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Runescape Tournaments


									Runescape Tournaments
                                            by Chris Rippel, Central Kansas Library System
                                                                       2006 Tri-conference
What is Runescape?
More info about Runescape is at
 (official site)
 (links to fan sites)
Runescape is the largest free MMORPG.
   MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) are online
    worlds where hundreds of thousands, even millions, players virtually live,
    work, carry out plans, lead others, fight, die and respawn. On March 27,
    2006 Runescape reported breaking a record with 197K players on at the
    same time. Runescape added 5 more computers in Stockholm, Sweden.
    Three computers for free worlds and two for member worlds.
 charts numbers and market share for the third-quarter of
     1.    Lineage II (2.1 million players): 23.1%
     2.    World of Warcraft (2 million players): 22%
     3.    Lineage (2 million players): 21.9%
     4.    Final Fantasy (650,000 players): 7.1%
     5.    EverQuest (475,000 players): 5.0%
     6.    Runescape (400,000 players): 4.2%
     7.    EverQuest II (250,000 players): 3.1%
     8.    Star War‟s Galaxies (250,000 players): 2.8%
     9.    Dark Age of Camelot: 1.9%
    10.    Ultima Online: 1.7%
    11.    City of Heroes: 1.5%
    12.    Toontown Online: 1.1%
    13.    Eve Online: 0.6%
    14.    Planetside: 0.6%
    15.    All others: 3.5%
   Computer requirements to play Runescape.
    o Minimum requirements for low detail graphics: 64mb RAM and 300 mhz
    o Minimum requirements for high detail graphics: 128mb RAM and 500
      mhz CPU
    o Web browser needs to be set to accept java programs.
    o Dial-up connections will work. Broadband is recommended.
   Runescape takes place in a fantasy, medieval world filled with monsters,
    magic and other players.
    1.    Work to make stuff to sell and to increase their level, called “leveling
          up,” in 18 skills: agility, combat, cooking, crafting, farming, firemaking,
          fishing, fletching (making bows and arrows), herblore (making potions),
         magic, mining, prayer, ranging, runecrafting (making runes to do
         magic), slayer (killing monsters), smithing, thieving, woodcutting. The
         higher your level, the more you can do and the more money you can
Leveling up
Level         Mining         Fishing*         Prayers         Armor/Weapons
    1    Ores: Clay,        Shrimp       Defense+5%          Bronze or Iron
         copper, tin        Heal** = 3   Lvl 4, str+5%       Scimmy = 10 slash
         Pick axes                       Lvl 7, att+5%       Pl8 = 20 slash
         Iron/137 gp
    5                       Sardine                          Steel
                            Heal = 4                         Scimmy = 15 slash
                                                             Pl8 = 31 slash
    10                      Herring      Defense+10%
                            Heal = 5     Lvl 13, str+10%
                                         Lvl 16, att+10%
    15   Ores: Iron         Anchovy
                            Heal = 1
    20   Ores: Silver       Trout                            Mithril
                            Heal = 7                         Scimmy = 21 slash
                                                             Pl8 = 44 slash
    21   Pick axe
         Mithril/1,300 gp
    28                                   Defense+15%
    30   Ore: Coal          Salmon                           Adamant
                            Heal = 9                         Scimmy = 29 slash
                                                             Pl8 = 63 slash
    31   Pick axe                        Strength+15%
    35                      Tuna         Attack+15% (at
                            Heal = 10    level 34)
    37                                   Protection from
                                         magic attack
    40   Ore: Gold          Lobster      Protection from     Rune
                            Heal= 12     arrow attack        Scimmy = 45 slash
                                                             Pl8 = 80 slash
    41   Pick axe
         Rune/32,000 gp
    43                                   Protection from
                                         sword attack
    50                      Swordfish
                            Heal = 50
55***    Ore: Mithril
*   Fish in free world. This does not include additional fish available only to
** Healing when eating a fish during combat
*** Levels continue up to 99. I also cut some levels above so this chart could
    be on one page.

    2.   Quests for adventure, skill points for leveling up, gold and cool stuff.
    3.   Fighting mostly computer monsters and characters and sometimes
         fighting each other in the Wilderness and, for members, in Castle Wars
         and arenas. This increases combat levels and victors win stuff.
