Overcoming Objections 2 by Kristi Vogt-_Mary Ka


									Overcoming Objections: The Words To Say Part II
by Kathy Towne

Following is a continuation of the most frequently heard objections to
booking. Learn the appropriate responses and watch your bookings soar!

6. "My husband would object."

(Note: The first thing to do here is to find out exactly what her
husband objects to. Maybe he's worked hard all day and finds it
inconvenient to be booted out of his favorite TV spot for the
evening. Perhaps he has an objection to people being invited into his
home to "buy." Maybe his wife has had other shows and had an
undesirable experience or didn't receive enough merchandise to
make it worth her while.

Whatever the case may be, once you know his real objection,
it's easier to find a solution to the problem. You could suggest
having the show at a time when he's not home, so his privacy isn't interrupted.
Perhaps you could suggest having it with a friend at the friend's home, or suggest an
office or workplace show.

"Maybe we could plan your show during the day or on an evening when your
husband is at work or plans to be away," or, "Perhaps we could have your show in
the living room if he likes to have the family room to himself."

"How about inviting the husbands to your show? Shows with couples are lots of fun .
. ." or, "The men could watch sports on TV while the ladies attend the show!"

7. "My friends don't have any money."

(Note: People have a tendency to judge other people's pocketbooks by their own, so
it's important to turn this into a positive.

"You know, Janie, that's why (your company) is so perfect! We have products for
absolutely everyone's taste and everybody's pocketbook. The kinds of specials we
have enable people to have our products without spending a fortune, so we really
appeal to the price-conscious consumer.

"Actually, you'd be saving your friends money by allowing them to shop in the
comfort of your home. And if there are more products in our line that they want but
can't afford, perhaps they would be a booking for you, and they could receive the
same fabulous hostess benefits that you will. Besides, we'll have a great time!"

8. "We're remodeling and my home is a disaster."

(Note: This could be the exact reason many of her friends might enjoy coming to her
home when the project is completed.)

"Oh, how exciting! Which room(s) are you redoing? What colors are you using?" (Be
interested in her project and let her tell you about it. Most people love talking about
their homes.)

"How long have you been working on it? I bet you'll be glad when you can put your
things away again." (Many times by asking questions, you can tell when she
anticipates finishing the project, so you can proceed with a solution.)

"Well, Mary, I'll bet your friends would love to see your lovely remodeled kitchen, so
why don't we have a celebration party when your kitchen is finished? Let me give
you time to get rid of the sawdust and the boxes and to get your things all
organized. Let's date your show for either (next month) or (two months from now),
so we can give Janie credit for the booking." (If this isn't acceptable, you might again
suggest the co-hostess idea or suggest having the show at her office or a nearby

9. "I'd like to check with my friends to see what night
would be best for them."

"Absolutely! I want the night that's best for everyone, too,
but you will find, Mary, that you just won't be able to pick a
night that is good for everybody. So let's select a tentative
date now, and if you find that it's not a good night for the
majority of your friends, I'll be happy to change it for you.
But by selecting a tentative date tonight, we can give Janie
credit for your booking. Now, would a weekend or week
night be better for you?"

10. "When I have home shows, they never seem to turn out."

(Note: It's important to identify with this prospect and realize that if we were in her
shoes, we'd probably feel the same way. But remember that when she says "they
don't turn out," what exactly does she mean? Attendance was low? Sales were
low? Did she experience problems with delivery of products?)

"Well, Mary, you've never had a show with me! I will work closely with you to make
sure we have a great show. I'll send each of your guests a special invitation and
share all the tips and hints I've learned to make your show exactly what you want it
to be!"

These are perhaps the ten most frequently used objections you will hear; and many
of the responses can be used for other hesitations, as well, because the
general format is the same.

Become familiar and at ease with these responses, and practice using them. The
more you use them, the easier it will be to overcome any objection or
hesitation you hear.

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