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					Grant them their new states

India indeed is a democracy and people have a right to express. This expression is not a slave to any
logical idea and its freedom is granted by the Constitution itself. But does common man truly enjoys the
freedom. Well it does not matter if common man does but one thing is for sure that the politicians enjoy
this freedom and all the other that even the constitution does not provide.

The politicians, chosen representatives of the public, get power by winning elections with majority. The
best part about Indian elections is, no matter how less people vote, the winner is the one who has
maximum votes. In India politics is called as a business and politicians have a really bad image and are
said to never work for public. How can such allegations be true? These politicians are so busy with the
work for the development of the public that they don’t even remember their pay checks.

Taking care of 28 states and 6 union territories is not small job but Indian politicians are always up to the
mark. Not only have they properly taken care of the states n its population but also now are asking the
government to create 10 new states such as: Mithilanchal in Bihar, Saurashtra in Gujarat, Coorg in
Karnataka, Harit Pradesh in UP, Telangana, Gorkhaland, Bundelkhand, Bhojpur comprising areas of
eastern UP, Bihar and Chhattisgarh and Vidarbha in Maharashtra.

The demands seem to be appropriate because if 2 or more sections of people of the same state have
problems in living with each other, it is better to have a separate state of their own. Not allowing the
formation of these states is not even close to the solution of the problems faced by these people. All it
does is create tension in the regions, protests, strikes and now days even suicides.

How difficult is it to form a new state. Its just about signing some really legal and official documents,
appointing a totally new set of government officials, creating a new legislative assemblies, creating
infrastructure facilities for the public for whom the new stats is demanded for, taking care of public
health and sanitation, law and order etc. This list just contains a few more 30 odd things that is the
minimum requirement of the new state.

The way states have been created in this country; the day is not far when a locality would demand to
create a separate state comprising only that locality. Who does really support these new states
financially? Indeed funds are sent from the central government but that is not enough. The real supports
are the tax payers. So the smaller will the size of states gets more the tax payers have to pay. But money
has never been an issue with Indians. Indians who are just full of love and compassion can easily manage
this small detail.

It’s great to be a citizen of India where every man has the right. Whether that right is used or not is not
the real question but the real question is how to gain power. At the moment formation of state seems
to be the best option for power but soon evolution will take place and again the demand of a new
country would be knocking at the doors of the government.

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