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2013 Common Entrance Tests for all by Anchal_Kakroo


									2013 Common Entrance Tests for all- Boon or Burden?

The last century saw the rise of humans and their dependence on advancement. Not only did it go down
the history books as a century full of achievements but also, it seemed to have created a path for further
development. Human race from being technology dependent have finally realized the essence of
interdependence. Not only this idea is being talked about but also the phenomena of convergence are
being implemented.

Be it in field of political tie ups or opening of economies to create a financial balance, now it is all about
convergence. A fine example of this was clearly seen in the new decision announced by HRD minister
Kapil Sibal. The idea of holding a common entrance exam for all engineering, medical and commerce
college is sure to ease a lot burden off the shoulders of aspiring students.

"Efforts will be put to hold an All-India national test in science and commerce from 2013. This will
smoothen the admission process into engineering, medical, economics and commerce courses," Sibal
said, addressing a meeting of the Council of School Board of Education. The COSBE has even come up
with a core-curriculum for senior secondary classes in science and mathematics subjects.

With the growing number of institutes every year, the admission process was becoming a stress full job
for fresh students but with this single entrance exam scheme coming in to action from 2013 a lot of this
stress will shed. Not only would the students be required to fill just one form and not run from state to
state but also will give sufficient time to prepare and deliver their best.

But with this policy one worry does rise. Like Delhi University, if admissions are done on the basis of cut
off lists, which would only reflect the performance of the student during that one Common Entrance
Test. This way there are chances that class 12th board may have to suffer since students might give more
importance to the entrance test. Apart from this the whole admission process will also become time
consuming and to have all the students allocated to their respective colleges my August will be tough.
With the academic starting from August in India, still a lot of planning is left to do to make sure that the
common test in reality reduces burden and not adds to it.

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