Whats This Mary Kay Thing All About Anyway All About Anyway by Kristi Vogt-_Mary Ka


									                                                                 $112,000.00 last December.                    Commission on Unit Production, which is all
What's This Mary Kay Thing                            So as you can see, there are many different levels
                                                       on which you can work your business and lots of
                                                                                                               paid by the company! You can also earn UP
                                                                                                              TO A $5,500 BONUS MONTHLY and another
    All About Anyway?                                    money to be made! And you're never alone!
                                                        Somebody is always there to hold your hand if
                                                                                                               $1500 Bonus Quarterly! Can you get excited
                                                                                                               about that? As a Director, you are also able
                                                        you need them, teaching you what to do and                       to receive life Insurance!!
                                                            showing you how it's done. I love that!
  I'll bet you may not really know just how
   phenomenal this company really is! Did                                                                                Senior Directorship
 you know we did 3.5 Billion dollars in sales                         Tax Deductions                             Being a Senior Director means you have
last year? Did you know that we now have                 Starter Kit, House Payment/Rent, Utilities,            offspring Directors from your original unit!
 over 1 million consultants worldwide? And               Advertising, Demos, Telephone/Cell Phone,             That is so exciting because that means you
     did you know that our business plan is             Car/Mileage, Postage, Travel, Office Supplies,        have helped other women to become leaders
       taught at Harvard Business School?                          Misc. Business Expenses                        themselves! They couldn't have done it
                                                                                                                without you! As a Senior Director you are
                                                                                                               earning anywhere between a 4% and a 6%
                   The Plan                                            Team Building                                Commission of each offspring UNIT.
 Mary Kay teaches their consultants how to live        One of the most fun avenues of income happens
 in balance, putting God, Family, and Career in        when you share this incredible opportunity with
   perspective. Mary Kay was also founded on,         everyone you know! I mean, why wouldn't I share               National Sales Directorship
  and still conducts business by the Golden Rule.     this dream with everyone? My life has changed so         The National Sales Director position is the
That's a promise. Mary Kay is a Dual Marketing         much and there just isn't an army strong enough         crème de la crème of Mary Kay without a
 Company (you + Company) and there are also           to keep me from sharing my story with everyone I         doubt! You are just gettin' paid to be cute
   no territories or quotas!! Mary Kay has also                                meet.                           and to travel around the world! Granted,
 been #1 in Skin Care and Color Cosmetics for 11                 Here's how team building works:                you've worked hard to get here, so you
consecutive years! That's above EVERYONE else                 1-4 Team Members = 4% Commission                 deserve all of those Mary Kay Style trips to
     (yes, ladies, even Estee Lauder, Clinique,              5 or more Team Members = 9% or 13%               Rome, Paris, and Hawaii! As a NSD, you are
  Lancome, and those other brands up in NYC)!                     *All commissions are paid from              earning commission on 3 Tiers AND you can
                                                                       COMPANY PROFITS!                        receive a NICE retirement package…very
                                                                    You can also earn multiple                                     nice.
             Avenues of Income                                       $50 Bonuses every month!
As a consultant with Mary Kay, you can market         You are eligible to earn the use of a Pontiac Vibe
   the product in a variety of ways: on paper                  in 1-4 months (or take the $375 cash                               Time
(samples, catalogs, & fliers), on the face (facials    compensation every month!) Mary Kay pays the            How much time does it really take to make
 & classes), online, on the go, on with the show,       entire car payment, car taxes, and 85% of your         money in Mary Kay? Well, that all depends
reorders, team building, and Dovetailing (15%).                           car insurance!                        on how much you want to make and how
                                                                                                                quickly you want to make it. If I promised
                                                                                                               that I could teach you how to earn an extra
    Just to give you an idea of the income
 potential: As a part time consultant last year                Leadership – Sales Director                      $100 per week – that's $400 per month –
                                                      It's known in Mary Kay that being a Director is the        working 3 hours a week, and eventually
  (holding 3-4 selling appointments a month +
                                                         best place to be! I LOVE to motivate my team,        double that to $200 per week, could you find
 reorders), I was averaging about $500/month.
                                                       inspire them, teach them, and be there for them.         three hours? But don't be fooled, you can
And during the months preceding our wedding,
                                                         I've learned so much from my Director, and I'll         easily make more money than this much
I only took reorders and I averaged about $200                                                                quicker and not spend a whole bunch of time
                     a month.                          continue to learn as we all do, and I can't wait to
                                                        be the leader that I know God has called me to          doing it!! I promise. It doesn't matter if you
  My Director's highest commission check so far
                                                                                be!                            have a full time job – 72% of Sales Directors
       has been over $8,000 in one month.
                                                          As a Director in Mary Kay, that’s when serious       making a grand income have full time jobs!
   A Senior Director in our area made almost
              $10,000 in November.                      money starts to roll in (which is like icing on the
   My National Sales Director, Linda McBroom           cake, right?). From this point on, you are eligible             DARE TO DREAM B-I-G!
       made about $450,000.00 last year.                  for the Platinum Pontiac Grand Prix or PINK             I HOPE YOU WILL JOIN IN THE FUN!
      Pat Fortenberry, another NSD, made                    Cadillac, and you are earning a 9% or 13%

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