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									 St Louis Alfa Romeo Owners Club                                                                     Volume 19 Number 7 August 2007

  If You’re Lucky,                                                          Sat August 25, 3 pm
       an Alfa Will Choose You . . . . 3                                       Walt & Marian Hatcher’s
  Classifieds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5                                Washington MO
  2007 AROC National Convention 6
                                                           Bring your car, your stories, and your pictures of what you did this
  Alfa Romeo’s BAT Cars . . . . . . . . 8
  Alfa Junior. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
                                                       summer to THE Picnic at Marian and Walt’s home on the Missouri
  Pebble Beach FAQ . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9         River bluff. Bring a dish of something good -- salad, dessert, or side
  Alfisti Cooks!. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10      dish to share and enjoy! Join us and have a good time. The club will
                                                       provide main course, beer, and soft drinks.
Note Bene                                                  The Hatchers’ house is at the top of the hill at 1000 W Main St in
by Phil Dean, Pres
                                                       Washington MO.
                                                                      RSVP to Walt and Marian (636) 239-2690
Mini World
Test drove the new Mini at event in
Autohaus of Clayton last Thursday,
was a Hawaiian luau theme with
drinks and food, if any alcohol con-
                                                                 Clarksville MO Drive -- Sat Sept 29
sumed before the test drive appoint-
ment, one got an orange wrist band to                      Due to union negotiations this year’s trip to Quincy has been can-
warn the salesfolks to veto your idea. I               celed. Instead we will have a day trip to Clarksville MO. Lots of antique
had diet Coke and drove Mini hardtop                   and other little shops, a great restaurant, and lovely drive await us.
for first time, a blue non-S version as
line too long for S-turbocharged ver-
sion. Was impressive handling stick
shift (6-speed) with damn fine air-con                                             Chuck Workman
on a high humidity day. Not much
room for bikes even with seat folded. I                  It is with great sadness that we must report that fellow “Alfisti” and
want one, but would want a FIAT 500                      Alfa club director Chuck Workman passed away unexpectedly on
(new version) even more, if Brit car                     Sunday, August 19th at his home.
mags are to be believed...                                     As most of you know, Chuck was on his third Alfa Spider, a ‘91
     “TopGear” Aug ‘07 edition has                       model which he had completely reconditioned/restored. Chuck was
cover article on FIAT car designed                       also an avid antique firearms collector, and attended many gunshows
and built in 18 months under new                         and was frequently accompanied by his wife Sally, or son Lee.
leadership in Italia. The car has 1368                           There will be a “Celebration of Chuck’s Life” this coming
cc engine with 99 hp, zero to sixty in                   Thursday, August. 23rd at the (old) Workman home in Hermann (124
10.5 secs (faster then my VW Cabrio in                   E. 2nd St.). It will be held from 3pm to 6pm. Please keep Sally and
1987)..top speed of 113 mph. Six speed                   all the other members of Chuck’s family (sons and daughter) in your
manual tranny, MacPherson struts                         thoughts and prayers.
up front, coil springs and torsion bars
in rear. Front wheel drive with wide                         Condolences may be sent to:
track. EVO (ed 108) magazine says                            Sally Workman
“that is the warmth you feel from see-                       3519 Hwy C
ing and touching a car, the smile you                        Leslie MO 63056

                          continues on page 10
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Aug 2007                                                     i Saluti                                                     page 3
from “Keith Martin on Collecting Alfa Romeo,” Motorbooks, 2006

