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Transcript from NCLB _ ARRA Upda


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									           Transcript from NCLB & ARRA Update Webinar 9-10-09
[08:44:12 am] Christopher Dickinson: Good Morning

[08:46:10 am] Diana Butler: Blue Ridge

[08:46:10 am] Susan Burdsal: Susan Burdsal from OES is present

[08:46:39 am] Robin Gibbs: Pendergast present

[08:46:40 am] Diana Butler: Is there a way to copy the PowerPoint?

[08:46:40 am] Dennis Martin: Dennis Martin: Thatcher USD

[08:47:16 am] Jacquelyn Power: Jacquelyn Power from Blackwater Community School is present

[08:47:35 am] Traci Ogden: Good Morning...Heritage Elementary Charter School

[08:47:46 am] Kathy Norris: Kathy Norris from Paradise Valley Unified is present.

[08:48:02 am] Carissa Hershkowitz: Wickenburg USD

[08:48:37 am] Pam Slade: I could not open the PowerPoint.

[08:48:46 am] Christopher Dickinson: https://ilinc.ade.az.gov/iLinc/content/wmjjb/wmzjz

[08:49:08 am] Christopher Dickinson: If you click launch on the right, it should prompt a download

[08:49:29 am] Maureen DeGrose: Good morning!

[08:49:38 am] Christopher Dickinson: If that doesn't work, the next email blast I send out will have the
PPT attached. The Title I website should also be updated today as well with all of the webinar materials

[08:49:57 am] Christopher Dickinson: Welcome everyone.

[08:50:08 am] Laura Metcalfe: Laura Metcalfe - Maricopa Supts. Office

[08:50:20 am] Christopher Dickinson: Nancy will be doing a sound check here in a few moments.
Currently there is no sound.

[08:50:22 am] Amy Hanon: Amy Hanon Telesis Prep.

[08:50:46 am] Amy Hanon: Is there a conference call # and access code for today's presentation?

[08:50:56 am] Christopher Dickinson: In future webinars, we are going to try and figure out the best way
to pump music though the system before the webinar starts
[08:51:16 am] Christopher Dickinson: Sound will come though your computer. There is no call option for
this webinar.

[08:51:42 am] Amy Hanon: Okay, thank you.

[08:51:54 am] Christopher Dickinson: A Couple Quick Notes:

[08:52:02 am] Laura Metcalfe: Do we need to figure out how to enable the sound function on the
computer or do you enable it so we can all hear it?

[08:52:19 am] Hilda Ortega-Rosales: Hilda Ortega-Rosales, Tolleson UHSD

[08:52:28 am] Christopher Dickinson: 1. Questions can be asked via this chat box. Either I will answer
them while the webinar moves forward or Nancy will take time out at the end to answer them

[08:52:44 am] Kathy Minard: Kathy Minard-Toltec Elementary School District

[08:52:50 am] Christopher Dickinson: Laura: I have the microphones turned off. I will do a sound check
here in a minute.

[08:52:53 am] Richard Vierling: Richard Vierling: Gila County Regional School District

[08:53:03 am] Mary C. Miller: I could not get the PowerPoint to open either. Do we need to call for
sound or will sound come over the speakers?

[08:53:18 am] Irene Zozaya: Irene Zozaya, Littleton District, present.

[08:53:28 am] Christopher Dickinson: 2. There is a survey we would like you to fill out at the end of the
webinar. When you close out of the program, it should automatically come up. If not, a link will be sent

[08:53:31 am] Jeff Gregorich: Hayden-Winkelman School District

[08:53:51 am] Gina Nunez: Gina Nunez: Laveen Elementary School District

[08:54:28 am] Tambie Cicerelli: Tambie Cicerelli-Ralph Weinberg: Arizona Call A Teen

[08:54:45 am] Christopher Dickinson: 3. The PowerPoint is available here:
https://ilinc.ade.az.gov/iLinc/content/wmjjb/wmzjz If for some reason it is giving you issues
downloading it, it will be available on the ADE Title I website (http://www.ade.az.gov/asd/title1/ ).

