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                                        SOVIET SPLENDOUR
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             ISSUE #8 APR/MAY ‘07

                                          DELUXE DREAMS
absolute l Cape Town   
 EDITOR’S LETTER                                                                    ABSOLUTE CAPE TOWN

                                        As the season draws to
                                        an end, the tourists go
                                                                                                   Who’s Who?
                                        home and the weath-
                          er turns slightly cooler at last,
                          Cape Town breathes a sigh of
                                                                            Publishing Editor Fraser Dodge
                          relief for having made it through                         
                          yet another. And what a bumper
                          one it was. It was a record year                        Contributors Bianca Coleman, Susan Comrie,
                          for tourism, with the most visitors                                  Giles Brown, Nikki Gerritsen, David
                          ever recorded visiting our fair city.                                Chislett, Adrian McCaw, Andrew
                          And things can only get busier                                       Fairbanks, Jacqueline Roberts, Karla
                          and better with the lead up to the                                   Sharp, Fraser Dodge
                          World Cup and all that. Numbers
                          are a funny thing and record ones                           Designer Waleed Rabin
are a benchmark against which we measure our success.                                
Next year, we will hopefully be looking at the tourism num-
bers of 2007 and seeing increases yet again.                                   Photographer Kai Haase

                                                                        Stock Photography Dreamstime, iStockPhoto,
Talking of numbers, if you cast your eyes to the bottom right
hand corner of the masthead, there is a new logo that
adorns our page. This logo is a monumental step forward for              Advertising Sales
Absolute Cape Town as it means that our distribution figures       National Sales Manager Richard Dagge
are now officially audited and we have over 23,000 copies                                  083 269 2722
of the magazine in circulation. We are very proud of those                       
                                                                          Sales Cape Town Beverley Bordalo
Other notable numbers are those of the riders that entered                                083 304 2995
the Cape Epic which is also the largest mountain bike stage                     
race in the world. Congratulations to all those teams that             Sales Johannesburg Camilla Smolicz
battled it out along the exhausting 921 kilometres to the fin-                            084 999 9327
ish line. Let’s see if a record number of spectators made it to                 
Lourensford to welcome them.
                                                                                                     Paula Nel
                                                                                                     083 963 5472
8, the number of issues of Absolute Cape Town under our
belt, 3, the number of kilometres I am going to drive home,
6, the hours sleep I will manage to squeeze in before 9, the                                         Lebohang Mathabathe
hours I will work tomorrow.                                                                          072 184 4886
Have you ever wondered about the sleep part of life? Now
I know that most of your are thinking how much you love                    Accounts/Admin Zuraya Sassman
yours, but consider this. If we sleep for 8 hours a day, that is                
one third of each day spent, for the most part, inert. Should
we see a fine 75 years of life, it would mean that for one                                Cover Model: Eva of ICE
third of it, or 25 years, we have been kipping. Just think of                                   Photo: Kai Haase
what you achieved in the first 25 years of your life, then try                                  Hair/Make-up: One League
to imagine being asleep for all of it. Scary.                                                   Stylist: Carolyn Jansen

On that note, I shall see you again in 2 months, which is                          Distribution NLD24
roughly 8 weeks, or 56 days if you prefer, even 1344 hours.
                                                                                        Printing ABC/Blackshaws
Ok, i will stop before it becomes ridiculous. As I said, num-
                                                                                       Absolute Magazine Publishers (Pty) Ltd
bers are a funny thing…..                                                                          HEAD OFFICE
                                                                                         P.O. Box 2121, Cape Town, 8000
                                                                                        Tel: 021 424 2520 Fax: 021 423 3876


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Fraser Dodge
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 absolute l Cape Town

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                                                                                                                                 Emotion meets Business.

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                                                                                            From the success* of the original Quattroporte, the «stylish masterpiece» with the exhilarating Maserati V8 4.2-litre heart, the new Quattroporte Automatic
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                                                                     20       12



                    FASHION                                   BODY                            TRAVEL
                   International | 12                  Hypnotherapy | 30                   International | 42
                        DSquared²       An Altered State of Consciousness                 Soviet Splendour

                          Local | 20                         Nutrition | 32               Outside 021 | 48
   Divine Inspiration by Rosenwerth                         The Dietician                 A Highlands Tale

                   Accessories | 28                      Clarins Man | 34                   Hip Hotels | 50
                     The Bag Lady                              Skin Deep             Russia’s Golden Apple
                                                                                             Madiba Magic
                                                                 Polo | 36
                                                         Mallet Madness                   Deluxe Hotel | 52
                                                                                           10 2nd Avenue

 absolute l Cape Town
absolute l Cape Town   




                         PAD                 MOTORING                     PRIORITY
                    Property | 56              Bentley GTC | 74            The Score | 82
                       Leeukloof               The Renaissance           Melanie Scholtz

                     Design | 58                   Audi Q7 | 78         Street Smarts | 86
                 Design Indaba            Highland’s Experience     4th Avenue, Parkhurst

           Urban Architecture | 60                                      The Publisher | 88
                        Hard Cor                                                 Riboville

               Tamsin Relly | 62
             Art For The People

                 Bedrooms | 64
                Deluxe Dreams

 absolute l Cape Town
absolute l Cape Town   
10 absolute l Cape Town



                                                    absolute l Cape Town   11

12 absolute l Cape Town

           Twin brothers Dean and Dan
           Caten, from Ontario Canada,
           are the drive behind Dsquared².
           Having moved to Milan in 1991 to
           pursue their love for fashion with
           strong desire to one day have
           their own collection, their dreams
           turned to reality in 1994 when they
           successfully launched their men’s
           collection. Nine years later they
           increased their offerings to include
           a woman’s collection. Dsquared²
           shows are often multimedia ex-
           travaganzas, combining fashion
           with art and music. The unique mix
           of Canadian origins, Italian tailoring
           and fine attention to detail is pro-
           viding the brand with a solid fan
           base. Among this growing follow-
           ing are celebrities such as Lenny
           Kravitz, Justin Timberlake and Ricky
           Martin. The twins have also put
           their stamp on the women’s fash-
           ion world and were thrilled when
           they were commissioned to create
           costumes for Madonna’s “Don¹t
           Tell Me” video and the cowboy
           segment in her 2002 Drowned
           World tour. The creators describe a
           Dsquared² woman as one that “is
           self assured and wants to look cool
           in an unstudied way.”

           Dsquared² collections are vibrant,
           confident, fun and effortlessly cool.

              absolute l Cape Town           13

14 absolute l Cape Town

           absolute l Cape Town   15

16 absolute l Cape Town

 Clothes available from your local DSquared² store.
 For more details call: 021 425 5270

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18 absolute l Cape Town
                                                                            The Mju Range
                                                                                                     Your lifestyle option

Slimline metal body
Compact design
Large LCD

                                                                                    If you are looking for the extraordinary in terms of top-notch
                                                                                    image results as well as design, you will love these cameras with
                                                                                    their ultra-compact metal body and innovative technology inside.
                                                                                    Whether you enjoy spontaneous shooting without bothering
                                                                                    about settings or more creative control, these cameras are the
                                                                                    ideal everyday companions which will give you great picture

 *Olympus competition currently running in selected retail partners.
Buy any Olympus photographic equipment valued at R2500 or more, complete your Customer For Life card and place it into the entry box Instore to enter. Closing date for entries
 is the 30th of June 2007. Winners will be notified telephonically and via E-mail. Prize draw will take place on the 15th of July 2007. No employees or immediate family members
                                               of JDSA (Pty) Ltd will be eligible to enter the competition.Terms and conditions apply.

