Hostess Program by Kristi Vogt-_Mary Ka


									        Mary Kay Hostess Program
I am so excited to have you as one of my fabulous Hostesses!!
Below is a list of “what is in it for you!!”
      If you have 1 person at your party you get 10% off
        anything you want that night!
          2 people- 20% off
          3 people- 30% off

          4 people- 40% off
          5 people- 50% off
      If you hold your party on the original date booked,
       you get $25 free in product.
      If 2 people book a party at your party then you get a
       hostess gift!!
      For every $100 in outside sales, you get $25 free in

  Give me your names, addresses, and phone numbers of
  the people that you want to invite, and I will mail them an
  invitation. You will want to invite as many people that you
  can think of and call and make sure they are coming. The
  key to a successful class is to follow up.

  We are going to have a great time- thank you for your time
  and for making sure this is a great class.

  I am looking forward to meeting your friends!!!!

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