[08:55:57 am] Mary Kyle: Yes

[08:56:00 am] Dean Colvig: Dean Colvig from Kingman Academy of Learning

[08:56:35 am] Brownell Hamlyn: Brownell Hamlyn-Kingman Academy of Learning

[08:56:36 am] Christopher Dickinson: Did everyone here Nancy do a sound check?
[08:56:43 am] Suzanne Reiners: yes

[08:56:44 am] Kathy Norris: yes

[08:56:46 am] Wendy Horner: yes

[08:56:46 am] Cindy Escobedo: yes

[08:56:48 am] Laura Metcalfe: Yes

[08:56:49 am] Brownell Hamlyn: Yes

[08:56:51 am] Tambie Cicerelli: Yes

[08:56:53 am] Christopher Dickinson: Ok good

[08:56:55 am] Irene Zozaya: yes

[08:56:58 am] Maureen DeGrose: yes

[08:56:59 am] Christopher Dickinson: We will begin in a couple minutes

[08:56:59 am] Vivian Martinez: Vivian Martinez: yes

[08:57:02 am] Dennis Martin: Dennis Martin: yes

[08:57:06 am] Steve Heil: yes

[08:57:08 am] Billie Bell: Billie Bell from Concho ESD#6 on Board. . . . yes heard the sound check

[08:57:08 am] Gina Nunez: gina nunez yes, heard sound check

[08:57:16 am] Patrick Riley: Pat Riley: Yes

[08:57:16 am] Susan Burdsal: Susan Burdsal-yes

[08:57:20 am] Pamela Sparrow: Did not hear sound check.

[08:57:24 am] Kathy Minard: I can not here it yet.

[08:57:32 am] Jinny Ludwig: sound will be thru the computer, not via telephone?

[08:57:44 am] Christopher Dickinson: Correct, sound is via computer

[08:57:57 am] Sherry Dorathy: Morning

[08:58:43 am] Mary C. Miller: The PowerPoint came up but there was no way to print.

[08:58:46 am] Pamela Sparrow: Holbrook Unified here. No sound yet.
[08:58:52 am] Christopher Dickinson: This session is being recorded. It will be made available to
everyone this afternoon on the ilinc webiste (http://ilinc.ade.az.gov ) - The recorded sessions are located
in the [Join a Public Session] area.

[08:59:06 am] Christopher Dickinson: Nancy has her mic off

[08:59:24 am] Christopher Dickinson: now it is on

[08:59:27 am] Pamela Sparrow: Got sound now.

[08:59:39 am] Mary C. Miller: yes

[08:59:41 am] Melissa McGehee: I can her, but it's a little garbled

[08:59:42 am] Brownell Hamlyn: Sound waivers hard to hear.

[08:59:44 am] Kathy Minard: I now have sound. Thanks.

[08:59:48 am] Margaret Huffman: Sound wavering here too

[08:59:50 am] Jinny Ludwig: any way you can talk louder?

[09:00:05 am] Dennis Martin: Dennis Martin: Please speak up

[09:00:24 am] Susan Simon: Susan Simon from Desert Star School

[09:00:28 am] Pam Slade: I can barely hear Nancy. I've got sound turned up all the way

[09:00:42 am] Suzanne Reiners: morning

[09:00:49 am] Leticia Lujan: Good Morning!

[09:00:54 am] Irene Zozaya: good morning

[09:01:23 am] Steve Heil: Good Morning

[09:01:27 am] Gerald Lawson: Sound is good. I'm ready.

[09:02:53 am] Christopher Dickinson: Questions can be asked in this chat area.

[09:02:53 am] Mary C. Miller: Sound keeps fading in and out

[09:05:04 am] Chelsey Peitz: What is the difference between choosing no or none?

[09:05:24 am] Melissa McGehee: I'm in my ALEAT and it won't let me click on the answer for career

[09:05:42 am] Christopher Dickinson: Whats you LEA Melissa?

[09:06:00 am] Sherry Dorathy: The lilnk to access this webinar has the link for the power point
[09:06:04 am] Christopher Dickinson: The system just defaults to None.

[09:06:19 am] Melissa McGehee: Twenty-first Century Charters , dba Bennett

[09:06:29 am] Christopher Dickinson: We didn't want the default to be no since it could show you
different questions

[09:06:41 am] Sherry Dorathy: very similar to attaching a file in an email

[09:07:00 am] Jeri Robertson: Nancy's voice is breaking up and I am missing small bits and pieces of
what she's saying; I haven't had this problem before - is it my issue.

