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									                                  Volume 12. No. 1 - EMA News                                                                           2009

What’s inside                               Impact of the 5th Summit of
                                            the Americas on
Nariva Swamp Reforestation &
Restoration Project ... pg. 8
                                            Trinidad & Tobago's Future -
                                            Environmental Sustainability
CAP for CEC... pg. 13
                                            Joth G. Singh Ph.D.
                                           While the theme of sustainable de-
                                      velopment has been a common thread
                                      through the previous summits, the Fifth
Hazardous Waste ... pg. 17            Summit of the Americas has been the first
                                      occasion where such a strong thematic
                                      focus has been placed on the environ-
                                      ment in terms of the area of environmen-
                                      tal sustainability.

                                          Considering the current financial cli-
EMA's first Eco - Song                mate it is encouraging to see that the issue
Winner... pg. 22
                                      of environmental sustainability is still featur-
Editorial Team                        ing prominently at a Summit of this nature.
Managing Editor:                          The field of sustainable development
Dr. Yvette Guy                        can be conceptually broken into three
Editors:                              constituent parts: environmental sustain-
Nadia Nanan, Karryl White-            ability, economic sustainability and so-
hall, Nayantara Gayah-Hassan,         ciopolitical sustainability. The EMA is
Marlene Scott                         very committed to the aspirations of T&T
Contributors:                         Government regarding growth in the
Special Thanks: Senator Dr. The       context of sustainable development and
Honourable Emily Forde and                                                               Dr. Joth Singh, Managing Director & CEO of the EMA
Dr. Joth Singh                                          EMA     Continued on pg. 2

                                          EMA News                                                                                            1
2009                                                                              Volume 12. No. 1 - EMA News

         Impact of the 5th Summit continued
          EMA   Page 1
       taking into consideration the        appropriate        environmental     populations due to the de-            the Conference of the Parties to
       issues of environmental sus-         laws; regional corporation; ca-      mand for land, and ultimately         the Climate Change Conven-
       tainability.                         pacity building; mobilization of     aggravate the food crisis.            tion (COP15) in Copenhagen
                                            new and additional human and                                               in 2009, to enable the full,
           There is a common thread                                                  Locally, we will investigate
                                            financial resources; education                                             effective and sustained imple-
       being seen here as the recom-                                             the opportunities in the devel-
                                            and outreach and exchange                                                  mentation of the UNFCCC.
       mendations and commitments                                                opment, production, and use of
                                            of scientific knowledge. In the
       made in the Declaration of Port                                           both current and next genera-              In the context of Trinidad
                                            specific case of marine resourc-
       of Spain also reiterates the hemi-                                        tion bio-fuels to include aware-      and Tobago, a UNDP report
                                            es the Summit took note of the
       sphere’s “strong commitment                                               ness of their social, economic        (2007/2008) ranks T&T
                                            on-going efforts to consider the
       to sustainable development”                                               and environmental impacts.            66th in the world on total
       as set out in the 1992 Rio de                                                                                   CO2 emissions, but 5th in the
       Janeiro Declaration on Environ-           CO2 emissions per capita (tonnes)                                     world on a per capita basis.
       ment and Development, the                 Country                                1990                2004       Trinidad and Tobago accounts
       1994 Barbados Programme                   Qatar                                   24.9                   79.3   for 0.1% of global emissions.
       of Action (BPOA), the 1996
                                                 Kuwait                                  20.3                   37.1       As a non-Annex 1 country,
       Declaration of Santa Cruz de la
                                                 United Arab Emirates                    27.2                   34.1   T&T is a signatory to the Kyoto
       Sierra, the 2002 Johannesburg
                                                                                                                       Protocol, but we have no bind-
       Declaration on Sustainable De-            Luxembourg                              25.9                    25
                                                                                                                       ing Emission Reduction Target
       velopment, the 2005 Mauritius
                                                 Trinidad and Tobago                     13.9                   24.9   as opposed to the Annex 1 or
       Strategy for the implementation
                                                                                                                       developed countries.
       of the BPOA, and the 2006
                                                                                     Within the area of environ-
       Declaration of Santa Cruz. It is                                                                                    While there is no obliga-
                                            concept of the Caribbean Sea         mental sustainability, climate
       therefore also very encouraging                                                                                 tion for T&T to reduce green
                                            as a Special Area in the context     change received the most atten-
       to see the commitment being                                                                                     house gases, it is being con-
                                            of Sustainable Development.          tion during the Summit. The ad-
       made in the Americas.                                                                                           sidered and of course that will
                                                                                 verse impacts of climate change
                                               The CARICOM Secretariat                                                 have an impact on industries
            Specific environmental is-                                           on all countries of the Hemi-
                                            on behalf of its members has                                               with respect to retrofitting
       sues covered in the Declara-                                              sphere were highlighted, with
                                            lobbied continuously to pre-                                               plants and factory equipment.
       tion of Commitment of Port of                                             Small Island Developing States
                                            vent the movement of nuclear
       Spain were: Energy Security;                                              receiving special mention.                However, (even though we
                                            waste across the Caribbean
       Climate Change; Disaster Pre-                                                                                   are not an Annex 1 country),
                                            Sea to the Panama Canal.                  The Summit reaffirmed its
       paredness; Conservation of                                                                                      we are very much in our ac-
                                                                                 commitment to the United Na-
       Marine Resources and the Pro-            It is also interesting to note                                         tions aspiring, operating and
                                                                                 tions Framework Convention on
       tection of Marine Ecosystems;        that there is some disagreement                                            thinking like one. The Govern-
                                                                                 Climate Change (UNFCCC)
       Sustainable Management of            when it comes to Biofuels.                                                 ment of T&T, together with the
                                                                                 and its objective of achieving
       Forest; Reduced Deforestation;                                                                                  EMA has entered into a Biocar-
                                                For example, President           stabilization of greenhouse
       Protected Areas and World                                                                                       bon Fund Agreement with the
                                            Morales made the point that          gas concentrations in the atmo-
       Heritage Sites Management;                                                                                      World Bank which will see the
                                            that the people of Bolivia do        sphere at a level that would pre-
       Illegal Trade of Biodiversity;                                                                                  purchase by the World Bank
                                            not support reliance on bio-         vent dangerous anthropogenic
       Access to and Use of Genetic                                                                                    of carbon sequestered through
                                            fuels as it is believed that the     interference with the climate
       Resources & Associated Tradi-                                                                                   the Nariva Swamp Restoration
                                            development of cooperative           system. It was recognized that
       tional Knowledge.                                                                                               Project and then to be traded
                                            policies and arrangements in-        deep cuts in greenhouse gas
                                                                                                                       on the international carbon
           Several mechanisms were          tended to expand biofuels in         emissions will be required to
                                                                                                                       market under the Clean De-
       also identified to address the       the Western Hemisphere can           achieve the ultimate objective of
                                                                                                                       velopment Mechanism of the
       issues flagged including: physi-     adversely affect and impact          the Convention
                                                                                                                       Kyoto Protocol.
       cal development planning and         on the availability of foods
                                                                                    The Meeting committed to
       implementation; good environ-        and raise food prices, in-                                                     We all know the position
                                                                                 work towards an agreed out-
       mental governance to include         crease deforestation, displace                                             taken by the USA in the past
                                                                                 come at the Fifteenth Session of

                                                              EMA News
                                             Volume 12. No. 1 - EMA News                                                                             2009

and it is encouraging to say        Fund which now needs to be             ience, risk reduction, impact         deforestation and engage in
that the commitment by Presi-       activated to highlight the issues      mitigation, and evaluation.           remediation projects. Critical
dent Obama through this dec-        addressed in the Summit.               There is need to strengthen our       projects such as the Nariva
laration in very significant and                                           monitoring, surveillance, com-        Swamp Restoration and Car-
                                        Prime Minister Golding of
reflects what is to come in the                                            munications and early warning         bon Sequestration project is
                                    Jamaica also highlighted the
negotiations which is to take                                              systems and to encourage the          expected to bring benefits to
                                    need for the CARICOM region
place in Copenhagen later on                                               sharing of information and re-        community groups, restore
                                    to secure funding for the Ca-
this year in terms of a reformu-                                           search on disasters. The Carib-       degraded areas and provide
                                    ribbean Community Climate
lation of the Convention.                                                  bean Disaster and Emergency           demonstration projects for off-
                                    Change Centre, inter alias, to
                                                                           Response Agencies (CDERA),            setting carbon emissions. The
    President Obama indi-           facilitate adaptation measures.
                                                                           the regional mechanism in             initial steps of developing a
cated the intent to establish
                                        This is in recognition that as     place to deal with these issues,      renewable energy policy also
an Energy-Climate Partnership
                                    Small Island States, we will ex-       needs to be better utilized.          demonstrate commitment to
with emphasis on renewable
                                    perience the influence of climate                                            the issue of sustainable energy
sources of energy and GHG                                                       T&T has adopted a leader-
                                    change and need to prepare in                                                development and reduced im-
emission reductions. He re-                                                ship role in a Caribbean con-
                                    terms of adaptation measures.                                                pacts from fossil fuels.
ferred to Chile, El Salvador                                               text in several of the relevant ar-
                                    The financing requirements will
and Mexico as leading the                                                  eas included in environmental             The elements of environ-
                                    be tremendous and external
way in those areas.                                                        sustainability. The enactment of      mental sustainability included in
                                    support will be required.
                                                                           environmental legislation is one      the Declaration of Port-of-Spain
    Mexico’s government, for
                                        To reduce the effects of           key area. The Environmental           form a hemispheric blue-print
example, although having no
                                    disasters, we must improve             Management Act (2000) and             which needs to be activated at
obligations to reduce green-
                                    regional cooperation and               its subsidiary legislation pro-       the country level. Co-operation
house gas emissions is actively
                                    strengthening our national             vide an excellent platform to         within the Americas can go a
engaged in so doing. The Pres-
                                    technical and institutional ca-        achieve environmental sustain-        long way in materializing the
ident of Mexico also alluded to
                                    pacity for disaster reduction,         ability. The T&T Green Fund           goals so identified.
the need for a Green Fund to
                                    prevention, preparedness and           with TT$1.6 billion will allow
deal with Climate Change is-                                                                                                                 EMA
                                    response, rehabilitation, resil-       for intervention to address
sues. T&T already has a Green

Senator the Honourable, Mariano Browne, Minister of Trade & Industry sits with Eugene Tiah, AmCham T&T President; S. Andrew McIntosh, president
of the National Gas Company; Dr. Joth Singh, Managing Director & CEO of the EMA and Dr. Ronald Ramkisson, Senior Economist with Republic Bank
at the AMCHAM Panel Discussion entitled “Impact of the 5th Summit of the Americas on Trinidad & Tobago's Future"
Environmental Sustainability Component.

