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Dunlop Sp600, the faSteSt
‘Runflat’ tyRe aRounD the Ring
FOUR wHeels                       TwO wHeels

Le MaNS SeRIeS                    gp250 - gp125
The first race in the LMS         The MotoGP season got off to
resulted in podium finishes for   a wet start for both GP250 and
Dunlop shod cars in LMP2, GT1     GP125 in Qatar and Japan.
and GT2 classes.
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Issue two – aprIl ‘09
FOUr wHeel News

dUnlOp sp600 shOd nissan GT-R impROves nORdschleiFe RecORd

   Nissan GT-R flies around the ‘Ring’

P    ossibly the hottest debate on
     car weblogs and fora in the
last few months is the legitimacy
                                              wheels. The lap time leaves the
                                              auto world dumbstruck, how can a
                                              large and 1740kg heavy road legal
of the Nissan GT-r lap time of                production car be that quick? Part
7’29.03 around the Nurburgring                of the secret of ‘Godzilla’s’ speed
Nordschleife, set back in May                 is in its efficiency, not wasting any
2008. Porsche, long established               of its 485ps to spinning, sliding
record holders for production cars            or other pace-slowing antics. The
around the Nordschleife, tried to             Dunlop SP600 plays a crucial part
repeat the time set by Nissan in              in the GT-r’s ability to get all of its
their own GT-R. They couldn’t.                power down. right from the start
But there was one significant                 of GT-R development, Dunlop has
difference between the attempts:              been a close partner, producing
Nissan fitted the Dunlop SP600                hundreds of different specifications
tyre homologated for europe                   to arrive at a cutting-edge SP600
and Japan, while Porsche used                 Run-on-flat tyre that now sets the
another homologated tyre from a               bar for all other tyre manufacturers
competitor brand. Nissan stated               around the Nordschleife.
this was the one of the main                      Chief GT-r engineer Katzutoshi
reasons why Porsche’s attempt                 Mizuno confirmed that the right
failed - a very nice compliment for           front SP600 withstands over
Dunlop indeed!                                6000 kg of load at the ‘Ring’, a
    This month, Nissan’s GT-R test            value that normally only race tyres
team returned to the ‘ring’ to                are exposed to. Besides tons of
test the 2010 and V-spec models               predictable grip, the wish list of
and invited a very select group of            Mizuno san also included a fair
car media to take a look behind               amount of comfort, as well as the
the scenes and witness a new                  Run-on-flat functionality.
Nordschleife time attack. On                      Dunlop’s success is based on
April 15, Nissan’s chief test driver          the transfer of technology from
Toshio Suzuki shaved 1.5 seconds              race to road, but the SP600 on the
off, setting a new time at a jaw              Nissan GT-R proves it works the
dropping 7’27.56 with a 2010                  other way around as well!                 The actual SP600 tyre after two record-setting laps at the ‘Ring’
model GT-R with (lighter) V- spec

   SP600 tyre stock at Nissan test facility                                             Chief GT-r engineer Katzutoshi Mizuno

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FOUr wHeel News
 In MaNs
le touch
Le MANS serIes                                                                                                              DTM

lms caTalUnya 1000km Race                                                                                                  dTm seasOn
                                                                                                                           kicks-OFF in
                                                                                                                           D     TM stars up close, the
                                                                                                                                 impressive noise and spectacle
                                                                                                                           of the fastest touring cars in the
                                                                                                                           world and great weather in the city
                                                                                                                           of Dusseldorf guaranteed a new
                                                                                                                           record crowd for the traditional DTM
                                                                                                                           presentation just prior to the start of
                                                                                                                           the new season.
                                                                                                                              The 10 round series will not
                                                                                                                           only host the DTM races but also
                                                                                                                           create the podium for the partner
                                                                                                                           series Formula 3 Euro, Porsche
                                                                                                                           Carrera Cup Deutschland, ADAC
                                                                                                                           Volkswagen Polo Cup and SEAT
                                                                                                                           Leon Supercopa.

