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Cord Blood Program for Fertility Professionals


									Cord Blood Program for Fertility Professionals
Xytex Cryo International, LTD, is now offering a $1,400.00 cord blood savings program for
fertility-treatment professionals.
Augusta, GA (PRWEB) May 16, 2010 -- A free cord blood storage program through Xytex Cryo International
Cord Blood Bank is giving many physicians, nurses, midwives and other key accredited OB staff the opportunity
to practice what they preach to moms-to-be. This free program is available to the first fifty respondents with valid
accreditation and documentation, within the limited time period.

 For a limited time, additional savings will also be offered to all other OB professionals after the first fifty have
qualified. Their cost will be $995, a savings of over $800. In either case, the annual storage fee of $100.00 will
begin after the first year.

 Erik Dos, VP of Sales and Marketing of Xytex stated "Most professionals understand the necessity of storing
cord blood for their children and other family members. This program allows medical professionals to store cord
blood for future use at a greatly reduced rate as a thank you for all of the hard work these OB professionals
provide, and most importantly, the work they do to protect the futures of new born babies.”

 Regenerative medical research has shown that umbilical cord blood can currently treat over eighty different
diseases with amazing success, including leukemia, certain blood disorders and cerebral palsy. Clinical trials have
shown that in many cases, the stem cells from privately banked cord blood are capable of treating other family
members, making cord blood a possible treatment for generations to come.

 Storing cord blood has been referred to as a medical insurance program because privately stored cord blood is
easily accessible when needed and is a perfect match for the child or a direct sibling. UK charity Leukemia
Research said "this could be the 'holy grail' for doctors", when speaking about new techniques and procedures to
treat diseases with cord blood stem cells, as quoted from the BBC news.

 This program is open to all Obstetricians, OB Nurses and related accredited staff, and Midwives in North
America. To apply for the program, contact Xytex Cryo International for details. Please call 877 505 4346
between 9AM and 5PM EST.

 Xytex Cryo International has been enhancing lives through cellular ingenuity since 1975. Established in the
United States with domestic and international recognition as a leader in cryopreservation and research, the Xytex
Cryo quality guarantee is one of the highest in the industry. ISO certified and FDA compliant, Xytex Cryo
International is the parent company of Xytex Cryo Sperm Bank, Xytex Cryo Tissue Storage (XTS), Xytex Cryo
Cord Blood Bank; and Xytex Cryo Research. For more information, please visit


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