    4.   Selling and buying at stores and among themselves stuff they have
         made with skills or won on combat. Lots and lots of buying and selling
         goes on around banks in large towns.
    5.   Creating clans and player created events. Clans can focus on
         improving a skill, making money or organizing events such as trips into
         the Wilderness to kill other players (called Pking), mining trips, drop
         parties, cook offs, smith offs, death matches and tournaments. Clans
         can also get into wars. The creation of multi-player combat zones in the
         Wilderness encourages clan creation.
    6.   Insulting each other.
            Calling each other noob for newbie.
            Asking others their skill level, then, after the response, laughing
             (e.g., lol, rofl).
            Runescape has a filter that controls language.
    7.   Sometimes scamming each other.
            Offering fake free services (e.g., free gem cutting, free trimming
             armor) – Victims give stuff to con player who keeps it. Victims can
             do nothing except report the abuse. The first time I watched a kid in
             a library playing Runescape, he was offering to trim armor.
            Becoming someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend – Con-player
             becomes girlfriend or boyfriend and asks victim for password, then
             changes the password so the original owner can not get to character.
            Trading tricks – Displaying a cheap thing that looks like a more
             expensive thing (e.g., displaying blue mith kite in place of slightly
             lighter rune kite) or switching items at the last second of the trade.
            Selling stuff you don’t need – I once bought a shovel I didn‟t need.
            Runescape has numerous guidelines against scamming and
             other naughty behavior. See They ban players
             for breaking rules.
    8.   Tournaments and games
         1. Member can play several kinds of games. The most popular is Castle
         2. Free players must make up their own activities. This is the niche for
 Library Runescape Teams
 A fuller explanation of the this concept is at
 Runescape players in one library can challenge Runescape players at another
 library to contest.
1.    Library staff would maintain a Web page listing the gaming teams
      associated with the library. Each team would be briefly described: team
      name, team colors, number of players, skill levels of top players. win-loss
      record, contact information, etc.
2.    Players in libraries would be able to look at the gaming pages of other
      libraries and use the contact information to challenge the teams of other
3.    Librarians‟ roles may extend to umpires, ensuring that their team plays
      fair, to keepers of winnings until the end of the contest, to mere keepers of
      the Web page.
 To sign up a team, please post the following information to Chris Rippel and
 email the URL of that page to Chris will post this page on

 Sign up form
 1.   Team name:
 2.   Total number of Runescape members = #
 3.   Total number of nonmembers = #
 4.   Maximum number of players the team can have on the field at one
      time= #
 5.   Combat levels 1-29 = # members, # non-members
 6.   Combat levels 30-49 = # members, # non-members
 7.   Combat levels 50-69 = # members, # non-members
 8.   Combat levels 70-89 = # members, # non-members
 9.   Combat levels 90+ = # members, # non-members
10.   Any other information the team wants to add.
11.   Team email:
12.   Character name of team contact:
13.   Library:
14.   City, State/Province, Country:
15.   Librarian‟s email:
16.   Librarian‟s telephone:
Devilish details: Runescape tournaments and
Combat is the most popular contest. Some players are only interested in
combat tournaments. Combat between players take place in the Wilderness or
in arenas in the member‟s world. We are focusing on games that everyone can
play in the free world.
Potential problems
o Players worry about losing their armor. Their concern is understandable
  because their armor took them hours of work. When players die:
   The three most expensive objects go with players to Lumbridge on the lower
   right corner of the free world. (When players reach prayer level 25 an
   additional item to Lumbridge.) Anything not carried to Lumbridge is left on
   the ground for others to pick up.
   There are several ways of grappling with the problem of losing armor.
   1. Umpires to pick up the armor. Some armor may be lost of non-
      competitors and opposing players. Umpires can withhold rewards until
      all armor is returned.
   2. Require players us cheap armor (e.g., bronze).
   3. Require players to wear only three pieces of armor.
   4. Ignore the problem and let each player decide what he or she is willing to
o Outsiders can attack and tournament players. In Downs, a local kid who did
  not want to participate in the tournament promised to show up and kill
   This threat can not be eliminated, but there are several solutions for
   reducing the threat.