        lf You’re Lucky, an Alfa Will Choose You
                                                         by Martin Swig
Alfa Romeo cars have figured in my life more than I could         ing something to the effect of why did you waste all that
have imagined in February 1958, my first day as a salesman money on a car that will never win a race?” I loved that car
at the Alfa Romeo dealership in San Francisco.                   so much that I didn’t even bother to answer. And although
      That was a time when the VW Beetle dominated the           I never won, it was a rare 300SL or XK 120 (unless it was a
less-than-10%-market-share imported car business, with           lightweight) that could get by.
the Renault Dauphine                                                                                 In 1982, my 1900 Zagato
a red-hot second best                                                                                 got me into the first ret-
seller. I recall we used                                                                              rospective Mille Miglia.
to implore Fiat, which                                                                                John Lamm (long-time
we also sold, to make                                                                                 contributor to Road &
their cars more like Re-                                                                              Track) and had the time
naults. And we always                                                                                 of our lives. It changed
hoped next years Alfas                                                                                my life; I’ve since par-
would be as sturdy as                                                                                 ticipated in the Mille
TR3s.                                                                                                 Miglia 18 times, along
      A Giulietta spider                                                                              with multiple visits to
was about $3,500 and                                                                                  the Melbourne Mule in
Veloce spiders a hard                                                                                 Australia, the Festa Fille
upsell at round $4,000,                                                                               Miglia in Japan, and the
in a market where                                                                                     Mil Millas Sport de la
MGAs and TR3s sold in                                                                                 Republica Argentina,
the mid-two thousands.                                                                                usually in an Alfa. And
      The Giuliettas were 1956 Alfa Romeo 1900 SSZ by Zagato.                                         now, our own California
so much more sophisticated—DOHC, five-bearing crank.              Mille has completed 15 years, providing this Alfa enthusi-
all-synchro transmission, and those unbelievable finned           ast still more magic in life.
drum brakes. This was a time when the cheapest Plymouth               Given all the richness that Alfa has brought to my life,
still used a flat-head six introduced in 1933. Studebaker-        the $20,000 I “blew” on the 1900 Zagato now seems like a
Packard, Nash and Hudson were disappearing, and the hot pretty good investment, even if only in terms of life experi-
new brand for 1958 was called Edsel.                             ences. But it didn’t stop with the 1900. During the ‘78 Mon-
      I had been in Italy in 1955—my first exposure to that       terey Histories, a 1928 6C 1500 Alfa Romeo Zagato spider
country, and to Fiats, Alfas and Lancias, all of which I love    caught my eye. Today, I’m lucky enough to own that 6C,
to this day. What a country—perfect cars, lovely roads and       and it is teaching me all about what Alfa was and meant as
competent drivers who were always up for a little go.            an enthusiast-driven car company in that era. And you can
      So I was really ready for the Alfa in 1958, although       see where Ferrari got their shift gate.
I could only afford a Fiat 600 as an everyday driver. But              Commercially, by 1969. I had started my own dealer-
selling the Alfas gave me the chance to learn about all their    ship and in ‘71 I got the Alfa franchise, which I kept until
endearing qualities, and to demonstrate them vigorously          Alfa withdrew from the U.S. in 1995. It was never much fi-
to prospective customers. Giuliettas morphed into Giulias,       nancially. But I had “good” franchises like Toyota, Nissan,
then into GTVs and Duettos. It’s hard to believe that a com- Mazda and others, which fed my wallet while Alfa took
pany that was so good then is an also-ran today.                 care of my heart, along with providing the chance to have
      Think of all the talk today of differentiating same-plat-   one of every new Alfa as a daily driver.
form cars. Then imagine the Giulietta Berlina. Spider and             After the emission-control strangling of the 2000-cc
Sprint Coupe of the 1950s. Three totally different cars using models, we got the GTV6 in ’81, the Milano in ’87, and the
the same brilliant mechanicaIs. Alfa had earlier experiment- 164 in ‘91—great and memorable cars all. And at this writ-
ed with their first volume product. The 1900, introduced          ing, any of those are available at four-digit prices. One of
in 1950. The “family car that wins races” was actually the       the great mysteries—why are they so cheap? Recall that Gi-
world’s first sports sedan, a category that BMW “discov-          uliettas used to he cheap, too. Now they’re scarce and good
ered” more than ten years later and exploited so effectively. ones have crept up significantly in price—into the low five-
The 1900 platform was supplied to every coach builder you figure range. Many Alfa 1900 coupes are now six-figure
ever heard of. and many of those cars are all time greats.       ears. I’m not saying that a GTV-6 will be $100,000 in twenty
      In 1975 I bought a 1900 Zagato for $3,500. Twenty          years, but they certainly have a better chance to appreciate
thousand dollars later I was on the starting grid at the 1978    than cars with boring mechanicals, tepid styling and a total
Monterey Historic Auto Races. I remember people say-
                                                                                                             continues on page 11
page 4                                                            i Saluti                                                  Aug 2007

