Start an Astrological Chart Business by KHALEDTRAVEL


									1. Step 1

   Log on to your computer and search for astrological chart software. Read
   reviews of the software. Download free trials. Draw your own astrological
   chart. Compare prices, features and reporting.

2. Step 2

   Search for chart interpretation software. Read reviews of the software and
   download free trials. Draw your own astrological chart. Choose the software
   and interpretation software you like best based on your comparison.

3. Step 3

   Choose a name for your astrological chart business. Go to a reliable domain
   registration and hosting service like or and
   register your domain. Pay the fee and look for your confirmation email with
   the details on your site.

4. Step 4

   Write content for your website , including information on the 12 signs of the
   zodiac and details about the products and services you will offer in your
   astrological chart business.

5. Step 5

   Go to your site and log into your control panel. Upload the software you will
   need to create your site, such as Wordpress blogging and webpage creation
   software. Upload the payment software you will need for your site, such as

6. Step 6

   Upload the content for your website pages. Upload the product details into
   your shopping cart.

7. Step 7

   Set the price for the astrological charts according to the amount of work it will
   take to run a customer's information and create an astrological chart for her.
   Provide your email address so she can get in touch with you to provide birth
   date and birth hour (if known) to create the chart. Save all data in the shopping
   cart. Run a test order to be sure everything in the cart is working.

8. Step 8

   Create a marketing plan for your new website and astrological chart service.
   Generate traffic for your site by using your URL in all your emails as part of
   your signature file.
9. Step 9

   Research other astrology-related products so you can become an affiliate and
   generate even more income from your website. Create the links for these
   products and add them to your site.

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