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                                    Elzbieta Rosenwerth is the founder of
                                the oldest couture house in South Africa,
                                               opening the first
                                 ‘designer boutique’ in Cape Town, dur-
                                  ing the early 1960s. Since then, Rosen-
                                    werth has become widely respected
                                  for evening gowns, cocktail wear and
                                  dresses. Now headed by Gabi Rosen-
                                 werth, the label is continuing to surprise
                                 and delight. Opulent fabrics are woven
                                   into garments of sumptuous style and
                                   quality that will bring out the princess
                                 in you. Reminiscent of tsarist splendour,
                                luxury and decadence, the blend of soft
                                 yet modern tailoring makes Rosenwerth
                                     the must have dress of the season.

20 absolute l Cape Town

Dress by Rosenwerth
Bangles by Woolworths
Chair by Furnos

           absolute l Cape Town   21

22 absolute l Cape Town
                                                          FASHION - LOCAL

                      This Page
Previous Page         Trousers and Blouse by Rosenwerth
Dress by Rosenwerth   Chair by Furnos

                                                             absolute l Cape Town   23

24 absolute l Cape Town

Shawl, Skirt, Blouse all by Rosenwerth
Boots by Aldo
Chair and Ottoman by Furnos
Prices on request

            absolute l Cape Town         25

                          This Page                                                Following Page
                          Trousers, Belt, Blouse all by Rosenwerth                 Coat by Rosenwerth
                          Shoes by Foschini                                        Hat by Woolworths

                                                          Photographer: Kai Haase; Assistant: Diaan De Beer; Stylist: Carolyn Jansen;
                                                                          Hair/Make-Up: Antoinette du Plessis; Model: Eva from ICE

                                                                   Rosenwerth 021 674 2910; Woolworths available countrywide;
                                                    Made In Love 083 996 7152; Aldo 021 671 2333 ; Foschini available countrywide

26 absolute l Cape Town

   absolute l Cape Town   27

        01                                                                    02



01. Pampelonne Bag by Louis Vuitton Store Sandton 011 784 9854 - Small R13 100.00, Large R15 100.00
02. Classic Croc Bag by Habits 021 671 7330 - R1 750.00
03. Black Leather Bag by Purr 021 424 5044 - R000 000.00
04. Matte Leather Bag by Habits 021 671 7330 - R1 599.00
05. Pochette Porte-Monnaie by Louis Vuitton Store Sandton 011 784 9854 - R1 599.00

28 absolute l Cape Town



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                                                         By Nikki Gerritsen
                                     AN ALTERED STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS

             When you hear the word            they’re actually hyper attentive. The pre-      It puts together plans and ideas and runs
             hypnosis, you may picture the     dominant theory or conception on hyp-           them by your conscious mind. When a
             mysterious hypnotist figure       nosis is that it’s a way to access a person’s   new idea comes to you out of the blue,
popularized in movies and comic books.         subconscious mind directly. Normally, you       it’s because you already thought through
These intimidating and mysterious looking      are only aware of the thought processes         the process unconsciously.
characters swing a pocket watch back           in your conscious mind. You consciously
and forth, guiding their subjects into         choose words as you speak, think over           Your subconscious mind also takes care
a semi-sleep, zombie-like state. Once          problems that you are experiencing and          of the things you do automatically. You
hypnotized, the subject is compelled to        you consciously try to remember things like     don’t actively work through the steps of
obey, no matter how strange or immoral         where you left your keys.                       breathing minute to minute, neither do
the request. This popular interpretation                                                       you think through every little thing you do
bears very little resemblance to actual        But in doing all these things, your con-        while driving your car – your subconscious
hypnotism, of course. In fact, the modern      scious mind is working hand in hand with        mind does all of that. In short, your sub-
understanding of hypnosis contradicts this     your subconscious mind. The unconscious         conscious mind is the real source behind
conception on several key points. People       part of your mind does your behind the          your actions and thoughts and it process-
in a hypnotic trance are not slaves to their   scenes thinking. It can access valuable         es everything before it pops up into your
“masters” – they have a total free will. And   information that lets you solve problems,       conscious mind. When you’re awake,
they are not really in a semi-sleep state,     construct sentences or locate your keys.        your conscious mind works to evaluate a

30 absolute l Cape Town
                                                                                                       BODY - TREATMENTS

lot of these thoughts, like making decisions      what a person does under hypnosis, but                asks you now whether you remember your
and putting certain ideas into action. It         it’s not clear why he or she does it. This            first day of school. You’ll probably remem-
also processes new information and relays         puzzle is really a small piece in a much              ber it vaguely, but when under hypnosis
it to your subconscious mind. But when            bigger puzzle: how the human mind works.              you’ll most likely even remember what
you’re asleep the conscious mind gets out         It’s unlikely that scientists will arrive with        colour your teacher’s dress was.” Now
of the way, and your subconscious has             a detailed explanation on the mind in                 that’s remarkable.
free reign.                                       the foreseeable future, so it’s a good bet
                                                  that hypnosis will remain something of a              I always knew that our subconscious minds
So how does this theory fit in with hypnosis?     mystery as well.                                      were powerful, but I find it astounding that
                                                                                                        it holds so much detailed information. Dur-
According to psychiatrists hypnosis is like       Putting all of this information to trial I visited    ing your first session with Marilyn, a course
a trance state, characterized by extreme          Marilyn Bradley, a certified hypnotist in             of treatments will be decided upon and
suggestibility, relaxation and a heightened       Bishopscourt. Marilyn explained that hyp-             you will have the opportunity to ask ques-
imagination. It’s not like sleeping, because      nosis is an altered state of consciousness,           tions. The first session is usually a consulta-
you are alert the whole time. It’s most           and she also believes that hypnotherapy               tion session. Thereafter a typical session
often compared to daydreaming, or the             can assist in any issue that involves the             will involve sitting comfortably in a chair
feeling of “losing yourself” in a good book       mind. The most widely used and acknowl-               while engaging in interactive hypnosis.
or movie. You are fully conscious, but you        edged applications of hypnotherapy                    You are always an active participant in
tune out most of the stimuli around you.          involve assisting with:                               the sessions.
You focus intently on the subject at hand,
ruling out all other thoughts.                    • anxiety problems and phobias                        Since the primary goal of the sessions is
                                                  • emotional growth, enhancing a person’s              to bring about change, other means can
Normally when a person is hypnotized                self esteem                                         also be taken to achieve goals e.g. con-
they approach the suggestions of the              • habit control, such as weight control               centrating on your breathing patterns and
hypnotist or their own ideas as if it’s a real-     and the elimination of substance abuse              creating body awareness. The average
ity. For example if you are in a hypnotic         • it can also help people with any un                 session time is between 60-90 minutes, but
state and the hypnotist suggests that your          wanted behaviours                                   your initial consultation may take longer.
tongue has swollen up to twice its size,                                                                The number of sessions can change with
you’ll feel the sensation in your mouth and       The most popular treatments deal with                 the nature of the problem and the person.
you may even have trouble talking. If the         weight control and substance abuse.
hypnotist suggests that you are drinking a        Even though these are the issues that most            Hypnotherapy is a goal-orientated, quick
chocolate milkshake, you’ll taste the milk-       people feel comfortable discussing, Mari-             and elegant therapy.
shake and feel it cooling your mouth and          lyn has helped many people with deeper
throat. If a suggestion is made that you          underlying problems.
are afraid, you may feel panicky or even
start to sweat. But the entire time you are       Sometimes people visit Marilyn for one
aware that it’s all imaginary. Essentially,       reason and when under hypnosis other
you’re “playing pretend” on an intense            issues are revealed. When that happens
level, as kids do.                                she focuses on the origin of the problems
                                                  and in turn helps you to deal with them.              To make your appointment:
People have been pondering and argu-              The most intriguing part of hypnosis to me            Hypnosis Studio Cape Town
ing about hypnosis for many years, but            is that when you’re under hypnosis you                Marilyn Bradley
science has nonetheless come to fully             seem to remember everything. Like Mari-               Tel: 021 674 6877
explain how it actually happens. We see           lyn said during our interview: “If someone  

