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									              United               Kingdom
              Databases                                      Description                               Citation format
                                             Case law locator for U.K. and E.U. decisions            All England Law Reports                All E.R.
   United Kingdom Case Law Locator                                                                   Queen’s Bench                              Q.B.
             UK-CASELOC                      (reported and unreported). Coverage begins with         Queen's Bench (1865-75)              L.R. Q.B.

The UK-CASELOC database contains documents   1865.                                                   Queen's Bench Division             L.R. Q.B.D.
of significant United Kingdom cases.                                                                                              .

                                             U.K. court decisions from the Law Reports series        All England Law Reports                All E.R.
                                                                                                     Queen’s Bench                              Q.B.
        United Kingdom Reports All           published by the Incorporated Council of Law Re-        Queen's Bench (1865-75)              L.R. Q.B.
               UK-RPTS-ALL                   porting for England and Wales, Coverage begins          Queen's Bench Division
                                                                                                                                        L.R. Q.B.D.

                                             Coverage consists of statutes and statutory instru-     To retrieve Statute of Mo-        uk st 1623 c
                                                                                                     nopolies Act 1623.                       3s1
       United Kingdom Law In Force           ments including company commercial, intellectual
                                             property, property, tax, personal injury, litigation,
                  UK-LIF                     and county court rules. Includes rules of the Su-

                                             References to or abstracts of articles from more
           Legal Journals Index              than 430 legal journals published in the United
                                             Kingdom and other European countries or covering
                     LJI                     topics pertaining to the laws of the European Union
                                             and its member states. Coverage begins with 1986
                                             The FJI database indexes articles from financial
                                             journals published in the United Kingdom covering
          Financial Journals Index           insurance, pension and banking, and financial ser-
                     FJI                     vices law. More than 40 United Kingdom journals
                                             are covered. A document is an index entry or ab-

       United Kingdom - Journals and         The UK-JLR database contains documents from                                              Ent. L.R.
                                                                                                                                      1998, 9(7),
                Law Reviews                  United Kingdom law reviews.                                                              275-280
                    UK-JLR                   Approximately 36 titles
British Tax Review
Civil Justice Quarterly
Company Lawyer
Entertainment Law Review

           United Kingdom News               News and information about the United Kingdom,
                                             including information from newspapers, magazines,
                 UKNEWS                      journals, newsletters, radio and television tran-
e.g.                                         scripts, and newswires
BBC Monitoring Media
BBC Worldwide Monitoring
Financial Times
Observer, The
Sunday Telegraph, The

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