T      he Dunlop-supported JMw
       Motorsport Ferrari team
finished second in its class at the
                                          in front of the Ferrari, which lost
                                          any chance of challenging for the
                                          win. “I was giving it everything I
                                                                                    The ASM team, running a Ginetta
                                                                                    in the LMP2 class for pure racing
                                                                                    cars, also finished second in class
                                                                                                                              For the tenth consecutive year,
                                                                                                                           Dunlop is supplying the tyres for
                                                                                                                           the biggest and most popular
opening round of the five-race Le         had, but we were really struggling        after having a wheel work its way      international touring car series. And
Mans Series, held in Barcelona at         in the second stint,” said Bell. “It      loose during a race stint, and also    there are very good reasons for this
the beginning of april. British driver    seemed to be that there was more          a stall in the final pit stop proved   long-standing partnership between
Rob Bell, and his Italian co-driver       rubber down, or the temperature           costly as the car finished 46          the top-class works teams of Audi
Gianmaria Bruni, finished the six         went up, I don’t know, but from           seconds behind the winning car.        and Mercedes Benz and Dunlop.
hour race in second place after a         the first stint when I was relatively     The Ginetta achieved a distance        With just one slick and one wet
fantastic battle with Porsche over        comfortable in the lead, to the           of more than two stints, two and a     tyre specification allowed for the
the 1000km event.                         second stint, he passed me round          half hours, on the same set of tyres   whole season, the team of Dunlop
     Dunlop contests three of             the outside under braking into the        before the performance dropped         engineers work in the closest
these four classes, and achieved          first corner.”                            towards the end of the race,           collaboration with the drivers and
a podium finish in each at the                The lack of testing was               leading to that final stop.            team engineers, measuring more
opening rounds of the season.             particularly costly in Barcelona as          In the GT1 class, former French     than 1000 parameters during each
Servicing 13 of the 43 cars which         new rules for changing the wheels         downhill ski champion Luc Alphand      race weekend which are minutely
took the start, Dunlop sent out           during the race came into force           was unlucky to lose control of his     analysed to define the optimum
a team of 22 personnel to fit the         this year. Just two mechanics             Corvette while leading the GT1         recommendations for suspension
tyres, and liaise with the teams          are allowed to take part in the           class. The Frenchman spun into         settings, tyre pressures, tyre
during the race weekend.                  procedure to change wheels, and           the gravel where he stayed for         warming and tyre management
     Dunlop’s 13 cars completed           just one wheel gun is used for all        more than a lap, though he, and        strategy for the individual 19 car
more than 9,000kms during the             four wheels.                              countrymen Patrice Goueslard and       race engineers.
race alone, and used nearly 600               That takes a lot of time, as          Yann Clairay did recover to finish        At the same time, the varied
tyres of the 1950 brought to the          teams are not allowed to change           second in the class.                   data that the motorsport specialists
track by the Birmingham based             tyres while the car is being refuelled       The second Le Mans Series           acquire every day of testing or
operation.. That figure included          for safety reasons. Teams were            race of five is to be held at Spa-     racing, goes into the research,
wet weather rubber which was not          therefore trying harder compounds         Francorchamps on May 10th.             development and production
used during the race week.                and different constructions to make                                              not only of the next generation
      The JMW Ferrari completed           the tyres last longer. In addition,                                              of racing tyres, but also the next
865km during the race, but                Ferrari has developed a new                JMW FeRRaRI Race Data                 generation of road tyres. Dunlop
suffered from high tyre wear on           suspension system for the 430GT,           Laps led: 66-74; 82-110; 118-124      has called this continuous process,
the abrasive track. A misfire during      and Dunlop has been working hard           45 laps led in total                  which ensures that every driver
Friday’s practice session limited         to find the right set-up for its tyres.    186 laps covered, 865km               gets the best possible feedback
running, and meant that the car did       On a very high downforce circuit           Medium compound tyres                 from its tyres “Touch Technology”.
not have the ideal set-up heading         like Barcelona, which boasts an                                                     It is no coincidence that
into qualifying, or the race.             abrasive surface yielding high grip                                              Dunlop’s high-performance tyres
     “We didn’t have enough track         levels, the lack of track time on                                                have the same name as the DTM
time to do everything we wanted           Friday proved to be very costly.                                                 competition tyres: Dunlop SP
“ commented Dunlop’s Matthew                  “We have contingency plans,                                                  sport Maxx.
simpson” we made three or four            but we just didn’t have time
little tweaks to the car set up before    to do a race simulation” says
qualifying, but ran out of time to get    Simpson, who also oversaw the
the hard compound tested”                 tyre development programme at
     Bell and Bruni ran closely to the    the pre-season test in Paul Ricard
Porsche for much of the race, but         in March “We have a further test
as the temperatures rose in the           planned after the Spa race which
final stint Bell lost time to the class   should bring further improvement,
leader, and a safety car came out         so we are not too unhappy.”

