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									About Municipal Utility
Alliance (MUA)
                                                                                           Traffic Signal Retrofit
PLCM created MUA in 1997 to             PLCM‘s Mission Statement
                                        To represent the interests of its membership and
sponsor utility related business        to serve local government by providing programs,
ventures that provide budgetary and     cost-effective services, and legislation which
                                        strengthen the autonomy of Pennsylvania
administrative savings to               municipalities.
participating municipalities.
                                        John A. Garner, Jr., Executive Director
MUA educates its members on the
current state of the energy market,
                                                                                             Turnkey Solutions for
while evaluating potential savings
                                                                                           Pennsylvania Communities
opportunities and how best to
realize them.
                                             Municipal Utility
                                                                                             Pennsylvania League of
MUA created the Traffic Signal
Retrofit program as a cost-effective,
                                                Alliance                                     Cities and Municipalities’
complete turnkey solution for
                                                    A Program Of:                           Municipal Utility
MUA’s uniquely cooperative
procurement process differentiates
                                        Pennsylvania League of                                 Alliance
the Traffic Signal Retrofit program           Cities and
from similar ventures.
                                                                                               in cooperation with

 MUA adheres to a process
 that fulfills local procurement
 requirements, including                          414 N. 2nd Street
 advertisement, RFP opening,                     Harrisburg PA 17101
 and responsible award                                  Phone:
 standards, to the fullest                         717. 236 . 9469
 extent possible.                                  800 . 922 . 8063
Traffic Signal Retrofit                   Turnkey Solutions for Pennsylvania Communities

                                           About Traffic Signal                   About Republic ITS
                                           Retrofit your municipality’s traffic   As the country’s leading provider of
                                           signals with energy efficient LED      energy efficient Light Emitting Diode
                                           lamps.                                 (LED) retrofits, Republic ITS has
                                                                                  completed over half a million LED
What MUA’s Traffic Signal                                                         traffic signal retrofits for over 100
Retrofit offers:                                                                  public agencies nationwide.

                                                                                  Republic ITS is a highly specialized
  •   Energy analysis
                                                                                  electrical contracting and
  •   Preliminary inventory analysis        You can act quickly to conserve       transportation engineering firm that
                                            energy with minimal administrative    has purchased and retrofitted more
  •   Financial payback analysis
                                            burden by participating in this       LED traffic signal lamps than any
  •   Project funding                       program.                              entity in the USA, public or private.

  •   Procurement of all project            LED Traffic Signal lamps:             Republic ITS has the experience,
      materials needed                         • use 80-90% less energy than      knowledge, and qualified labor force
                                               traditional incandescent lamps     to successfully complete MUA’s Traffic
  •   Experienced licensed electricians        • SAVE energy costs                Signal Retrofits efficiently and
  •   Project inventory management             • last up to 6-8 times longer      professionally.
                                               • SAVE maintenance costs
  •   Product debris disposal
                                                                                   What’s the next step?
  •   Assistance with product warranty
                                                                                   Tracy Wierzbicki of Republic ITS
  •   Rapid deployment to achieve
                                                                                   can customize your free no-
      early energy savings                                                         obligation energy analysis:
  •   Proper installation procedures
                                                                                   From the PLCM website
      followed                                                                     ( fill out the form
  •   Support for capturing any                                                    with your information
      available rebate funds               Energy savings resulting from the       OR call Tracy Wierzbicki at
                                           retrofits Republic ITS installs will    800-LIGHTS ON (544-4876)
  •   Quality project management
                                           finance your entire project.

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