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									    Finally, you can make your OWN flipchart to go with the
                 TimeWise skin Care class tape!!

                               You’ll need:

                           •A Beauty Book
                     • Scissors or paper cutter

                 • Two 3/4” to 1” round “O” rings

                           • Paper Punch

•       Laminating Sheets (you can find these at WalMart or any
                       Office Supply Store)

                          Here’s What You Do:

                      •  Print out the FlipChart
                • Cut on the solid black or dotted line

                 • Put the correct pages back to back

                             • Laminate

               • Put 2 punches at the top of each page

    •    Put booklet together and use “O” rings to keep together

           You will be flipping the pages from front to back

        Good Luck and Happy Selling, Booking & Recruiting!!
               Place Page 3 of the Beauty Book Here

This is the COVER of your flipchart. Put back-to-back with INTRODUCTION

  *I’m so excited for you to be here and that I get to
    give you some extra special pampering/for your
             birthday!/have you as a model.
*My name is _________, I teach skin care and color
                   cosmetics with MK.
   there’s no obligation, great time, learn a few new
          things, and look like a million bucks
*go around table, name, and what love to learn about
        taking care of skin, putting on makeup.
 *Most of the women I meet with want to know how
  they can be sure to get the right products for their
 skin, or colors that they can be sure they like when
the get home. And, I always do 2 appointments with
 my customers……..1 tonight and then your follow-
up in 2 -3 weeks to make sure everything is working
   well for you & to help you earn additional FREE

           Put this page back to back with the “Cover” page.
Best Selling Brand of Skin
     Care & Cosmetics

   Just think for a minute---think of your bathroom,
   stuff that you purchased at the store you thought,
“perfect.” But when you got home, hoping it would
change, and that you’d use it, “what a waste”, costly
 *Well, that won’t happen with MK, because every-
 thing you try is 100% customer satisfaction guaran-
teed. If love the lipstick, husband says “ugly!” You
couldn’t take that back to the cosmetic counter or the
        store, but with MK you can take it back.
  *company replaces it, so I’m not out, exchange or
         refund you’re not out. Isn’t that great?

          Put this back to back with the BEST SELLING BRAND page!!
           So, I am able to do three things for you as your MK consultant.
      • First, I’m going to save you time. You don’t have to run to the mall
         • Then, I’m going to save you money, no more buying mistakes.
•   Third, and this is probably the best thing I can help you with, and that is that I’m
                    going to be your own personal beauty consultant.

 *How many times: shopping for a lipstick, wishing you could figure out which to
    Wishing you had someone’s opinion to help you choose a foundation color?
You get my personal assistance with these dilemmas, my customers are my best ad-
          so never a hideous color lipstick, or the dreaded foundation line.
*How many times have you gone back to the cosmetic counter & there’s a different
 women behind the counter? So the next time you have a wedding or party to go to
 and need a new look, you can just call me up. Since I know you, your hair color,
                          skin tone, make recommendation.
*If your skin changes or you’re breaking out or getting wrinkles, someone you trust,
with a guarantee, instead of a stranger, taking off makeup in the mall and wondering

 So, tonight I am going to pamper you, make you over and at the end, tell how I can
  best help you. Have a great time and please don’t feel obligated. However, if you
are tempted, I do have inventory here, and I always take MC, Visa, Discover, checks,
 cash, payment plan, or husband unawareness program where he’ll never know what
                               you spent on your MK!

   So I’ll get started. I always like to do my pampering sessions in four parts.
•  First, company. know what type of company makes the products you are trying.
              • Then, go through the skin care routine, healthy skin
• Then, basic glamour look. since this is first time. Try something a little different
                           at second appointment. not a tattoo.
 • At the end, I’ll tell about some of the sets, prices for things, just incase. survey.
   meet you individually to help you with selections, schedule your second follow-
    up appointment, so we can be sure that the product is working for you, and so
                           you can try some additional colors.