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FOUr wHeel News
 In touch
Le MANS le MaNs serIes
 aMerICaN                                                                             MINI CHalleNGe

sT. peTeRsbURG / lOnG beach                                                          mini challenGe sTaRTs GlObal
                                                                                     Race campaiGn
                                                                                     T    he Mini Challenge enters its
                                                                                          eighth year in the UK with the
                                                                                     usual high expectations of close
                                                                                                                               Mortimer won two of the three the
                                                                                                                               Mini Cooper S class races, holding
                                                                                                                               off Arthur Foster in the first race to
                                                                                     racing, colourful cars and colourful      win the 13 lap event. Having finished
                                                                                     characters.                               1-2 in the opening round, the two
                                                                                        The challenge, which runs on           fought again in the second of the
                                                                                     Dunlop racing tyres, is made up of        day’s races, and both survived a
                                                                                     two classes. The Club class is based      hit with a wall on the oval circuit to
                                                                                     on the Mini Cooper, with 135bhp on        lead the 22 car field over the line.
                                                                                     tap, and running on Dunlop treaded        Defending champion Martin Depper
                                                                                     race tyres complementing special          took victory in the third race ahead
                                                                                     race suspension. The S-Class              of Mortimer after early leader House
                                                                                     is based on the Mini Cooper S,            made a mistake, and then retired
                                                                                     with more power up to 210bhp.             with a gear linkage problem.
                                                                                     These Minis run on Dunlop slick              In the German version of the Mini
                                                                                     racing tyres, and have adjustable         Challenge, Daniel Haglof held off
                                                                                     suspension, rear wing and big             Hendrick Vieth by just two tenths of

