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*Samir Haj Director of Coaching
*Dave O’Brien              *Frank Broadstreet
*Travis Jackson            *Bill Birnie
*Steve Oliver              *Julie Davis
 John Marshall             *Mike Booker
*Nassar Alameri            *Dennis Miller
*Jason Schofield           Shannon Addison
*Brittany Burns
* denotes national license
In addition, we are indebted to a number of the parent coaches
who contribute significantly to the Club.

                                                                                          Developing Great People
1998     Justina Koch                  Trinity Univ.                                         Through Soccer
         Shelly Peterson               Hendrix College
         Megan Skoch                   Jacksonville St.
1999     Matt Ball                     Tulsa Univ.
         Brent Berger
         Stephanie Bradburn
                                       OK City Univ.
                                       OK City Univ.
         Sean Carpenter
         Brock Dickinson
                                                                                                     for the
         Rachel Driver                 UA Fayetteville
         Clay Garrett
         Jonah Garrett
                                       NE State Univ.
                                       NE State Univ.
                                                                                            2001-2002 season
         Sarah Henry
         Ryan Lawrence
                                       NE State Univ.
                                                                                                  will be held
         Marissa O’Leary               Vanderbuilt
         Pam Pesnell                   UA Fayetteville
         Anna Sanders                  Ole Miss
         Frank Skoch
         Rebecca Swearingen
                                       Seaton Hall
                                       Hendrix College                                       July 5, 6 and 7
                                                                                                  6 – 8 PM
         Jeremy Thomas                 John Brown Univ.
         Gena Vaughn                   Austin College
         Toby VonRembow                UCA
         Evan Watson
         Kelli Wilson
                                       Hartwick College
                                       Northwestern Univ.
2000     Spencer Chandler
         Sha Jaeger
                                       So. Navarene Univ.
                                       Johnson Co Jr College
                                                                                            Lewis Soccer Complex
         Erica Lewis                   Baylor
         Elizabeth Mahon               Wheaton                                              Fayetteville, Arkansas
         Jared Smith                   Missouri Southern
                                                                 Fayetteville, AR 72701

         Shawn Wierick                 Missouri Southern
2001     Ambix Bantu                   Williams Baptist
                                                                 Arkansas Comets

         Laura Butler                  UCA
                                                                 416 E. Lafayette

         Jana Doege
         Luke Driver
                                       Louisiana State
                                                                                              For more information:
         Daniel Faires
         Carrie Klein
                                       U of the Ozarks
                                       UA Fayetteville
                                                                                          Call 521-5060 or check out the
         Jennifer Kribs
         Nicole Long
                                       Hendrix College
                                       Northeastern State
                                                                                           Arkansas Comets web site at
         Jessie Miller
         Peter Pesnell
                                       Hendrix College
         Ryan Reedy                    U of Dallas
         Gretchen Smith                UCA
         Laura Vaughn                  UA Fayetteville
         Shasta Walker                 Belmont Abbey C
The Arkansas Comets Soccer Club would like to          The Comets environment is designed for the                           GAMES AND LEAGUE PLAY – Younger
invite you to tryout for our club. The Comets have     serious soccer player. We have a proven approach                     groups will play local games in Northwest
been around since 1993, and have a proven track        to player development. That approach has stood                       Arkansas, as well as nearby teams. Older teams,
record with regard to player development. In the       the test of time, but finding appropriate players is                 who will play at a higher level of competition, play
past three years, over 40 of our players have          the key. If you are a player that has the ability and                in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, and
pursued college soccer opportunities. If you are a     dedication to benefit from the Comets experience,                    Missouri.
dedicated soccer player, you might be a player that    please come to our tryouts, July 5, 6, and 7, from
would benefit from the Comets developmental            6:00 - 8:00 PM, at the Lewis Soccer Complex, in                      TOURNAMENTS – Each team will average about
environment.                                           Fayetteville.                                                        three tournaments per season, in addition to that
                                                                                                                            team’s State Cup. The Club Director of Coaching
The Arkansas Comets Soccer Club provides the           SEASON – The soccer season starts in mid-
                                                                                                                            and the Team Coach will select tournaments which
infrastructure and plan to take a player from U11      August and ends in early November. The U17 and
                                                                                                                            will provide benefit to the team and give them an
classic soccer to U18 College recruiting material.     U18 teams season is extended through December
                                                                                                                            appropriate level of competition.
That is the Comets' advantage. Our infrastructure is   and January to attend college showcase
consistent and secure. Samir Haj is our club's         tournaments. The spring season for U11 – U14
Director of Coaching and one of the founders of        starts in mid-February and ends in early May. The
the Comets. Samir holds a USSF A license. In           older teams resume in early May, after high school
addition, he has been a member of the USSF             season is over, and ends in early June.
Region III coaching staff since 1985 and has served
                                                       TRAINING SESSIONS – Most teams have two                              OTHER BENEFITS –
on the USSF Coaches’ Committee and the
                                                       training sessions per week, plus games on the                            Goalkeeping – the Club has a goalkeeper
Tournament and Foreign Games Committee. Samir
                                                       weekend. Some teams may train more than two                               coach and all Goalkeepers receive
has a wealth of coaching experience, from youth to
                                                       times/week, in preparation for a specific event.                          specialized training once a week.
semi-professional soccer, and provides a great
resource for the rest of our coaching staff. Aside                                                                              Website -
                                                       COST – Registration fees include but not limited                          provides information about the club,
from his soccer credentials, Samir is a long-time      to:
Fayetteville resident. He coaches the Fayetteville                                                                               upcoming events and new about other
                                                                 Reebok uniform (2 jerseys, shorts,                             Comet teams and former Comets players
High School soccer teams, and maintains strong                      2 socks and a T-shirt)
ties in the Northwest Arkansas Community. Samir                                                                                  at college
                                                                 Registration with Arkansas State                              Comet Store – During major events and
provides the consistency and stability for the                      Soccer Association and US Youth
Arkansas Comets that other soccer clubs and teams                                                                                anytime on the website, Comet Club
                                                                    Soccer Association                                           members can purchase Reebok and Comet
struggle to provide.
                                                                 Start up team fund ($500/team)                                 apparel at a significant discount.
Why is the stability of the Comets so important?                 Coaching fees                                                 College recruitment assistance – for older
Coaches and administrators come and go. Many                     Club Administration                                            players
teams crumble when their coach has a career or                   Field Usage fees                                              National Ranking – The Arkansas Comets
family change and can no longer coach. Within the                                                                                has been ranked nationally and historically
Comets the club looks after all teams. Coaches are              Under 11                           $150 per year                 have more kids playing college soccer
recruited and trained by the club. On occasion                  Under 12                           $200 per year                 then any other Arkansas club.
when we lose coaches, Samir and the rest of the                 Under 13                           $250 per year
coaching staff fill the void, either by recruitment,            Under 14, 15, 16                   $300 per year
or by temporary doubling of duties. This approach               Under 17, 18                       $350 per year

allows players and parents to focus on soccer,            No player will be denied participation based on ability to pay.
without the uncertainty of whether or not a team
will be able to continue to play.