                                                     EMA News                                                                                          3
2009                                                                           Volume 12. No. 1 - EMA News

         Meet our new chairman - Robert Green
                                                                                  The EMA management           operate in more environ-
                                                                              team, under the leadership       mentally-friendly manner.
                                                                              of Dr Joth Singh, continues      As a consequence, there
                                                                              to demonstrate an apprecia-      have been 1,500 new ap-
                                                                              tion of the requirements of      plications since 2005.
                                                                              the task. We have on our
                                                                                                                   The EMA also has a
                                                                              side a cadre of profession-
                                                                                                               consistent presence in
                                                                              als known not only for their
                                                                                                               schools across Trinidad
                                                                              technical soundness but for
                                                                                                               and Tobago. For 11 years,
                                                                              their commitment to the na-
                                                                                                               secondary schools have
                                                                              tion and its future.
                                                                                                               been exposed to the stimu-
                                                                                 When we examine what          lus of environmental educa-
                                                                              has been achieved over           tion and last year we intro-
                                                                              recent months and over the       duced our first competition
                                                                              years, we know there are         dedicated to music, culture
       Robert Green speaks at the Induction Ceremony for the EMA Board
       of Directors March 4, 2009                                             grounds for confidence.          and the environment by
                                                                                                               way of the Eco-Song com-
           It is my pleasure to ad-        eminent accomplishments                Just last month the EMA
       dress you on this signifi-          and, perhaps, even better          proudly issued its first Wa-
       cant occasion for the En-           known challenges. This is          ter Pollution permit to Carib        Another important feature
       vironmental Management              the nature of our mission.         Glassworks and the com-          of the work of the EMA that
       Authority and, indeed, for          This, indeed, is the es-           pany was congratulated as        is being given critical atten-
       me both personally and              sence of the multi-faceted         being the first to voluntarily   tion is our ability to reach our
       professionally.                     task that confronts us as we       comply.                          stakeholders with the kind of
                                           build a nation based on                                             information that will help us
           I owe my sense of sat-                                                 Following this, we will
                                           the sustainable use of our                                          achieve the necessary buy-
       isfaction and pride to the                                             be looking to bring under
                                           natural resources and rec-                                          in as it relates to our plans
       knowledge that I have been                                             the permitting regime other
                                           ognition of those features                                          and programmes.
       placed in the chairman’s                                               quarries operating within the
                                           of regulated human con-
       seat of an institution whose                                           area and other sectors such           It is essential that we
                                           duct that assure a bright
       bona fides in the develop-                                             as sewage treatment facili-      possess such a capacity. In
                                           and prosperous future.
       ment of Trinidad and Toba-                                             ties and the petro-chemical      some respects, our capa-
       go are well-established and             I enter the picture at a de-   industry.                        bilities in the area of public
       accepted.                           fining moment in the history                                        communication provide im-
                                                                                  It is important that all
                                           of our country. Challenging                                         portant support to our tech-
           As the leading organiza-                                           stakeholders recognize their
                                           socio-economic conditions                                           nical work. The EMA needs
       tion of its kind in the English-                                       responsibilities as we move
                                           are matched only by grow-                                           to continue talking to the
       speaking Caribbean, the                                                forward with new initiatives.
                                           ing recognition of the value                                        people through all avail-
       EMA has set an institutional                                                                            able avenues, including the
                                           of managing our physical               Between 2001 and
       standard for defining the                                                                               new and emerging media.
                                           space for the benefit of all,      2005, the EMA received
       relationship between the                                                                                Our new, re-designed web-
                                           for all time. It is not an easy    1000 applications for
       imperative of development                                                                               site is one indication of the
                                           road to travel, and it calls       CECs. However, as a di-
       and the requirement to pre-                                                                             direction in which we have
                                           for an institution such as ours    rect result of the Authority’s
       serve the environment for the                                                                           been heading.
                                           to stay the course and to          public awareness thrust and
       generations to come.
                                           ensure that our sacred man-        application of its respon-
                                                                                                                   I am also very proud
           For certain, the relative-      dates are always, without          sibilities, developers have
                                                                                                               of the work being done by
       ly brief history of the EMA         compromise, met.                   begun displaying a greater
                                                                                                               the Authority in the area of
       has witnessed its share of                                             awareness of the need to

                                                             EMA News
                                                   Volume 12. No. 1 - EMA News                                                                                          2009

biodiversity. I am aware                     I have sought to outline                  In a few short weeks,                      Please let me say a heart-
that a lot of hard work has              some of the more important                leaders of the hemisphere                 felt THANK YOU to the out-
gone into this particular en-            elements of the work of the               gather in Port of Spain to                going Chairman, Professor
terprise.                                EMA over recent times. It is              discuss how 34 sovereign                  John Agard, who has served
                                         by no means an exhaustive                 states will in fact be able               as EMA Chair for almost 3
     The Matura Forest Na-
                                         inventory. There is a lot that            to secure our citizens’ future            terms. As a professor at the
tional Park, the Nariva
                                         has been done, and even                   through, among other things,              University of the West Indies,
Swamp and the Aripo Sa-
                                         more to achieve.                          environmental sustainability.             he continues to serve his
vannas have been designat-
                                                                                   The EMA is here as official               country in the area of envi-
ed as Environmentally Sensi-                But we are not in this
                                                                                   expression of such a goal.                ronmental management.
tive Areas and the Authority             alone. Our institutional part-
is in the process of so desig-           ners in the public and pri-                   I call on the entire na-                  I would also like to thank
nating Buccoo Reef.                      vate sectors and within civil             tional community to join with             the Honourable Minister for
                                         society have absolutely im-               us as we seek to secure the               the opportunity to serve as
    I am also proud to say
                                         portant roles to play.                    future of all our citizens. I             Chair for this esteemed orga-
that the Manatee, the Pawi
                                                                                   am honoured to have been                  nization and I look forward
and the White-tailed Sa-                      We cannot claim to have
                                                                                   asked to perform the function             to working with you towards
brewing Hummingbird have                 achieved anything substan-
                                                                                   of chairman of the EMA and                the sustainable development
been designated Environ-                 tial until we are in a position
                                                                                   know that I speak on behalf               of our country!
mentally Sensitive Species.              to say that every Trinida-
                                                                                   of the entire Board when I
                                         dian and every Tobagonian                                                                                  I thank you.
    This is an area of activ-                                                      say that we shall bring to its
                                         recognizes a role for his or
ity I hope will continue to                                                        mandates our commitment                                                    EMA
                                         herself in securing our future
receive high-quality support                                                       and the full range of our pro-
                                         through ensuring the sustain-
from all quarters.                                                                 fessional assets.
                                         ability of our environment.

  The EMA's New Board of Directors

On Wednesday March 4th, 2009, Instruments of Appointment were presented to the new Board of Directors of the Environmental Management Authority. Here they are with
Senator Dr. The Honourable, Emily Dick-Forde, Minister of State, Tina Gronlund-Nunez and Dr. Joth Singh.
Board Members in front row (from left): Mr. Robert Green, Chairman. Board Members in back row (from left): Dr. Ian Popplewell, Esme Rawlins-Charles,
Dr. Rene Leon Monteil, Mrs. Barbara Lodge-Johnson, Mrs. Akilah Jarimogi, Ms. Jacqueline Jack, Ms. Ethlyn John, Mr. Narine Guptee Lutchmedial, Mrs. Nadra Nathai-Gyan.

                                                           EMA News                                                                                                      5
2009                                                                         Volume 12. No. 1 - EMA News

                                                   So long, farewell,
                                                   auf Wiedersehen, goodbye!
                                                It was a moving evening     mained as a consultant until     the EMA, along with many
                                            as staff, well wishers and      December 15th, 2008.             honoured guests did not miss
                                            long-standing business col-                                      the opportunity to pay tribute
                                                                                 Operating during the for-
                                            leagues gathered to wish the                                     by way of song, music and
                                                                            mative years of the EMA, Dr.
                                            former Managing Director/                                        light banter.
                                                                            Mac has served 10 ministers
                                            CEO Dr. Dave McIntosh, a
                                                                            (of Environment) and 5 Boards        Also present to applaud
                                            Happy Retirement.
                                                                            (of Directors). His term was a   his achievements were Perma-
                                                After 13 years in office,   unique one, steering the EMA     nent Secretary for the Ministry
                                            the EMA’s 3rd Chief Execu-      in what was considered its       of Planning, Housing and the
                                            tive Officer retired on Sep-    busiest time.                    Environment, Esme Rawlins-
                                            tember 14th, 2008, but re-                                       Charles; The Honourable

       1996 – Dr. Dave Mc Intosh (second from right) visits Caroni           DMI receives First Lady - Dr. Dave Mc Intosh (left) greets Her
       (1975) Limited in Ste. Madeleine. This symbolized the EMA’s           Excellency, Dr. Jean Ramjohn-Richards, while former Minister
       first meeting with the industrial sector.                             of Public Utilities and the Environment, Pennelope Beckles and
                                                                             former EMA Board member, Molly Gaskin look on.

                                                                                 Dr. Mac, as he is fondly
                                                                                                             Sandra Paul, Chairman of the
                                                                            known, was instrumental in
                                                                                                             Environmental      Commission;
                                                                            the drafting and passage of
                                                                                                             The Honourable Pennelope
                                                                            environmental laws and ap-
                                                                                                             Beckles, Deputy Speaker of the
                                                                            proved over 2000 CECs.
                                                                                                             House; former members of the
                                                                            He also built the staff body
                                                                                                             EMA’s Board of Directors; the
                                                                            of the EMA to 110 employ-
                                                                                                             Executive Chairman of WASA,
                                                                            ees which resulted in the
                                                                                                             Errol Grimes; Senator Arnold
                                                                            headquarters moving from
                                                                                                             Piggott, Minister of Agriculture,
                                                                            the Mutual Centre, Queen's
                                                                                                             Land and Marine Resources; the
                                                                            Park Savannah to St. Clair.
                                                                                                             CEO of SWMCOL, Ray M.S.
                                                                               In honour of his tenure       Braithwaite and, of course, Dr.
                                                                            and contribution, the EMA        Joth Singh, Managing Director
                                                                            hosted a retirement function     & CEO of the EMA.
           Dr. Dave Mc Intosh (front row, left) poses with the
                                                                            on December 10th, 2008.
           EMA's first batch of Environmental Police Officers.                                                                           EMA
                                                                            Management and staff of

                                                            EMA News
                                            Volume 12. No. 1 - EMA News                                                                          2009

 EMA launches its new website
    In keeping with global          •	 The ability to publish infor-          This is a redefinition of the   •	 Flash based content that is
communication        advance-          mation (e.g. EIA’s) for pub-       website’s look and feel to one         placed at a central loca-
ments, the EMA first launched          lic review and comment             that reflected the goals and           tion, adding movement and
its corporate website in July                                             objectives of the EMA.                 visual appeal to the site.
                                    •	 Content     Management
1997. The website was de-
                                       portal for easy upload of              It also contributes to          •	 A media gallery which
veloped to share the EMA’s
                                       information.                       the corporate image with               includes, press releases,
organizational and develop-
                                                                          quick access and reference             photos, audio and video.
mental information as well as       •	 Development of a search
                                                                          to matters of public interest
environmental codes, laws,             engine for the website.                                                •	 The ability to read, down-
                                                                          and awareness and ease of
procedures and other envi-                                                                                       load to a PC or print docu-
                                    •	 Access to legislation and          navigation which was one
ronmental information to the                                                                                     ments directly from the site.
                                       permit application forms.          of the major short comings
public of T&T and the wider
                                                                          with the previous website.          •	 A quick search reference
global audience.                        The design and content
                                    of the website since that time        •	 An improved navigation
    The website was re-
                                    has not changed. With fur-               scheme which provides            •	 Frequently asked ques-
vamped in 2001 and again
                                    ther innovation in technology,           ease of access to read-             tions, tips and soon to be
in 2004 to include improve-
                                    the need has now arisen for              ily available information.          launched kids corner.
ments which comprised of:
                                    the website to reflect new               Navigation is dynamically
•	 A tightened graphical                                                     generated so as to facilitate    •	 Web based email, feed-
                                    trends, features, tools and
   presentation of the home                                                  the entire site changes.            back page, vacancy sec-
                                    functionalities, appealing to
   page and other informa-                                                                                       tion and contact section.
                                    a new generation of users.
                                                                          •	 A fully functional website
   tion pages.                                                                                                                           EMA
                                                                             search engine

  For the latest in local environmental news and statements from the EMA, please visit www.ema.co.tt

                                                    EMA News                                                                                       7
2009                                                                           Volume 12. No. 1 - EMA News

