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									                  Audio Files of Materialization
International     Seances with David Thompson.
                           David Thompson is one of the World’s Foremost Direct Voice
      Spanish1             & Materialisation Mediums currently based in Sydney
                           Australia but working internationally. To learn more about
      Spanish2             David see his home page.

      Dutch       What is a materialization medium? Read more....

      Italian     The MP3 files below were recorded in Sydney Australia and Auckland
                  New Zealand in a remarkable series of experiments in the Circle of the
                  Silver Cord aimed at producing overwhelming proof of the afterlife.

                  WANTED: Circle of the Silver Cord seeks a Patron to assist in
Eye Witness       bringing the message of environmental preservation and the continuity
Reports           of life after physical death to the world. We seek someone who with
                  their current standing can gain access to mainstream media to relate
Jane audio        their experiences of the Circle. Email...silvercordcircle. More details
MP3 file          about the Circle of the Silver Cord can be found on its new homepage.
                           December 3rd 2006
Jane's report
12/11/06                   William talks about the need to find someone in the media "to
                           open the door" to a world-wide campaign to direct positive
Ken Pretty                 energy to the environment and explains that the lowering of
(audio)                    vibrations of the Earth has an effect on the spirit world. (MP3
25-27/10/06                file)

Elizabeth         William answers Mitch's questions about the afterlife (MP3file) and the
Pretty            definition of God (MP3 file)
25-27/10/06       The circle witnessed a very emotional reunion between the mother of a
                  circle member and her deceased husband. He was only able to stay a
Victor (report)   short time. Immediately following this Louis Armstrong came through
Auckland          and passed on a message from the man to his wife in song. (MP3 file)
Violet Eccles     William is asked to bring through Constantine Raudive (MP3 file)
Melbourne         November 24th 2006
Liz Warwood
                  Victor follows up previous week's discussion by asking William to
                  bring through Hugh Benson to talk about Christianity (MP3 file) read
Camilla Person   transcript
15/10/06                  Dr Cosmo Lang, former Archbishop of Canterbury:
                          * introduces himself (MP3) read transcript
Answering the             * talks on what happens to those who believe in perpetual sleep
critics                   until the last judgement (MP3 file) read transcript
                 * refuses to answer about Nicea (MP3 file) read transcript
Precautions      * admits regret about the 40 year suppression of the Church of England
against fraud    favourable 2 year investigation of mediumship (MP3 file) read
taken at every   transcript
sitting          * message to the clergy (MP3 file) read transcript
                 Read more about Dr Lang in Wikipedia.

                 November 19th 2006

                 William on the Popes in the afterlife (MP3 file) read transcript
                 William on nuclear testing and the environment (MP3 file) read
                 William on the need to "shout loudly"(MP3 file) read transcript

                 November 12th 2006

                 William on the importance of the environment (MP3 file) read
                 William on "Can man destroy the Earth?" (MP3 file) read transcript
                 William on the causes of cancer and AIDS (MP3 file) read transcript
                 William answers question on EVP for Artem (MP3 file) read transcript
                 Jane (visitor) meets William (MP3 file) read transcript
                 Jane meets Louis Armstrong. (MP3 file)
                 Interview with Jane (MP3 file) read transcript
                 Jane's report on the experiment (doc.)

                 October 25, 27 and 29th 2006

                 David Thompson conducted three materialization experiments in a
                 specially constructed light-proof room in Aukland, New Zealand at the
                 invitation of Ken and Elizabeth Pretty and the Auckland Spiritualist
                 Alliance. The results were stunning and included materializations by:

                 *         Gordon Higginson former President of the Spiritualists
                 National Union (UK) and a gifted materialization medium himself ,
                 (Listen to audio- Read transcript ). Read more about Gordon.
* Coral Polge world famous psychic artist (listen to audio- Read
trasnscript). Read more about Coral.

*         Maurice Barbanell, founding editor of the Psychic News
(Listen to audio- Read transcript). Read more about Maurice.