                                                                                                                    absolute l Cape Town           31

By Bianca Coleman

                                        Health, happiness, better pro-      She is qualified to diagnose, treat and
                                        ductivity at work, increased        prescribe and is a member of the Health
                                        energy levels, restful sleep – in   Professionals Council of South Africa
                          short, all the elements of a great life, and      (HPCSA). Lise’s patients are referred to
                          lifestyle – are within everybody’s reach.         her by doctors, and she treats those with
                          All you have to do is ensure you follow           diabetes-associated ailments such as
                          the correct diet. It’s as simple as that.         high cholesterol, high blood pressure and
                                                                            obesity – known as Syndrome X. These
                          In a world saturated with fats, sugars,           conditions are effectively treated and
                          additives, preservatives and junk food            controlled through correct diet but eat-
                          – which all, let’s be honest, taste so good       ing properly has numerous benefits that
                          and are so readily available - this might         should be ignored at our peril.
                          be easier said than done but dietician
                          Lise Bryer is confident that bad habits can       “A healthy eating plan will maximise
                          be broken and new, healthy ones formed            energy, stabilise moods, reduce cravings,
                          in as little as two to four weeks. “It’s like     increase energy and productivity, and
                          brushing your teeth,” says Lise. “That’s not      of course help you lose and maintain
                          something you debate in the morning.              weight,” says Lise. “I also consult with
                          By forming new habits, you are creating           athletes, who have very special physical
                          new neural pathways in your brain, and            needs, as well as vegetarians who might
                          ultimately a new way of life. How long it         find their diet deficient in some way, and
                          takes differs from person to person, but          pregnant women.” Patients with hor-
                          with consistent behaviour, it can take            monal, renal or liver problems can also
                          anything from two to four weeks to ease           be treated through diet, as can those
                          yourself out of a bad food habit and into         suffering from irritable bowel syndrome
                          a new one.”                                       or hepatitis. If you are beginning to think
                                                                            just swapping your burger and fries for
                          Lise is a dietician and a medical profes-         fruit and yoghurt is the miracle cure for
                          sional. The degree takes five years of            everything, think again. Exercise is vitally
                          study although Lise completed it in four.         important too.

32 absolute l Cape Town
                                                                                                  BODY - NUTRITION

                                                                                                 WATER IS CRUCIAL BECAUSE
                                                                                                   DEHYDRATION CAUSES
                                                                                                      CRAVINGS FOR

“Your metabolism is like a fire,” explains       sugar are the sworn enemies, and lurk           who might not be able to find time to
Lise. “It has to be fuelled to continue          everywhere. “Read the labels on food            make and sit down to a proper meal.
burning. You can do this by eating small         packaging,” emphasises Lise.                    And sit down we should. “Eat slowly, be
amounts every three hours, which con-                                                            conscious and aware of what you are
trols your blood sugar. But throw a big log      Her three-point plan is; Low fat – no more      eating,” says Lise. “No standing in front of
on your fire – eat a huge meal – you’re          than 3g of fat per 100g of product, Low         the fridge!”
going to put it out.”                            GI (glycemic index) and combining low
                                                 GI carbohydrates with protein to control        Change is not always easy, even if you
Anybody who has spent years yo-yo                blood sugar.                                    know deep down it’s for the best, so Lise
dieting will know that the weight always                                                         cuts her patients a little slack with her
piles back on after a diet and it becomes        Water is crucial because dehydration            80/20 principle. “If you are too restrictive
progressively harder to shift it. To increase    causes cravings for carbohydrates. The          it leads to bingeing and setting yourself
metabolism, which in turn promotes               worst thing you can do, says Lise, is give in   up for failure. I tell my patients to aim for
weight loss, Lise recommends five or six         to a craving for, say, chocolate, or any-       sticking to the eating plan for 80% of the
small meals a day – breakfast, lunch and         thing sugary. She draws a diagram which         time, with a 20% allowance for treats.”
dinner with snacks in between – and exer-        illustrates sugar peaks and slumps and the      And if they should succumb to the deep-
cise. Any kind will do, just get up and do it.   vicious circle they create. For every high,     fried doughnut or box of Lindt balls, it’s
                                                 there is a low, which brings with it fatigue,   not the end of the world says Lise. “’Get
“Exercise increases muscle mass. The fat         irritability and more craving. No fun at all.   over it’, I tell them. Start over with your
oxidising enzymes in muscles – those that        “Rather snack on something like biltong,        bran flakes tomorrow morning.”
burn fat – blunt insulin, which is the fat       fruit and yoghurt or a low-GI sandwich.”
storage hormone,” explains Lise. Losing          Another way to combat cravings and
weight is not just about looking good,           hunger pangs is to include protein shakes        DETAILS:
but feeling good about yourself too.             into your diet. Lise recommends those
“Better energy levels, better sleep, your        marketed by Muscletech, whose range             Lise Bryer
clothes feel better on you, you’re more          includes various supplements designed           Tel: 021 439 7211
grounded, more focused, and more mo-             to help athletes and sportspeople reach
tivated,” says Lise. This is achievable not      their physical peak, as well as vitamin         Muscletech
through dieting as such, but by changing         - and mineral - rich meal replacements          Tel: 021 446 2266
your quality of life through diet. Fat and       for busy executives and working moms, 

                                                                                                             absolute l Cape Town          33

By Fraser Dodge


               Ah, to be a man. The daily     up. Why should this be significant, you         time, reduce cell development, slowing
               grind that includes dragging   may ask. The answer lies in the way our         new growth. Other ingredients like Marula
               a piece of sharpened steel     stubble grows. As hair goes, facial hair is a   oil soften the hair above the skin so that the
across your face, voluntarily, I might add,   tough customer. It is thicker and coarser       blade glides unimpeded across your face.
in order to be presentable, carefully ne-     than other hair our bodies sprout and a         Ingredients like Keratolin exfoliate the skin
gotiating the chin, hoping that no blood      beard doesn’t have the tendency to fall         while sleeping, reviving the complexion
will be spilt. And women say we have it       out as does the hair on our head. Oh no,        as others penetrate deep into the tissue,
easy when it comes to skin care routines.     the man with the shiniest of scalps still has   energising and nourishing. As a man,
They do have a point if you consider the      to shave his visage on a daily basis.           probably the best thing about all this is
latest product from Clarins Men.                                                              that it all happens while you are asleep.
                                              By combining a shaving aid and a skin           No effort whatsoever.
Skin Difference is a combination product      nourishment and exfoliation action, Skin
that does more than merely coat your          Difference does just that. It makes a dif-      So if the much heralded metrosexual revo-
skin, easing the passage of raw steel as      ference. Not only does it soften the hair       lution passed you by, try this single treat-
most men’s shaving aids do. Used as a         from the root up, making shaving easier, it     ment. Not only does it offer a softer, firmer
nightly ritual, it penetrates deep into the   also uses extracts from the Plane Tree and      skin, it makes that morning, manly ritual of
follicle and softens the hair from the root   a molecule called Palmatin which, over          shaving just that little bit easier to bear.