         The first of its kind in T&T – the Nariva Swamp
         Restoration and Carbon Sequestration Project
                                                                              fire management and im-                  Funded by the EMA, the
                                                                              proved agricultural practices.      Pilot Phase involved the re-
                                                                                                                  planting of 15 acres by three
                                                                                  At the project’s launch in      (3) community groups plant-
                                                                              August 2008, UWI lecturer           ing some 10,000 seedlings
                                                                              and former Chairman of the          of different tree species with-
                                                                              Environmental Management            out the use of insecticides or
                                                                              Authority, Professor John Agard     fertilizers. Headquartered in
                                                                              indicated that this revolution-     Plum Mitan, the community
                                                                              ary project will see the replant-   groups include:
                                                                              ing of 1,339 hectares of the
                                                                              Nariva Swamp in areas that          •	 Villagers Organisation In
                                                                              were formerly damaged and              Conservation of the Envi-
                                                                              deforested by illegal rice farm-       ronment (VOICE),
                                                                              ers more than a decade ago.
                                                                                                                  •	 The Plum Mitan/Biche
                                                                                  The project, a collabora-          Farmers Group and
                                                                              tive one, involves the EMA,
       Members of the Community Groups in Plum Mitan survey the trees'                                            •	 The Plum Mitan Enhance-
                                                                              the Forestry Division and the
       growth rate from the Nariva project's Pilot Phase.                                                            ment Committee.
                                                                              University of the West Indies.
            Did you know that under              Fortunately, the Forestry    The responsibilities are as fol-          According to Kenny Singh,
       the Ramsar Convention T&T            Division of the Ministry of Ag-   lows:                               Deputy Conservator of Forest,
       now has three coastal wet-           riculture, Land and Marine                                            at the Forestry Division, “The
                                                                              •	 The EMA provides tech-
       lands of international impor-        Resources, has spearheaded                                            Pilot Phase is a learning op-
                                                                                 nical and financial coor-
       tance?: They are: the Nariva         the long process to have the                                          portunity and based on the
       Swamp, the Caroni Swamp              threats to Nariva Swamp mini-                                         challenges we face we will
       and the Buccoo Reef / Bon            mized and the ecology of the      •	 The Forestry Division as the     have a better understanding of
       Accord Lagoon Complex.               area restored.                       main implementing agen-          which tree species can survive
       The Nariva Swamp was also                                                 cy, provides supervisory         in the areas that were altered
       designated an Environmen-                Management and resto-            manpower and technical           by illegal rice farming. Even
       tally Sensitive Area (ESA) by        ration plans were developed          expertise     (afforestation,    though we are planting the
       the EMA in 2006. Due to its          and drawn up by the Institute        ecology) &                       same species that already ex-
       tropical rain forest, palm for-      of Marine Affairs and the                                             ist in the swamp, the conditions
                                            Canadian NGO Ducks Un-            •	 UWI provides the re-             for planting in the designated
       ests, mangroves, and grass
                                            limited.                             search expertise for the         area are not the same.”
       savanna/marshes, it is easy
                                                                                 measurement and verifi-
       to understand why the Nari-               The result? The Nariva          cation of the sequestra-             But are wetlands worth
       va Swamp is one of the most          Swamp Restoration and                tion of carbon from the          saving? Of course, espe-
       important protected areas in         Carbon Sequestration Proj-           reforested area.                 cially when they have an
       Trinidad.                            ect. Its objective is to reha-                                        extremely high value as bi-
                                            bilitate and reforest lands            This venture also ben-         ological reserves. Swamps
           Sadly, about a decade
                                            degraded as part of a larg-       efits at least 200 residents of     or wetlands have numer-
       ago illegal large-scale rice
                                            er project.                       communities in and around           ous functions and provide
       farmers who had been squat-
                                                                              Nariva as it creates jobs,          many ecosystem services.
       ting in the area started using            The Nariva Restoration       provides training and skills
       the land. By digging canals          Initiative aims at achieving      on land management. The                 For example, did you
       and using fires to clear the         the complete restoration of       project also has potential op-      know that the Nariva Swamp
       forest to reach the clay soil        the landscape and ecological      portunities for research and        provides the ecosystem ser-
       needed for rice growing, they        characteristics of Nariva. This   monitoring, fire protection         vice of shoreline protection?
       damaged the landscape, hy-           is being done through refores-    (outreach and awareness)            By acting as a natural buffer,
       drology and habitat of the           tation, hydrologic (hydrology     and tour guides.                    it protects inland areas from
       swamp.                               and hydraulics) rehabilitation,

                                                              EMA News
                                             Volume 12. No. 1 - EMA News                                                                         2009

the destructive impacts of hur-      gered) and the blue and gold          to hunting and/or extraction for   change, largely caused by
ricanes and tropical storms. It      macaw (endangered). These             the pet trade.                     the increase of carbon diox-
also protects the marine biota       are also protected by the Con-                                           ide in the atmosphere through
and productivity along this          vention on International Trade in         A first project for T&T will   the burning of fossil fuels. Re-
coast by slowly filtering and        Endangered Species (CITES),           be the ‘carbon sequestration’      forestation is seen as one of
releasing the excess water           which requires strict regulation      side of the project which fo-      the methods of capturing this
into the ocean.                      of trade. Other important fauna       cuses on capturing carbon          excess carbon dioxide from
                                     include anacondas, caymans,           dioxide in the trees and veg-      the atmosphere and holding
    Wildlife species benefiting      capuchin monkeys, ocelots,            etation through the natural        or sequestering it in the tis-
from the restoration of Nariva in-   agouti, wild hogs, moriche ori-       growth of these plants. This       sues of plants.
clude some species such as the       oles and red-bellied macaws           concept has gained populari-
West Indian manatee (endan-          – all considerably reduced due        ty due to the effects of climate                              EMA

  NPC – Cleaning our coasts, recycling waste and raising public awareness
    The National Planning            6 years ago and has grown              TRINIDAD & TOBAGO 2008 - PEOPLE, POUNDS AND MILE
Committee (NPC) of Trinidad &        from a handful of volunteers          Cleanup Type    People     Pounds    Miles # of Bags
Tobago comprises of 12 orga-         cleaning 1 beach to 1,459
                                                                           Beach            1459   16744.9 14.41         1230
nizations from the government        persons in 2008 cleaning a
                                                                           Underwater         32      52.66      3.2          6
and private sectors and the civil    total of 13 beaches with a to-
                                                                           Watercraft          0           0        0         0
society. They include:               tal combined area of 28 km
                                     or 17.61 miles.                       TOTAL            1491 16797.56 17.61          1236
•	 Ministry of Planning, Hous-
   ing and the Environment                In 2008, there was a                          TRINIDAD & TOBAGO 2008 - TOP TEN
                                     major increase in the quan-           Item                                        Total Items
•	 Caribbean Network for                                                   Beverage Bottles (plastic) 2 liters or less           15109
                                     tity and quality of corporate
   Integrated Rural Develop-                                               Caps, Lids                                            12694
                                     sponsorship of the beach
                                     clean-up. Corporate compa-            Cups, Plates, Forks, Knives, Spoons                   10414
•	 Institute of Marine Affairs       nies came forward and spon-           Glass Beverage Bottles                                  7545
                                     sored or co-sponsored the             Food Wrappers/Containers                                7493
•	 Environmental       Manage-       beach of their choice. Most           Bags(Plastic)                                           6459
   ment Authority                    companies used the clean-up           Beverage Cans                                           2447
•	 Forestry Division                 as a team building exercise           Bags(Paper)                                             2424
                                     for employees incorporating
                                                                           Clothing, Shoes                                         2067
•	 Yacht Services Associa-           internal competitions for the
                                                                           Straws, Stirrers                                        1881
   tion of T&T                       groups that collected the most
                                                                           Top Ten Total                                         68533
•	 Tourism        Development
                                                                           •	 The clean-up also served           also encouraging their
   Company                               There was also a signifi-
                                                                              as a means of sensitizing          students to participate to
                                     cant increase in the number
•	 Protectors of the Environ-                                                 the public on the issues           earn extra credits.
                                     of schools that participated in
   ment                                                                       of littering, recycling and
                                     the clean-up. Children from                                              •	 2008 was also a historic
                                                                              coastal pollution. Some
•	 Solid Waste Manage-               ages 7 to 17 from commu-                                                    year as the 7,545 glass
                                                                              of the children who par-
   ment Company Ltd                  nity primary and secondary                                                  bottles were recycled by
                                                                              ticipated used the exer-
                                     schools participated, includ-                                               one of the NPC members
•	 West Indian          Tobacco                                               cise and data collected
                                     ing parents and teachers.                                                   and recycler, Carib Glass
   Company Ltd                                                                for their School Base
                                                                                                                 Works Ltd.
                                                                              Assessment (SBAs) proj-
•	 Department of Natural             Major Achievements                       ects. These projects are           For further information
   Resources and the Envi-           •	 2007 marked the first year            graded by the teachers          please contact the National
   ronment (Tobago)                     for recycling of the 21,693           and the marks form part         Coordinator for T&T, Zakiya
                                        plastic bottles collected             of their final examination      Uzoma- Wadada at npc.
•	 Carib Glassworks.
                                        from beaches, bays and                grades for the Caribbean        icc@gmail.com
  In T&T, the International             rivers, instead of them be-           Examination Council. The
Coastal Clean-up was started            ing sent to the landfill.             International schools are

                                                     EMA News                                                                                     9
2009                                                                                       Volume 12. No. 1 - EMA News