   1. For general threats, told the players to add me as a friend. This allows
      them to look at the friends list and tell what world I was in and see me as
      a green dot on their map. I told them that if we walked into a bunch of
      people that we should immediately switch worlds. Find a world with
      fewer people and everyone switch to that world and continue to
   2. The guy who threatened our tournament did not appear. However, before
      the contest I put a bounty on his head. I promised to give 5,000 gold
      pieces to the first person who attacked this person and 10,000 to the
      first person to kill this person.
   3. I tried several times asking clans to provide protection. I received no
o How to award winners. I think many will participate just for the fun of
  participating, but giving awards is better.
   For local tournaments, many libraries offer real stuff or money. At Russ
   Harper‟s Runescape tournament, first place received a $25 Best Buy gift
   certificate, second place was a $10 certificate, third place was a six-pack of
    their favorite soda. Awarding real stuff to kids at other libraries could be a
    Players can anti-up Runescape stuff or gold to a pot that will be split
    between winners. Gold will be more tempting to a larger number of players
    than stuff.
o High-level players have many advantages over low-level players.
    Limitations should be placed on armor, weapons, food, potions. New players
    may not understand the value of these limitations. Russ Harper tried to
    argue for limitations at his first tournament. The new players overruled him.
    The value of his suggestions was “beaten” into them during that first
                                New             Experienced        Possible limits
                                                                  Establish combat
                                                                   level classes or
Combat level (# the                                               choose a level of
                                 35                   83
world sees)                                                          Wilderness
                                                                  where these two
                                                                    can not fight
Hitpoints till death             26                   67          See combat level
Maximum hits on
                                 5                    14          See combat level
other players
Shortest survival
in combat
                            1.9 seconds         13.4 seconds      See combat level
(i.e., Hitpoints/Max
hits of opponent)
                                                                   Rules demand
Best weapon level                               Rune scimitar          low level
can have                                         slash = 45        weapons (e.g.,
                             slash = 29
                                                                   Rules demand
Best armor level can      Adamant plate            Rune
                                                                  low level armors
have                     63 against slash     80 against slash
                                                                    (e.g., bronze)
                                            40 fishing level
                          25 fishing level                         Rules can
Fish most likely                               Lobster =
                          Pike= 8 healing                      demand no food
available to level                             12 healing
                               points                         or low level food.
                                              Potions for     Rules can outlaw
Potions most likely                             strength,      potions or allow
                       Potion for strength
available to level                           defense and         only strength
                                                 attack             potions
                                            Prayers cutting
                       Prayers to increase
Prayers most likely                         attacks in half;    No limitations
                         strength, thick
available to level                            prayers last       are practical.
                         skin and speed
o If you place limitations on armor and weapons, players can hide outlawed
   armor or weapons in their inventories. How to deal with this is explained at
   the end of this handout.
 Umpires should check for illegal items in players‟ inventories.

Each player‟s inventory, shown on the right above, has 28 spaces.
When tournaments are in the library, umpires can look over players‟
shoulders and see the contents.

For tournaments between libraries, umpires at another library can
use the trading screen below to check each player‟s inventory. If
players display 28 items in the right-side window below umpires can
see everything in the inventory. After checking the inventory, both
umpire and player click “Decline.”
o Dead players on their way back from Lumbridge can stop by the bank and
  pick up outlawed items and return to the field with this items. The players
  at Kearny County Library came up with this idea.
Other issues
o Should combat be one-on-one or team free for alls? Standard tournaments
  involve pairing of winners and sometimes losers over and over until a single
  winner is determined. When tournaments are being held within a single
  library, umpires can control players well enough to carry out regular styled
   In tournaments between libraries, umpires may not have the authority to
   control players nor the time and inclination to carry out such an event.
   Team-based combat should be considered. Holding events in single combat
   areas of the Wilderness forces contests to be one-on-one, but umpires do
   not have enough control of players‟ behavior to control the pairing of
   winners over and over again. This is why I am recommending team play.
   The team with the most kills of players left standing wins. Events in which
   teams end up with the same number of kills or players left are draws
   requiring either a death match between the two highest combat level players
   or repeat of the entire event.
o When and where should tournaments be held? Russ Harper has two
  tournament computers off in a corner because competition can become
  fierce and loud. Many video game tournaments are held when the library is
  normally closed or in an isolated separate room.
   Of course, the number of players a library can field depends on the number
   of computers that are available at one time. In on CKLS member library,
   players had considered bringing in their own laptops to connect to the
   library‟s wireless network.
o Should players be allowed to play from home? This sounds ok, but
  experience showed that many did not show up. Having players at the library
  may encourage more participation.