But like I said, no guilt purchases. Only take something home with you tonight that
     you promise me you love it, and you’ll use it the way I teach you to use it.
Like I said, this is a time for you. Time to have fun, and look great when we’re all

                Put this page back to back with the 100% GUARANTEE page
*Save You Time

*Save You Money

*Be Your Own
Personal Beauty
                           Mary Kay Page

    Let me tell you a little bit about the company.
 Founder of our company. Started 1963 for two main
        reasons career, teach skin & makeup.
• My mom never taught me, bathroom in high school.
   MK wanted teach, b/c knew if woman felt good on
  the outside, she’d feel good on the inside, reflect to
                      her household.
• Wanted to create a career for women. 50 cents, not
             fair, faith, family, and career.

 You know, when I started my MK business, it was the
               last thing on my mind.
           • Fill in your personal “I” story
• What I saw that night was the main reasons why peo-
              ple start their MK business.

  Put this back to back with the SAVE YOU TIME….SAVE YOU MONEY…..page!!
Place Page 2 of the Beauty Book Here
 I really appreciate a company like Mary Kay Cosmetics because it was
always Mary Kay’s idea that women should be able to place their FAITH
 first, their FAMILY second and their CAREER third and be able to pri-
                 oritize their lives. In that order it works!!

            Put this back to back with Page 2 of the Beauty Book!!


M-extra money. When, astounded. I needed. Average consultant $25-30 /hr, a few
         hundred bucks/mo. very part time. So, money was one reason.

 R-recognition. When was the last? Do they ever tell? It just doesn’t happen. MK
is based on performance. praise people to success. starving for recognition. I know I

 S-build self-esteem, confidence. MK self-growth course. When I started my busi-
  ness, since then, I’ve seen. I also found helped other. My self-esteem and self-
                                   confidence grew

 C-career car. not pink, it’s red. most women earn after 15-20 hrs. every week. In a
  1-4 month qualification you can earn your car & MK pays lease, license, taxes &
 80% of insurance. If you went boss and said, “If I worked an extra 15 hours each
week for the next 4 months would you give me a car?” Well you can do that in MK.

 A-advancement. You don’t have. You’ve probably seen. That doesn’t happen in
           MK. Advancement is based on your own performance.

B-boss. That is the true reason I stay in MK. So I can boss, set hours, be there. Be
      able to have an executive income, but be flexible and be my own boss.

So, if you watch me, and think. I am looking for some sharp women that are serious
 about making a difference in their lives and in the lives of the women they touch.

  So if you have any more questions or would like to hear more about our company,
 I’d love to share with you a little bit more. You might not think this is anything for
you, but you might know someone who’d be great at doing this. If you give me their
 name, and they decide and are accepted by our company as a qualified consultant, I
                    have a special gift for you of $50 in free MK.

    Put this back to back with the page depicting FAITH, FAMILY & CAREER!!
 1. Extra $$$$


 3. Personal Growth

 4. Opportunity to Earn
the use of Career Car

 5. Opportunity For Advancement

 6. Be Your Own
                                   Skin Care

         Now we’re going to talk about healthy skin.
And this is what you came for, to learn how to look beautiful.
Healthy skin is the beginning of beautiful skin and we all want
                         it, don’t we?
MK has been a leader in the industry for 37 years, and we’ve
     been named the best selling brand for the last seven.

   MK knows your skin has to go through a five-step process.
  • You have to cleanse it to remove makeup and impurities.
 • You have to exfoliate to remove dead surface cells that dull
                            your skin.
• You have to freshen to refine your pores and tone and tighten
                            your skin.
  • You have to moisturize it to help keep your skin hydrated.
 • Lastly, you have to protect your skin from the environment
                        with foundation.

You know our five-step skin care program is wonderful, and a
     lot of women got started on it with great intentions.
Then the days slipped by and they forgot to mask, the weeks
             slipped by and they forgot to mask.
And they weren’t getting the results they were looking for be-
  cause they weren’t doing all five steps on a regular basis.
 So, thank goodness MK has come out with a new product
                 called TimeWise skin care.

