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					                                Wetland Model Creation Activity
 Hong Kong Wetland Park
                                  24th November 2007 – Hong Kong Wetland Park                                         Hong Kong Paper
 Agriculture, Fisheries and                            Notes for Participants                                         Art Association
 Conservation Department

The activity is co-organised by Hong Kong Wetland Park (HKWP)          5. Participants from primary schools should be accompanied by
of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department and Hong             parents, guardians or teachers.
Kong Paper Art Association (the “organisers”). The main theme          6. Each participant can obtain a souvenir after submitting the work
of this activity is “Healthy Wetlands, Healthy People” which is also       in the event day.
the theme of World Wetlands Day 2008. We will gather 300
students and public to create the vibrant wetlands models in HKWP.     Enrollment Fee
A workshop will be organised to let participants to familiarise with   Both the workshop and the activity are free-of-charge and on a
the paper arts prior to the collective activity. Outstanding           first-come-first-serve basis.    Admission fee is required if
masterpieces will be selected and grouped together to create a large   participants want to enter Visitor Centre of Hong Kong Wetland
wetland model which will be displayed from January to February         Park for visit purpose after the activity. Please refer to
2008 at the corridor of the Viewing Gallery in Hong Kong Wetland for admission details.
Eligibility – All Hong Kong Citizens                                   Participants should arrange their own transportation to Hong Kong
                                                                       Wetland Park.
Workshop and Activity Day’s Date, Time and Venue
                                                                       Bad Weather Condition
                           Workshop              Activity Day          The activity will be cancelled/ postponed when Thunderstorm
 Date               3rd Nov 2007 (Sat)      24th Nov 2007 (Sat)        Warnings, Rainstorm Warnings, or Typhoon Signal is hoisted
 Time               10:00 – 12:00           10:00 – 16:00              (According to Hong Kong Observatory announcement at 7:00a.m./
 Venue              Theatre, HKWP           Forecourt, HKWP            11:30a.m. of the day). The organisers will announce the details of
 Deadline for                                                          the arrangement in “what’s new” on the Hong Kong Wetland Park’s
                    27th Oct 2007 (Sat)     10th Nov 2007 (Sat)        website.

Application Method                                                     Points to Note and Declaration by Organisers
Downloadable Application Form -                                        1. Each participant can only submit one work.
Hong Kong Wetland Park:                            2. The model submitted for this activity will not be returned.
Hong Kong Paper Art Association:                    3. The organisers have the right to publish or exhibit the works
Submission: Return the completed application form by mail , fax or        submitted by participants for other uses in relation to wetlands
e-mail on or before the deadline specified in the above table.            conservation.
Successful candidates and schools will receive a confirmation.         4. All the notes, terms and conditions are subjected to alternation
                                                                          without prior notice. The organisers have the right to alter all the
Theme of Works                                                            terms and conditions of this event.
Participants should come to Hong Kong Wetland Park on 24th             5. By signing on the enrollment form, the participant agrees to
November 2007 and apply any style of Paper Arts (paper folding,           abide by the terms, conditions and rules, to release the organisers,
paper carving, or paper cutting, etc.) to present the vitality of         unconditionally, any legal liability for publishing his/her works
wetlands in related to human health within an 8 inch (length) x 8         submitted and undertakes all compensation to the organisers any
inch (width) x 4 inch (depth) paper box.                                  loss caused by breaching of rules in his/her part.

Rules                                                                  Regulations
1. Participants must work on the official card box sized 8 inch        1. Participants should follow the instructions and take part in the
   (length) x 8 inch (width) x 4 inch (depth) provided by the             event in the designed locations instructed by the organisers.
   organisers. The organisers have the right to disqualify any         2. No damaging or disturbing wildlife or habitats is allowed. Please
   oversized work.                                                        follow the Country Codes stated in Hong Kong Wetland Park.
2. Each participant could only take one official card box.             3. All the participants should keep Hong Kong Wetland Park clean.
3. All the models must be submitted in person on or before 16:00          Contamination of the Park facilities or water bodies is strictly
   on the event day (24th November 2007) to the registration              prohibited.
   counter in forecourt at Hong Kong Wetland Park.                     4. Any violation on the above rules would lead to disqualification
4. Participants should bring their own raw materials, glues,              and possible prosecution under the Country Parks and Special
   drawing kits and other stationeries. The organisers would not          Areas Regulation or any ordinance under the Hong Kong Special
   provide any materials other than the card box. The materials can       Administration Region. Parents/ guardians/ person-in-charge of
   be reuse / recycle materials and should be safe in public places.      the school should guarantee and take the responsibility that the
   The artwork should be fixed inside the paper box firmly.               participants understand and follow the above rules.

