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					                                   2010 League & Tournament Updated Rules
    All softball games will be governed by NSA rules, except where indicated. Replays softball rules will
     apply to all participants and spectators in our recreational program within the park.
 All players must be 18 years of age.
 No Alcoholic drinks, glass bottles, and/or food are allowed to be brought into Replays Sports Complex.
     If you are caught bringing in outside alcohol, you will forfeit your game.
 Additional players may not be signed after May 24th, unless a roster is reduced to 12 players or less.
 The home team is the official scorekeeper. Each individual team is required to keep a record of the
     team line-up, score, and start time of game. Please be sure to check with the opposing team after
     each half inning. If a problem arises, take care of it with the umpire before the game resumes.
 The umpires will verify the score with both teams after each team at bat.
 No fake tags.
 No metal cleats.
 No Players may participate on more than one team, in the same league.
 If a player is intoxicated or under the influence of drugs during a game, the umpire has the right to
     eject that player.
 All games will be an hour and 10 minutes. No new inning will start after the allotted time period.
Rules of Conduct: Profanity will not be tolerated. Any player directing abusive language toward an
umpire, staff member, another player, or spectator will be subject to ejection. Any verbal or physical
threat, including touching, bumping, striking of an umpire or softball staff member will not be tolerated and
will lead to immediate and possible permanent suspension. In case of a player ejection, the player must
go directly to the parking lot. The manager and players are responsible for their departure. Failure to leave
will result in forfeiture of the softball game. No warnings will be given.
Managers: You are responsible for your entire team knowing and understanding all of Replays Sports
Complex rules.
You must submit Properly Signed Team Rosters for all leagues and Tournament play. Failure to do so will
result in forfeiture of the game and possible expulsion from further play. Managers are responsible for the
eligibility of their players and for the validity of their Official Team Roster.
The manager is responsible for the conduct of his team’s players and coaches before, during, and after a
game while at Replays Sports Complex. Teams are also responsible for the conduct of their fans before,
during, and after a game while at Replays Sports Complex. Failure to do so may result in game forfeiture
and possible league forfeiture. Replays Management will make this determination.
Team Roster: You were given a roster when your team was registered. Please have your rosters ready to
turn in on the day of your first game. If I am not at the fields to collect the forms, turn them into the
concession stand. If for any reason you lost yours, please call 810.706.5843 and we will send you
another. If your roster is due and you are still missing a player signature, turn the roster in and that player
will need to sign the roster before they play in the league. The concession stand will have a copy of all the
rosters, have your player stop there before the game and sign the form. That player cannot play until the
SIGNATURE ON THEIR TEAM’S ROSTER. This is serious and due to our liability insurance. If you
get caught with someone playing, who has not signed the form, you will forfeit the game. I will copy
and return a copy of your roster to you. Keep the roster in your play book in case there is ever a question
of a player’s eligibility.
Minimum Number of Players: Teams must have a minimum of eight (8) players to start a game. At no
time may a team play more than ten (10) players defensively.
a. If a player leaves the game for any reason or is ejected, the vacated spot automatically becomes an
OUT each time the vacant spot comes to bat or anytime a runner is removed from the base with no legal
b. If a player is injured, the vacated spot will automatically be bypassed and NOT result in an out.
c. When a team is left with a vacant spot in the lineup, because of the removal of a player, the opposing
team may not (with two (2) outs) intentionally or unintentionally walk the previous batter, in order to get the
“automatic out” created by the vacant spot in the batting order.
d. If the previous batter is walked, the vacant spot in the batting order is skipped, the “automatic out” is
waived, and the next batter is the player whose name follows the vacant spot in the batting order. This
only applies when there are two (2) outs.
e. If a player is out in the field, they must bat.
f. If 10 players are present, all 10 must bat.
g. During the game, teams may drop as low as 7 players with each vacant spot being an out, except as
otherwise noted due to injury.
Substitutes: You must bat ten. Your bench players can replace individuals in the lineup. Late arrivals can
be added to the end of the lineup, if you are batting everyone. If you have bench players the late arrival
joins them on the bench, but that player, of course, can be used as a substitute immediately.
Late Arriving Players: Late arriving players can be added to the end of the lineup under two conditions.
1) Your team is fielding and batting nine or less players. 2) All players are in the batting line up, at the time
the late player arrives. Otherwise the player will be a bench player that can be used as a substitute.
Co-ed: Teams must have eight players to start a game. With a minimum of three women. A maximum of
five men can play in the field. The line up will alternate men and women. If there is an odd amount of men
or women, two columns of men and women will be created. Each column will then be used in alternating
order, to insure the alternating gender line up. For example a team with five men (M), and three women
(W), would bat in the following order M-1, W-1, M-2, W-2, M-3, W-3, M-4, W-1, M-5, W-2, M-1, W-3. Late
arriving players can be added to the column line up or they can be a bench player substitute.