W      ork continues to develop the
       Dunlop tyre for competition
in the American Le Mans Series,
                                          fourth after his team-mate’s demise,
                                         and was up to third when he handed
                                                                                        at the opening round of the
                                                                                     British series at Rockingham Ollie
                                                                                                                               a second in the opening round at
                                         the car over to Muller. A stop to
after the rahal letterman BMw
                                         tighten a bolt on the suspension
team scored two podium finishes in
                                         delayed the pair, but they soon were
the second and third rounds at St
                                         back into a podium position, and
Petersburg, Florida, and Long Beach
                                         finished second in class, seventh
in California this month.
   The races took place on street
                                             Two weeks later at a one hour,
circuits and Dunlop’s GT2 tyres,
                                         40 minute race in California, Muller
developed in conjunction with the
                                         and Milner were again competitive,
BMW team, were on race-winning
                                         despite track temperatures of more
pace. At Long Beach on Saturday
                                         than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The
April 18, where drivers Dirk Muller
                                         sister car of Auberlen and Hand
and Tommy Milner finished third,                                                      GT OPeN
                                         scored its first points of the year with
the BMW’s fastest lap was just one
                                         an eighth place finish following a
hundredth of a second slower than
                                         collision with a car that was already a     iTalian Race OpeneR
the class-winning Porsche.
                                         lap down.
   Dunlop is continuing its
development programme with two
                                             Muller and Milner ran strongly,
                                         but lost an estimated 14 seconds in
                                                                                     T    he first round of the 2009
                                                                                          International GT Open
                                                                                     Championship took place at Imola
                                                                                                                               Porsche of Roda/ Lietz of victory.
                                                                                                                               Eventually they finished third behind
                                                                                                                               the sister Porsche of the IMSA
tests in America this month, and a
                                         traffic to the class leaders, and firmly    on April 18/19 with a field of 32 cars,   Performance team. Sunday’s race
further test in Portugal in May should
                                         believed they could have scored             up from 29 last year. Dunlop is the       started on a wet track behind the
help the company’s European teams
                                         a better podium position. “we are           exclusive tyre partner for the series     safety car, but it progressively dried
ahead of the biggest race of the year,
                                         certainly happy to be on the podium         that was created from the national        out with some slippery patches
the Le Mans 24 hours, in June.
                                         for a second time,” said team               Spanish GT Championship in 2006.          remaining throughout. This time it
   The St. Petersburg street race
                                         Principal Bobby Rahal. “It is the best      Each event has two races, one on          was the Swiss Trottet Racing Ferrari
was only one hour and 55 minutes
                                         evidence of progress. It looked like        saturday and one on sunday and            that came out on top of another
long, and it was an eventful one for
                                         we could have finished even better,         two classes; Super GT that follows        close race. Saturday’s winner, the
the BMws. Bill auberlen started
                                         but on a tight track like this it is very   FIA GT2 specifications and GTS,           AE Ferrari team finished fourth and
from third place in his BMW M3, but
                                         easy to lose time to slower traffic,        following FIa GT3.                        heads the championship table as the
at the pit stop to hand the driving
                                         even slower prototype class cars.”              As expected the opening               teams prepare for the second event
duties to co-driver Joey Hand, the
                                             “Expectations are very high             weekend saw another chapter in the        at the Algarve circuit in Portugal on
car refused to start and was retired.
                                         for this program’ said Martin               Ferrari / Porsche duel at the top of      May 16/17.
                                         Birkmann, BMW North America LLC             the Super GT category whilst Ferrari,        The Kessell Ferrari team of Peter
                                         Motorsports Manager “and it’s a             Lamborghini, Viper and Aston Martin       and Broniszewski dominated both
                                         great morale boost to see we have           all hoped for victory in GTS. The AE      the GTS races. The Villois Aston
                                         the car, the team and the tires. I want     Ferrari F430 of Ruggia/ Ricci took        Martin team
                                         to thank our partners in Dunlop.            a brilliant win in Saturday’s race.       celebrated
                                         They completed very strategic               The Ferrari F430 enjoyed a faultless      two solid
                                         testing and a development plan that         performance keeping the Porsche           runner-up
                                         has born fruit. we were very strong         teams, that had dominated qualifying      results.
                                         on both sets of tires in and ultimately     and the first part of the race, at bay.
                                         that has helped us in securing our              For 2009 the races have an
                                         first podium finishes”                      extended duration of 70 minutes
                                                                                     which necessitate a refuelling
                                                                                     stop. A 35 second delay in their pit
                                                                                     stop robbed the autorlando sport