[09:07:15 am] Brownell Hamlyn: I am having the same issue.

[09:07:24 am] Mary Grant: Her voice is skipping around and repeating over herself

[09:07:35 am] Jeri Robertson: Can we get this Power Point or did you already send it to us?

[09:07:47 am] Suzanne Reiners: sound is breaking up a bit -- very choppy

[09:08:12 am] Gina Nunez: sound is choppy

[09:08:18 am] Christopher Dickinson: Ok one sec

[09:08:33 am] Patrick Riley: Pat Riley-Did I hear that this Power Point would be available to us, and I also
hear Nancy breaking up, very choppy and hard to follow.

[09:09:14 am] Chelsey Peitz: I am still not sure I understand how to add an electronic signature...is it a
document submitted in the file that we complete?

[09:09:26 am] Susan Simon: Susan Simon, no sound yet

[09:10:10 am] Kristen Daly: i recvd the PowerPoint in the reminder email sent yesterday.

[09:10:22 am] Deborah McIff: Is there a problem with the sound now, I can't hear anything.

[09:10:33 am] Christopher Dickinson: https://ilinc.ade.az.gov/iLinc/content/wmjjb/rytwz

[09:10:38 am] Christopher Dickinson: This is the page with the PPT

[09:11:16 am] Christopher Dickinson: The launch button should pull up a download prompt

[09:11:42 am] Laura Metcalfe: which is the launch button?

[09:11:58 am] Chelsey Peitz: Got it! Thanks :)

[09:12:04 am] Suzanne Reiners: Does it have to be a scanned signature -- or can it be a typed name
[09:12:04 am] Christopher Dickinson: on the webinar content page, it should be on the right side of the

[09:12:20 am] Mary C. Miller: When I tried to upload the private school consultation form I received an
error message or an encrypted message.

[09:12:31 am] Christopher Dickinson: That is the decision of the district

[09:13:09 am] Jeri Robertson: Got the PP from my reminder e-mail. Thanks so much.

[09:13:12 am] Mary Grant: Is there a teacher evaluation form?

[09:13:15 am] Suzanne Reiners: If no private school in district - do we have scan?

[09:13:41 am] Christopher Dickinson: Deborah: It looks like you turned off your sound. Click on the
headphone icon at the top of the page

[09:14:58 am] Mary C. Miller: Do you know about the private school consultation form?

[09:15:11 am] Jeri Robertson: Dumb question. So if I click on + in front of something, it doesn't open up
anything, that means I don't submit anything for that item?

[09:15:13 am] Christopher Dickinson: Did you answer the criteria questions?

[09:15:14 am] Melissa McGehee: Jeri, I was just going to ask a similar question

[09:15:55 am] Jeri Robertson: Yes I did, and I can get info under prayer for example

[09:16:01 am] Christopher Dickinson: If nothing comes up after you answered the criteria questions,
then that item isn't required.

[09:16:32 am] Jeri Robertson: got it - thanks much

[09:16:33 am] Chelsey Peitz: What is the turn-around for getting approval of our ARRA grants that have
been submitted?

[09:16:53 am] Christopher Dickinson: Resources for the 301, Career Ladder, and Teacher Evaluations are
going to be uploaded today.

[09:17:31 am] Mary Grant: How do we submit assurances? Is there a template for each one?

[09:18:00 am] Suzanne Reiners: Sound is still very choppy --

[09:18:27 am] Mary C. Miller: Will we receive something if we have not completed the assurances?

[09:19:31 am] Christopher Dickinson: I think the sound is because of so many people online right now. I
am trying to see if there is anything I can do. Worst case, the recorded version should not be choppy at
all since it records locally, not online.
[09:21:56 am] Jeri Robertson: approval turnaround time question?

[09:22:05 am] Christopher Dickinson: I have that one written down.

[09:22:18 am] Sherry Dorathy: Common Login

[09:23:27 am] Billie Bell: Will FY09 completion reports be approved before Oct 1st, to allow amended
amounts to be available for the FY10 Title I Grant Application

[09:24:18 am] Mary C. Miller: Where are the waiver reports?