Mercy Rule: NSA Run (Mercy) rule will be in affect: 20 runs after 3 innings, 15 after 4 and 10 runs after
innings 5 and 6.
Protests: The official is the final word. If during the course of the game a call arises concerning a play,
only the manager or one of the two coaches may discuss the call with the umpire in a reasonable
manner! All others are subject to an automatic ejection for a time period determined by Replays
Management or umpire. Notification of intent to protest must be made before the next pitch or before the
umpire leaves the field at the end of the game, provided the last play is to be protested. Protests will not
involve the accuracy of the umpires judgment. The ruling on the protest will be decided the next day. If the
protest is upheld, the game will resume at the point of the protest at a later date.
Legal Bats and Balls: Bats must be listed on the approved bat list to be considered legal.
An altered bat is considered altered when the physical structure of the legal bat has been changed in any
way, or when an illegal or non approved bat has been made up in such a way as to appear to be a legal
bat. Examples of altering a bat are, but not limited to the following: Painting a bat, replacing the handle or
shaving the handle or barrel or the taper changed in any way. Such as by sandpapering or applying a
solvent to the surface such as fingernail polish remover or by any other means.
All balls will have an optic yellow cover and .44 C.O.R and 400 comp. Any color of stitching will be
allowed. Men will use a 12” ball and women will use an 11” ball. Examples of an altered ball (but not
limited too) are: Any ball frozen, or kept cold in a cooler to make the core harder or livelier or any ball that
has been cooked in a microwave oven, or the seams/stitches or cover that has been altered in any way. If
the physical structure of the ball (inside or outside) has been altered in any way other than the alterations
that is caused by usage, that ball is to be considered altered. Should an umpire or player be thrown a ball
that is colder than the outside temperature, that ball is to be immediately thrown out of the game, the
game forfeited and the offending person(s) suspended for altering a softball. At any time an umpire has
the authority to not allow a ball to be played if the umpire suspects in any way, shape, or form that some
sort of altering has been done.
Ball and Strike Count: Players will be playing with a 3-2 count, with one foul to waste after two strikes.
Any foul ball with the "free foul" already used up, is a dead ball out. Runners may not tag up and advance
Legal Pitch: Balls must have a 6/10 arch in order to considered a legal pitch. Umpire must call a pitch
illegal after the pitch passes the player.
Relaxed/Grace Step: We are allowing relaxed/grace step after the ball crosses home plate or is struck.
Foul Balls: If a foul ball is caught by the catcher, and the ball had an arch, the player is considered out.
Re-Entry: Any of the starting players may be withdrawn from the game and re-entered ONCE (including
the starting EP), provided that the players occupy the original position in the batting order whenever in the
game. NOTE: The original player and his/her substitute cannot be in the game at the same time.
a. Violation of the re-entry rule results in the use of an illegal player. Penalty shall be the immediate
ejection of the illegal player when the violation is brought to the attention of the umpire by the offended
team. EFFECT: An illegal player violation results in the immediate ejection of the illegal player.
b. Violation of the re-entry is handled as an appeal, which can be made anytime during the game.
Home Run Limit: Each untouched ball over the fence, exceeding a team’s home run limit, will be
scored as an out. Limits are as follows: a. Mens: 5 HR Limit b. Co-Ed: 3 HR Limit
Official Game: In case of inclement weather, a game may be considered an official game and score
recorded: a. after 4 ½ innings, if the home team is winning. b. after 5 innings.
Overtime: In the event of overtime, the last out will be placed as a runner on 2 nd base and the team will
start with one (1) out. The last recorded out can be used as a courtesy runner, if previously used
throughout the game. Only one courtesy runner may be used per inning. Points will not be used this year,
your team will have a season record. In the event of a 1st place tie at the end of the season, the two teams
will play a league championship “Trophy Game”.
Awards: Individual awards and sponsor trophies will be distributed to the season first place team in each
league. The runner-up will receive a sponsor trophy. First place playoff winner will receive a sponsor
UMPIRE FEE – An umpire fee of $12 must be paid prior to the start of the game to the umpire. Failure to
do so will result upon losing the allotted 70 minute game time limit. This is a flat fee per team, per game.
Makeup Games and Rescheduling: It is the responsibility of the coaches to call and schedule any
makeup games, call 810.706.5843.
Inclement Weather: In the case of inclement weather, please check the website or call 810.706.5843
after 4 pm on the day of the game. We cannot control the weather, games may need to be called closer
to the game time.