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2 wheel news
TwO wHeel News

GP250 / GP125

QaTaR / Japan

H     eavy rain played havoc with the
      night race schedule in Qatar,
eventually causing the MotoGP race
                                         the race slick shod Andrea Iannone,
                                         who had started from pole, came
                                         through to pass simon two laps from
                                                                                       a slight gap over aoyama until being
                                                                                       forced to pit on lap ten - the front
                                                                                       wheel of his Gilera fractured after a
                                                                                                                               Motegi race winner to take the
                                                                                                                               front spot. Aoyama could do no
                                                                                                                               more as Bautista built a five second
to be delayed by 24 hours by a           the finish, with Espargaro completing         heavy contact with a kerbstone.         cushion at the flag, the Japanese in
combination of a flooded track and       the podium. webb’s gamble hadn’t                 alvaro Bautista was aoyama’s         second but 16 seconds ahead of
the visibility problems this created     paid off, the British rider falling back      main threat, although a poor start      third placed Team Toth Aprilia rider
under the floodlights. Although the      to 11th in the finalaps as the track          from the front row meant he had         Mattia Pasini.
125 race started in the dry, heavy       dried completely.                             to come through a strong group             The MotoGP teams have no time
rain brought the red flag out after                                                    of riders, particularly his Mapfre      to rest before the first European
just 4 laps, with race leader Andrea     GP250                                         Aspar team mate Mike de Meglio,         race. Practice for the Spanish GP
Iannone declared the winner and half
points being awarded. The Italian
Ongetta Team I.s.P.a rider started
                                         I t was a frustrating kick-off to 2009
                                           for the 2008 reigning 250cc world
                                         champion Marco Simoncelli as the
                                                                                       Hungarian Gabor Talmacsi and
                                                                                       Mattia Pasini. Second by lap 10,
                                                                                       Bautista chased down Aoyama’s
                                                                                                                               in Jerez starts just five days after
                                                                                                                               the Japanese GP, andf everyone is
                                                                                                                               hoping for three days of sun in the
from third on the grid and spent the     Italian rider reluctantly sat-out the first   two second advantage, until with six    south of Spain this weekend, May 3.
first four laps battling with Bancaja    race of the season. A fall in training        laps to go he passed the two-time
aspar rider Julian simon for the         a week before the season opener
top spot before the red flag came        resulted in a fractured Scaphoid wrist
down as he lead the race. Simon          bone, The World Champion had
had started on pole, and though he       received surgery to insert a metal
crashed shortly after the red flag, he   screw in his wrist and after a few
was still classified second and took     laps of warm up decided that it was
ten points away from the round, 2.5      better to sit out and recover properly
points behind the championship           rather than risk further injury.
leader Iannone as they moved                 The unpredictable weather in
to Japan for round two. sandro           Qatar meant the race was shortened
Cortese, Pol Espargaro and Bradley       to 13 laps. Hector Barbera took the
Smith made up the top five.              chequered flag for the first victory
    weather played an even greater       of the 2009 season, the Spanish
role in Japan, with tyre choice a        rider impressing with his first race
critical factor for the riders as they   following his back injury in Japan in         MC eNDUraNCe raCING
came to the grid in Motegi last          2008. starting from fourth on the grid
weekend. The track was fully wet,
but the rain had stopped, and
                                         Pepe world Team rider Barbera got
                                         straight into a battle for the lead with
                                                                                       le mans 24hRs
riders had to decide whether the         Matteoni Racing’s Jules Cluzel, who
advantage they would get in the first    stayed with it for the race distance
laps by choosing rain tyres would        to take the first podium finish of his
be negated in the latter part of the     career, an impressive feat from a
race if the track dried quickly. Danny   13th place grid start.
Webb, Nico Terol, and Sandro                 125cc World Champion Mike
Cortese chose the wet option. Webb       de Meglio completed the podium
in particular took full advantage        in his debut 250cc race whilst
and opened up a 9 second lead            Hiroshi Aoyoma (Scot Racing Team)
in the opening laps. Julian Simon,       and team-mate raffaele de rosa
Pol espargaro and the KTM rider          completed the top five.
Marquez chose intermediates, and             Hiroshi aoyama gave his home
this looked a good choice around         crowd plenty to cheer in Motegi,
half race with Simon taking the lead     the Japanese rider’s Honda proving
on lap 13 of 20. The remainder           a match for the Aprilias throughout
of the top riders had decided the        the weekend. However it was 2008
track would dry sufficiently and had     world champion Marco Simoncelli
chosen slicks and in the last third of   who started from pole, opening up
                                                                                       T    he 2009 World Endurance
                                                                                            Championship got underway in
                                                                                       less than perfect conditions on the
                                                                                                                               between them to take third place
                                                                                                                               and climb onto the podium. The
                                                                                                                               2008 reigning world champions had
                                                                                       18th April, with riders seeing some     managed to lead the race briefly
                                                                                       of the worst weather for years as       before the heavy rains started,
                                                                                       they battled through the le Mans        causing them to drop to second,
                                                                                       circuit. Nearly 20 hours of heavy       and after a small crash they settled
                                                                                       rain battered the Dunlop teams as       for third. They weren’t the only
                                                                                       they rode through the night chasing     Dunlop riders to score a top ten
                                                                                       victory.                                finish, Junior Team Suzuki CMF
                                                                                          The Suzuki Endurance Racing          and the Qatar Endurance Racing
                                                                                       Team were the top placed Dunlop         Team took fifth and sixth places
                                                                                       riders at the end of the tough season   respectively in the standings.
                                                                                       opener, Vincent Philippe, Barry             The championship now moves
                                                                                       Veneman and Guillaume Dietrich          to the 8 Hours of Oschersleben, in
                                                                                       completed an impressive 716 laps        Germany on the 31st May.