Silver Birch, a spiritual genius on afterlife matters;( listen to audio;
read the transcript ) Read more about Silver Birch.

The last three were well known in life to Ken Pretty, the host and
organizer of these miraculous New Zealand materialization meetings.
He recognized them unequivocally and spoke with them about old
times. That was most impressive and convincing.

Another nine people had loved deceased relatives materialize and speak
with them about personal relationships, embrace them and kiss them.
These were very personal and different communications. Below is an
* Reunion- Dennis Cunliffe with Wife Elaine and son Shane
Listen to audio Read transcript
(more files being processed)

Interview with eyewitness Ken Pretty (12 mins 3 MG).
Interview with eyewitness Elizabeth Pretty (9 mins 2MG)
Interview with Gaylene (2 mins)

For a sepecial report from Victor Zammit

22nd October 2006-

sitting in Sydney with guest Camilla Persson- files still being processed.
Timothy announced that he had Camilla's brother who had been very
close to Camilla with him. He then materilialized a pencil and paper so
that the brother was able to write a note to Camilla - in Swedish.

15th October 2006

* Three experiments with ectoplasm (7 mins MP3file) with transcript

* William materializes and touches sitters (7 min Mp3 file) with

* Timothy's light show (7 mins MP3 file) Timothy uses ectoplasm to
spin the cardboard trumpet marked with luminous paint so it becomes a
light show.
Warning: Lots of sudden loud noises!!

*        Mahatma Gandi speaks through a trumpet (3 mins MP3 file)
with transcript

*      Sir Arthur Conan Doyle- working with Lodge and Keen (3
min MP3 file) with transcript

*        Louis Armstrong sings Wonderful World (3 mins MP3 file)
with transcript

* Jack materializes; talks about ectoplasm (10 mins MP3 file) with

* Jack's important message for the world (8 mins MP3 file) with

Swedish Guest Camilla Persson's response on the sitting. (5 mins MP3

8th October 2006- David in Trance.
* William spent most of the session helping the group prepare for a
major demonstration of physical phenomena for an overseas visitor next
(3 mins MP3 file)

* Gandhi materialised- still having difficulties with ectoplasm.Told one
of the sitters he had been at a peace meeting with her.
(2 mins MP3 file)
29th September 2006

* William claims the group is being taught and strengthened for the
manifestions that are coming. Emphasises over and over the need for
harmony. 7 mins MP3 file (1.5 MG) with transcript

*William on suicide (2 mins MP3 file) with transcript

15th September 2006

William on how the environmental crisis is affecting communication
with the spirit world. 6 mins MP3 file (5 mG) with transcript

William on Why Silver Birch has chosen to return 5 mins MP3 file
with transcript

William confirms Sir Isaac Newton is working with British scientist
Ron Pearson 3 mins MP3 file with transcript

William on how psychics can predict the future 3 mins MP3 file with

William on reincarnation 3 mins MP3 file with transcript

8th September 2006- tapes very soft- play at full volume! Last night -
a stunning experience- :

* William (the medium's afterlife control) emphasised the progress of
the circle. Said the spirit team was working on David being able to
produce direct voice while out of trance- a huge advancement-5 min
MP3 file (1 MG). with transcript

* William says Konstantine Raudive was with us last week. Wendy
asks William to get messages through EVP circles confirming Circle's
work. 2 mins MP3file(<1MG) Read transcript

* David Thompson (medium) was brought out of trance and found it
extremely strange to be conscious while the voices were coming
through. He experienced pressure on his throat as each entity spoke. 5
mins MP3 file(<1MG) Read transcipt

* David Thompson talks to spirit entity Jack
(5 minsMP3file <1MG) Read transcript

* David (conscious) realises there are two ectoplasmic voice boxes
operating. 2 mins MPs file (<1 MG) Read transcript

* Timothy (afterlife entity) materializes David's pet-rat "Fat Boy" 1
minMP3 file(<1MG) Read transcript