                Ministry of Environment seeks to advance
                environmental management policies for 2009
                                                   the process of achieving de-           routes such as the Priority Bus       work on the first phase of the
                                                   veloped country status through         Route. It is anticipated that this    project, which included scop-
                                                   national strategic planning, in-       initiative will involve our own       ing, assessment and planning
                                                   formed by quality data and re-         Environment Division, the EMA,        is already under way, and will
                                                   search, and addressing citizens’       the Ministry of Works and             be closely followed by the craft-
                                                   housing needs.” The current pro-       Transport, the Ministry of En-        ing of a National Integrated
                                                   gramme to renew the national           ergy and Energy Industries, and       Solid Waste Management Stra-
                                                   physical development plan coin-        the National Petroleum Market-        tegic Work Plan. It is envisaged
                                                   cides with this directive, and will    ing Company Limited.                  that the efforts to modernize the
                                                   give us a greater opportunity to                                             waste management system of
                                                                                              It is anticipated that the        the country will work in tandem
                                                   integrate the environment into
                                                                                          EMA, as the premier environ-          with the EMA’s regulatory ap-
                                                   our spatial planning framework
                                                                                          mental regulatory institute in        proach in this sector.
                                                   and also to ensure sustainable
                                                                                          the country, will continue to
                                                   communities are developed as
                                                                                          demonstrate leadership, and                Finally, the Ministry rec-
                                                   we progress with our housing
                                                                                          create public awareness and           ognizes the pressing need for
     Minister of Planning, Housing and the         programme. The NPDP will be
     Environment, Senator Dr. the Honourable                                              buy-in, by converting its ve-         increased public education
                                                   undertaken as a “review and
     Emily Gaynor Dick-Forde.                                                             hicle fleet to CNG.                   and public awareness on all
                                                   preparation” exercise and will
                                                                                                                                environmental issues, and that
                 This year, 2009, is ex-           examine, inter alia, planning is-           The Ministry will continue its   in order for the environment to
              pected to be a rigorous and          sues related to climate change,        efforts to phase out ozone de-        be sustainably managed there
              productive year for environ-         urbanization, environment and          pleting substances; and will con-     must be cooperation from a well
              mental management in Trini-          waste management.                      centrate on phasing out methyl        informed and sensitized popu-
              dad and Tobago.                                                             bromide, by 2015. Work will
                                                         In the area of Climate                                                 lace. To this end, we will seek
                                                                                          also begin on the phasing out         to expand our education and
                    Charged by our corporate       Change, this year the Ministry
                                                                                          of      hydrochlorofluorocarbons      public awareness programme
              Mission, to maintain the integrity   will streamline several initiatives
                                                                                          (HCFCs) through the preparation       to promote changed lifestyles.
              of the environment for future gen-   which in the past sought to ad-
                                                                                          of a HCFC Phase out Manage-           Included in this will be a base-
              erations, while leading national     dress this critical area. Among
                                                                                          ment Plan scheduled to come           line environmental literacy sur-
              strategic planning, the Ministry     these formal approaches is the
                                                                                          into effect in 2013.                  vey which will be spearheaded
              of Planning Housing and the          development of a carbon re-
              Environment (MPHE) is commit-        duction strategy for the power               Trinidad and Tobago has         by the Environment Division in
              ted to integrating environmental     generation, transportation and         experienced significant escala-       collaboration with the EMA.
              management into our strategic        industrial sectors. We intend          tion in solid waste generation             2009 is therefore a year
              planning. With this in mind the      to further develop a climate           over the last two decades. Sig-       that will see the Ministry of Plan-
              Environmental Policy and Plan-       change          policy in collabora-   nificant quantities of the waste      ning, Housing and the Environ-
              ning Division of the Ministry        tion with the Inter-American De-       generated are not disposed of         ment advancing its mandate to
              has planned several initiatives      velopment Bank (IDB). These ini-       in an environmentally sound           integrate environment into our
              which should see significant         tiatives will incorporate, among       manner due to deficiencies in in-     development through the pass-
              advancement in our objectives        other things, the findings from        stitutional development, enforce-     ing of legislation, the continued
              and policies regarding pollution     the Cabinet appointed Working          ment capabilities, and a lack of      education and engagement of
              control, climate change, ozone       Group on Climate Change.               environmentally responsible be-       the general public and the busi-
              depletion, and forestry and pro-                                            haviour among large segments
                                                       The Ministry, will also seek                                             ness community, toward achiev-
              tected area policies. To achieve                                            of the population. This Ministry
                                                   to implement measures to re-                                                 ing a more environmentally
              success in these areas the Divi-                                            is working in close collabora-
                                                   duce green house gas emissions                                               aware society where people
              sion will continue to collaborate                                           tion with the Ministry of Local
                                                   by using a policy approach in                                                and systems will work together
              with other Ministries and State                                             Government and the Govern-
                                                   developing and implementing                                                  to ensure we enjoy a healthy
              Agencies, including the Environ-                                            ment of Nova Scotia, Canada
                                                   a demonstration project for con-                                             environment for this generation
              mental Management Authority.                                                on implementing a Solid Waste
                                                   version of traditional fuel use                                              and the ones to come.
                                                                                          Resource Management System
                  Our Mission also mandates        to Compressed Natural Gas
                                                                                          for Trinidad and Tobago. Some                                       EMA
              that the MPHE “effectively lead      (CNG), along major transport

                                                                      EMA News
                                            Volume 12. No. 1 - EMA News                                                                              2009

 EMA's Legal Issues
                                   Litigation                             achieving the goal of sustain-
                                                                          able development.” The EMA
                                                                                                                 ters) for failing to obtain a
                                                                                                                 CEC and proceeding to
                                   Issues                                 feels that in this case the Cer-       conduct activities without the
                                                                          tificate of Environmental Clear-       requisite CEC. The activities
                                                                          ance (CEC) process was a vi-           engaged in by Blue Waters
                                   Alutrint                               able mechanism that provided           were consistent with activi-
                                       The EMA was engaged in             a sufficient level of detail for the   ties listed in the CEC (Desig-
                                   a judicial review action brought       EMA and the public to under-           nated Activities) Order 2001
                                   by three claimants against the         stand the potential environmen-        as amended, namely:
                                   EMA regarding a decision by            tal impact of the development.
                                                                                                                       Activity 8(a)-the clearing,
                                   the EMA to grant a CEC to              In this context we believe that
                                                                                                                 excavation, grading or land
                                                                                                                 filling of an area of more
                                                                                                                 than 2 hectares during a
                                      Abraham Lincoln once said, “Discourage liti-
                                                                                                                 two years period and; Activ-
     The EMA falls                   gation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise                               ity 38(a)- the establishment,
under the jurisdiction of            whenever you can. As a peacemaker the lawyer                                modification,         expansion,
the Environmental Manage-            has superior opportunity of being a good man.                               decommissioning or aban-
ment Act, Chapter 35:05.                   There will still be business enough.”                                 donment (inclusive of associ-
It is not always a simple task                                                                                   ated works) of a facility for
to elicit from the actual stat-                                                                                  the catchment, abstraction
ute the powers given to the                                                                                      or treatment of potable or
                                   Alutrint with respect to the con-      there are elements that may
EMA. However, Section 63                                                                                         process water.
                                   struction of an aluminum smelt-        provide grounds for us to exer-
of the Act is very clear as to
                                   er plant at Union Estate in La         cise the right of an appeal.               In June 2008, the EMA
how enforcement takes place
                                   Brea. Various legal issues were                                               applied to the Environmental
at the EMA. The process is                                                Environmental
                                   called into question which form                                               Commission to enforce the
initiated by a Notice of Vio-
lation (NOV) and concludes
                                   the subject of the trial of the mat-   Management                             Administrative Order. In Sep-
                                   ter. Justice Mira Deane-Amorer
with either resolution through                                            Authority v Blue                       tember 2008, by Consent
                                   who was the presiding judge,                                                  Order granted in the Environ-
a Consent Agreement or fur-
                                   ruled against the EMA.                 Waters Products                        mental Commission, the EMA
ther enforcement through the
process of an Administrative
                                                                          Limited                                successfully obtained a sub-
                                        The court has issued its
                                                                              In May 2008, the EMA               stantial monetary penalty for
Order (AO) as articulated fur-     ruling and the Environmen-
                                                                          served an Administrative               the breaches by Blue Waters.
ther in Section 65 of the EM       tal Management Authority’s
Act, Chapter 35:05)                (EMA) legal team is reviewing          Order against Blue Waters
                                   the judgment in detail. Stake-         Products Limited (Blue Wa-               EMA   Continued on pg. 12
    There are currently two
                                   holder concern was pivotal in
pieces of subsidiary legislation
                                   this matter and validates the es-
which attract enforcement by
                                   sentially democratic nature of
the EMA for non-compliance
                                   the process. Most aspects of
– namely the Noise Pollution
                                   the ruling went in our favor con-
Control Rules, 2001 and the
                                   firming that the EMA applied
Certificate of Environmental
                                   the process, and the 156-
Clearance Rules, 2001.
                                   page judgment itself concedes
    The following are some         the EMA has performed well
of the more well known cases       in its attempts to achieve “bal-
being handled by the EMA’s         ance between the economic
Legal Services Department.         and environmental factors in

                                                    EMA News                                                                                          11
2009                                                                           Volume 12. No. 1 - EMA News

         EMA's Legal Issues                                                                                             Manatee
          EMA   Page 11

       Noise                                portation, exportation and
                                            transit of hazardous wastes.
            In October of this year,
       the EMA successfully resolved            The Authority received
       noise violations with the Min-       numerous and valuable com-
       istry of Sport and Youth Affairs     ments from a broad spectrum
       with respect to loud noise from      of stakeholders who contrib-
       entertainment events which           uted expert and diverse con-
       were held at the Hasely Craw-        tributions on the draft Rules.
       ford Stadium and the Jean
                                                 The EMA is currently in
       Pierre Complex. The resolution
                                            the process of reviewing
       of these matters achieves the
                                            these comments with a view
       agreement and co-operation
                                            to finalizing the draft Rules.
       of the Ministry to manage and
       monitor these facilities to ensure
       that noise levels emitted are
                                            Beverage Container
       within the legal limits as pre-          Two stakeholder consulta-                                    sensitive species
       scribed in the Noise Pollution       tions were held by the Hon-                                      include the Manatee, the
       Control Rules, 2001.                                                                                  Pawi and the White-
                                              White-tailed sabre-wing hummingbird                            tailed Sabrewing.
             In this agreement, the EMA
       also mandates the Ministry to
                                                                                                             the EMA has the power to
       take steps to ensure that its
                                                                                                             designate a defined portion
       facilities are designed and ca-
                                                                                                             of the environment within Trini-
       pable to host events and ac-
                                                                                                             dad and Tobago as an “en-
       tivities in which the noise level
                                                                                                             vironmentally sensitive area.”
       can be contained and miti-
                                                                                                             Under this same section, the
       gated to reduce any noise nui-
                                                                                                             EMA may also designate cer-
       sance and disturbance which
                                                                                                             tain species of living plants or
       may occur. This is a notable
                                                                                                             animals as an “environmen-
       development, in that the EMA
                                                                                                             tally sensitive species.”
       can safeguard that Carnival
       events have a minimal impact                                                                            To date, the EMA has
       on residents in and around                                                                            made six such designations.
       these venues.
                                                                                                                  Environmentally sensitive
       Waste                                                                                                 areas include the Matura Na-
                                                                                                             tional Park, Nariva Swamp
           The draft Waste Man-                                                                              Managed Resource Protected
       agement Rules 2008 was
       issued for public comment            ourable Minister of Housing,      Environmental                  Area and the Aripo Savannas
                                                                                                             Strict Nature Reserve.
       during the period of August          Planning and the Environment      Law Fact                           The environmentally sensi-
       11th 2008 to September               in conjunction with the EMA in
                                            respect of the draft Beverage         The EMA plays an impor-    tive species include the Pawi,
       12th 2008. The draft Rules
                                            Container Bill, 2008.             tant role in managing and      the Manatee and White-tailed
       addressed areas in regulat-
                                                                              conserving sensitive areas     sabre-wing hummingbird.
       ing and setting standards
                                                The Ministry is currently     and species. Under section
       and legal requirements for
                                            reviewing the draft Bill with a   41 of the Environmental Man-                              EMA
       the generation, storage,
                                            view to developing a policy to    agement Act, Chap 35:05,
       handling, disposing and im-
                                            treat with all waste streams.

