Dear Everyone in Mary Kay by Kristi Vogt-_Mary Ka


									Dear Everyone in Mary Kay!

It is in my heart and on my mind to pass a thought along to you. Before I do, however, I want to share with
those of you who do not know me, that I have been building my Mary Kay business for 17 years and before
that, I worked in various retail environments selling other very premium, high end cosmetics for 9 years!
The next thing I am going to share is only to lend credibility to what I want to tell you and that is, that even
with a huge unit, I have done the retail sales court 12 times and in the last several years, it has been
primarily on reorders handled by my assistant and there are virtually NO discounts given.
Aside from getting varicose veins in my previous career, I did learn a little something about women and I
was able to bring it to the Mary Kay table when I joined the company in 1983. It applies to being able to
get an appointment with a woman for a basic makeover, booking her for the second appointment to be
shared with friends, developing her into a CLASS A client and planting recruiting seeds when appropriate.
While no one died and left me in charge, I KNOW WHAT I KNOW and I KNOW THAT I KNOW IT.

Every week a whole pile of marvelous and creative ideas come across e-mail for 'getting in the door' so to
speak....ideas for getting people to buy lots of products....all kinds of discounts and gimmicks.....grandiose
claims about Suzy "Q" selling 50 gazillion pieces of who knows what when she walked into who knows
where (office, etc.) and I think our minds work too hard coming up with catchy, tricky selling 'schemes'
because there are some simple principles that are being forgotten here. May I pass them a long now?

#1- People buy the consultant before they buy the product. Appearance and demeanor. The more 'put
together the consultant looks' the better the subliminal message she sends to the prospect. The non verbal
message clearly says....."I represent what I am supposed to represent and I mean business about my
business. You can look at the way I subtly and artfully apply full makeup to my face that I can teach you a
thing or two. Look at the way I dress. I am classic, tasteful, elegant, ladylike, on trend but not faddish and
I am powerful. I'm for REAL....I'm the real thing....not just passing through the Mary Kay world to test the
waters. Since I have already given myself a check up from the neck up, I am not preoccupied with my own
self. Therefore, I am present to and attentive to YOU and YOUR needs. I am fun and non threatening to
be around. I am a great listener and I have done my product knowledge homework. I am constantly re-
inventing my cosmetic education and an appointment with me will greatly benefit you in many ways!"

#2- This TimeWise product is SUPREME. It is in the process of being globally patented for goodness
sakes. Discounting it at appointments (with the exception of what I am about to share) is like putting the
crown jewels into a closeout sale!

#3- A basic female human need is to feel pretty whether some people choose to admit it or not.
People book with you IF they feel like you can make them look like a (YOUNG) goddess.....they just
don't tell you so necessarily!

#4- Women today crave pampering time and they MAKE time for WHATEVER they find
IMPORTANT and DESIRABLE to make time for. If they think it will be fast, they let you in the door.
Once you are there, they do not watch the clock, they get lost in the moment but don't take advantage.
Leave them wanting MORE! If that wasn't true, they would not get their nails done or their hair colored or
have massages and facials, right?

#5- Women today are well informed. They do NOT seek beauty advice from people who they think
know less than they do. And they want the most 'on trend' products and face designs. Women adore what's
NEW for the most part!

So.....want a simple (not new at all but tremendously effective if done properly) booking idea that does
several things for YOUR business like: IMPROVE YOUR COLOR INSTRUCTION SKILLS—PUT

It's the good old face design portfolio booking approach!

Here's a script: "Meredith, I am putting together a portfolio with fresh, up to the minute summer 2001 face
designs to fine tune my color skills and if you would honor me by gracing the pages with your lovely face
and allowing me to pamper you for a quick 45 minutes this week, I will not only present you with a copy of
the finished photo but I will also treat you to a fabulous little Mary Kay goody bag chocked full of
delicious little travel sizes of lotions, sun products, fragrances and other surprises that you can take
conveniently take away on summer vacation. Is there any reason why we couldn't get it done in the next
day or two?"

That's all there is to it. Go ahead and do it as a single this first time around. As you art sitting down and
starting the appointment say: "Oh by the way, it is important to me that you understand that you are under
NO purchasing obligation whatsoever. Since you ARE sitting for me to help me with this portfolio, if there
ARE things you fall in love with today, I will award you with professional courtesy of a 10-15% discount
this one time around. But that is purely up to you, okay?"

Then go at it and when she wants so much stuff that she can only get half of it today, create a wish list on
the back of the beauty profile..make it a big one. Let her pay for her purchase FIRST! Then go on to say...

"Meredith, I can see you want the sun, the moon and the stars here! Today you were able to use your
professional courtesy credit to get the sun and the moon......may I make a suggestion? Why don't we see
each other again in a few days with some of your girlfriends sitting around the table for a basic makeover
and you will put me in a position to award you a great Mary Kay shopping spree on some of these other
things on your list?"

Will you try this approach this week? Please? Imagine how big you can make that portfolio to carry
around daily and let everyone 'see your good work'! In no time, they will start to ask YOU for the
Who will step up to the plate and accept this challenge? How quickly can you get 30 faces done?

                                     With love and hope for your great results and prosperity,

                                   Linda Weniger ExecutiveSenior Sales Director

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