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nivea - makeup tips


									   After moisturizing, allow at least 20 minutes before applying the foundation. This
    ensures better staying power and an even finish - if the skin is too greasy, the
    foundation will not last.
   To avoid a mask-like effect, work your way from the center of the face outwards
    (leaving the nose and chin area until the end). Use soft patting motions to work
    the foundation into the skin.
   After applying foundation,
    a concealer will hide small imperfections.
    To cover dark circles or tiny veins at the corner of your eyes, a liquid concealer
    will give you the best results.
    Apply the concealer over your foundation - patting in gently, before finishing
    with powder to avoid smudging.
    For a natural finish, choose a product one shade lighter than your foundation.
   Powder will set the foundation and keep the shine off your face:
    it provides the finishing touch to your entire make-up (including lips and eyes).
    Allow the foundation to dry for a few minutes before dusting the face with
    Pick up some powder with a brush, tap it off on your hand and lightly sweep it
    over the grease-prone parts of your face (chin, nose and forehead).
    Excess powder can be removed by softly running a brush over the skin.
    For a more natural look, we recommend using a professional powder brush.
   There are two different ways of applying blush:
    it can boost a radiant complexion or structure your face by creating artificial
    To add structure, choose from a palette of brown shades (terra, sun, amber etc.).
    Pick up a little of the product with a blusher brush (this is shorter than a powder
    brush and often slightly slanted), tap it off on your hand and then, using the entire
    breadth of the brush, sweep the color over your cheekbone in a slight arc, from
    the ear towards the centre of the face.
    The lower boundary is provided by the hollow of the cheek, further up allow the
    blush to blend into the lower socket line.
    For a fresh-faced look, choose a lighter shade. Smile and then use a brush to
    apply the color to the apple of your cheek in a quick, light circular movement.
   Full cheeks will appear slimmer when a hint of dar-ker blusher is applied just
    below the cheekbone, right in the hollow which appears when you suck in your
    As a rule of thumb please note: the broader the face, the more slanted the blusher
    should be applied (choose blueish, brownish, dark colours and use a powder
    blush), the longer the face, the more horizontal and lighter the application should
   If you would like your face to appear fuller, apply blusher to the apple of your
   A pointy chin can be "shortened" by applying a hint of blusher to its tip.
   To soften an angular face, apply just a hint of blusher to the line of your

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