Denim Alfa Romeo Shirts

          100% Cotton Denim Shirt $22                                    Bill Hanak has done major work on Ralph Cold-
                                                                         ewe’s ‘59 Giulietta, Sue Houser’s ‘69 GTV, and
         Embroidered with the Alfa Romeo logo in                         Rich Hirsch’s ‘67 Giulia Sprint GTV.
          antique gold. Denim shades may vary.
                    size M, L, XL: $22
                   size 2XL, 3XL: $27

                 Call for info about other items:
          duf e bags, totes, towels, tablecloth, napkins
  Sue Houser              View color pictures and order
  12736 W Watson          on-line at the website:
  St Louis MO 63127       www.catenary.com/store
  tel: (314) 842-4832                 visa•mc•amx•cod
  email: alfadesign@charter.net

    Custom and Sport Exhaust Systems are our Specialty!

                    Shouldn’t your car sound as good as it looks?

                          Meineke Discount Mufflers & Brakes
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                  Distributor of ANSA and Supersprint O.E. and Performance exhaust systems

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                                       Ferguson MO 63135                   Bridgeton MO 63044           St Louis MO 63136
                                       (1 mile north of Hwy 70)              (Across from Grandpa’s)   (1/2 mile south of I-270)
Aug 2007                                              i Saluti                                               page 5
                                                           great shape and one has a moderate scrape. Mi-
                For Sale                                   chelins are mounted at the corners with good tread
                                                           although they are approximately 10-12 years old.
• ‘87 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce. I am the second            I asking $6,500 and would like to see the car go to
owner of the car and bought it sight unseen in 2003        a good home. I am more than willing to answer all
from the first owner in PA via EBay. The car has            questions. Will send detailed pictures upon request.
27,000 - 28,000 miles. The speedo was replaced in          Frans von Kaenel, vonmerk@sbcglobal.net.
April of 2003 with 25,573 miles and I have driven
the car 1,400 miles since October of 2003.
                                                           • ‘87 Alfa Romeo Milano Gold. I just recently
                                                           acquired a lovely C5 red convertible Corvette. Now
                                                           with eight cars and two motorcycles something
                                                           just has to go. I decided to offer my 1987 Milano
                                                           Gold for sale to a good home. 1987 Milano Gold,
                                                           5 speed, black with grey cloth interior. All in
                                                           excellent condition. Everything works. A/C
                                                           recently converted to the new R132. NO RUST.
                                                           Former rust around rear wheels repaired with new
                                                           steel panels, so even better than new. Ex- Andrew
                                                           Besic, brother of Mike Besic. I bought the car
                                                           about 2 years ago with 87k miles and it has just

As per the previous owner, the car has never seen
snow and was always stored in a heated garage. I
have also garaged the car and it is completely rust
free. There are several small dings and dents but
nothing major. The paint is glossy and the top and
seats are also in good shape. Three wheels are in

                                                           turned 90k. Very well maintained by Mike Besic
                                                           and Orlando Pastore (Alfa factory-trained.) Runs
                                                           and drives very well. Smooth, well balanced and
                                                           quiet. Motor, transmission, drive train, brakes,
                                                           suspension, etc. all in very good condition. Great
                                                           road car as well as around town. Economical to run
                                                           and insure. Runs on regular gas and uses virtually
                                                           no oil. I upgraded sound system (you know me,
                                                           I demand good sound) to Pioneer 200 w stereo /
                                                           CD with removable face plate and wireless remote
                                                           along with Pioneer front speakers and Alpine rear
                                                           speakers. Original radio included if you want it.
                                                           Fresh battery and tires. Asking $4,750. Jerome P.
                                                           Dublan, Lombard IL 630-971-1200, Cell: 630-247-
                                                           7172, jdublan@iiacltd.com.

