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					                            THE INDIVIDUAL CLOSE
So why don’t we just say: “Well, if any of you want anything, let me know?” Because you
will have very low sales.   Why is that?
REMEMBER: An individual close is essential because it gives the customer privacy to
      Her skin care needs;
      her finances; and,
      her job situation.
How would you feel if you were embarrassed about blemishes, or needed to split a
payment, or your boss was in the room and you wanted Mary Kay career information?

           THE GOLDEN RULE is that it is never about us – it’s about her!

So if you find you’re having trouble getting to talk to them privately, simply:
   Review your coaching skills:
      Did you remind the hostess when you arrived that you’d like to speak with her
       guests individually at the end of the class?
      Are you mentioning their individual consultation during the class?
   And remember too:
      That your body language and expression needs to be open and reassuring. Sit
       adjacent to one another, not opposite.
      Your voice tone needs to be soft, and if you speak quickly, you need to slow down.
   You should also have three aims in mind during the individual close:
      To sell product;
      to book a follow-up appointment; and,
      to arrange a convenient time to talk about our great career opportunity.

Ask the positive questions from the Opinion Poll using smiling and nodding. This is a
genuine conversation, so be yourself and respond to her questions. You can say:
Did you have a good time? ... Do you like the way your skin feels? (feel your face). ... How
about your foundation shade? ... Great. Which part of the skin care programme did you
like best? ...
Well, Susanne, I can see from your profile that you are concerned about blemishes. Tell
me what’s been happening?
Listen CLOSELY to what she is telling you and respond when she has finished. Remind
her about the products she tried that would help her .


a) If she has selected a Set on the Opinion Poll:
   Susanne, I can see that the Ultimate Miracle Set would suit your needs right now.
   (Hand on heart). It doesn’t matter to me, and you know your situation better than I
   do - is that the Set you’d like to take home with you today? (Be quiet and wait for
   her to answer).
      If yes: Great! I’ll put that together for you. And was there anything else?
       How would you like to take care of that – cash, cheque or card?
      If no: Which products could you live without? (Remove them one by one until she
       is happy). Remind her again of the costs per day of using Mary Kay.
b) If she hasn’t ticked any Set on the Opinion Poll and just wants, eg a lipstick:
   Complete the Sales Ticket and say: “Can I ask you a question? If you could get the
   TimeWise Set for little or no money, would you use it?” Then offer her an incentive
   (see Part 2 below).
Closing is about asking questions and waiting for a response. Don’t be tempted to
fill the pauses. She who speaks last, wins !

a) If she buys skin care:
   As part of our service to you, Mary Kay requires me to check your skin within
   10–14 days. I make that week beginning the 7th. When would be better for you,
   beginning of the week or end of the week? Day or evening?
   When we get together for your makeover, is there anything specific you would like to
   learn about make-up? What colours do you mainly wear? I have some great colours
   in mind for you to try – you’ll love it!
   Susanne, when you share your makeover with 2 or 3 friends, you can choose your
   other products at a discount or free. How does that sound? Great! When I call you
   in a few days to see how you are getting on with your skin care, you can let me know
   who would like to come.
   If she is still hesitant you can offer her one of the following incentives:
      Susanne, by sharing your makeover with a few friends you can actually receive up
       to 30% off any additional purchases. For example, if you have one friend you will
       receive a 10% discount, 2 friends 15%, 3 friends 20%, and 4 friends 30%. How
       does that sound? Great! When I call you next week to see how you are getting on
       with your skin care, you can let me know who would like to come.
       All you need to do is share your follow-up appointment with 2 or 3 other people
        besides yourself and it qualifies as a skin care class. Explain your current hostess
        programme, eg £50 for £25. End by saying, “Is there any reason why you
        wouldn’t want to share it with some friends and get your products at a very big
        saving?” Book a date and time.

                                       VERY IMPORTANT
       If she doesn’t want to share her follow-up makeover appointment (too busy, doesn’t
       have any friends, etc) say:
       Let me tell you how I handle my follow-up appointments. If you choose to share it
       with a few friends, I come to your home at your convenience or you can come to my
       home. If you are not able to share it with two or three friends, I offer follow-up
       makeovers at the hotel on Monday nights at 7.15.

b) If she doesn’t buy skin care:
Let’s book you in for your follow-up makeover ... Omit first paragraph of 2a) above, and

Choose one of the following ways to close:
a) Susanne, I’d just like to say one more thing because I really do believe it. I believe
   you would be good in Mary Kay. Do you think that with the right training, you could
   do everything you saw me do today? It would only take me about 30 minutes to
   explain more about how we work and how we make our money. Would you like to stay
   after the class today, or would tomorrow be better for you?
b) Susanne, do you mind if I say just one more thing? You know I talked earlier about
   how much I enjoy my Mary Kay career. Well, I noticed you enjoyed the class and are
   not happy with your job/are looking to earn some extra money/really loved the
   products, etc. I’d love to share with you what Mary Kay offers women. Is there any
   reason why we couldn’t get together in the next few days, I could briefly go over
   what it involves & then - based on all the facts - you can give me your opinion? It may
   or may not be for you, but I’d be interested to know what you think. Which would be
   best for you, daytime or evening? (If daytime and she works: Would you like me to
   meet you over lunch?)
Mary Kay was right: At every skin care class there is at least one new beauty
consultant. Never forget that. Do this at every class and you WILL recruit.
Remember: Closing the class is an important stage of the appointment. People need to
be guided, and you will come across as a professional. Always keep in the back of your
mind that you are there to meet your customers’ individual needs & in order to do this
you owe her that one-on-one time at the end. She may well be a customer for life!