[09:24:25 am] Sherry Dorathy: No problem

[09:27:09 am] Christopher Dickinson: Title I Status Report is located on the Common Logon. (Thanks,

[09:27:19 am] Mary C. Miller: Where did you say the Title I status report is?

[09:27:37 am] Suzanne Reiners: Will you be going over the Consolidated Plan entry? or is this
somewhere else?

[09:27:53 am] Melissa McGehee: I was told that even non-Title I schools need to fill out a plan on ALEAT.
What happens if they don't do it?

[09:28:04 am] Jeri Robertson: Waivers only apply to schools in improvement?

[09:28:32 am] Christopher Dickinson: There is a recorded webinar on specifically the Plan and inputting
it. I am doing a webinar next week which will go over some of the plan as well (in greater detail)

[09:28:36 am] Kathy Minard: Just checking for clarification. Our district MUST have our NCLB Plan filed
on ALEAT BEFORE our grant can be approved or submitted?

[09:29:39 am] Christopher Dickinson: Non-Title I schools may be required to fill out information related
to Title II HQ or ELL requirements

[09:30:05 am] Patrick Riley: Chris-will you be sending out an email with information about next week's
webinar and if so, when? Pat Riley

[09:30:28 am] Christopher Dickinson: When your ADE Specialist reviews your Application, they will be
looking at your Plan to see if it corresponds.

[09:30:48 am] Christopher Dickinson: I am sending out info on next weeks webinar either this afternoon
or tomorrow

[09:31:05 am] Melissa McGehee: what are the consequences if they do not complete a plan for Title II
and ELL?

[09:31:10 am] Suzanne Reiners: How do I add myself to your email list?
[09:31:23 am] Christopher Dickinson: If your plan isn't filled out, then your con app might get held up
until that takes place

[09:31:36 am] Christopher Dickinson: email me, Suzanne: Christopher.Dickinson@azed.gov

[09:33:29 am] Jeri Robertson: where do we enter the NCLB indicator 1 and 2 info?

[09:34:14 am] Jeri Robertson: is that on the worksheet that goes with the Title I app

[09:34:31 am] Mary Kyle: If I understand this regarding waivers-the current waivers only apply to schools
in improvement status, but there will be a waiver in the future for any school requesting more than 15%
carryover for the 2010 SY. Is this correct?

[09:35:07 am] Jeri Robertson: got it - thanks very much

[09:39:26 am] Pam Slade: I had pulled out a date from the Fall Process meetings that said the
Consolidated Plan for schools in improvement was October 28th. This says October 1.

[09:39:38 am] Mary C. Miller: So will the waivers be in the application downloads?

[09:40:29 am] Pam Slade: I meant LEA Consolidated Plan

[09:41:01 am] Ed Dawson: Yes, October 28th was also the date I received at Fall Forum for LEA
Corrective Action Plan. Is this now complete by October 1?

[09:41:08 am] Christopher Dickinson: Pam - There are a handful of LEAs that have a little bit more time.
Your LEA might be one of those. I would just verify with your LEA Improvement specialist

[09:41:57 am] Pam Slade: Okay, thank you. Who is under 2141?

[09:42:32 am] Kristen Smith: 2141 --LEA's in year 3 of improvement

[09:43:20 am] Mary C. Miller: We are having trouble with HQ for Sped and ELL teachers. The system will
not let us enter them.

[09:43:26 am] Christopher Dickinson: I can have Nancy give a quick overview of 2141 at the end of the

[09:44:28 am] Robin Gibbs: For the HQ and 2141- do we enter these in ALEAT or in the Title II Higher
education act in the common log on?

[09:45:08 am] Carissa Hershkowitz: Is it called LEA Core Data or LEA Profile?

[09:45:27 am] Jeri Robertson: I've never seen core data? I've seen LEA profile so I second Carissa's

[09:46:02 am] Ryan Hackmann: Robin - there should be an option under common logon for highly
qualified teacher application
[09:46:45 am] Mary C. Miller: Is this different than enterprise?

[09:46:47 am] Robin Gibbs: Thanks- guess I don’t have access to that section :)

[09:46:51 am] Pamela Wortham: If the Superintendent does not have Core Data listed in the menu
under the common logon can they request it from the ADE Support Center?