    Put this back to back with the 6 REASONS PEOPLE START MARY KAY page!!
To Get and Retain
  Healthy Skin:

 •       EXFOLIATE
     •   Moisturize
                                  TW 3-in-1 Cleanser

  You want to put everything on in upward and outward strokes
                 because that counteracts gravity.
 Around the eye, use your ring finger, because that is the weak-
 est finger, and will tug less around your delicate eye area, caus-
                         ing fewer wrinkles.
      On the top, go inside out, on the bottom, go outside in.
                         Down on the nose.
 Make sure you do your neck, it ages right along with your face.

 Now put your head bands on, we’re going to cleanse your face.
         The green granules are exfoliating granules.
  The blue beads have vitamins in them, that’s your freshener.

                             Doesn’t that feel smoother?
                              So, when do you do this?

  I’ve heard that if you do not cleanse your face before you go to
                  bed, your face ages thirteen days.
  You might want to write that right on your Book, thirteen days,
 to remind yourself that you should never use your pillowcase as
    your wash cloth and that you should always wash your face
                         morning and night.
   Because it’s so important to get any makeup, dirt, and dead surface cells off your face using our
                            TimeWise cleanser every morning and night.

Put this back to back with the CLEANSE, EXFOLLIATE, FRESHEN, MOISTURIZE, PROTECT page.
Place Page 6 of the Beauty Book
You want to put everything on in upward and outward
       strokes because that counteracts gravity.
Around the eye, use your ring finger, because that is the
 weakest finger, and will tug less around your delicate
           eye area, causing fewer wrinkles.
On the top, go inside out, on the bottom, go outside in.
                  Down on the nose.
 Make sure you do your neck, it ages right along with
                       your face.

          Put this back to back with Page 6 of the Beauty Book.
                 Day and Night Solutions

 (Beauty Book) Now I want you to turn to
                  page seven
  These are our Day and Night Solutions.
 I believe this set is a face lift in two jars!!
And when you use this with your TimeWise
 skin care, improve results of what the TW
does, and your skin will be 155% softer and

Put this back to back with the page showing the sun, moon and directional arrows.
Place page 7 of the Beauty Book Here
 But the company has just shared with us basically where the wrinkles
       are. I want you to look in the mirror. This is eye opening.
                            20     No Wrinkles
                 25 Forehead and Laugh Lines Appear
                        30 Crows Feet Develop
             40     Permanent Wrinkles from Ears to Neck
                50     Nose, Earlobes, and Chin Creases
                       30      Folds on Neck Form
                     60      Mouth Wrinkles Deepen
                70+ Wrinkles Overlap and Criss-Cross

If you went to a dermatologist and said, “please, please I don’t want this
 to happen to my skin, what can I do to combat this?” They’d prescribe
 something that had retinoids or retinol in it. That’s what’s in these two
products. So, I can help you save time and save you money, because you
         don’t have to get a prescription for it and it’s right here.

               Put this back to back with page 7 of the Beauty Book.
          A WRINKLE IN TIME!!
          Age:           Where the Wrinkles Are:

          20                  No wrinkles

          25                  Forehead & laugh lines

          30                  Crows Feet Develop

          40                  Permanent wrinkles
                                  from ears to neck

          50                  Nose, earlobes & chin

          55                  Folds on neck start to

          60                  Mouth wrinkles deepen

          70+                 Wrinkles tend to overlap
                                  and crisscross

The use of TimeWise in Combination with Day/Night Solu-
tion for 8 weeks has proven to:
               Increase skin softness by 155%
              Increase skin smoothness by 91%
   Reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles by 48%
• Day Solution SPF 15 is what you use in the morning
    after the TimeWise cleanser. It has sunscreen plus
    retinoids and vitamins to help minimize lines and
  • Night Solution is what you use at night after the
  TimeWise cleanser. It has microbeads that pop when
   you pump the bottle and disperse fresh vitamins and
    botanicals to your face, to help get rid of lines and
    wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin while you sleep.

  When you use these two products with the TW skin
care, you’ll be able to reduce lines and wrinkles by 48%,
          so if you’re 70, you’ll look about 35.

   Put this page back to back with the WRINKLE IN TIME page!!