                                                             EMA News
                                             Volume 12. No. 1 - EMA News                                                                       2009

  The EMA’s Compliance Assistance Programme
  (CAP) – Towards a Better CEC Process.
    Trinidad and Tobago is           Certificate of Environmental          ning time line, in the event      issue which may arise for a
currently in the midst of a de-      Clearance Rules, 2001 were            that one is required.             particular sector.
velopment drive with the aim         implemented to guide the as-
                                                                               While the CEC process            These sector CAP Guid-
of achieving developed world         sessment of the potential im-
                                                                           has been very effective in        ance Documents will further
status by 2020. Investments in       pacts of the activities and to
                                                                           managing the environmental        be augmented by:
new infrastructure, improved         include appropriate mitigation
                                                                           impacts that industry, corpo-
transportation systems, in-          measures, should a CEC Ap-                                              •	 a new and improved
                                                                           rations and other activities
creased exploration in oil and       proval be granted. In essence,                                             CEC Form A
                                                                           have on our natural resources,
gas and other sources of en-         by law, no person shall pro-
                                                                           the EMA is seeking to refine      •	 Innovative programmes
ergy, and utilities improvement      ceed with any of the forty-four
                                                                           and further improve the CEC          which foster sound re-
are on-going and moving at a         (44) activities that fall under the
                                                                           process. Currently we are            lationships with profes-
rapid pace. However, physi-          Schedule of Designated Activi-
                                                                           developing a Compliance              sional associations in
cal development places criti-        ties unless that person has ap-
                                                                           Assistance Programme (CAP)           T&T and
cal challenges on the natural        plied for and received a CEC
                                                                           which critically evaluates the
resources of the country which       Approval from the EMA.                                                  •	 Integrative   awareness
                                                                           CEC process. Primarily, the
also operate in larger global                                                                                   and communication pro-
                                          In some cases, depend-           CAP will help the regulated
frameworks such as Climate                                                                                      grammes which will en-
                                     ing on the scale, scope or            community understand and
Change and renewable en-                                                                                        courage sustained use of
                                     location of an activity an            meet its obligations under en-
ergy initiatives. The possible                                                                                  the documents, continued
                                     Environmental Impact As-              vironmental regulations and
impacts on our environment                                                                                      environmental manage-
                                     sessment (EIA) may be re-             improve the consistency and
due to this development and                                                                                     ment and foster “beyond
                                     quired of the applicant. EIAs         speed of implementing regula-
changing global patterns                                                                                        compliance” initiatives.
                                     are very detailed and may             tions by the EMA.
require attention from all sec-
                                     require considerable time                                                  It is hoped that all these
tors in the country, but it is the                                             Our first initiative in the
                                     for preparation and review.                                             supporting measures will
Environmental Management                                                   CAP programme is the de-
                                     They provide invaluable in-                                             contribute to pollution pre-
Authority (EMA) which has the                                              velopment of five sector
                                     formation for determining                                               vention, environmental best
legislative role of effectively                                            Guidance Documents which
                                     how the environment would                                               practices and innovative
managing our natural resourc-                                              will serve as a “one stop
                                     be affected by a particular                                             technologies.
es to ensure that they are not                                             CEC shop” for our potential
                                     project. EIAs also allow for
compromised in light of rapid                                              applicants who may engage             The CAP Guidance Doc-
                                     public participation either as
industrialization.                                                         in any of the forty-four (44)     uments are being developed
                                     stakeholders or concerned
                                                                           Designated Activities. These      through close collaboration
     The most visible and op-        citizens. According to the
                                                                           sector documents systemati-       with our external and internal
erative tool that the EMA has        EM Act, “any application
                                                                           cally outline which activities    stakeholders. They will take
at its disposal to assist in the     which requires the prepa-
                                                                           require a CEC, the process        into account the diversity of
management of our environ-           ration of an environmental
                                                                           of acquiring the CEC, the in-     future applicants exist in T&T
ment is the Certificate of En-       impact assessment shall be
                                                                           formation and data needed         to ensure their convenience
vironmental Clearance (CEC)          submitted for public comment
                                                                           for the CEC application,          and use. Our primary goal
Rules. Established under the         in accordance with Section
                                                                           the other legislative require-    for the Guidance Documents
EM Act Chapter 35:05, Sec-           28, before a Certificate is is-
                                                                           ments, whether or not the         and the larger CAP pro-
tion 35. The Certificate of En-      sued by the Authority.” There-
                                                                           applicant’s proposed scope        gramme is to create forums
vironmental Clearance (Desig-        fore the EMA encourages all
                                                                           of work will require an EIA,      where our applicants work in
nated Activities) Order, 2001,       of its applicants who are un-
                                                                           recommended best prac-            tandem with us and through
and its amendments (2007             dertaking projects which will
                                                                           tices for the sector to ensure    information      accessibility,
and 2008) outline forty-four         have significant impacts on
                                                                           environmental sustainability      shared learning and opportu-
(44) that require CECs and           the environment, to factor in
                                                                           and any other CEC related
define their parameters. The         an EIA into their project plan-                                           EMA   Continued on pg. 16

                                                     EMA News                                                                                   13

           EMA Christmas Staff Luncheon       EMA Stakeholder Function



EMA News
                                                                         Volume 12. No. 1 - EMA News


                                                  Volume 12. No. 1 - EMA News                                                                                                           2009

                                                                                                                                                               Dr. McIntosh's Retirement Function
                                                                         1                                                                                2

                                                                         3                                                                                4

                                                                         5                                                                                6

                    EMA Stakeholder Function                                                   Dr. McIntosh's Retirement Function
  Pic. 1: Old vs New!! Retired EMA CEO / Managing Director Dr Dave                  Pic. 1: Deputy Speaker of the House Pennelope Beckles (L) and Robyn
McIntosh (R) gives some advice to the New CEO/ Managing Director Dr Joth         Cross Environmental Programme Officer II listen attentively as Alana Aguilera
Singh at the Authority’s 2008 annual Christmas Stakeholder function.             Financial Accountant share, her views.
   Pic. 2: Woman is boss!: Ria Ramoutar, Compliance Officer II a senior of-        Pic. 2: Vice President of the Wild Fowl Trust Karilyn Shepherd (L) and Marge
ficer stands with (from L) Drexel Guerra, Christopher Ward (both Compliance      Newallo (R), retired Executive Assistant to Dr McIntosh exchange pleasantries
Officer I) and Lerone Guy Environmental Programme Assistant.                     as Marcia Tinto, Environmental Education Officer looks on.
  Pic. 3: Account-ability... Alana Aguilera Financial Accountant (R) could be       Pic. 3: Posing for his last official picture as CEO of the EMA, Dr Dave McIn-
found having a snack with RBTT’s Olive Froix.                                    tosh (centre) is seen here with (L-R) Xiomara Chin Environmental Programme
                                                                                 Officer II, Tracey Oliviera Environmental Programme Officer I, Alicia Laurent-
  Pic. 4: Tisha Marajh, Liaison Officer (L) and Alana Attai Environmental
                                                                                 Wing Environmental Programme Officer II, Dr Carol James, Former EMA
Programme Officer I (R) entertain these happy stakeholders.
                                                                                 Board Member, Alana Attai, Environmental Programme Officer I and Gregory
                                                                                 De Souza, Environmental Programme Officer III.
                EMA Christmas Staff Luncheon                                       Pic. 4: To Sir with Love: The ladies of the EMA serenade DMI as he often
                                                                                 did during his tenure.
 Pic. 2: Christian Harrigan, Senior Technical Specialist (L) and Dr Joth Singh     Pic. 5: And the award for role of best supporting men goes to: (L-R): EMA’s
CEO/ Managing Director look on at the festivities.                               CEO, Dr. Joth Singh, Environmental Programme Officer 111, Gregory de
  Pic. 3: Santa’s Elves- Bhola Cassie General Assistant/ Driver (L) and Asha     Souza and EMA’s former Corporate Services Manager, Kenwyn Ogeer.
Jagdip Helpdesk, shared ho-ho-ho-holiday cheer!..                                  Pic. 6: One last pose. As DMI’s picture montage plays in the background, For-
                                                                                 mer EMA Board member, Ruben McSween and former EMA Education Manager
                                                                                 Joan Ferreira pose one last time with the man of the moment, Dr. McIntosh.

                                                          EMA News                                                                                                                           15
2009                                                                                      Volume 12. No. 1 - EMA News

              The EMA’s Compliance Assistance Programme (CAP) – Towards a Better CEC Process
               EMA   Page 13

            nities for stakeholder involve-       whilst we operate in a legal           tices. The environment does               The EMA, through its in-
            ment, our CEC process will            system with respect to non-            not always have to suffer at          novative programmes such
            continue to act as an essen-          compliance with the rules              the hands of development.             as the CAP, hopes to provide
            tial tool in the management           and regulations governing              Sound environmental prac-             more options for finding that
            of the resources of T&T.              our natural resources, we              tice for development is pos-          equilibrium between develop-
                                                  urge all users of our environ-         sible when all stakeholders           ment and the environment.
              The EMA is only one el-
                                                  ment to adopt and explore              have access to the relevant
            ement in the environmental                                                                                                                    EMA
                                                  environmentally sound prac-            information.
            management of T&T and

              First Application for a Water Pollution Permit issued by the EMA
                                                  amount of hazardous effluents               In accordance with the WPR       4) The time frame that the fa-
                                                  discharged by any company.             requirements therefore, CGL ap-          cility will be given to meet
                                                  Issuing a Water Pollution Permit       plied for Source Registration for        these final pollutant limits.
                                                  will enable CGL to improve its         the Matura Sand Plant on April
                                                                                                                                   CGL’s Managing Director,
                                                  operations to the point where it       30, 2007. The facility was noti-
                                                                                                                               Roger Mew, also gave the as-
                                                  reduces the amount of water pol-       fied of the need to apply for a wa-
                                                                                                                               surance that within those five
                                                  lutants exiting the facility, hence    ter pollution permit on November
                                                                                                                               years, efforts will be made to
                                                  improving the quality of the           12, 2008. This application was
                                                                                                                               develop and implement pollu-
                                                  North Oropouche river system.”         submitted to the Environmental
                                                                                                                               tion prevention plans.
                                                                                         Management Authority (EMA) on
                                                      The WPR came into effect
                                                                                         December 22, 2008. The final               Apart from CGL, two (2)
                                                  in May, 2007 and were de-
       Handing Over: EMA’s CEO, Dr. Joth                                                 permit (Number WPP 01/2008)           other sand and gravel facili-
       Singh delivers the first Water Pollution   veloped with the aim of getting
                                                                                         was issued at a press conference      ties operating within the North
       Permit to Carib Glass Works Ltd’s Man-     industries in T&T to reduce both
       aging Director, Roger Mew at a Press                                              at the EMA’s head office on Febru-    Oropouche Watershed were
                                                  the volumes and concentrations
       Conference held at the EMA.                                                       ary 18, 2009.                         notified of the need to apply
                                                  of pollutants discharged in their
                Carib Glassworks Limit-                                                                                        for a Water Pollution Permit.
                                                  wastewater, thereby improv-                 CGL’s Matura Sand Plant
            ed’s (CGL) Matura Sand Plant          ing the overall quality of water       consists of a mine and process-          They are:
            became the first facility to re-      in the nation’s rivers, swamps,        ing plant which specialises in
            ceive a Water Pollution Permit        aquifers and coastal areas.            the production of silica sand.        •	 National Quarries Limited
            in Trinidad and Tobago (T&T),                                                This sand is used to produce             for their sand and gravel
            under the Water Pollution                   Two of the key features of the                                            facility in Turure; and
                                                                                         glass bottles at CGL’s bottling
            Rules, 2001 as amended by             WPR are the First and Second
                                                                                         works. The Water Pollution            •	 Readymix (WI) Limited
            the Water Pollution (Amend-           Schedules. The First Schedule
                                                                                         Permit issued to CGL’s Matura            for their sand and gravel
            ment) Rules 2006 (WPR).               lists 29 substances and param-
                                                                                         Sand Plant will be effective for         facility in Tapana Road,
                                                  eters, and the concentrations at
                 Speaking at a press con-                                                five (5) years from the date of is-      Valencia
                                                  which they are considered pollut-
            ference held at the EMA’s                                                    sue and specifies the following:
                                                  ants. The Second Schedule iden-                                                    Following from this, the
            head office, Managing Di-             tifies the levels of these substanc-   1) The locations at which ef-         EMA will be looking to bring
            rector/CEO, Dr. Joth Singh            es/parameters that industries are         fluents are allowed to be          under the permitting regime
            recognized CGL as a socially          allowed to release. These final           released;                          other quarries operating with-
            responsible, corporate citizen        effluent levels vary according to
                                                                                         2) The specific water pollut-         in the area and other sectors
            as they were the first to volun-      the environment into which they
                                                                                            ants that the facility will be     such as sewage treatment fa-
            tarily comply with the WPR.           are released, so that there are
                                                                                            allowed to release;                cilities and the petro-chemical
                He also made it clear that,       different levels for offshore areas,                                         industry.
            “This is not a permit to pollute,     coastal nearshore areas, inland        3) The final concentration limit
            but rather a tool to control the      areas and areas identified as be-         for each water pollutant; and
                                                  ing environmentally sensitive.