34 absolute l Cape Town


                                                                      absolute l Cape Town   35

By Susan Comrie
                                       There is a saying that once
                                       you have played your first
                                       chukka, there are few people
                          who give up polo unless they become
                          broke, divorced or both. It is hard to ex-
                          plain to someone who has never ridden
                          a horse the exhilaration that comes from
                          working in perfect unison with an animal
                          powerful enough to gallop flat out at
                          over 60km/h, but whose loyalty will bring
                          it to a dead stop in seconds just because
                          you ask it to.

                          “When the polo bug bites it’s an abso-
                          lute disease,” South African trainer John
                          Lister says. “If you can play this game at
                          any level at any time in your life then you
                          really are incredibly privileged.” Although
                          horseracing is known as the Sport of
                          Kings, there is no doubt that the title right-
                          fully belongs to polo which for the past
                          2000 years has ruled the world of eques-
                          trian sports. The game began in Persia,
                          played by nomadic warriors, but by the
                          Middle Ages it had become so popular
                          that everyone from emperors in Japan to
                          rulers in Constantinople had staked their
                          claim on the sport.

                          There are two kinds of polo players
                          – those who have enough money to buy

                                                                           their way into this exclusive club and
                                                                           those for whom polo is not just a sport but
                                                                           a way of life. But unlike golf, where any
                                                                           dotcom millionaire who can hold a club is
                                                                           allowed onto the world’s most prestigious
                                                                           courses, the few places in a polo team
                                                                           are still hard-won by talent. Although you
                                                                           don’t have to know how to ride in order
                                                                           to start learning the game, having some
                                                                           experience on a horse is a huge advan-
                                                                           tage if you want to progress to playing at
                                                                           more than basic club level.

                                                                           “The vast majority of polo players could
                                                                           up their handicap by at least 1 point if
                                                                           they learnt to ride better,” John says.
                                                                           “70% of the game is the horse and the
                                                                           better horseman you are the more you
                                                                           can participate in that seventy percent.”
                                                                           The handicapping system in polo works in
                                                                           the opposite way to golf, and although
                                                                           there still only a handful of international
                                                                           level polo players in the country that will
                                                                           start changing as more and more players
                                                                           start coming through the ranks. While the
                                                                           level of polo played in the Cape still trails
                                                                           the standard in the rest of the coun-
                                                                           try, John predicts that that could soon
                                                                           change as new developments like the

36 absolute l Cape Town
                                                                                                 BODY - ACTIVE

exclusive Val Di Vie Polo Estate, outside      At club level you will probably only play
Paarl, draw talent and training knowl-         four chukkas in a match for which you
edge into the area.                            will pay anything between R300 to R1000
                                               per chukka. Once you are ready to buy
Like most equestrian sports, polo is a         your own horse you can expect to pay
game that can be played at any age.            anything between R20 000 to R50 000 for
But don’t make the mistake of think-           a made pony with some experience on
ing that because the horse is the one          the field. You can buy a thoroughbred off
thundering up and down the field that it       the track for a lot less, but it takes at least
doesn’t require incredible fitness. Longer     two years of expert training before that
than any horse race, meaner than               horse is ready to play. It’s important to
any rugby match, each one of the six           remember that for proper matches with
chukkas lasts just seven minutes, during       six chukkas you will need at least three
which horse and rider are pushed to the        ponies per match as rules prohibit the
extreme. As the saying goes, all’s fair in     horses from playing more than two chuk-
love and war, and just about fair in polo.     kas in a game. Allowing for injuries and
Although no player is allowed to cross the     tactical changes can bring that number
line of the ball once it has been struck,      up to five horses which all need to be sta-
pushing, charging, shoving and elbow-          bled, transported, fed, vetted, groomed,
ing are all the order of the day. The rules    trained and kitted out with tack.
of the game are massively complicated
and it’s as much a tactical sport and a        Like any high-stakes poker game, buying
physical one, so being able to think faster    your way into polo is no guarantee of
than the horse travelling at 60km/h or         success, but if you can afford the price
the ball going three times that speed is       tag, the playing fields are levelled the
essential.                                     second you step onto the pitch. A lot of
                                               people are put off playing polo because
While you are still learning to play your      they assume that you have to be born in
best option is to hire a horse for a chukka.   the saddle in order to ever properly par-

                                                                                                 absolute l Cape Town   37

                                                 THE FEW PLACES IN A POLO
                                                 TEAM ARE STILL HARD-WON
                                                        BY TALENT

ticipate in the game. While polo schools      Of course if you’d prefer to enjoy the          the speed of the horses intimidate you.
are few and far between, training centres     game from the ground with a glass of            As John says, if you’re frightened of the
like the Westcoast Ostrich Ranch – and        champagne in one hand, polo is as               horse he can fix that. If you’re frightened
in the future, Val Di Vie – are opening the   much a sport for spectators as it is for rid-   of the game, “well, that’s between you
game up to anyone with the time, money        ers. During halftime anyone not playing is      and the good Lord”.
and determination to play.                    required by tradition to take to the field to
                                              help stomp in any divots that the horses
“I’m not going to stick you on a horse        have churned up. While the elite few who         DETAILS:
and make you play a chukka as soon            have the talent and means to excel at           Cape Hunt & Polo
as you get there,” John says. “But with       the game take to the field, the majority of     Tel: 021 976 3968
some talent and proper coaching we            us are happy just to hold court with such
can prepare you to play at club level in      exclusive company. If, however, you’re          Westcoast Ostrich Ranch
6 months – 3 months if you already know       not content to just sit on the sidelines,       Tel: 021 972 1955
how to ride.”                                 don’t let the prestige of the game or 

38 absolute l Cape Town

                                    You’re always busy all day, everyday.
                 Rushing from one thing to the next.You need some “me-time” in your schedule.
                          Take a well deserved break and pop into our Mind/Body Studio.
                It’s the perfect place to calm your mind and relax your body.You’ll feel energized,
                                   exhilarated and ready to join the rat-race again.

                                         Get moving now, call 0860 ACTIVE.
                                       Visit for more info.

                                                                                     Join the movement.

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                          PROFESSIONAL LASER TREATMENTS
                                FOR ALL SKIN TYPES

                              SWISS BEAUTY LASER CLINIC
                               Cape Pharmaceutical (Pty) Ltd.
                                    TEL 021 424 7443
                                   CELL 082 319 5353

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                                                                    absolute l Cape Town   41