                                                           • ‘91 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce, I will take $9K for
                                                           it.It has about 65,000 miles on it. Red/tan with tan
                                                           top. We just had our 3rd kiddo and we have not
                                                           been able to drive it as much as we would like. We
                                                           will surely miss it, but wrong time in our life for this
                                                           car. It has performance tires and a cool sounding
                                                           exhaust we put on it. Bart Bouchein, bbouchein@
                          page 6                                                           i Saluti                                              Aug 2007

                             2007 AROC National Convention in Detroit
                                                                            Photos by R & J Hirsch

                                                                                                1951 6C 2500 SS by Pinnin Farina.
Photo by Phyllis Tilden

                          Ralph, Sherri, and Steve Coldewe with their Certificates D’oro.
                          Awarded to cars scoring >95 points in 2006 Nat’l Concours.            St Louis AROC member Dan Murphy with his Giulia Sprint in

                          1938 8C 2900B by Touring.                                             1932 8C 2300 Spider by Touring.
Aug 2007                                                                  i Saluti                                                                   page 7

                                                                                         St Louis cars in Concours: Dan Murphy’s Giulia Sprint, Steve
                                                                                         Coldewe Giulietta SS, Carl Davis’ Giulietta SS (in first public

                                                            Photo by Phyllis Tilden

       Sue Houser’s quilt in the art show. Sold                                       Sherri Coldewe selling shirts, chairs, and other Alfa stuff at the St
       to a Cincinnati Alfista.                                                        Louis club booth. Not shown: Sue Houser and Jane Rauth.

1957 Alfa Romeo 1900 CSS by Ghia-Aigle.

 St Louis Alfa Club Trophy Winners
 Art, Textiles - Jane Rauth, quilt, “Worn and Warm”
 Concours, 101 series, 2nd place - Carl Davis, ‘65 Sprint
 Concours, 750 class, 1st place - Ralph Coldewe,                                           Jane Rauth’s quilt in the art show. Awarded first place in the
 ‘59 Giulietta                                                                             fiber category.
page 8                                                   i Saluti                                                 Aug 2007
from Meadow Brook Concours d’Elegance Program, August 2007