* Timothy levitates David ( 2 minMP3 files <1MG)
Read transcipt

* Sir Arthur Conan Doyle comes through and asks Victor to place on
his website in graphic terms the progress being made in the Circle.(3
minsMP3file< 1 MG) Read transcript

1st September 2006

David was ill with a cold. William, the circle's control, brought David
out of trance to watch physical phenomena in the circle. Having the
medium produce physical phenomena while out of trance was a huge
David was tied into his very heavy chair- his handkerchief was taken
out of his pocket by spirit and held for him to blow his nose several
times. 11 mins Mp3 file (1 mG) see transcript

There were trumpet movements- David was levitated in his chair up to
ceiling- Victor held onto the chair with David on it as it was suspended
almost from the ceiling. This section of the tape is best listened to on
speakers as the music is very loud in parts. You can hear David telling
Victor to check the chair and the thump of the chair as it lands.
3 mins MP3 file (1MG)

At the beginning of the tape William thanks Carmen for the portrait she
drew of William at David's direction (David has seen William since
See portrait of William

August 25th 2006
No home circle- David travelling to Melbourne- tapes not available.

August 18th 2006

Much of the circle time was given to private communication as the son
of one of the sitters tried to come through but had difficulty with the
ectoplasm. Two friends well known in life were identified by the sitter
and exchanged personal messages with him.
* Sir Arthur Conan Doyle sends a personal message to a psychic
rsearcher{name withheld}about the need to stand up and be counted.
Also shows difficulty of speaking through ectoplasm.
(3 mins MP3- 1MG)- with transcript.

* Some light relief from Jack the gardener (10 mins MP3- 2.3MG) with

August 11th 2006

* William jokes about going on holiday (1.45mins MP3- 1.2MG) with

* A new name for the Circle (2 mins MP3- 2 MG) with transcript

* William gives a personal endrosement to the 4th edition of Victor's
(6 mins MP3- 6 MG) with transcript.

* William promises Silver Birch and "others of his ilk" will return (2
mins MP3- 2 MG) with transcript

August 6th 2006

* William announces visit by a "being of light" - (2 mins MP3- 2MG)
with transcript

* Maurice Barbanell introduces Silver Birch- his first time materialising
in the circle- still speaking with difficulty (5 mins MP3- 4.5Mb) with

July 28th 2006

* William, the control, explains the difficulties created by taping shut
the mouth of the medium and tying him more tightly than usual to his
chair. (5 mins- MP3- 4.8Mb) with transcript

* William on difficulties of communicating through ectoplasm ( 1min-
Mp3- 1Mg)

* William on the importance of positive emotions (2 mins- MP3 42Mg)

* William on the driving force behind the project (1min- MP3- 1.2Mg)
with transcript
July 23rd 2006

* William, the control, answers questions on the afterlife (coming)

* Mahatma Gandhi's first materialisation (4 mins-) with transcript.

July 7th 2006

* William, the control, on the need to prove the afterlife- 3 mins with

* William guarantees the authenticity of those materializing and
emphasises the need for harmony in the circle 5mins with transcript

* Louis Armstrong sings "Hello Dolly"- 3 mins

* Louis Armstrong gives permisson to "Match my voice" 30 secs with

* Arthur Findlay attempts to come through and gives a reference to his
book relevant to the unplanned discussion on whether mediums should
charge money for their services - 3 mins with transcript

30th June 2006
* William, the control, introduces the session 5 mins with transcript

* William promises light in the group and emphasises the need for
harmony 3 mins with transcript

* Arthur Conan Doyle-"There is no Death" 10 mins( 3 mg) with

* Montague Keen promises Victor he'll be working with him from the
other side. (2 mins- 1 mg)

* Louis Armstrong sings along with recording of "It's a Wonderful
World" 3 mins

* Whoosh sound as spirits materialize 15 secs

* Sound of dematerialization 5 secs


All sound files are the property of David Edward Thompson and are copyright as of
the date of production. Copying, reproduction or broadcasting for any purposes
without the express written premission of the owner is forbidden.

Precautions against fraud taken at every sitting

Answering the critics

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