42 absolute l Cape Town

                By Jacqueline Roberts

           absolute l Cape Town         43

   VODKA IS THE COUNTRY’S                  For most of us, the mere men-      Not normally one to harp on about
                                           tion of Russia stirs up images     history, Russia’s is so spectacular, I feel
  NATIONAL PRIDE AND CON-                  of shifty looking blokes in long   that it needs more than just a passing
   SUMED HEARTILY BY JUST   trench-coats whispering Kremlinesque se-          mention. It boasts some big names; Ivan
                            crets to shadowy spies. Grey buildings un-        IV – the Terrible to you and me – was the
          ABOUT EVERYONE    der grey skies with queues of grey looking        first Muscovite tsar and is considered to
                            peasant folk waiting for meagre rations.          have founded the Russian State. Peter
                            Described by Winston Churchill as a “rid-         the Great made extensive reforms and
                            dle wrapped in a mystery in an enigma”,           extended Russia’s boundaries to the
                            it’s a shame that, 50 years on, despite           west. Catherine the Great continued
                            Russia becoming the new Russian Fed-              Peter’s westernization program and also
                            eration, losing its draconian hold on the         expanded territory. Alexander I held off
                            region’s now autonomous states and em-            Napoleon, gained even more terrain and
                            bracing the West, it has not done more to         originated the Holy Alliance, crushing Eu-
                            dispel its rather grey reputation. However,       rope’s rising liberal movement for a time.
                            look a little farther back in history and
                            one finds not grey, but the flamboyance           Around the time of World War I – tsarist
                            of the extravagant and glorious Russia of         corruption and inefficiency surfaced and
                            the tsars. Look at Russia’s buildings and         disorders broke out in Petrograd (later
                            one can see more than the boring, grey            Leningrad, today St. Petersburg) and de-
                            Soviet monoliths – incredibly beautiful           fection of the garrison there launched the
                            (and just a bit bonkers) Baroque cathe-           Russian Revolution. Nicholas II was forced
                            drals, exquisite palaces and monuments.           to abdicate, then murdered, along
                            Look at the Russians themselves and one           with his family by revolutionaries. On
                            will see that they are becoming part              Nov 7th 1917, the Bolshevik Revolution,
                            of a bigger world, embracing the West             engineered by Vladimir Lenin and Leon
                            as well as their own rich heritage. They          Trotsky, overthrew the government and
                            also know a thing or two about vodka.             authority was vested in a Council of Peo-
                                                                              ple’s Commissars, with Lenin at the helm.
                            Russia is the largest country in the world;
                            more than 17 million square kilometres            The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was
                            stretches across two continents and               established in 1922, closely followed by
                            eleven time zones. It borders an impres-          Lenin’s death in 1924, which in turn, pre-
                            sive fourteen different countries, seven          cipitated an intra-party struggle between
                            seas and two oceans. It boasts the larg-          general secretary, Joseph Stalin and Trot-
                            est fresh water lake on the planet and            sky. Stalin won the battle and Trotsky was
                            the longest railway. One of the world’s           dismissed and banished from the country
                            five nuclear powers, Russia also holds the        the following year (later murdered in Mex-
                            dubious title of having the world’s largest       ico City by a man in a long dark coat).
                            stockpile of weapons of mass destruction.         Under Stalin’s tyrannical rule ethnic

44 absolute l Cape Town
                                                                                    TRAVEL - INTERNATIONAL

groups were persecuted, particularly         the US and the USSR which would last for         towers (of which there are 20). Stand in
Jews and Ukrainians, and millions of Sovi-   the next 45 years.Various prime ministers        Red Square and soak up centuries of
ets were sent to forced-labour camps for     signed various accords with Western su-          history before taking a wander to marvel
not conforming to the Stalinist ideal. An    perpowers but it was Mikhail Gorbachev,          at the stunning gold, silver, striped and
estimated 20 million Russians are said to    entering into power in 1985, who was             studded domes of the nine churches
have died under Stalin’s rule from starva-   to introduce sweeping economic and               and cathedrals, administrative buildings
tion, execution and life in the camps.       political reforms in Russia. He brought us       and many memorials dotted around the
                                             glasnost and perestroika, “openness”,            complex. Many of the sights within the
The years preceding World War II saw         and “restructuring” to the Soviet system.        Kremlin also double up as museums.
the Russians indecisive to say the least.    He established much warmer relations
At first friendly toward Germany and         with the West, ended Soviet occupation           If art’s your thing then don’t miss the
antagonistic toward Britain and France,      of Afghanistan and announced that the            Tretyakov Gallery with its magnificent
Russia became staunchly anti-Fascist         Warsaw Pact countries were allowed to            collection of Russian art and icons, the
and pro-League of Nations after Hitler’s     pursue their own political agendas. It was       Andrey Rublev or the Novodevichy
rise to power. At the outset of war, they    his efforts that ultimately put an end to        monastery. For the big outdoors, head
took another about turn by signing a         the Cold War and he was awarded the              to Gorky Park, the city’s main recrea-
nonaggression pact with Nazi Germany         Nobel Peace Prize in 1990 for his efforts.       tion area or take a sombre tour around
and Russia joined Germany in its attack                                                       Poklonnya Mountain – more of a hill,
of Poland (at the same time grabbing         So, back to the country today and why            it is a 98 hectare memorial park com-
land). Over the following year or so, Rus-   you should consider visiting?! Russian cit-      plete with lush fountains, churches,
sia went about seizing and annexing a        ies are awash with reminders of its various      monuments and of course parkland.
whole host of smaller territories, further   incarnations and first stop on anyone’s
swelling the Republic. Hitler’s lightening   tour should, of course, be Moscow.               For some real live culture, the Bolshoi
attack in 1941, which seized 500,000m2       Moscow has seen huge change over                 Ballet and Opera has its home here with
of Russian territory, spelt the end of the   the past years, mainly thanks to long            a full calendar of shows and there are
friendship with Germany and the Russians     time mayor Yuri Luzhkov. Huge interna-           plenty of other theatres and concert
switched sides and joined the allies, even   tional investment in the capital has also        halls to satiate even the most avid music
declaring war on Japan at the near           brought many foreigners into Moscow              and dance fanatic. The famous Moscow
end of the war – once more gaining           and along with home-grown billionaire            State Circus wows the crowds with its
a fair bit of territory into the bargain.    barons is helping it on its way from social-     five interchangeable rings in an audito-
                                             ist grey to cosmopolitan, capitalist shine.      rium which seats 3400. For an evening
After the war, the quarrelling between                                                        out with a difference, head to the Cat
east and west began. It all started with     Must see sights in Moscow include the            Theatre, where a troupe of talented
the division of Berlin and Germany which     Kremlin, at the very heart of Moscow.            felines perform “original and astounding
culminated in the Berlin blockade in         This historic, fortified complex has been        acrobatic feats”. The mind boggles.
1948. Control over the entire cordon of      the seat of grand dukes and the resi-            The Moscow restaurant world has slowly
Communist states was dubbed the “Iron        dence of tsars and today is still the official   pulled itself out of soup and dumplings
Curtain” by Churchill and would later        residence of the President. The Kremlin is       and one can now dine at restaurants of
lead to the Warsaw Pact. It also marked      actually a collection of palaces, cathe-         all classes and styles. Imported foreign
the beginning of the Cold War between        drals, the Kremlin Wall and the Kremlin          chefs offering a dizzying array of culinary

