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					     Adobe presents……

  Adobe Acrobat– a bit of history.

  Adobe Acrobat is a family of computer pro-                                         What is the difference between 
                                                                                     Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat? 
  grams, created by Adobe. It was around the                                          
                                                                                     Adobe Reader allows one to view 
  late 1990s when Acrobat became popular
                                                                                     PDF files. It is used globally. Adobe 
  and widely used. This was because PDF had                                          reader also allows one to open and 
                                                                                     intermingle with all other PDF docu‐
  become a main and greatly used standard of                                         ments. Not only can it be used to 
                                                                                     view PDF files, one can print, check 
  viewing and creating files and documents.                                          for anything, search and join re‐
  Adobe Acrobat also provided free and com-                                          sources.  
  mercial programs. It is used all around the                                        On the other hand, Adobe Acrobat, 
                                                                                     allows one to collaborate more easily 
  world and has proven to be very useful.                                            on PDF documents. One can create 
                                                                                     their PDF file and share it, with ex‐
                                                                                     actly who they want. So, it also aids 
   BENEFITS AND FEATURES:                                                            with one protecting their informa‐
                                                                                     tion and work. 
   Firstly, there is a wide range of language availability. Including: English,
   Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Ko-
   rean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, and loads more!
   Also, Adobe Acrobat has taken seriously the protection of you and your
   work. It has included support for ‘JavaScript’, so your work is protected
   and safe.
   Acrobat also allows the showing and printing of documents in their origi-
   nal format, regardless of which software or fonts were used.
   You are able to quickly and properly publis documents to the web, looking
   great, and how it is supposed to look.
   Addionally, Acrobat is very useful for occupations such as engineers, if
   wanting to make technical drawings easily accessible for other workers.

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NAME OF ADOBE PRODUCT                           PRICE
                                                                                  products and other informa-
Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional Ex-              $299.00                             tion:
tended Education
Adobe Acrobat® 9 Pro                     Educational
                                         price: $193.65
                                         price: $546.85
Adobe Acrobat Capture 3 Personal              $ 615.00
Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional Win              $ 204.95
Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional Mac              $ 204.95

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