Soon Mumbai and Marathis might feel Isolated

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					Soon Mumbai and Marathis might feel Isolated

Mumbai is not the capital of India but is no less important. If Delhi is the political head then Mumbai is
the business capital of the country. Somewhere back I once read that almost one third of the nation’s
tax is collected from Mumbai. The city is not only flocked with tax payer but also has attracted top
companies and foreign investments around the world.

What would this city look like if completely isolated from the entire nation? Well this may turn to reality
one day. The way shivsena and MNS have gone about propagating their political interest of capturing
Marathi vote bank soon the city might find itself alone. The constitution of India grants every citizen the
freedom to settle in any part of the country and also to work there. The latest shouts of “Maharashtra
for marathis”, is not only unconstitutional but also a very cheap political act.

 The whole campaign is full of loop holes. It seems the parties have forgotten that most of the tax
payments they boost about are coming from either companies which are non Marathi or from
individuals who are not marathi. So if this whole non Marathi population leaves the state, then how do
these politicians plan to produce revenue as a major chunk of the state’s revenue comes in form of tax?

 Also how do they plan to ensure law and order in the state? Alone Mumbai has nearly fifty thousand
cops; by this one can imagine the number required for the whole state. Would the state alone be able to
fulfill this requirement? And if not should help be given to the state in terms of human resources as it is
done presently? The option of providing support from outside of the state would directly contradict the
present political scenario. So how do the politicians wish to solve this vital problem?

 Another concern is the influence this would give to other states. If all the other states decide to follow
the same path then calling India as a Union would be no more than a joke. Dr. B.R Ambedker promoted
the ideology of social justice, he opposed discrimination done to people on various texts but it seems
that the state who says to follow babasahib has forgotten this essential factor of non discrimination
between people. Maharaja Shivaji espoused the ideology of Hindavi Swarajya, self-rule of the natives
through which he motivated the whole nation to fight against the British rule as one but his own
subjects are now ready to divide the country over a new category of language.

It is hard to believe but many years ago Greek philosopher Plato had warned the world about this, but
no one paid any attention. He said, “Although freedom is a true value, democracy involves the danger of
excessive freedom, of doing as one likes, which leads to anarchy.” It seems Shivsena and MNS are
drawing all the freedoms given by the constitution to perform actions which in itself are against the
Constitution. If this is not stopped right now, all it would result in is destruction of the nation.

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