                           Alfa Romeo’s B.A.T. Cars
                                                              windshield, tailfins and split-rear window would influence
Science Produced Art when Alfa Romeo Built                    sports car design for decades. B.A.T. 5’s impressive coef-
the B.A.T. Cars                                               ficient of drag was 0.21 and tests showed the sleek little car
AIfa Romeo’s B.A.T. cars                                                                    to be 15 percent faster than
began as scientific studies,                                                                 the production saloon with
but are today regarded                                                                      the same powertrain.
as design masterpieces.                                                                          B.A.T. 7, from 1954, came
B.A.T. stands for “Berlina                                                                  next. Its gracefully inward-
Aerodinamica Technica” —                                                                    curving rear wings made it
loosely translated, “small                                                                  the most memorable B.A.T.
2-door sedan aerodynamic                                                                    Then came the 1955 B.A.T. 9d,
studies.” It’s true, these                                                                  with a traditional Alfa grille
beautifully sculpted cars                                                                   upfront and unskirted rear
were scientific explora-                                                                     wheelhouses. It would influ-
tions... only in the Italy of                                                               ence future Alfa Romeos, such
the 1950s could this occur!                                                                 as the Giulia SS, also designed
    The groundbreaking                                                                      by the wonderfully talented
wind-tunnel research that                                                                   Scaglione at Bertone.
resulted in the B.A.T. series                                                                   By the late 1950s, all three
sought to utilize airflow to                                                                 B.A.T.s were in America, in
generate down- force and promote stability at high speeds.    the hands of private owners. B.A.T. 5 was later found hang-
Alfa Romeo’s first post-WWII chief engineer, Orazio Satta,     ing, “bat-like,” upside down from the rafters of a garage.
brought a background                                                                        The curving wings of B.A.T. 7
in aerodynamics to his                                                                      were clipped off after an ac-
position. His 1900 saloon                                                                   cident, but by the early 1960s
of 1950, Alfa Romeo’s first                                                                  a caring collector had saved it.
mass produced vehicle,                                                                      Somehow, B.A.T. 9d found its
was a smoothly modern                                                                       way to a small-town Dodge
but not radical design. The                                                                 dealer’s used car lot in Green-
next year, however, Alfa                                                                    ville, Michigan. A 16-year old
unveiled the stunning Dis-                                                                  named Gary Kaberle spotted
co Volante (“Flying Disc”)                                                                  it there and soon convinced
concept car, a breathtaking                                                                 the dealer to sell it to him.
exercise in aerodynamic                                                                     It would not change hands
form — and a tremendous                                                                     again for three decades.
                               B.A.T. 5
promotional vehicle for                                                                         The Blackhawk Collection
Alfa. The Disco Volante set the stage for the B.A.T. cars,    of Danville, California eventually acquired all three B.A.T.
also based on the 1900 architecture.                          cars and makes their display possible at the Concours to-
    Alfa collaborated with Bertone designer Franco Sca-       day. Additional historical information about the B.A.T. cars
glione to develop the B.A.T. series. The first to be built     can be found at www.blackhawk collection.com.
was B.A.T. 5, which appeared in 1953. Its wrap-around

B.A.T. 9d                                                     B.A.T. 7
Aug 2007                                                       i Saluti                                                    page 9
from http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/news/autoexpressnews/209855/alfa_junior.html

             Alfa Junior: Juniors jump Alfa supercar queue
                       Children jump Alfa 8C supercar queue with miniaturised version
    There’s a waiting list for the Alfa Romeo 8C Com-               shrunken supercar to 3mph, and it’s brought to a halt by
petizione -- but your children can get behind the wheel             electronic brakes. Thankfully, the Alfa’s £120,000 price has
right now. This replica, designed by Alfa engineers, is             been reduced, too -- £249 secures immediate delivery
built by British firm Totcars. An electric motor powers the

Left: Miniature replicar. Right: the real thing.