[09:47:11 am] Pamela Wortham: ok thanks..

[09:47:15 am] Irene Zozaya: When are school improvement grants due?

[09:47:30 am] Mary C. Miller: Are the school improvement grants due October 1?

[09:47:36 am] Suzanne Reiners: Poverty data in SAIS - is that submitted in uploads? not a report, right?

[09:47:44 am] Kathy Norris: Where do we get the forms for the Neglected and Delinquent count?

[09:48:45 am] Sherry Dorathy: I agree-these webinars are grat

[09:48:55 am] Sherry Dorathy: It would be helpful

[09:49:24 am] Laura Metcalfe: sound has tanked?

[09:49:31 am] Laura Metcalfe: Ok, it is there.

[09:49:36 am] Christopher Dickinson: she was reading a question :)

[09:49:41 am] Laura Metcalfe: Ok. Thanks.

[09:49:52 am] Christopher Dickinson: I have bad handwriting

[09:49:56 am] Melissa McGehee: if it's not on the supt logon, should the supt request it? I thought it was
a default

[09:50:18 am] Christopher Dickinson: If you dont have core data - I would have the supt request it

[09:50:26 am] Kathy Norris: Ok, thank you.

[09:50:32 am] Melissa McGehee: thaks

[09:50:58 am] Mary Grant: As a FED Coordinator, what should we have access to on common logon?
Sounds like some of us are missing items.

[09:50:59 am] Sherry Dorathy: Most of us need the same questions answered Jeri - no dumb questions

[09:51:17 am] Robin Gibbs: Chris- these webinars are very helpful, is there a way to have a chat room /
blog etc.. too for Title directors so we can dialogue with each other daily?

[09:51:35 am] Kristen Smith: GREAT IDEA (blog/chat room)
[09:51:44 am] Pamela Sparrow: I second that!

[09:51:55 am] Robin Gibbs: :) glad its not just me!

[09:51:56 am] Christopher Dickinson: I would like to note real quick: This session is being recorded and
the sound issues you may have experienced shouldn't have an effect on the recorded version. If you
missed something, I would check out the recorded session (available this afternoon), and hopefully you
get all the information needed

[09:52:10 am] Jeri Robertson: Can you post the link for the after feedback survey?

[09:52:13 am] Suzanne Reiners: where will it be located?

[09:52:27 am] Christopher Dickinson: Mary Grant: Email me the question about what you should have
on your common logon

[09:52:52 am] Christopher Dickinson: Robin: I will look into this. Please add this to the comment
section on the survey

[09:53:06 am] Gina Nunez: Could I also get the information as to what should be on the common login
for the Fed Coord.

[09:53:30 am] Jeri Robertson: I really appreciate the webinars as well, especially since I feel more
comfortable asking dumb questions because I'm not raising my hand in front of a roomful of my
counterparts :-)

[09:53:56 am] Christopher Dickinson: Here is the link to the survey:
http://www10.ade.az.gov/SelectSurveyNET/TakeSurvey.aspx?SurveyID=8420962 It should also come
up automatically once the webinar ends.

[09:54:04 am] Susan Burdsal: Chris, I understand that the consolidated plan webinar for next week is
full. Are you planning another soon? Will the slides be available to those of us not able to participate?

[09:54:26 am] Christopher Dickinson: Email me Gina.

[09:54:33 am] Christopher Dickinson: Christopher.Dickinson@azed.gov

[09:54:55 am] Christopher Dickinson: All materials for the webinars will be made available

[09:55:00 am] Ed Dawson: Chris, I need more folks from central to view this webinar. Will you email use
when the recorded version is ready?

[09:55:24 am] Jeri Robertson: The tech webinar earlier this week had us link to the sound via telephone
and there was no breakup of sound because it didn't come through speakers. Is that a possible solution
for these in the future.
[09:55:39 am] Christopher Dickinson: Next week is called ALEAT 201 - Advanced ALEAT. Topics will
cover the budget section of the plan, status updates on your action steps, and an overview of the
monitoring section.

[09:56:03 am] Melissa McGehee: wonderful! thanks for offering that!