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2 wHeel News
TwO wHeel News
raCe CaleNDar                                                                       aMa - sUPerBIKe
                                                                                   ROad aTlanTa, bRaselTOn
  03-05                                  MotoGP: Jerez
                                         LMS: 1000km Spa-Francorchamps
                                         ALMS: Tooele
                                         GTOpen: Algarve
                                                                                   M      at Mladin showed dominance
                                                                                          in the AMA Pro American
                                                                                   Superbike competition with another
                                                                                                                             for second place between Mladin’s
                                                                                                                             teammate Blake Young and local
                                                                                                                             rider Geoff May. The pair swapped
                                         DTM: Hockenheim                           flag-to-flag race win.                    second several times before Young
                                         BTCC: Donington park                         After the year’s first five races      took the spot for good on the last
                                         MotoGP: Le Mans                           Mladin is still undefeated but his        lap.
                                         AMA-SBK: Sonoma                           performance at Road Atlanta was by           Mladin, who scored the 51st
  23-05                                  24hrs of Nurburgring                      far his most impressive of the year.      consecutive American Superbike
  24-05                                  Mini Challenge: Silverstone               Mladin led every lap in saturday’s        win for Suzuki, now leads the
  31-05                                  DTM: Eurospeedway                         20-lap race and did the same thing        championship standings with
                                         BTCC: Oulton Park                         again on Sunday to score a perfect        157 points. Next up for aMa Pro
                                         MotoGP: Mugello                           clean sweep.                              Superbike is the Honda Superbike
                                         MC Endurance: Oschersleben 8hrs              While Mladin was cruising up           Classic at Barber Motorsports Park,
                                         Isle of Man TT                            front near the end, some of the best      May 1 - 3.
                                         Supermoto WC: Mallory Park                racing of the weekend took place

