                                          end of their freshman year (not including
                                                          summer school).

                            Made NCLB Adequate            School is graded “Pass” or “Fail.” A school
                            Yearly Progress               passes if at least 47.5 percent of its students
                                                          meet or exceed state standards.

Student Connection          Average Days Absent per       Average number of days absent for each
                            Student                       student.

                            Participation in              Under construction. A rating of student
                            Extracurricular Activities    involvement in at least one after-school activity.

                            Safe and Respectful School    Under construction. A rating by students of how
                            Climate                       safe their school is and how they are treated by
                                                          staff and other students.

                            High Expectations and         Under construction. A rating by students of how
                            Support                       much is expected of them at their school, and
                                                          how much support they receive to meet

School Characteristics      Highly Qualified Teachers     Percent of teachers meeting qualification

                            Average Days Absent per       Under construction. Average number of days
                            Teacher                       absent for each teacher.

                            School Cleanliness            Under construction. Assessment of school
                                                          facilities and cleanliness based on inspections
                                                          throughout school year.

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