[09:56:10 am] Laura Metcalfe: will everyone who is participating today be notified of the ALEAT 201

[09:56:10 am] Christopher Dickinson: I will send out a link to this recorded session with the info on next
weeks session

[09:56:10 am] Jeri Robertson: Yea!!!!!!

[09:56:38 am] Robin Gibbs: off topic.. is there a cap on how much, or a % we can spend on capital / tech
in Title I?

[09:56:39 am] Christopher Dickinson: I will try and get the info out to everyone

[09:56:55 am] Sherry Dorathy: Just a comment - these webinars make it possible for me to attend more
"workshops" than if I had to attend in person. Thanks!!!

[09:57:10 am] Christopher Dickinson: If it fills up, it will be recorded as usual

[09:57:22 am] Mary C. Miller: Are you talking about the advanced ALEAT training? Is it already full?

[09:57:32 am] David Baker: Is the definition of low performing, Failure to Make AYP or does it have to do
with AZLEARNS profiles?

[09:57:33 am] Suzanne Reiners: Are past webinars on a certain website we can access?

[09:57:37 am] Kathleen May: Thanks

[09:57:43 am] Ed Dawson: Well done Webinar. Thank you for the clarifications on ALEAT changes

[09:57:51 am] Christopher Dickinson: http://ilinc.ade.az.gov - Join a Public Session

[09:57:56 am] Mary C. Miller: The webinar yesterday using speaker phone was much better for sound.

[09:58:43 am] Christopher Dickinson: Any more questions?

[09:59:09 am] Suzanne Reiners: Thanks!

[09:59:13 am] Pamela Sparrow: Thank you! Very informative webinar.

[09:59:23 am] Christopher Dickinson: If you can't think of any right now: Just email them to either of us

[09:59:24 am] Dorene Mudrow: I second that
[10:00:08 am] Robin Gibbs: Thank you Nancy!

[10:00:28 am] Christopher Dickinson: We are excited to have the ability to offer these so no travel is

[10:00:41 am] Pamela Sparrow: very cost effective for us!

[10:00:50 am] Steve Heil: Thanks Nancy and Chris

[10:00:50 am] Irene Zozaya: Thank you for the opportunity to tap into webinars.

[10:01:04 am] Laura Metcalfe: would there be an opportunity to expand the number of people who can
"attend" a webinar?

[10:01:06 am] Ed Dawson: Are all schools "on the list" or just Title I schools?

[10:01:13 am] Gina Nunez: Thank you Nancy and Christopher

[10:01:14 am] Diana Butler: AZ is a large state! Thanks for making this available online!

[10:01:28 am] amy hanon: Yes, thank you. These are very helpful, especially for those of use not in PHX.

[10:01:31 am] Donna Bolinger: It was a great idea - it is so nice not to have to travel so much to get the

[10:01:56 am] David Baker: Thank you

[10:02:27 am] Suzanne Reiners: Will there be any additional info at Mega Conference this year? Will
there be a Mega Conference ?

[10:02:37 am] Christopher Dickinson: Save the Date: 9/18/09 - 10:00am - ALEAT 201 - Budgets, Status
Updates, and more.

[10:02:38 am] Jeri Robertson: could you please explain rank ordering in a little detail please?

[10:03:03 am] Jinny Ludwig: did anyone else lose sound?

[10:03:07 am] Christopher Dickinson: MEGA is November 17-19 @ the wigwam

[10:03:29 am] Ed Dawson: Thank you.

[10:03:42 am] Jeri Robertson: what's the cost for MEGA? anything online yet

[10:04:01 am] Christopher Dickinson: Info on MEGA will go out early next week as well as the MEGA
website is being updated as well. Registration will open soon as well

[10:05:26 am] Robert Tollefson: Thank you for the opportunity to join the session and hopefully we can
continue with these options.
[10:05:52 am] Susan Burdsal: Thanks for the info. I also like these webinars. I don't find the sound
issues to be a problem.

[10:06:01 am] Jeri Robertson: thank you for your explanation - very helpful

[10:06:08 am] Dorene Mudrow: If we have schools below 75% and we want to fund them this year but
may not next year is that possible?

[10:07:15 am] amy hanon: Is the mega conf specifically about title?