   *Gives Sunscreen Protection
   *Contains Retinol & Vitamins


   *Disperses Vitamins &
                       TimeWise Moisturizer

 Now we’re going to use the TW age fighting moistur-
                      It is very light.
 It brings you multiple antiaging benefits in an oil-free
                     luxurious lotion.
       It helps hydrate the skin for up to ten hours.

(Beauty book) On page six, you’ll see the Age Fighting
         You want to do that morning and night.
 Each time you do, you treat your skin to the benefits of
 botanicals, plus vitamin E and the exclusive TW com-
       plex to reduce the appearance of fine lines.
  Write that right on that page: “morning and night”.

Put this back to back with the DAY SOLUTION/NIGHT SOLUTION page that has sun & moon.
TimeWise Age-Fighting

     *Very Lightweight

             *Multiple Anti-
            Aging Benefits


             *Helps Hydrate
          Your Skin for Up to
              10 Hours

 DO Morning & Night Also!!

               OK, now we’re going to do your protection.
This is your foundation, and it is so important for the health of your skin.
 A lot of women don’t like to wear this, because they think it’s going to
 clog your pores. But it really doesn’t, it’s going to protect your pores
                          from the environment.

Imagine two barns. One has a couple of coats of paint on it, the other is
just bare naked wood. Which will look better after being exposed to the
  elements for 20 or 30 years? Think of your face as the painted barn.

A lot of women don’t like to wear foundation because they know some-
 one at the office who had a nice orange line on her jawline because she
probably went to Wal-mart and picked it up and thought, “Oh this looks
 Well, it turned out to be totally the wrong color, but she didn’t want to
admit to a buying mistake, so she decided she’d use it anyhow and it just
                             doesn’t look good.
Well, that’s not going to happen with MK, because we’re going to make
sure we have the right shade for you. If it’s not right, when you get into
    to the daylight, we can always exchange it at your second facial.

    (Hand example) I want to show you how fast this really takes.
 Two minutes in the morning and two minutes at night to have beautiful
                     skin twenty years from now.

               What do you want your face to look like?
 That is what you want your skin to look and feel like every single day,
                              don’t you?
             So what you want to do is use our miracle set.

      Put back to back with the TIMEWISE AGE-FIGHTING MOISTURIZER page.
Place Page 11 of the Beauty Book Here
(Back of the hand example) I want to show you how
                fast this really takes.

  Two minutes in the morning and two minutes at
night to have beautiful skin twenty years from now.

       Have them look at their hand and say:

     What do you want your face to look like?
That is what you want your skin to look and feel like
            every single day, don’t you?
  So what you want to do is use our miracle set!!

            Put back to back with page eleven of the Beauty Book!!
 2 Minutes in the Morning


    2 Minutes At Night =

Beautiful Skin 20 years from
                        Compliment Time:

 Ask them to share what they like BEST about the
new look and what they like BEST about how their
                   skin looks!!

  Put this back to back with the 2 MINUTES IN THE MORNING…...page.









                                      Table Close

  As women, we can always change our hair, change our
  clothes, but can’t buy new face. So, don’t you think it
            makes sense take good care of skin?
  By using a great skin care program like MK, taking the
                     best possible care.

    At this point women ask me three ?s, “How much?
                  How get it? How pay?”
   • Well, you can get it because I brought stuff with me
                 tonight, so don’t have to wait
   • MC, Visa, Discover, personal check, cash, payment
     plan, or unawareness program. Or you can be really
     smart and be a hostess and hold your second facial,
                         get free stuff.
  • How much is it? Let me go through sets. Don’t have
                to buy sets, however; benefits.

 One set I cannot separate, our TW set, includes. products
   are designed to work together, if you only use one or
 two pieces, won’t get the results you want. lipstick, buy
                         ala Carte.

    But let me show you the value or purchasing in sets.
                        (Show IDIA)
  If cosmetic counter, wanted to buy, but pay department
 store prices, what do you think? Probably pay $400-700.
   paying for advertising, space, and the cute girl behind
                         the counter.
   Since MK doesn’t spend, pass savings on to you, our
                   IDIA set is only $299.

Put this back to back with page that has descriptive words like PRETTY, GORGEOUS, ETC. On it.
1.    How Can I Get

      FOR IT?