                                                                     EMA News
                                            Volume 12. No. 1 - EMA News                                                                         2009

  Hazardous Waste Inventory for T&T
  2004 – 2008
    The Government of the           ment (export/import/transit).         The EMA is the competent au-       formed an assessment of com-
Republic of Trinidad and To-        To date the GORTT has only            thority in T&T under the Basel     panies/facilities in Trinidad
bago (GORTT) acceded to             completed an inventory for            Convention and has oversight       and Tobago that did not par-
the Basel Convention on the         the year 2003 and wishes to           on the execution of this inven-    ticipate in the 2003 inventory
Control of Transboundary            have its reporting obligations        tory study on behalf of the Min-   to identify those that generate,
Movements of Hazardous              under the Basel Convention            istry of Planning, Housing and     store, dispose of, or transport
Wastes and their Disposal           brought up to date as well            the Environment (MPHE), which      hazardous wastes. Based on
                                                                          is the focal point for the Basel   these assessments, CEHI is at-
                                                                          Convention in T&T.                 tempting to capture data from
                                                                                                             one thousand (1000) facilities
                                                                              CEHI has assessed com-
                                                                                                             on their hazardous wastes.
                                                                          panies/facilities in T&T that
                                                                                                             The preparatory phase of the
                                                                          participated in the 2003 sur-
                                                                                                             inventory survey was complet-
                                                                          vey to ascertain whether they
                                                                                                             ed during October-December
                                                                          are still generating hazardous
                                                                                                             2008 and data collection is
                                                                          waste materials and secure
                                                                                                             expected to be conducted dur-
                                                                          their participation in this in-
                                                                                                             ing the period January through
                                                                          ventory. They have also per-
                                                                                                             April, 2009.

                                                                                                                 The EMA has also identi-
                                                                                                             fied several priority waste
                                                                                                             streams for specific attention
(Basel Convention) in 1994.
                                                                                                             based on the results of the
The purpose of the Basel
                                                                                                             2003 survey (see Table 1
Convention is to inter alia:
                                                                                                             below) as well as emerging
    •	 Minimise	 the	 gen-                                                                                   hazardous waste streams of
eration of hazardous wastes                                                                                  global importance.      These
in terms of quantity and haz-
                                                                                                               EMA   Continued on pg. 18

    •	 Dispose	of	them	as	
close to the source of gen-
eration as possible; and
                                    as to gather the relevant and
  •	 Reduce	 the	 move-             current information to inform a
ment of hazardous wastes.           realistic policy for the manage-
    Details on the Basel            ment of hazardous waste in
Convention can be found at          Trinidad and Tobago (T&T).
the Convention’s website at              For this purpose, the Carib-
www.basel.int.                      bean Environmental Health Insti-
     Each country that is a Party   tute (CEHI) has been contracted
to the Basel Convention is re-      by the Environmental Manage-
quired to report annually to the    ment Authority (EMA) to con-
Basel Secretariat on the quan-      duct a National Inventory Study
tities of hazardous wastes          on Hazardous Waste for T&T
generated and their move-           for the period 2004 – 2008.

                                                    EMA News                                                                                     17
2009                                                                            Volume 12. No. 1 - EMA News

        Hazardous Waste Inventory for T&T 2004 – 2008
         EMA   Page 17

       priority waste streams include:   through 2008 to accommo-
       Biomedical Wastes, Electron-      date the field interviewers
       ic or E-wastes, Polychlorinated   and provide the necessary
       Biphenyls (PCBs), Lead and its    data for this nationally sig-
       compounds, Mercury and its        nificant activity. Furthermore,
       compounds, Cadmium and its        the EMA assures all partici-
       compounds, spent catalysts,       pants that all data collected
       persistent organic pollutants,    will be treated with strict
       and Hydrocarbons.                 confidentiality; no data will
                                         be publicly reported in a
            The EMA encourages
                                         form that links any data to
       all companies approached
                                         their original source.
       to participate in this survey
       for the reporting years 2004                                   EMA

               Rank         Y Code Description                                                                               Total (Tonnes)
                   1             Y9 Waste oils/water, hydrocarbons/water mixtures, emulsions                                       8050.9
                   2             Y1 Clinical wastes from medical care in hospitals, medical centers and clinics                     505.8
                   3             Y6 Wastes from the production, formulation and use of organic solvents                             395.7
                   4            Y23 Zinc compounds                                                                                  295.5
                   5            Y12 Wastes from production, formulation and use of inks, dyes, pigments, paints, lacquers,          278.3
                   6             Y4 Wastes from the production, formulation and use of biocides and phytopharmaceuticals            182.9
                   7            Y34 Acidic solutions or acids in solid form                                                         160.5
                   8             Y8 Waste mineral oils unfit for their originally intended use                                        92.5
                   9            Y17 Wastes resulting from surface treatment of metals and plastics                                    86.0
                 10             Y31 Lead; lead compounds                                                                              54.0
                 11             Y35 Basic solutions or bases in solid form                                                            31.1
                 12             Y18 Residues arising from industrial waste disposal operations                                        25.0
                 13             Y41 Halogenated organic solvents                                                                      20.6
                 14             Y29 Mercury; mercury compounds                                                                         7.0
                 15             Y16 Wastes from production, formulation and use of photographic chemicals and                          6.3
                                    processing materials
                 16             Y15 Wastes of an explosive nature not subject to other legislation                                     6.2
                 17             Y13 Wastes from production, formulation and use of resins, latex, plasticizers, glues/                 5.7
                 18              Y3 Waste pharmaceuticals, drugs and medicines                                                         2.3
                 19             Y37 Organic phosphorus compounds                                                                       1.4
                 20             Y36 Asbestos (dust and fibres)                                                                         0.9
                 21             Y14 Waste chemical substances arising from research and development or teaching                        0.8
                                    activities which are not identified and/or are new and whose effects on man and/or
                                    the environment are not known
                 22             Y19 Metal carbonyls                                                                                    0.7
                 23             Y42 Organic solvents excluding halogenated solvents                                                    0.4
                 24              Y5 Wastes from the manufacture, formulation and use of wood preserving chemicals                      0.2

          Table 1: Data from 2003 Hazardous Waste Inventory for Waste Streams exceeding 100 Kgs

                                                            EMA News
                                              Volume 12. No. 1 - EMA News                                                                      2009

  ImPORTant Guidelines for PORT Development
    Whether by air or sea,             impacts can be effectively           by dredging, construction       and operational changes
ports are necessary for a              mitigated and managed.               work, landfills, discharges     can be introduced to mini-
country’s economy and                                                       from ships and waterfront       mize any adverse impacts.
transportation of people,              The following                        industries, cargo opera-        EIA usually has preliminary
goods and services. Built                                                   tions, and other port relat-    and detailed phases.
around the world, their
                                       is an excerpt                        ed activities. The potential
development will always                taken from the                       adverse effects of port de-
                                                                                                                EIA methodologies were
                                                                                                            originally designed to meet
impact the environment in
some way or another…
                                       Assessment of                        velopment encompass wa-
                                                                            ter pollution, contamina-
                                                                                                            the demand of environmental
the trick is to be aware of            Environmental                        tion of bottom sediments,
                                                                                                            lobbies, but has now become
                                                                                                            an essential, integrated part of
and reduce any adverse
impacts that may arise.
                                       Impact of Port                       loss of bottom habitat,
                                                                            damage to marine ecol-
                                                                                                            planning due to the recogni-
                                       Development –                        ogy and fisheries, beach
                                                                                                            tion that environmental issues
     In the past, the EMA has                                                                               should be embedded in the
had to refuse CEC applications         A Guide book                         erosion, current pattern
                                                                                                            decision making process.
                                                                            changes, waste disposal,
for sea-port development proj-         for EIA of Port                      oil leakage and spillage,          While EIA studies are
ects because of the location
and the adverse impacts. The           Development                          hazardous material emis-        becoming more common
                                                                            sions, air pollution, noise,    in developing countries,
construction of ports impact on        (A United Nations                    vibration, visual pollution,    some difficulties have been
many things: the natural coast-
                                       Publication (1992))                  and other unhealthy socio-      encountered in implement-
line, it affects the existing physi-
                                                                            cultural impacts.               ing EIA procedures and in
cal oceanographic processes                 While expansion of port
                                                                                                            the appropriate shaping of
that determine erosion or ac-          facilities can make a sig-               To minimize these ad-
cretion; it causes sediment            nificant contribution to eco-        verse effects that may be
disturbance; increases turbity         nomic development and the            created by port develop-           These problems include:
of the coastal waters; it can im-      growth of maritime transport,        ment projects the tech-
pact on sensitive ecosystems,                                               niques of Environmental         •	 Insufficient awareness of
                                       it may also create adverse
fisheries and nurseries.                                                    Impact Assessment (EIA)            decision makers regard-
                                       impacts on the surrounding
                                                                            become        indispensable.       ing environmental prob-
                                       environment. Port develop-
     The EMA is therefore                                                                                      lems;
                                       ment and operations should,          Legislation and administra-
in the process of develop-
                                       therefore, be planned with           tive regulations on EIA are     •	 Legal and institutional
ing a Guide Book that will
                                       careful consideration of their       being adopted in many              constraints owing to in-
present a concise practi-
                                       environmental impacts.               countries partly due to pres-      adequate arrangements
cal approach to the iden-
                                                                            sure from funding agencies         for EIA implementation;
tification of hydrodynamic                 Checklists for port de-          which request EIA as part
analysis and the appropri-             velopment and environment                                            •	 Shortage of expertise
                                                                            of the appraisal of develop-
ate techniques for coastal             protection have already                                                 and experience, particu-
                                                                            ment project and due to the
and marine EIAs in T&T                 been released by the World                                              larly lack of skilled man-
                                                                            increasing environmental
to form part of the EMA’s              Bank, the Asian Develop-                                                power;
                                                                            awareness in the regional
Compliance       Assistance            ment Bank and the Interna-           member countries.               •	 Difficulty in assessing the
Programme (CAP).                       tional Association of Ports
                                       and Harbours.                            EIA procedures are de-         latest technical informa-
   There is the potential to                                                                                   tion on EIA;
                                                                            signed to identify environ-
have huge environmental
impacts, but with guidelines
                                       Requirements for                     mental problems which may       •	 Lack of appropriate envi-
                                                                            be caused by a develop-
and properly done EIAs the             EIA                                  ment project and determine
                                                                                                               ronment data and infor-
feasibility of a project in a                                                                                  mation required for EIA;
                                          Port development may              the magnitude of change in         and
specific location can be
                                       create a wide range of im-           the environment. Through
assessed and if possible,
                                       pacts on the environment             this process design, location     EMA   Continued on pg. 20

                                                      EMA News                                                                                  19
2009                                                                             Volume 12. No. 1 - EMA News

        ImPORTant Guidelines for PORT Development
          EMA   Page 19

       •	 Inadequate awareness
          of the potential impacts
          of development project
          on the environment with-
          in the general public.

           It must be accepted
       that development of a port
       and its subsequent opera-
       tion must have some im-
       pact on the environment.
       The purpose of the EIA is
       to quantify the impact and
       ensure the changes to the
       environment fall within the
       acceptable        pre-defined
       limits. In an ideal situation,
       the whole EIA process will
       be undertaken in parallel
       with the conceptualiza-
       tion, design and operation
       of port facilities.                FIGURE 1 – STUDY AREA: The Environmental Impact Assessment describes the physical, biological and socio-
                                          economic baseline environment of the study area and assesses the impacts of the proposed project on the envi-
           While the EIA process          ronment. In this example, the immediate study area is located within the vicinity of Guayaguayare Bay, along
       can be complex and some-           the southeast coast of Trinidad.
       times expensive, the early
       identification of adverse en-
       vironmental impacts can pro-
       vide the opportunity to take
       early corrective actions. This
       action could be as drastic as
       relocating port facilities and
       undertaking a significant re-
       design to accommodate dif-
       ferent soil/water conditions
       or as simple as planting ad-
       ditional trees.

