Shady future for Indian Sports

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					Shady future for Indian Sports

In 1950 India withdrew its team from the Soccer World Cup held in Brazil. The decision was not because
of any politics but because of lack of resources. India’s national game Hockey is in no better condition
with the players going on a strike. The other field India excelled was cricket but shadows can be seen
over the game in presence of questions raised over the bad pitch in Firosha Kotla stadium. Tennis is
another field where India saw some hope but due to the lack of proper resources it took almost a
decade to have a player replaces and represent India after Leander Paes. Badminton and shooting are
one of the last remaining hopes on which every Indian sports lover banks upon.

“NO-Support towards Sports or Sportspersons”, seem to be a policy of the Indian Government. It came
as no shock that Abhinav Bindra Gold Medalist, Shooter wants to quit his game. National Rifles
Association of India General Secretary Baljit Shethi said, "The selection of shooters was based on
recommendation from NRAI where Abhinav Bindra was not considered purposely for two reasons.
Firstly, his expectation was too high and secondly he was enjoying support from other quarters".

It is good that the NRAI wants to create standards but it’s not possible for all shooters to be placed in
the same class as some have just began their career while shooters like Bindra and Rathore have proved
their skill and worth through their performances. On the other had Anbhinav clearly said that the reason
why he was being dropped was because he was not attending regular trials of NRAI.

The whole setup now seems to be a farce. A player who not only got his country a Gold Medal but has
been one of the high performers is being dropped. It no more remains a conflict of ideas or convictions
but now might just have taken the shape of an Ego Battle between NRAI and Abhinav Bindra. No matter
who wins this battle, Indians will lose this war. It’s just going to result in one thing, more and more
talent hidden in India is going to be suppressed and left with no opportunities to excel.

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