                               (Show other sets)

For example… So there is a value in walking away with this
                     set tonight.

    So, I want you to think of an outfit purchased for a special
event, a wedding or New Year’s, casual or dressy, what paid for
 the entire outfit? Think of that same outfit. How many times
worn? That is my point. We’ll spend a lot of money on an out-
 fit that makes you look good and feel good but you can’t wear
                            it everyday.
  But making an investment in yourself with MK skincare and
 color program, you can know that you look good whether you
have sweats on or jeans or that really nice outfit and know that
         you are taking the best possible care of your skin.

When next HS reunion, I want you to be the one that everyone
 looks at and says, “Oh she looks great, hasn’t changed since
                        high school.”

 So, I want to remind you that with MK you get three things:
          • 100% guarantee (no buying mistakes),
• second facial in 7-14 days to make sure everything is going
        • and you get me as your Beauty Consultant.

                 So, you really can’t go wrong…….!!


     Put this back to back with page that says HOW CAN I GET IT?, etc…..
      You love it all—-so why not get it all??
         This I Deserve it All Set Includes:
       TimeWise Skin Care Set…………$52.00
       Day/Night Solution…………….….50.00
       Basic Color Set………………..…...61.50
       Finishing Set…………………..… ..61.50
       Lip Savers Set………………..…….33.00
       Eye Deal Solutions Set……..…… ...59.00
       Day Spa Set……………….………..48.00

        RETAIL TOTAL:                                      $365
                                                 for     $299
             Includes Sets 1, 2, 3, & 4
TimeWise Skin Care Set…………$52
Day/Night Solution Set………..…$50
Basic Color Set………………..…$61.50
 (includes Custom Compact filled with 3 eye-        shadows, 1
cheek color, 1 lipstick and applicators)
           Finishing Set……………………..$61.50
     (includes eye liner, lip liner, lip gloss, mascara, concealer
                   & loose powder)

         RETAIL TOTAL:                                     $225
                                                 for    $199
                  MIRACLE SET
                Includes Sets 1 & 2
TimeWise Skin Care Set……… .$52
Day/Night Solution Set………….$50

RETAIL TOTAL:                                  $102
                                                 for     $99
  GOTTA                                                HAVE
   THE                                                 BAG?

   Here’s How to Get It? : Simply start with the
  Miracle Set or higher today and not only enjoy
 great savings, but receive THE BAG for FREE as
 your hostess gift in addition to your hostess credit
when you share your follow-up appointment with at
least 3 friends & have $200 or more in sales within
                                Individual Consultation

                             1. Did you have a good time?

                              2. How does your skin feel?

             3. What did you like best about the basic skin care?

    4. It really doesn’t matter to me, but would you like to start with?

            5. In addition to that is there anything else you need?


 (If she doesn’t buy one of the sets), say to her, “             can I ask you
 a question? If you had the basic skin care for little or no money, would
you use it?” If she says yes, then say to her, “I have a really neat way for
               you to get it for free, can I tell you about it?”

 6. We need to set up your second facial. I’d like to do it within 7-14
days to make sure everything is working well. Is there any reason why,
when we get together for your follow-up facial that you wouldn’t want to
    share it with a couple of friends so you can get some free stuff?

  7. “Can I just ask, when I went through six reasons why people start
their businesses in MK, what two were most important to you? I realize
 this may not be or maybe it is for you right now, I don’t know, but I’d
love you to be a talent scout for me. If you refer someone who becomes
a consultant I will give you $50 in free Mary Kay. Could you just pop it
 in while your driving and be a talent scout for me? I’ll have a free nail
  color or eye color for you when I get the tape back in about 48 hours.

8. Also, part of my training is to go over the facts about our company. If
 this isn’t something you are interested in, that’s OK, because I just need
    someone to help me practice. It will really help me out, and I think
  you’ll find it interesting. Plus, I’ll have a gift for you just for listening.
  Is there any reason why I couldn’t share a little more info when we get
                   together for your follow-up appointment?

 This page gets laminated on its own and you can take it with you into your individual consults.

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