Justice not only Delayed but also Denied by Anchal_Kakroo


									Justice not only Delayed but also Denied

Ruchika Girhotra was molested by DGP SPS Rathore on August 11, 1990. Ruchika’s tennis partner
Anuradha Prakash confirmed the charges as she was the only eyewitness of the case. Yet it took 19
years, 40 adjournments, and more than 400 hearings for the Indian Judicial System to pronounce
Rathore guilty. Finally on December 21, 2009 court sentenced Director General of Police Shambhu
Pratap Singh Rathore under Section 354 IPC (molestation) to six months imprisonment and a fine of Rs

The judgment finally came and the convict was sentenced but in this whole evolution of the case,
judiciary is been left to wonder what and who is it serving to. The judgment give might be of molestation
but what about the loss of life that molestation caused. Isn’t it the responsibility of the judiciary to
provide justice to Ruchika’s family in the true sense? It seems the judgment was just a cover up under
which Rathore can enjoy his life and position to the best.

After 19 years the judgment give looks farce and holds no value. A family who saw their only daughter
commits suicide, their son being illegally being beaten by policemen, harassment suffered at hand of
those who are responsible to maintain law and order, this judgment was just like any other nail to their
coffin. The Indian judicial system weighs evidences and then gives away its sentence but with regard to
this case it seems the weigh balance used was manipulated.

 Presence of an eyewitness itself made it an open and shut case yet it took almost 2 decades to finally
close this case which till now is not completely closed as minutes after Rathore was sentenced to
imprisonment and a fine, he was granted bail and the sentence was suspended to January 20, 2010.
After the fresh FIRs being filled against Rathore, it seems that the case might again head back to CBI and
again the whole of India will have to wait. It seems as if extending cases to over decades has become a
new fashion. India these days is being recognized not by its rich culture and tradition but by pending
cases which have been running over decades. No matter what resulted in prolonging this particular case
but by the end it is evident that in this case not only was justice delayed but also was denied.

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