                                                                                    FIM sUPerMOTO wOrlD CHaMPIONsHIP

                                                                                   viTeRbRO seasOn kick-OFF

 eUrOPeaN sUPerBIKe

sUpeRbike GeTs UndeRway in eU

e     aster weekend traditionally
      sees the start of the national
championships throughout Europe.
                                         (KTM) and Clement Dunikowski
                                         completing the rostrum, the three
                                         separated by just 1,6 seconds at the
with the opening rounds of the           flag. The next CEV round is at Jerez
spanish CeV and Italian CIV on april     on June 7th.
19th followed a week later by the            Rain caused the cancellation
first IDM German round, the Dunlop       of the first races in the Italian CIV
service teams and engineers have
been kept busy.
    The spanish CeV is probably the
                                         championship at Misano on April
                                         19. Superbike, Superstock and
                                         Supersport are the three classes
                                                                                   T    he first races of the 2009 World
                                                                                        supermoto Championship were
                                                                                   fought under wet conditions last
                                                                                                                             between superpole rider Iddon
                                                                                                                             and Delepine gave Chareyre the
                                                                                                                             opportunity to grab the holeshot. He
biggest championship in Europe,          run in Italy, with Dunlop making an       weekend for the Italian Grand Prix at     then dominated the race and again
attracting more than 95 entries for      increased challenge in all three on       Viterbo. It was a clear victory for the   in the second. Closest competition
its three classes - 1000cc Formula       Pirelli’s home ground.                    French, with Thierry Van Den Bosch        for the Husqvarna CH Racing rider
Extreme, 600 Supersport and                  A week after the Spanish and          taking the chequered flag in the S1       came from 747 Motorsport TM
125 GP. The seven round series           Italian races, the sun was out at the     class and Adrien Chareyre taking the      Factory Racing rider Gozzini who
opener at Albacete brought a clean       Lausitzring for the first of the eight-   honours in the S2 class.                  gamely pursued Chareyre in race
sweep for Dunlop and yamaha on           round IDM German Championship.               747 Motorsport TM Factory              one, finally settling for third, and
the Formula extreme podium on a          The Superbike field has been              Racing’s Thierry Van De Bosch             taking a second podium in heat two
wet and slippery track. Jose Luis        strengthened with the arrival of          took a convincing win in the first        with a second place finish.
Cardoso opened his title bid finishing   strongly supported KTM and                heat of S1, fighting off Husqvarna           The championship now moves to
3.6 seconds ahead of Bernat              BMW teams, but the Dunlop shod            CH Racing’s Thomas Chareyre for           Mallory Park in the UK for round two
Martinez with Carmelo Morales 16         yamaha of 2000 supersport world           the duration of the race. Race two        on the 30th May.
seconds behind in a race which saw       Champion Jörg Teuchert won both           saw Van De Bosch overtaken by
only 10 of the 19 riders classified      races, holding off the Pirelli equipped   Chareyre’s Husqvana team-mate             CONTaCTs
as finishers! The 600 Supersport         KTM BMw and Honda riders. The             and World Supermoto rookie Mauno
                                                                                                                             Jeremy Ferguson
race was equally damp and very           Supersport class showed some              Hermunen who held on to take the
                                                                                                                             International Motorsport Manager,
slippery; Angel Rodriguez (Yamaha/       close racing too. Christian Kellner’s     chequered flag and his first ever
Dunlop) finished two seconds ahead       Dunlop shod Yamaha won the first          podium. Van De Bosch held on to
of Adrian Bonastre (Michelin) with       of two races, giving him an early lead    second place, giving him the overall
                                                                                                                             Dunlop Motorsport Division
Suzuki’s Yonny Hernandez (Dunlop)        in the championship going into the        win on the day.
                                                                                                                             Dunlop Tyres ltd
completing the podium. Only 21           race at Oschersleben on May 17th.            The S2 class saw reigning 2008
                                                                                                                             Fort Dunlop
of the 36 125GP riders crossed           As elsewhere, Dunlop dominated the        world Champion adrien Chareyre
the finish line in the wet conditions,   125 GP race in Germany, filling all       setting out where he left off last year
                                                                                                                             B24 9QT - United Kingdom
spaniard louis VInales of the aspar      the podium positions - giving Dunlop      with an impressive first round victory.
                                                                                                                             Tel:    +44 121 306 6000
aprilia team headed an all- Dunlop       riders the lead in all three classes in   Chareyre took the chequered flag
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podium with Frenchmen Louis Rossi        the German IDM series.                    in both heats. A crash in heat one

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