                                                                        Outreach Programme Unit, Education Section,
 Hong Kong Paper Art Association                                        Hong Kong Wetland Park, Agriculture,                Fisheries   and
                                                                        Conservation Department
  Tel           3422 8461
  Fax           3422 8120                                               Fax          2617 1158
  E-mail                                  E-mail
  Website                                      Website
  Address       Rm 1711, Ricky Ctr, 36 Chong Yip Street,                Address      Wetland Park Road, Tin Shui Wai, N.T.
                Kwun Tong, Kowloon
                                                                                     參加者編號 Applicant No.           WMSch20071124________
合辦 Co-organised by

                          漁農自然護理署香港濕地公園                                                      香港紙藝學會
                          Hong Kong Wetland Park, A.F.C.D                                    Hong Kong Paper Art Association

                 【濕 地 模 型 集 體 創 作 活 動】 學 校 及 團 體 報 名 表 格
               “Wetland Model Creation Activity” School / Organisation Application Form
此報名表格只供學校或團體使用,個人申請者請使用                            「個人報名表格」        。填寫此報名表格前請先參閱                             及
                                                                                               「報名須知」 「個人資料收集聲明」                  。
This form is only applicable for school and organisation. For individual applicant please use “Individual Application Form”. Please
read “Notes for Participants” and “Personal Data Collection Statement” before filling this form. Please fill ALL BLANKS clearly in
capital letters.

I. 參加學校/團體資料 Details of School / Organisation
申請代表中文姓名                                     申請代表英文姓名
Chinese Name of Person-in-charge             English Name of Person-in-charge

(姓 Surname)           (名 Given name)         (姓 Surname)                   (名 Given name)
Name of School /
Organisation            中文 Chi.                                     英文 Eng.
Address                 中文 Chi.

                        英文 Eng.
手提電話 Cell Phone No.                            學校電話 School Phone No.                             學校傳真號碼 School Fax No.

電郵 E-mail                                                                     參加人數 No. of Participants

你從哪個途徑得悉此項活動?                                      香港濕地公園網站                                       香港濕地公園園內宣傳海報
Where do you know about this activity?              Hong Kong Wetland Park Website                Poster in Hong Kong Wetland Park
                                                   報紙宣傳                                           其他途徑
                                                    Newspaper                                     Others

Personal Data Collection Statement: The personal information collected will only be used for, but not limited to, the activity related to the Hong
Kong Wetland Park and will be kept strictly confidential. If you need to check or amend any personal details, please write to Hong Kong Wetland
Park. (Address: Hong Kong Wetland Park, Wetland Park Road, Tin Shui Wai, N.T.)

II.作品組別 Creation Category (請在選項上加上                                   Please     the appropriate category)

□     獨立作品 Single Model
                                                                              Please submit the name list of applicants in separate sheet(s).
□     組合作品 Model Combination

Signature (Person-in-charge)                                                                    日期 Date

School / Organisation Chop

     此表格為團體/學校報名專用。                                                    This Form is ONLY For School/ Organisation
  請將此申請表於 2007 年 11 月 10 日或以前                                   Please complete this school application form and return by
    (以郵戳為準) 郵寄、傳真 或電郵至                                                   mail (postmarked), fax or e-mail on or before
           香港紙藝學會                                                                  10th November 2007
                                                                              Hong Kong Paper Art Association
 地址:九龍觀塘創業街 36 號華基中心 1711 室
                                                                    ADDRESS: Rm. 1711, Ricky Centre, 36 Chong Yip St.,
         傳真:3422 8120                                                              Kwun Tong, Kowloon.
      電郵                                                        FAX: 3422 8120