                                                                                                      absolute l Cape Town            45

styles feature on many menus and in              nicknamed the Venice of the North; its        species of plants and animals than any
a city where rivers run with cash, res-          many cathedrals and churches including        other lake in the world. Fed by 336 rivers
taurants are constantly trying to outdo          the Peter and Paul with its magnificent       and streams, the clear waters of Baikal
each other to attract Moscow’s many              baroque interior and needle thin gilded       and the surrounding mountains and
billionaires. At the top of this heap of         spire (the highest building in St. Peters-    forests make it a nature and outdoor
sumptuous dining establishments is the           burg); the pretty picture postcard Saviour    sports lovers’ paradise. Hiking, climbing,
Turandot, a $50 million recreation of a          on the Blood Church containing more           water sports and even skiing are on the
baroque palace close to the Kremlin.             mosaics than any other church in the          agenda here amongst amazing scenery
Sit on damask-covered chairs sur-                world; and the Smolny Cathedral with          and you’ll be sharing it all with bears,
rounded by frescoes, chandeliers and             its dazzling cupolas and baroque style        elk, moose, deer and the world’s only
porcelain fireplaces whilst listening to         architecture, one of the most beautiful in    fresh water seals. If that doesn’t float
a Mozart-playing quartet and dining              the city. The list could go on and on. As     your boat, there are plenty of cultural
on “imperial Asian” cuisine (shark’s fin         Russia’s cultural capital, there are monu-    attractions – Baikal remains a cross-
soup is popular). A meal for two is not as       ments at every turn and just wandering        roads of cultures where native Sayats
extravagant as your surroundings and             along the riverbank or its many tree-lined    still herd reindeer and the Buryat people
fellow diners may suggest however, at            avenues soaking up the atmosphere             maintain many of their old traditions.
around $100 per person, one can af-              is worth a few hours of your time.
ford to play with Moscow’s in-crowd.                                                           You can’t visit Russia and avoid Vodka
                                                 If you fancy visiting a far flung corner of   – it is the country’s national pride (there
Russia’s other great city, relatively close to   Russia then take a plane or, if you have      is even a museum dedicated to it in
Moscow, is St. Petersburg. Here you can          the time, a train to Irkutsk in Siberia. It   Moscow) and consumed heartily by just
visit the original home of the city’s name-      will take you just more than three days       about everyone. Whether you’re drinking
sake, Peter the Great, oozing with histori-      but hopping aboard the world’s longest        with the hoi polloi in Moscow, students in
cal ambience and his final resting place,        railway, the Trans-Siberian, or Trans-Sib     St Petersburg or peasants at Baikal, here
the Peter and Paul Fortress. The State           for the hipper amongst us, is well worth a    are a few tips for imbibing as the locals
Hermitage Museum is housed in six mag-           side trip. Running from Moscow to Vladi-      do: 1. Drink it neat, the Russians never mix
nificent buildings along the embankment          vostok via Beijing, the railway will intro-   their vodka. 2. Drink it straight up in small
of the River Neva and includes the Winter        duce you to the real Russia as it ambles      vodka glasses; the Russians cool their
Palace, former home to many a tsar, built        through numerous different provinces          vodka in the bottle, not by adding ice
for Peter the Great’s daughter. Collec-          and regions, across 16 great European         in the glass. 3. Drink it during a meal, not
tions containing over 3 million items dating     rivers and along the shores of Lake Baikal    before or after, vodka is the traditional
from the Stone Age to the 20th Century           – the main reason for coming to Irkutsk.      accompaniment to any meal. 4. Always
in addition to regular exhibitions make                                                        make a toast. Russians will drink vodka
the museum the largest in Russia and             Lake Baikal is immense; a natural treasure    at any time with or without an occasion
one of the most important in the world.          close to the Mongolian border, the lake       but never without making a toast prior
Other important St Petersburg sights             holds twenty percent of the earth’s           to knocking it back. 5. And finally, try
include its many bridges – the city is often     fresh water. It is home to more endemic       not to fall over, the Russians never do!

46 absolute l Cape Town

          32 Luxury Air Conditioned Rooms
              Open Poolside Restaurant
                 Conference Room
                  Treatment Room
               Children’s Playground

                       Tel: 027 482 1777
email: l Cape Town 47

By Fraser Dodge

           When I was first invited to Trossachs, I immediately   The drive to the lodge was a comfortable two hours from
           went online to see what was in store. The initial      Cape Town, thanks in no small part to the Audi Q7 I was
           reaction was that Scotland was a long way to go        driving, but more of that in the motoring section. There are
for a weekend. The Trossachs forms part of the Loch Lomond        two ways of getting to McGregor and the lodge, both in-
National Park and I had visions of finding Nessie and thereby     volving long sections of freeway driving. We opted for the
ensuring my fame and fortune. It was then that I noticed that     more scenic, in our opinion, option of driving down the N2
there was another, much closer Trossachs near McGregor in         and turning left at Stormsvlei rather than going the N1 Rob-
the Cape. Then it all began to make sense and my dreams of        ertson route. From there we drove the dirt roads to McGre-
being remembered as a legendary monster hunter dimmed.            gor and asked for directions at the local police station. In a
                                                                  thick accented bray, endemic to the Karoo and West Coast,
There is a link, however, between the South African Tros-         the constable let us know we were just minutes away.
sachs and the one across the water. The South African ver-        Set high on a hill, the Trossachs Lodge overlooks the Breede River
sion was built by a Scotsman in honour of the original. When      Valley and onto the blue mountains in the distance. It is a view
you are driving out to the guest lodge, it is not that hard to    that lingers, not letting go and one that instantly relaxes you.
imagine the man thinking he was in the Scottish Highlands.        The scale of the vista is at once humbling and awe inspiring.
There is a similarity in the rugged landscape that immediately
draws comparison. But that comparison soon wanes once             The lodge is a smattering of small buildings made of natural
you meet the owners. John and Marinda are true-blue South         stone and thatch. The manor house incorporates the recep-
Africans and are well versed in our reputation for hospitality.   tion and breakfast kitchen. John, the aforementioned owner,
                                                                  met us at the house and we checked in. We were offered
McGregor itself is a tiny hamlet at the foot of the Rivierson-    the McKenzie room. All the rooms are named after a Scottish
derend Mountains. Dating back to the early 1800s, it was          clan and are decorated with the appropriate tartan. They are
officially proclaimed a village in 1856. Though things were       incredibly spacious with a lounge area, high, bare thatched
not quite what they seem. Originally the village was named        eaves and an impressive bathroom. Seeing that it was sum-
Lady Grey, causing some confusion for the post office due         mer, we never had the opportunity to use the large fireplace
to a village of the same name in the Eastern Cape. The            and made a note to return mid-winter when there is a cov-
name McGregor was bestowed upon the village in the year           ering of snow on the peaks in the distance. The absence of
1906 in honour of the retired reverend Andrew McGregor            a television in the room was welcomed as the focus of the
of the Dutch Reformed Church, ending all confusion.               lodge is relaxation and quiet. The thought of relaxing on the

48 absolute l Cape Town
                                                                                        TRAVEL - OUTSIDE 021

veranda in the evening, soaking up the ambience and luxury            attempting a Connery-esque brogue, had died of natural caus-
of no intrusion from the outside world isn’t as appealing while       es before being sent to the taxidermist. Or so we were assured.
being bombarded by the sounds of a second rate Hollywood
blockbuster emanating from the room across the way.                   After a hearty breakfast on yet another wrap-around deck,
As we had arrived in time for sundown, we made our way                yet this one at the manor house overlooking the fishponds,
to the bar and met our fellow guests of the weekend. The              we set out to explore a 4x4 trail. There are numerous activi-
bar is right next to the pool that has a magnificent view.            ties in the area besides the rugged, with walks, wine tasting
It runs on an honesty system and each room has an indi-               and biking competing with the more sedate general ex-
vidual notepad where each drink is documented by the                  ploration of an intriguing area of the country. After a hard
drinker. I am not sure how accurate the system would be               day in the mountains, as hard as it can get ensconced in
after an all night party, but we never put that to the test!          a luxury 4x4 while tackling mountainous terrain, the group
                                                                      adjourned to the Springfield wine farm to savour their sig-
Dinner was served in the Highlander restaurant. This is situ-         nature “Life From Stone” sauvignon blanc. Reflecting on a
ated on the hill above the accommodation with a massive               grand day by sipping on fine wines, watching two young
wrap-around deck. Due to its remote location, one might be            boys catch bass in the dam, is a highly recommended
forgiven for thinking that the culinary offerings might be second     way to wind down and forget the stresses of city living.
rate. Rest assured the food was superb. Freshly baked bread,
still warm from the oven, was presented next to a home-               Returning to Trossachs for a quick swim on our last evening,
made chicken liver pate that melted in the mouth. Having              another memorable meal was washed down with a few too
two servings was probably a little too much as a starter, but         many glasses of the Springfield. Waking in the morning to
there was no way I was going to miss out on such fine tastes.         another big breakfast, all that remained was to check out and
This was followed by a phenomenal fish and prawn dish, slow           get on the road back to Cape Town. Once again eschewing
cooked in a creamy sauce. Feeling sated, I was still unable           the shortest route home, we extended our weekend by driving
to refuse the dessert. John served fried bananas in a liqueur         up to Ceres and returning via Bain’s Kloof Pass and Wellington.
sauce with a dollop of home-made ice-cream. Heavenly is
the only word I can think of that aptly describes the meal.           Trossachs was a welcome break from the frenetic ac-
The entire experience was watched over by a stuffed, hairy,           tivity that characterises our life in the city and I shall
Highland cow’s head hanging on the wall above the fireplace.          definitely return. Only this time I want to be there in win-
This “hairy coo,” as some at the table insisted on calling it while   ter so that I can put that fireplace to good use.