A Tale of One Tournament
Russ Harper, young adult librarian at the Soarensen Branch of the Omaha
Public Library ran a combat tournament in February.
1. Fifteen players registered for the tournament.
2. Before the tournament, Russ asked players whether they wanted food. Half
   did, half did not.
3. Russ encouraged setting limits. The majority, mostly “noobs,” voted for no
   limits. Russ says during the tournament, “it literally was beaten into them
   why „no limits‟ was a bad idea. [He] allowed food for this reason, since the
   lower levels needed it badly.” After watching low-level players being
   slaughtered, Russ believes in combat-level classes.
4. The tournament was a single elimination. Kids started out paired in
   brackets. A few higher-level players didn‟t start until the second round.
   Unfortunately, two of these did not show up leaving one wing without a
     clear victor. A mini round-robin between the three kids decided first, second
     and third. Russ decided his next tournament would be a round-robin.
5.   Through one week, pairs would come in a fight.
6.   The tournament started out on regular public access computers. However,
     the competition became fierce and loud. So Russ moved the combat to two
     computers in a corner.
7.   Combatants started at Goblin Village to walk into the Wilderness because
     starting at Edgeville was too crowded. The fighters would walk north until
     they reached a level where they could fight.
8.   After each battle, Russ‟ Runescape chara, Soar Ensen, picked up losers‟
     armor and weapons. All but one set was recovered. In a 2005 tournament
     between libraries, Russ‟ low-level character was killed by a non-tournament
     player. Russ, therefore, was unable to witness the end of the battle and
     decide who won. Both sides declared victory as a result.
9.   First prize and second prize were $25 and $10 certificates from Best Buy.
     Third place was a six-pack of the kid‟s favorite soda. Russ had asked for
     „ante‟ items at the beginning to distribute, but no one wanted the items. By
     the end of the match everyone had something just as good or better.
Other contests
I have read of mining competitions, but I have yet to hear of players who
want to compete by mining. In these competitions players mine as much ore as
Potential problems
o High level miners are faster miners and have much better picks.
     Require miners above level 40 to use a bronze pick axe. Everyone else can
     use the highest level pick allowed.
o Having a non-playing friend give or stranger sell ore which may have been
  accumulated and stored in banks before the start of the game.
o Check inventories and banks before the contest. Do not allow miners to go
  near banks or better yet leave the mine. Have mining contests in very short
  time spans, e.g., The most ore in 5 three-minute contests. After each
  contest, count only the ore in players inventory.
o Picking up ore off the ground. Ask competitors to drop the ore in their
  inventory some distance from the mine. Do not let them leave the mine
  during contests.
Fishing contests. Like mining I read of them, but have yet to hear of a player
who wants to compete. These contests have the same potential problems as
mining. Suggested limitations are the mostly the same except players would be
required to use the same fishing gear.
Smithing tournaments Like mining, I read of them, but have not heard of one.
I have trouble imagining how these would work.
Potential problems
o Higher players may have “rings of forging” which increase the success rate
   of smelting iron to 100%.
     Either iron would not be the ore to smelt or Rings of Forging should be
Scavenger hunts often mentioned as a good non-violent game.
Potential problems
o Choosing objects that people will not have in their banks or can easily buy
   at banks.
     There are objects that are only used in quests and have no other function.
     Game organizers must identify these items.
Running races. I am currently working on a Runescape Rally between
libraries. In this game players will race to locations in Runescape world. I am
choosing starting and ending locations for which there is not direct path
between the points. Players will have to think to choose the best path and, in
some cases, knowledge of underground short cuts help.
Potential problems
o Players with magic levels above 24 can teleport to the middle of Vorrock
   (level 25), Lumbridge (level 31), Falador (level 37). This eliminates
   competition when getting to the middle of these towns would be a major
   step toward the finish line.
     Hold different races for those above 24 magic level and those below 25
     magic level. Most players will be above 25 magic.
     For races above level 24 magic, make races away from centers of major
     towns and not toward the center of these towns.
o In wilderness, magicians above level 20 can throw binding spells which
  freeze other players for 5 seconds.
     When races are in the wilderness, allow for binding spells. This will create
     an added dimension to the contest. Outlaw spells that kill other players.

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