from http://blogs.motortrend.com/
                                                                         Q: Aren’t the cars “overrestored”?
                                                                         A: This was a legit criticism, but is changing. There are
     Pebble Beach FAQ                                               several classes for restricted to “preserved” entries. In the
                                                                    other classes, judges are now empowered to deduct points
                                                                    for overrestoration. And a car must drive to the presenta-
    Q: I never make it out to the West Coast, and I’m a
                                                                    tion ramp to accept a winner’s trophy; if it can’t, the award
musclecar guy. Why should I give a rip about the Pebble
                                                                    is forfeited. Pebble will always value beautifully presented
Beach Concours d’Elegance?
                                                                    cars, but there’s now tandem recognition of originality and
    A: Simple: It’s the most significant car show in the
                                                                    enjoyment. In the words of chairman emeritus Jules Hue-
world. Pebble defines the modern concours, their judging
                                                                    mann, “Grease in a zirc fitting or the finish on an exhaust
standards, and it’s an annual, living record of automotive
                                                                    manifold turning blue are signs that a car is being driven,
history. You’ll see no finer field of rare, historically mean-
                                                                    enjoyed, and maintained.”
ingful cars in one place on one day, anywhere else.
                                                                         Q: Is it true that winning big at Pebble adds value to
     Q: Aren’t they the same cars every year?
                                                                    the car?
     A: Not even. The field is refreshed annually. The class-
                                                                         A: Probably. But it’s also true that dozens, perhaps
es are revised, and each year’s show is fashioned around
                                                                    hundreds, of classic cars have been rescued from decay so
different honored marques and special displays. A few cars
                                                                    they can be restored and shown at Pebble Beach and sub-
are invited back now and again when they fit in a special
                                                                    sequently at other shows. And I’m for anything that saves
category; an Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 that won Best of Show in
                                                                    a significant machine from the scrapyard or tinworm and
the 1980s paid a return visit last year, due to 2005’s honor-
                                                                    allows it to be seen by other enthusiasts.
ing of Alfa Romeo, for example. Otherwise, if you’ve been
there, you’ve done that, at least for a while.                          Q: Isn’t the judging at Pebble Beach more a popularity
    Q: Isn’t Pebble for trailer queens?
                                                                        A: No. I’m honored to participate as a chief class judge,
    A: That was true for many years. Pebble Beach is, first
                                                                    and have been on the judging team for a decade now. Chief
and foremost, an automotive beauty contest. So lavishly
                                                                    judge Ed Gilbertson has developed a strict code of ethics
restored and cars are a part of the deal. But in 1999, the
                                                                    and conduct for the judges, which covers this and other
organizers launched the Tour d’Elegance, a 70-or-so mile
                                                                    issues. Ed also chairs the judges’ meeting the morning of
tour around the Monterey Peninsula that takes place on the
                                                                    the show and reminds us every year: “We judge cars, not
Thursday prior to the concours. Participation is encouraged
                                                                    owners. Period.” It’s true some collectors -- Arturo Keller,
but not required. The Tour, literally and figuratively, takes
the show on the road, and anyone can see the cars free of                                                     continues on page 11
page 10                                                      i Saluti                                                      Aug 2007

                                         ALFISTI COOKS!
by Sue Houser                                                              Nancy Wilson’s Savory Baked Beans

The AROC National Convention in Detroit was great!                         1 16- to 18-ounce can pork and beans
Mike and I caravaned with Ralph and Jane, and Dan and                      2 tablespoons brown sugar
Marilyn. We timed our departure so we could overnight in                   1/4 teaspoon dry mustard
Auburn Indiana. Rats!, that meant we were right there with                 1/4 cup catsup
ACD (Auburn, Cord and Duseneburg) Museum. If you                           1 onion, chopped
haven’t been there, you need to go. The cars were spec-                    2 slices thick bacon, cut into matchbook size
tacular, and so was the Art Deco interior. Other museums
located at Auburn, just off the highway were a WWII,               Combine all ingredients except bacon in an ovenproof casserole
James Dean and some nifty car museums. It was well worth          dish. Top with bacon. Cover casserole dish and bake at 350 de-
leaving a day earlier and spending quality time in these          grees for 20 minutes. Uncover and bake 20 more minutes. Serves
museums.                                                          four.
    I’m not going to fill a recipe column with tales of the
convention, but just suffice it to say, there was, as always,       Note: For the Day at the Lake, Nancy used three cans of beans,
great camaraderie, great stories and inevitably, car tales of     but did not increase the bacon and increased the bake time to
woe.                                                              one hour.
    However, since this is a recipe column, we need to
share a wonderful recipe from Nancy Wilson. She brought                I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the Hatch-
these wonderful baked beans to the Day at the Lake in             er’s lovely home. Mike will be in Minnesota working a Pro
July. Rich and Janet always do a wonderful job hosting            Road Rallye, so I’m going to have to fend for myself. See
such a diverse event, lake bobbing/swimming, cooking, bar         you all on the beautiful veranda overlooking the Missouri
tending, boating and tour guiding. That’s far beyond my           River. Thanks again, Nancy for the bringing such a deli-
talents.                                                          cious dish and also for sharing it with us.

