Under trial Prisoners soon to hope for Freedom

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					Under trial Prisoners soon to hope for Freedom

The decision of letting go the under trials who have been living in various jails sounds great. Finally the
government really is working towards improving the living standards. The Law minister Veerappa Moliy
came up with a structure plan to release as many as 1.25 lakh under trial prisoners within six months
starting from 26th January.

It’s a great decision on the minister’s part because not only did these people finally get justice but also
this would help the government clean up a lot of mess without being noticed. The government will be
letting go the prisoners who have lived in jail more than that of the maximum sentence they could after
being convicted. What could have been the real factor which led to this development? It looks like that
the minister in no way was thinking of giving justice to these men because a lot of these under trials
were never convicted only. The way the government is pushing this policy it clearly feels that the real
motive behind it is to clean up the jails and also the raise the reputation of courts among the public.

Indian Judicial system has been seeing a lot of criticism over the delays of cases and also being incapable
of bring high profile and influential people to correct justice. This quick release of under trials might just
bring some breathing space to the law managing system for a while. The interesting part was the ways
through which the minister plans to hear the cases of these under trials. Out of the many ways to
achieve the result -- plea bargaining system in which the under trial accepts guilt and the court records
conviction and releases him by sentencing him to the period of imprisonment already undergone. Now
those innocent people who have been living as convicts for so many years still have no chance to get
justice because if the want justice they just might have to wait for there whole life in jail or else just
falsely confess committing a crime because this confession might just get them out more quickly.

Some other ways proposed by the minister were: expediting their cases by holding trial on a day-to-day
basis, holding court proceedings inside the prison premises or through video-conferencing. The minister
and the government are doing every thing possible to clean up the jails as well as the re create the
image of the judiciary so that the lost faith among the people could be regained. No matter how much
time the government took to realize that like the country even our jails are over populated but this
policy just might have managed to slip in on time.

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