Copenhagen a Failed Conference

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					Copenhagen a Failed Conference
Copenhagen talks are nearing its end and yet there are no signs of any international agreement coming
up rather the gap between the developed nations and developing countries has further widened over
the issue of climate change. The USA who still hasn’t ratified the Kyoto Protocol was proposing a new
protocol under which developing countries like India and China would have to share the responsibility of
reducing Green House Gases and also would have to face international scrutiny.

The G77 lead by India and China stood firm on there ground and declined the killing of Kyoto Protocol
and asked the developed countries to take drastic steps to reduce emission. It was also proposed to USA
to provide financial as well as technological support to the developing countries. The USA government
has announced that I was ready to give $10 Billion per year to the fund and declined the demand of 1
percent of GDP which was $300 Billion.

It seems USA is willing to spend over $1 Trillion on wars but when it comes to saving the climate all they
have is $10 Billion. If compared to the whole population of the world it would mean $2 dollars for every
individual, this in now way sounds as a step to protect climate. It is about time the economic leaders
need to realize that there is no time left. Even if they stop all the emission immediately, the temperature
will still rise. There is no more time to discuss but now is the time to act.

Copenhagen may have failed to get the developed and developing countries together but it did manage
to make the 2 groups inflexible for sure. Environment and Forest Minister Jairam Ramesh said, “India
will never accept a legally binding emission reduction agreement" India has already announced that it
would consider an emission intensity cut of 20 to 25 percent by 2020, but has made it clear that it would
not be forced into accepting binding cuts in greenhouse gas emissions.

On the other hand, China announced a 40-45 percent cut in its emissions intensity by 2020 compared to
2005, Brazil announced 38-42 percent and Indonesia 26 percent. The world leaders may not yet be
ready to protect the climate and the world but India and other developing countries all have decided to
do their bit.

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