                                                                                                       absolute l Cape Town           49

   01                                                                                                 1. Classical Exterior
                                                                                                      2. Opulent Interior
                                                                                                      3. High Powered Dealing
                                                                                                      4. Corridor of Power
                                                                                                      5. Bathroom Bling

                                                                                                     The Golden Apple Hotel
                                                                                                     11 Malaya Dmitrovka
                                                                                                     Tel: +7 (495) 980 7000
                                                                                                     Fax: +7 (495) 980 7001


   03                                              04                                                 05

When visiting Russia, one thing is guaran-       an anomaly, being incredibly well situated        floor, is one of the more innovative fusion
teed. Opulence, and a lot of it. Stylish,        toward the north end of Malaya Dimitro-           restaurants in the city (and priced ac-
boutique hotels were almost unheard of           vka, which runs into Pushkin Square. This         cordingly), with a constantly changing,
in Russia. The massive, impossibly ornate        offers the traveller access to virtually all of   Asian-accented menu. Hotel staff are not
hotels are impressive, but if you are look-      central Moscow.Hidden behind its classical        only friendly and English-speaking, but also
ing for a contemporary, more personal            façade, the hotel offers four levels of ac-       jaw-droppingly attractive. The interiors are
experience, then the Golden Apple is for         commodation. Standard rooms are small-            modern, slick and minimal. Lots of black
you. It would be forgiven if comment was         ish but perfectly adequate, with ample            and white and grey, set off against bold
passed that the contemporary boutique            working space and an almost Japanese              solid reds, yellows and greens, and lots of
hotel is nothing out of the ordinary for         sense of design and décor. Deluxe rooms           modernist furniture, including some truly
Europe or North America. It isn’t. But for       and penthouses are, of course, larger, but        inspired chairs. The lobby bar is cheery and
the Russian capital, it is a move that is        equally elegant and well-planned. The             colourful, as opposed to Moscow’s usual
significant. Its location is also something of   Golden Apple restaurant, on the ground            style of dark, secretive old bar-rooms.

50 absolute l Cape Town
                                                                                          TRAVEL - HIP HOTELS

   01                                                                                         1. A Lengthy Affair
                                                                                              2. Imposing Style
                                                                                              3. Room With a View
                                                                                              4. Luxurious Lounging

                                                                                              Mandela Rhodes
                                                                                              Cnr. of Berg and Wale Street
                                                                                              St. George’s Mall, Cape Town
                                                                                              Tel: 021 422 0770
                                                                                              Fax: 021 422 3908

   02                                                                                         03


Oftentimes, when arriving at a hotel for     and living areas leading onto a large bal-    for those on a longer itinerary than ours.
the evening you silently wish that you had   cony with exceptional views. The décor        The following morning we breakfasted at
booked elsewhere. Rest assured that this     was truly inspired and we made a mental       Riboville, which offers the complimentary
shall not happen if you book at Mandela      note to ask who had created the interi-       breakfast for the hotel guests. Fresh juice,
Rhodes Place. The apartments that are        ors. Dark wooden cabinetry was magnifi-       muesli and yoghurt were consumed
for rent in this modern, newly opened        cently offset with a white leather couch.     in splendid surroundings before we
complex of restored buildings in the heart   Sleek white stone made up the counter-        crossed St Georges Mall to the hotel and
of the Old Town of Cape Town, are a          tops in the kitchen and contributed to        checked out. I have to admit to lingering,
study in design.                             the feeling of luxury and indulgence. The     not wanting to leave. As I drove away,
The wide, solid, dark wooden door            bathrooms were exquisite, with raw stone      I realised that this was probably one of
opened up onto, what is in my opinion,       tiles, oversized feature basins and large,    the best hotel experiences I have had in
a close to perfect apartment. Gleaming       supremely powerful showers. Each room         the Mother City and it definitely warrants
wooden floors, open plan kitchen, dining     had masses of built-in cupboard space         another stay.

                                                                                                   absolute l Cape Town            51

10 2nd AVENUE
By Fraser Dodge

                                       When visiting Johannesburg,      electric gates open to a drive flanked
                                       there are a number of luxuri-    by massive trees and immaculate, lush
                                       ous hotels that you can opt      gardens. The house stands proudly
                          to stay in. There are also, increasingly, a   before you, welcoming lights twinkling.
                          few private boutique hotels springing up
                          that are of a more personal nature. One       On entry you are greeted by muted
                          of these is 10 Second Avenue, Houghton.       earth tones, high ceilings and an ambi-
                                                                        ence of comfort and easy living. The
                          The area is renowned as old money             original house was built in 1932 and the
                          Johannesburg and most of the houses           proportions of the rooms are a testa-
                          are protected by the National Heritage        ment to a bygone age of opulence
                          Act. This act allows for little demolition    and gracious living. Having dropped our
                          and development in the area, so it has        bags in the incredibly spacious Presi-
                          retained its rightful place as an area        dential Suite, we went downstairs to the
                          of large trees, wide roads and spa-           restaurant. We had the place to our-
                          cious, grand old houses. One of these         selves. The only other guest in residence
                          houses has been turned into a wonderful,      had opted to eat out that evening.
                          comfortable, deluxe hotel. On arrival,        Deciding on the starters was difficult,
                          you turn into the gate with guard hut,        made more so by a list of specials. I
                          the property screened by a wall that          settled on Ostrich carpaccio while the
                          hides this urban oasis from prying eyes.      girlfriend had steamed asparagus with a
                          Once checked in with the guard, the           hollandaise sauce. Both were deemed

52 absolute l Cape Town
                                                                                   TRAVEL - HOTEL REVIEW