           In either case the pur-
       pose is to accommodate
       the environmental needs of
       the country and community
       so that the port can fulfill its
       economic function without
       adversely effecting its envi-
                                  EMA     FIGURE 2 – PROPOSED SITE LOCATION: Map showing the location of the proposed Galeota Energy Port
                                          expansion and proposed Guayaguayare Bay Fishing Facility.

                                                             EMA News
Volume 12. No. 1 - EMA News   2009

        EMA News               21
2009                                                                           Volume 12. No. 1 - EMA News

               Parvati Girls’ Hindu College wins EMA’s
               inaugural Eco-Song competition - 2008
                 Twelve-year old Reena         ing the environment through    ronmental degradation that       bago schools, placed third
             Rajkumar created history on       song has never been more       has been taking place in the     in the finals. Angel Arthur of
             Friday 31st, October, as the      contagious.                    name of progress.                Signal Hill Secondary Com-
             winner of the EMA’s first annu-                                                                   prehensive School was also
                                                   With her eyes on the            With well rehearsed back-
             al Eco-Song competition. The                                                                      the only participant to sing a
                                               prize, Rajkumar serenaded      up singers and visual aids,
             audience at the Rudranath                                                                         rousing Soca piece entitled
                                               the full auditorium with her   Sunita Narsingh of Naparima
             Capildeo Learning Resource                                                                        ‘Cool it down’.
                                               original calypso, ‘Put ah      Girls’ High School took sec-
             Center in Couva came alive
                                               Han’ (see lyrics on page       ond place with her calypso          Fourth place went to
             as they cheered and listened
                                               24). Dressed in white to       entitled, ‘I want to know’.      the only Rapso performer,
             to the environmentally con-
                                               signify Mother Earth, she                                       Evol Cross from Iere High
             scious renditions on climate                                         The EMA was especially
                                               pleaded with humanity to                                        School.
             change and global warming                                        pleased to learn that one
                                               open our eyes to the envi-
             from the ten finalists. Sav-                                     of the two participating To-          The Eco-Song competi-
                                                                                                               tion was created to fill the
                                                                                                               void between its Primary
                                                                         Pointing out that “Man must           schools’ (‘Hands-On’) and
                                                                         realize he is the master of his       its Secondary schools (Forms
                                                                         demise”, Reena Rajkumar’s
                                                                                                               4-6) (Dramatic Envirologue)
                                                                         calypso urged us all “to
                                                                         ‘put ah han’ to save this             competitions. The competi-
                                                                         wounded land.”                        tion is specifically designed
                                                                                                               for students from Forms 1-3
                                                                                                               in an effort to retain a consis-
                                                                                                               tent interest in environmental
                                                                                                               issues. Its aim is to promote
                                                                                                               the environment, our youth
                                                                                                               and our culture.

                                                                                                                   Designed to encourage
                                                                                                               learning about all facets of
                                                                                                               our environment and devel-
                                                                                                               opment, participating stu-
                                                                                                               dents, through their research
                                                                                                               on Climate Change, were
                                                                                                               better able to understand
                                                                                                               how negative practices im-
                                                                                                               pact upon the environment.
              Managing Director/
            CEO of the EMA, Dr.                                                                                    The finalists, whose
       Joth Singh stands with the
                                                                                                               original compositions fo-
           first and second place
             winners of the EMA’s                                                                              cused on the theme, Glob-
           Eco-Song competition,                                                                               al Warming and Climate
          Reena Rajkumar of Par-                                                                               Change – What it means
         vati Girls’ Hindu School
                                                                                                               to Me’, couched positive
         and Sunita Narsingh of
           Naparima Girls’ High                                                                                messages within the mu-
               School respectively.                                                                            sical genres of Calypso,
                                                                                                               Soca and Rapso.

                                                              EMA News
                                              Volume 12. No. 1 - EMA News                                                                                 2009

    Victor Prescod, Project           “The youth of Trinidad and                Whilst he was impressed                He expressed the view
Coordinator - Pan in the Class-       Tobago, must let their voices         with all the finalists and the         that, the talent exposed was
room Unit, in his speech at the       be heard as we educate the            response of the audience,              superb and very promising
competition’s finals and Prize-       world about the environment           Matthews wished that more              and he had high hopes for
giving ceremony, said that            and what we can do as indi-           musical genres had been                next year’s competition.
the Ministry of Education was         viduals to conserve it. Today         used in the competition.
pleased to collaborate with           is a good start. Through the
the EMA. He stated that once          culture of Trinidad and To-
again it ensured that students        bago, the music, the dance,
got the opportunity to show-          the creative arts, you can
case their talents, all in pursuit    take the environmental mes-
of excellence, moreso, in areas       sages of conservation and
of aesthetic expression, citizen-     protection to a wider audi-
ship and communication.               ence.”

    EMA’s Managing Direc-                 Chief Judge for the com-
tor/CEO Dr. Joth Singh, wit-          petition, Cuthbert Matthews,
nessed the lyrical messages           a retired Music Facilitator,
of conservation. He remind-           with the Ministry of Education
ed the audience that even             praised the EMA for targeting
as we face environmental              this age group as they have
problems, we must also                traditionally been by-passed.
spend time finding solutions.         “The Eco-Song is an especial-
He commended the students             ly good idea as it supports the       Tobago’s Angel Arthur of Signal Hill Secondary Comprehensive School
for their hard work and cre-          new secondary school curricu-         collects her prizes for 3rd place from Angela Gouveia of the Red Cross
                                                                            Society of Trinidad and Tobago and Victor Prescod, Project Coordinator,
ativity. He championed the            lum which involves arts and           Pan in the Classroom Unit, Ministry of Education.
cause when he said that,              music in schools.”

    One of the largest               •	 Time effective – Saves                                                               Proud video master:
contributors to greenhouse              on time spent in traffic                                                             EMA’s Systems Admin-
gas emissions (CO2) is air              and flight time espe-                                                                istrator, Richard Baillie,
                                                                                                                             setting up before a Video
travel so by reducing un-               cially between conti-                                                                Conference.
necessary business trips                nents.
the EMA is doing its part
                                     •	 Environmentally effec-
to reduce its carbon Foot-
                                        tive – No one knows if
                                        we can halt the seem-
    Benefits of Video con-              ingly out of control                 Video Conferencing: EMA staff
ferencing:                              global warming, but                   at its headquarters, engage in
                                                                             discussion with EMA’s South Of-
                                        we can at least try to                 fice staff (seen in video screen
•	 Cost effective – Saves
                                        stop it from getting                          to the front of the room).
   money on airfare and

                                                      EMA News                                                                                            23
2009                                                         Volume 12. No. 1 - EMA News

       Winning Eco - Song lyrics
         Put Ah Han
            1st Verse                                             Chorus
         Forest burning gases trapping                        So Lord, please put ah han.
         The World is heating, heating,                       Ah heavenly fan
         Glaciers melting, sea level rising                   To cool this lan,
         Look people crying, mother earth dying               While man
         While we complain that “D” climate change            Wreaks havoc and destruction,
         “D” weather pattern strange, we mentally derange.    In making his contribution.
         “D” heated atmosphere is too much to bare,           Man call it progress,
         Mankind’s unaware, he’s causing catastrophe          But he is only causing distress.
                                                                  3rd Verse
            Chorus                                            Global warming, meh house flooding
         Lord, please put ah han                              The world is heating, heating
         Ah heavenly fan                                      More storm coming, coastline eroding
         To cool this lan,                                    Look people crying, mother earth dying
         While man                                            We wuk bobbol spraying aerosol
         Wrecks havoc and destruction,                        And we have “D” gall burning plastic and all.
         In making his contribution,                          What will my children see, if we callously,
         Man must realize,                                    And haphazardly destroying “D” earth natural
         He is “D” master of his demise.                      beauty.

            2nd Verse                                             Chorus
         Fuel burning, gas releasing                          So Lord, please put ah han,
         The world is heating, heating,                       Ah heavenly fan
         Greenhouse flopping, pollution rising                To cool this lan,
         Look people crying, mother earth dying.              While man
         Nitrous oxide, methane like a tide                   Wreaks havoc and destruction,
         Carbon dioxide boiling “D” inside.                   In making his contribution.
         Industrial revolution, no food to mention,           Let’s all put ah han,
         Deforestation make unhealthy contribution.           As we must all save this wounded lan.

                                                                      Written and composed By Ephraim Ramkisoon
                                                                                     Performed By Reena Rajkumar

                                              EMA News
                                               Volume 12. No. 1 - EMA News                                                                                  2009

 Signal Hill takes top honours in EMA’s Dramatic
 Envirologue Contest
     Signal Hill Secondary              is in its education mandate.”
School has emerged victorious
                                             He said that while the En-
in the finals of the Environmen-
                                        virologue competition focused
tal Management Authority’s
                                        on what can be said about the
Secondary Schools' Dramatic
                                        issue, it was important to “con-
Envirologue Competition 2009
                                        vert talk into action.” He also
hosted at the Rudranath Cap-
                                        reminded the audience that the
ildeo Learning Resource Centre
                                        competition “introduces an op-
on Wednesday March 11.
                                        portunity to convey important
    The award winning dra-              environmental messages”, and
matic presentation by Kisanne           urged them to make every effort
Brathwaite was entitled: “The           to translate it into action. “We
Dilemma” which focused on the           cannot just be romantic about
issue of Preservation vs. Conser-       the environment…we must ac-
vation in the context of sustain-       tively change our lifestyle.”           Molly Gaskin, President of the Pointe-a-Pierre Wild Fowl Trust and former EMA
                                                                                Board member, presents the Pawi Award, the first place trophy to Kisanne
able development. Everyone                                                      Brathwaite (center) of Signal Hill Secondary School, Tobago.
                                             According to Dr. Singh,
agreed that her comprehensive
                                        the environment must be further      said “education is expected           personal responsibility, educa-
monologue was well researched
                                        integrated into the country’s de-    to play a pivotal role in the         tion, and her creative incorpo-
as she rendered an excellent
                                        velopment agenda, though he          transformation process.”              ration of the dustbin as part of
and critical analysis of the top-
                                        sounded the caution that it was                                            her costume ensured her second
ic, making reference to regional                                                  He reiterated that the youth
                                        difficult to compete against the                                           place in the competition.
and international aspects of the                                             are needed to now address “the
                                        economic interests. “We need
dilemma of sustainable devel-                                                reckless behaviour of the popu-            Coming in third was Tequa-
                                        to convince decision makers
opment. Brathwaite, a Form                                                   lation” and to play their role in     la Craig of Carapichaima East
                                        and leaders to invest in sustain-
Five student, is a member of                                                 changing attitudes toward the         Secondary School with a spir-
                                        able development. We cannot
her school’s Environmental Club                                              environment.                          ited rendition of: “How we can
                                        take the environment for granted
called the E.P.A – Environmental                                                                                   take the litter out of lime” – “Don’t
Protection Agents, where she                                                     In second place was Fran-
                                                                                                                   Mess with Me.” Her superb
plays an active role in maintain-            Representing the Ministry       cesca Khan of St. Stephen’s
                                                                                                                   characterization as a ‘vagrant
ing a clean environment within          of Education was Allan Nor-          College who delivered a
                                                                                                                   angel’ trying to teach humans
her school and community.               eiga, Schools Supervisor 111         monologue on “How we can
                                                                                                                   lessons on littering certainly im-
                                        for the Caroni District. He          take the litter out of lime”.
     It is safe to say that all pres-                                                                              pressed the audience as well as
                                        lauded the successful efforts of                                           the judges.
ent at this competition felt proud                                                Khan, a Form Six student
                                        the EMA to continuously pro-
and hopeful that T&T’s environ-                                              hopes that in the future, Trinidad
                                        mote environmental aware-                                                      Craig is currently the
ment is in the hands of these                                                and Tobago will become true
                                        ness in the nation’s schools.                                              president of her school’s En-
future environmental leaders.                                                tourist islands without garbage
                                        “It’s not only about writing a                                             vironmental Club and is also
                                                                             and unwanted refuse being a
     Delivering the feature ad-         script, but about playing a                                                a past participant of the Sec-
                                                                             national eyesore. Additionally,
dress at the event was EMA’s            role…it’s not about winning a                                              ondary Schools’ Dramatic
                                                                             she hopes individuals will real-
Managing Director/CEO Dr.               prize, but about the transfer of                                           Envirologue Competition and
                                                                             ize how harmful their actions are
Joth Singh, who urged stu-              knowledge so that it relates to                                            the EMA camp 2008.
                                                                             and will eventually work in uni-
dents present to make sustain-          our daily activities.”                                                         Eleven schools made it to
                                                                             son to clean-up our environment.
able development a lifestyle                                                                                       the Finals of the competition
                                            He described the young
issue. “These powerful presen-                                                   Her engaging presentation
                                        contestants as “the next gen-                                              which was staged nationwide.
tations are a good indicator                                                 which included excellent solu-
                                        eration of leadership” and
as to how successful the EMA                                                 tions such as enforcement, pride,                                    EMA