                                                                        Woofs and Meows,

Note Bene, continued from page 1
get from familiarity reinterpreted, the appreciation of the       (I test drove a 06 version, was maybe better than sex) and
love that has gone into a special car’s creation”...”That‘s       Audi TT. The design points went to the Spider. “Gorgeous
the Fiat 500 thrill: see it in the metal and the little chemi-    looks and stylish interior” are described. Spider they tested
cal frisson fires through your blood.” Whew, sounds like a         had 3195 cc V-6 with 24 valves. Zero to 62 mph in 7.0 secs.
Summer romance or something in my teens.                          MPG is 24.6 for you Gore voters. Price? $62K American
     “TopGear” says “cornering is a laugh, a process where        USDs (roughly). “Spider stops traffic”, but Crummy chas-
you feel involved, not just a steer and go exercise” Brakes       sis, they say. Top comes down in 25 secs (kinda slower then
are sraight and true. The new 500 is based on Fiat Panda          my 1991, takes about 3 secs). Alfa has moving map to keep
platform, but with less overhang. I can just picture me           Phil from getting lost? Sat Nav is described as “Impenetra-
driving one in Verona Italy, after a Summer evening gelato,       ble and Infuriating.”
dark eyed/Aquiline nosed babe in the seat, rocketing thru              “Classic and Sports Car” edition April ‘07 has 25th an-
the old Romeo and Juliet town, with 16-valved noise echo-         niversary issue with the top 25 classics of all time...some Al-
ing off the old Roman era coliseum...maybe someday?                fas made the list. Lambo Gallardo (about $175K?) made the
     I know, what fun is 99 hp in Italian mini? Well, Abarth      list of future classics, along with Porsche Cayman (what..
to the rescue as EVO mag reports. Abarth came in 1949 by          about $50K?) and Smart Roadster available in USA at
Carlo Abarth in 1949 with the wreckage of Cisitalia racing        Penske dealer for $17K next year, they say)... A grey market
operation, and since 1971, Abarth was the FIAT racing divi-       Smart car is at used BMW dealer on South Kingshighway,
sion.                                                             3400 block, for about $32K t-o-d-a-y!
     Will follow with 2-seat version of Fiat 500 with two              Anyway..Volpes’ old Lambo Espada V12 engined car
versions, one with 153 hp and another with 178 hp. Abarth         (he had when he was a rich musician), made the list, 365
will be more independent from Fiat, says CEO Luca De              hp and in every gear. Rpms max at 8 grand, they say..right
Meo. Fiat is now in profit as past 3 yrs of Sergio Marchione       Bob?
leadership brought fruit. Picture of above steed on page 34            Alfa Montreal always makes these lists...Pluses are
of mag or try evo.co.uk                                           :”exotic engine, exciting shape, glamour, rarity”. The
     “TopGear” mag of Aug also has comparo drive with             minuses are : “Bit wallowy (Carter said a Ward and Deane
New Alfa Spider (in red) with 2nd generation MBZ SLK,
                                                                                                               continues on page 11
Aug 2007                                                        i Saluti                                                    page 11
Note Bene, continued from page 10                                    Pebble Beach, continued from page 9
Suspension fix these cars), potential bills (Carter again?) ,         Sam Mann, Jon Mozart, and the Nethercutt Collection --
parts problems “(ask Graham to be your garage supervi-               have won big year after year. But it’s because they bring the
sor)                                                                 greatest hardware to the party.
     Alfa 8C-2300 (supercharged twin cam engine with 180
                                                                          Q: Speaking of party, I’ve heard Pebble Beach is more
hp) and zero to sixty in 9.4 secs...for the gazillionaires...four
                                                                     of a party than a car show -- true?
LeMans wins, the great pre-WW2 sports car..in all the great
                                                                          A: There’s a huge social aspect, yes. The Monterey
collections..last one sold for over $3 million?
                                                                     weekend takes place on some of the world’s most beauti-
     Back to Earth..”Practical and docile for daily use”..the
                                                                     ful real estate. People come from all around the world
1963 Alfa GTV on the list...as all rounders, 105 coupes are
                                                                     to participate. The sun is shining, and fabulous cars and
hard to beat...they ask “why can’t ALFA build a car this
                                                                     likeminded enthusiasts surround you. Think of it as an au-
rewarding to drive in 2007?
