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An employment agreement for a management level and higher employee.

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									                                EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT

        EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT (this “Agreement”), dated and effective as of August
 ______, 2010 (the “Commencement Date”), between __________________, (the “Company”)
 and _______________ (“Employee”).

       WHEREAS, the Company wishes to employ Employee, and Employee wishes to be
 employed by the Company on the terms and conditions set forth herein.

         NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises, terms, covenants and
 conditions set forth herein and the performance of each, the parties hereto, intending to be legally
 bound, hereby agree as follows:

        1. Employment and Duties.

                (a) The Company hereby employs Employee in the position of ____________.
Employee shall have such responsibilities, duties and authorities reasonably accorded to and
expected of such position. Employee hereby accepts this employment upon the terms and
conditions contained herein and agrees to devote his full business time, attention and efforts to
promote and further the business of the Company, and Employee shall not, during the Term (as
defined in Section 4 hereof), be engaged in any other business activity pursued for gain, profit or
other pecuniary advantage without the prior written consent of the Company. However, the
foregoing limitations shall not be construed as prohibiting Employee from making personal
passive investments in such form or manner as will neither require his services in the operation or
affairs of the companies or enterprises in which such investments are made nor violate the terms
of Section 3 hereof. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Employee shall also be able to devote
occasional business time to charitable and community activities, so long as such do not interfere
with the discharge of his duties and responsibilities to the Company.

             (b) Employee faithfully shall adhere to, execute and fulfill all policies established
by the Company, consistent with the other terms of this Agreement.

                (c) Employee shall execute his responsibilities hereunder from the Company’s
principal offices in _______________________ (the “Principal Office”). Employee understands
and agrees that he may be required to travel frequently for business reasons to and from the
Principal Office, as reasonably necessary to fulfill his obligations hereunder.

        2. Compensation. For all services rendered by Employee in any capacity required
 hereunder, the Company shall compensate Employee as follows:

             (a) Base Salary. For the period from the Commencement Date through the end of
the Term, Employee shall be paid a base salary at the rate of [$_______] per year (the “Base
Salary”), payable on a regular basis in accordance with the Company’s standard payroll
procedures. The Base Salary shall be subject to annual increases at the sole discretion of the
                 (b) Incentive Bonus Plan. During the Term, Employee 
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