[10:07:26 am] Sharon Trischan: Thanks. I love the "no travel required." How about one for Title III?

[10:08:10 am] Christopher Dickinson: MEGA has a variety of topics

[10:08:22 am] Kelly Bray: What date is used to determine the rank order and poverty indicators? Our
rank order is close enough that it changes daily.

[10:08:22 am] Carissa Hershkowitz: If a school is eligible for Title funds based on rank order, can they
choose not to accept funding?

[10:08:32 am] Dorene Mudrow: I have a school that did not make AYP how do I find out if they are in
school improvement?

[10:08:53 am] Jeri Robertson: I try to watch all the different sections of the ADE website for new
information when it is posted, but I find that sometimes I miss something. Is there a way to do an e-mail
blast saying you might want to check out such and such...?

[10:09:05 am] Ed Dawson: Private School Consultation question: Will the document need to reflect that
we discussed ARRA funds to the school?

[10:09:15 am] Christopher Dickinson: Add that to a comment on the survey, Jeri.

[10:09:55 am] Christopher Dickinson: Ahh never mind. I will take note of your suggestion

[10:09:56 am] Jeri Robertson: Bummer I already did my survey - should I do it a second time.

[10:10:32 am] Sherry Dorathy: are any other departments using webinars?

[10:10:32 am] Dorene Mudrow: Thanks Nancy

[10:10:36 am] Maria Munoz : Maria Munoz: Does the NCLB Coordinator have to be an administrator?

[10:11:15 am] Sherry Dorathy: Thank you

[10:11:26 am] Carissa Hershkowitz: Ed, The Private School Consultation form has ARRA listed at the

[10:11:37 am] Cindy Escobedo: Thanks Nancy and Chris!
[10:12:00 am] Jeri Robertson: WOW - a lot covered - like the hour and half time frame to allow for all
the questions.

[10:12:53 am] Robin Gibbs: ditto

[10:12:56 am] Sherry Dorathy: Thanks Kelly

[10:13:24 am] Dorene Mudrow: Can we fund schools below 75% at different percentages?

[10:13:55 am] Christopher Dickinson: I know Title II-D (Ed Tech) does. I am not aware of others at this

[10:14:15 am] Christopher Dickinson: Everyone is asking me to help them with it, so I think more units
will be

[10:14:21 am] Hilda Ortega-Rosales: If dist5rict is using last year's F&R data, then it will not match the
Indicator I&2?

[10:14:26 am] Kelly Bray: OELAS has also been using webinars

[10:14:30 am] Steve Carvalho: Thank you for the information.

[10:14:37 am] Laura Metcalfe: regarding OLEAS, do they have webinar information on their website?

[10:15:01 am] Pamela Wortham: Thanks great webinars..

[10:15:25 am] Ed Dawson: Does the Q & A from this session accompany the taped version or should we
block and copy now

[10:15:49 am] Laura Metcalfe: Thank you, Kelly.

[10:15:51 am] Kelly Bray: OELAS had done some earlier. I'm not sure what is available at this time

[10:16:06 am] Tracy Yslas: If our ARRA assurance forms were submitted previously and not uploaded to
ALEAT, do we still need to upload them to ALEAT?

[10:16:20 am] Ed Dawson: I refer to the written Q & A?

[10:16:32 am] Christopher Dickinson: After the SES webinar on 9/25/09, we do not have any scheduled.
Please send in suggestions on what YOU want to hear about. Nancy.Konitzer@azed.gov or

[10:17:23 am] Christopher Dickinson: Q&A from this session will be made available on the Title I website
(http://www.ade.az.gov/asd/title1/ 0

[10:17:53 am] Christopher Dickinson: Survey link in case it doesn't come up for you:
[10:18:03 am] Christopher Dickinson: When you exit here, it should automatically come up

[10:18:10 am] Traci Ogden: Thank you for providing these information sessions...very helpful!!!!

[10:18:39 am] Gayle Lee: I don't envy you guys. You must be having a very rough year. Thanks for your
helpful attitudes. It makes things nicer for us out at the schools.

[10:20:11 am] Mary C. Miller: Will the survey come by email?

[10:20:27 am] Christopher Dickinson: Thanks everyone

[10:24:48 am] Monica Romero: Thank you! Technology at its best.

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