                                                                     tomotive Woodstock. But if that’s not your thing and you
     Engine they list is 1779 cc with 122 hp and zero to sixty
                                                                     choose to focus strictly on the machinery, you’ll see mind-
in 9.5 secs(?)...well, our St Louis club models be MUCH
                                                                     blowing cars, even if you never talk to a soul.
faster then that!
     Car wash trivia..TOPGEAR mag Feb 07 issue:                          Q: I have no interest in brass-era stuff, Rolls-Royces, or
     Germany, largest one does 13 million cars a year.               Delages -- anything there for me?
     CHINA: recycled water only is used..from sewers,                    A: Over the years, Pebble has featured hot rods,
mucky rivers, military sewage                                        microcars, Ferraris, small-block Chevy-powered concept
     Russia: 1,000 ruble fines to excessively muddy-dirty             cars, postwar customs, skiff-bodied cars, bare chassis, Ford
cars entering Moscow                                                 GT40s, you name it. I doubt you’ll ever see Chevy Vegas
     Canada..just like USA have bikini washers for charity,          there, but if you don’t find at least something you like, your
but one stuck up ol’ dude sued for her making scratches on           eyes are closed. This year, the hot-rod classes, which are
his MBZ with her body piercing jewelry!                              always popular, make a return.
     Brit Columbia...One fast talking Psych doc ...suicide
prevented as reason for loving? “Mazda dealer had free car               Hmmm -- it’s a lot different from what I thought. But
washes for life ‘, so patient decided NOT to jump...                 I’m still not impressed.
     Florida: firm has dog washing stand next to car wash-                It’s the greatest car show on earth. If that ain’t enough,
ing operation..                                                      I can’t help ya.
     England: one guy, Paul Dolton charges BritL £5,000                  The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance takes place
for a CAR wash, degreasing spray, pH neutral shampoo,                Sunday, August 19, 2007, at The Lodge in Pebble Beach.
microfiber towelling, clay rub, wheel gelling.etc..said to be
“best hand job” in town?
     Aussie land..some gay-eco guy said “keep car dirty ,
save 200 liters of H2O per month!”
     France: motorcyclist in full leather has to be washed off
of Brit bourne “hoof and mouth disease”, in a Pas de Calais
“car” wash, sitting on his bike..was hilarious photo on the          Alfa Chooses You, continued from page 3
     NEXT? See ya at the Hatchers’ picnic...Washington
bridge is OPEN!                                                      lack of excitement when you are behind the wheel—things
     Hear all the Detroit NATIONALS- Alfa stories..bring             the GTV-6 will never be accused of.
some FOOD, y’all.. -- Ciao, PHIL DEAN                                    Finally, the best part of Alfa ownership is the friends
                                                                     you’ll make. One especially good result has been my
                                                                     crossing paths with Keith Martin. I first met him when he
                                                                     slapped a muffler and windshield onto his 1958 Giulietta
                                                                     Spider Veloce and drove it in one of the California Milles.
                                                                     Just like me, he’s got Alfa in his blood, and I’ve been
                                                                     pleased to watch his career develop over the years.
                                                                         In the end, I believe that the cars choose the people.
                                                                     Some makes choose gold-chainers, others like the Peter-
                                                                     perfect types. But if you’re an all-round great motorhead,
                                                                     and want a car that provides some of the best-balanced
                                                                     driving experiences in the world. sooner or later an Alfa
                                                                     will choose you as an owner. Then, drive your Alfa to any
                                                                     gathering of Alfa fanatics, and be prepared for a whole new
                                                                     dimension in your life.
                                             August 2007 St Louis AROC
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                  August 25        Picnic
                                   3 pm Walt and Marian Hatcher’s
                                   Washington MO

i Saluti
Alfa Romeo Owners of St Louis
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