                                                       EMA News                                                                                                 25
2009                                                                                        Volume 12. No. 1 - EMA News

              WELCOME ABOARD - Meet the new members of EMA’s
              Environmental Club Programme…Arima West Government
              Primary and Bishop’s Anstey Junior School.
                                                                                          through a number of projects             recited their Environmental
                                                                                          that were proudly displayed              Pledge and ‘Pollution Rap’.
                                                                                          at the Club’s Inauguration
                                                                                                                                        Meanwhile, on the other
                                                                                          Ceremony. The EMA was
                                                                                                                                   side of the island, students of
                                                                                          pleased as their creativity
                                                                                                                                   Bishop’s Anstey Junior School
                                                                                          shone through various draw-
                                                                                                                                   embarked upon a number
                                                                                          ings and paintings, as well
                                                                                                                                   of projects to get their club
                                                                                          as Christmas decorations
                                                                                                                                   started. The club was off to
                                                                                          and watering cans made out
                                                                                                                                   an exciting and environmen-
                                                                                          of used materials.
                                                                                                                                   tally valuable start when they
                                                                                              To further demonstrate               conducted a ‘River Clean-up’
                                                                                          their creativity, they were              at the entrance to their school.
                                                                                          even able to conduct school              The club also hosted a Poster
                                                                                          field trips throughout the is-           Competition, which further sen-
                                                                                          land with the help of clever             sitized the students to environ-
 Students of the Arima West Government Primary recite their Environmental pledge.         fundraisers.                             mental issues facing Trinidad
                                                                                                                                   and Tobago. Their creative
                 Congratulations to the             assiduously throughout the                At their inauguration,
                                                                                                                                   pieces were on show at the
             Standard Four students of              school’s term to develop their        their Principal, teachers and
                                                                                                                                   Club’s Inauguration. These
             Arima West Government                  Environmental Club.                   EMA representatives were
                                                                                                                                   enthusiastic     ‘environmental
             Primary School who worked                                                    at hand to witness and truly
                                                                                                                                   stewards’ were also busy plan-
                                                      Their    environmental              appreciate the efforts of the
                                                                                                                                   ning their upcoming activities;
                                                    awareness was increased               students as they confidently
                                                                                                                                   hikes, a litter campaign and
                                                                                                                                   an environmental play.

                                                                                                                                       Congratulations to the prin-
                                                                                                                                   cipal, teachers, parents and
                                                                                                                                   students of Arima West Gov-
                                                                                                                                   ernment Primary School and
                                                                                                                                   Bishop's Anstey Junior School!

                                                        New Environmental Club members of Bishop's
                                                                     Anstey Junior. Aren’t they cute?

   Mrs. Schorse, Club co-ordinator of Bishop’s           President of Arima West Government Environ-               It’s fun to decorate: Posters on display at Bishop's
      Anstey Junior School (left), club president       mental Club receives the EMA’s club certificate.                                          Anstey Junior School
(centre) receive certificate from the EMA’s Envi-
  ronmental Education Officer Nadia Nanan.

                                                                      EMA News
                                          Volume 12. No. 1 - EMA News                                                                      2009

 Here's how to help... Just do your part!
•	 Think before you buy! Do           towels, throw – away              •	 Purchase reusable stor-       •	 If you’re going camp-
   you really need the item?          cameras and disposable               age containers instead of        ing, try to build small
   Can you make do with               razors.                              plastic throwaway bags.          campfires and make sure
   what you already have                                                   Wash and reuse small             they’re completely out
                                   •	 Choose products in recy-
   on hand?                                                                plastic bags (freezer and        before you leave.
                                      clable packaging, such
                                                                           sandwich bags) you al-
•	 When asked whether                 as glass, aluminium, steel                                         •	 Clean up after picnics and
                                                                           ready own.
   you want paper or plastic          or paper.                                                             beach outings. Dispose of
   bags, select the type you                                            •	 Resist advertising and mar-      all waste in bins to prevent
                                   •	 Use the backs of unwant-
   are more likely to reuse                                                keting gimmicks to buy           debris, especially plastics,
                                      ed “junk “ letters and enve-
   for other purposes, such                                                items that you do not need,      which can blow into the
                                      lopes for shopping lists.
   as trash liners or for future                                           and avoid impulse buying         water from the beach.
   shopping.                       •	 Always keep a shopping               whenever possible.
                                                                                                         •	 If you are going sailing,
                                      bag in your briefcase or
•	 Say “No bag please”                                                  •	 Favour products with a           stow all garbage for
                                      purse (even a reused plas-
   when you’re buying                                                      high-recycled content, even      proper disposal on land.
                                      tic bag will do) and when
   something small and                                                     if they cost a little more.      Secure garbage bags to
                                      shopping, pull it out before
   easy to carry. Or ask                                                                                    a fixture on the boat so
                                      your sale is completed. Set       •	 Buy quality products and
   for a paper – not plas-                                                                                  that they are not acciden-
                                      the pace! Set the example!           keep them for a lifetime.
   tic – bag.                                                                                               tally washed overboard.
                                      Let everyone know you
                                                                        •	 Don’t leave garbage out-
•	 Take paper bags, tote              brought your own bag.                                                                        EMA
                                                                           side your home or business
   bags or net bags to the
                                   •	 When buying electrical               over the holidays. Get in-
   grocery store and other
                                      items e.g. appliances or             formation on garbage col-
                                      bulbs, look for energy sav-          lection days and put your
•	 Avoid packages contain-            ing features.                        garbage out on the morn-
   ing several individually                                                ings of those days.
   wrapped items e.g. San-
   itary Napkins, Crackers.

•	 Buy concentrated prod-
   ucts when possible e.g.
   laundry and dishwash-
   ing detergent and fruit

•	 Purchase items meant
   to be used many times,
   such as sponges, cloth
   diapers, cloth napkins,
   steel cutlery, recharge-
   able batteries and refill-
   able lighters.

•	 Avoid single use, non-
   refillable and disposable
   products such as paper

                                                  EMA News                                                                                 27
2009                                                                             Volume 12. No. 1 - EMA News

       Semantic Map
                                                                                                 1)        First celebrated on February 2nd,
                                     World Wetland Day
                                                                                                 1997, _____________ marks the anniversary
       Blue and Gold Macaw                                          Wetland Rehabilitation       of the signing of the Convention on Wetlands of
                                                                                                 International Importance (Ramsar Convention) in

                                     NARIVA                             ESA
                                                                                                 Ramsar Iran, on February 2nd, 1971.
                                    WETLANDS                                                     2)         Activities done to celebrate World
                                                                                                 Wetlands Day include seminars, nature walks,
                   Manatee                                          Natural Buffer
                                                                                                 festivals, launches of new policies, announce-
                                  Convention on International                                    ment of new Ramsar sites, newspaper articles,
                                                                                                 radio interviews and ________________.
                                  Trade in Endangered Species
       Use the words from the Semantic Map above to complete the sentences                       3)      The Nariva Swamp has been desig-
                                                                                                 nated an _____ by the EMA.

        4) The Nariva Swamp acts as a __________________ against the impacts of hurricanes and storms.

        5) Wildlife species benefiting from the restoration of Nariva include: the __________ and the __________________.

        6) These species are also protected by the ___________________, which requires strict regulation of trade.

        7) ______________ is seen as one of the methods of capturing excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

       Word Search
         Dengue and You                                             N   L   F                                                        W   Y   0
                                                                I   B   C   F   K    A                                       U   D   S   N   E   Q
          1.      AEDESAEGYPTI
                                                            Q   C   Y   R   I   Y    Q   E   G                       H   S   M   B   T   M   X   J   I
          2.      BLACKANDWHITELEGS
                                                            U   V   T   H   E   R    L   R   U                       V   G   L   H   T   A   E   D   C
          3.      DENGUEFEVER
                                                            B   R   E   S   J   E    C   O   H   W               K   V   Y   E   J   B   Z   K   D   D
          4.      HEADACHE
                                                            N   L   E   F   G   V    D   U   M   N               H   T   U   Z   E   R   D   M   J   Y
          5.      HUMANHOSTS
                                                            T   O   B   V   T   E    L   I   L   A   F       E   F   Y   E   H   C   A   D   A   E   H
                                                                M   Z   X   E   I    L   E   N   A   T   X   I   Z   V   S   L   H   C   Y   K   M   F
          7.      RASH
                                                                    M   J   Q   F    B   E   A   G   T   E   K   C   X   V   R   T   L   Y   M   X
          8.      PREVENT
                                                                            C   B    E   P   T   E   S   O   C   D   A   Z   S   T   N
          9.      PARACETAMOL
                                                                                         U   S   I   D   P   R   A   R   P
          10.     PANADOL
                                                                                S    J   H   G   T   H   E   O   Y   R   P   R   P
          11.     STAGNANTWATER
                                                                            L   N    I   P   D   N   A   W   S   T   P   A   M   S   W
          12.     BREEDINGSPOTS
                                                                    Y   W   X   I    H   R   R   H   E   G   D   A   S   R   P   V   D   H   J
          13.     DEATH
                                                                H   S   P   A   N    A   D   O   L   P   D   N   N   E   E   O   T   C   X   Y   H
                                                                S   I   B   V   S    G   K   F   K   R   R   C   A   A   G   L   B   O   V   W   K
                          #8 Elizabeth Street,              S   T   S   O   H   N    A   M   U   H   E   N   Z   H   N   K   Y   Q   L   K   N   E   C
                          St. Clair, Port-of-Spain
                          Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.         K   I   K   R   Z   H    T   Q   L       V   V   I       F   T   C   P   C   E   J   J   C
                          Tel: (868) 628-8042               A   Z   S   M   H   T    I   P   B       E   X   Q       D   H   W   A   T   J   M   A   A
                          Fax: (868) 628-9122               S   Q   U   E   N   S    W   L           N   C   U           Q   D   A   L   I   O   S   M
                                                            P   A   N   U   G   Q    W               T   C   S               I   M   T   B   K   O   K
                          #2 Dumfries Road,
                          La Romain                             L   E   A   H   H                    F   T   O                   N   F   E   U   A
                          Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.                 S   X   Z                        N   Y   L                       P   S   R
                          Tel:(868) 697-7619                                                         Y   B   I
                          Fax: (868) 697-0309                                                        J   J   W

                                                           EMA News

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