                                                                                           THE AREA IS RENOWNED AS
                                                                                          OLD MONEY JOHANNESBURG
                                                                                           AND MOST OF THE HOUSES
                                                                                              ARE PROTECTED BY THE
                                                                                              NATIONAL HERITAGE ACT

exceptional. This was followed by an          evoked thoughts of an Andalucian Moor-      asked to have our second cup of coffee
aged fillet main for her and a grilled fish   ish villa. Having surveyed the courtyard    and tea to be delivered to our room,
for me. I must say, she had the better        confident in the knowledge that there       we sat back on the couch and relaxed
deal. The meat was cooked to perfec-          were no other guests for us to disturb,     while drinking in the atmosphere. Early
tion, with enough juice remaining to          we made our way to the pool area.           the next morning, after a breakfast on the
make it soft and succulent yet not too                                                    deep, extended veranda at the front of
bloody. It was a generous slice of beef       Here, columns surrounded the pool but       the house, I was taken on a tour of the
that elicited a round of hmms and aahs        the effect was somewhat muted and           conference facilities. Catering for small
with each bite. While my Malay crusted        slightly incongruous with the rest of the   groups of up to 24 people, it is perfectly
linefish was adequate, it was not memo-       design. The pool was as clear as a bell     situated as a personal, quiet centre to
rable. I have often been told but rarely      and enticing, yet neither of us dared a     hold meetings. The access to the hotel
remember to not eat fish inland. Dessert      swim. Once out in the garden proper,        is unrivalled, with Sandton mere minutes
was a ganache chocolate mousse that           it was evident that a lot of time and       away, as is the M1 freeway. Conven-
was declared average by both of us.           care had gone into the planning of the      ience and facilities like this makes the
                                              layout. The terraces house quiet corners    hotel a perfect business destination.
Once we had had our coffee, we took           and a wonderful array of plants that
a moment out to stroll in the gardens.        clearly entice an equal array of birds.     Reluctantly we packed our bags and
As we left the building, walking through      We retired for the evening and returned     waved goodbye to 10 Second Avenue.
the outside bar and entertainment area,       to the sumptuous suite. With balconies      It was an uplifting experience that
we came across a remarkable court-            leading of the living area and the bed-     demands a return. I know that I would
yard fountain surrounded by the other         room, it is easy to imagine the elegance    love to come back, but next time, I
rooms. This addition to the main house        of living in this grand old dame. Having    want to be able to stay there longer.

                                                                                                  absolute l Cape Town          53
54 absolute l Cape Town



                                                                absolute l Cape Town   55

            If you mention deluxe living      ments it has a heated pool in the Zen
            to a Capetonian, there are a      courtyard, while there is a full length lap
            few areas that automatically      pool for the more energetic.
spring to mind. One of the areas blessed
with the best views is Tamboerskloof,         Properties of this quality are rarely avail-
set high against the slopes of Signal Hill.   able, making this house even more
Amongst these elite properties, one truly     desirable.
stands out. Leeukloof.

Few properties come better situated than
this marvel of Japanese inspired archi-
tecture in Upper Tamboerskloof. With
unsurpassed views of the entire City Bowl,
Table Mountain, Helderberg and far to
the North, entertaining on the hardwood
deck is a natural extension of the open,
light living space.

Exotic wood, glass and steel combine
in minimalist lines that naturally blend
into the dramatic, hilltop environment.
This most impressive residence has four
double bedrooms, all en-suite and three
reception rooms. For those quieter mo-

56 absolute l Cape Town
Home News, founded                                     website:
by Ursula Ehrentraut in
                                                   CLIFTON                       R 5.95 MILLION
1982, is a well-known,
highly respected
Boutique agency, situat-
ed in a landmark corner
shop in Sea Point.

One of the true independents, the company
caters for the upmarket areas on the Atlantic
Coast and the City Centre and specialises in      - LUXURY 3 BEDROOMS, ALL EN-SUITE
the sale of apartments, houses, commercial        - 2 LOCK-UP GARAGES,
                                                  - ENTERTAINMENT TERRACE, VIEWS
properties, guesthouses and hotels. They also     CALL ANNETTE ON 082 658 1116
boast a big following of foreign clients from
Europe and the UK.                                 CAMPS BAY                     R 1.98 MILLION

Ursula’s team of highly qualified agents and
support staff will be able to help you, wheth-
er it is a property in Clifton, Bantry Bay, Sea
Point or the City Bowl, or a guest house or
hotel you are looking for.

For personal assistance and confidential
advice, please do not hesitate to contact         - HOLIDAY PAD, LOCK-UP GARAGE
                                                  - BALCONY, VIEWS AND POOL IN COMPLEX
Ursula Ehrentraut on (021) 434 8921 or            CALL MALKA ON 083 300 2111, ESTELLE OR URSULA
083 252 0523.
                                                   LEEUKLOOF                     R 9.95 MILLION

                                                  - STRIKING HILLTOP HOME, OPEN PLAN LIVING
                                                  - 5 BEDROOMS, 2 POOLS, DRAMATIC VIEWS
                                                  TO VIEW THIS MINIMALIST BEAUTY
                                                  CALL URSULA ON 083 252 0523,

           FOR FRIENDLY SERVICE                          GUESTHOUSES & HOTELS
          VISIT YOUR HOME NEWS                               JOHAN GURTEL
            PROPERTY CORNER                                 TEL - 083 675 4085
        OR CALL TEL: +27 21 434 8921                       HOME NEWS OFFICE
                                                       ALL DIVISIONS - 021 - 434 8921

                                                                     absolute l Cape Town         57


     By Adrian McCaw
                                        Cape Town once again                design and build quality has always been
                                        played host to the Design           seen as second rate. Thankfully Design In-
                                        Indaba, now in its 10th year.       daba is making huge strides in the effort to
                          With each showing, this conference is             dispel these myths and to show South Afri-
                          becoming more interesting and plays a             cans that we can compete on the world
                          more significant role in highlighting all that    stage in many ways other than Oscar and
                          is positive regarding South African design.       Grammy ceremonies. We need to be
                          And there is a lot to be positive about.          more accepting of our local talent. There
                                                                            are some amazingly talented people
                          Let’s face it. As soon as the word design         fighting for recognition in our own country
                          is mentioned, most people’s thoughts are          while we all mutely accept foreign based
                          filled with names like Mies van der Rohe,         design as superior. This is where the confer-
                          Charles and Ray Eames, Starck, Conran             ence is having a marked impact on the
                          and Foster. But what of Nash, Plunkett and        South African scene.
                          Unterberger? Heath Nash is a prolific light-
                          ing designer that has the world aflutter,         Design Indaba has opened up new
                          Plunkett has caused a stir with his Mooj          avenues for local designers, not only of
                          bookcase and Unterberger’s stainless              fashion, but of products, ideas, con-
                          steel and Perspex office desks are equal          cepts, architecture and the like. It is a
                          to those from any overseas studio. So why         feast of display and interaction with the
                          are these names not up there in lights,           designers themselves, as well as the well
                          celebrated as home-grown originals?               versed public that are taking notice. The
                                                                            increasing significance of the Indaba is
                          Firstly it is our propensity to look outside of   evident in the press it is now receiving
                          our borders for design inspiration rather         and the impact it is having on young ca-
                          than within. Secondly, it is because local        reers. International buyers attend in their

58 absolute l Cape Town
                                                                                                     P.A.D - DESIGN

droves and the rest of the world benefits       tached, regardless of context. While this    the world stage. All facets of design are
from our originality, boosting our exports      is what we have come to expect from          booming in South Africa and we need
and creating employment. International          Zapiro, what came as a surprise was that     to grasp this surge in confidence in our
conference speakers are standing side           he came under the most fire from his own     own abilities and use it as a springboard
by side with the South Africans, treating       community when he published what they        for greater opportunity. Why, the world
them as equals, as should we all.               considered a controversial cartoon.          uses Africa as an inspiration all the time.
One of the most interesting speakers was                                                     Designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci
the Dutch trend spotter Li Edelkoort. She       South African fashion designers are con-     and others are increasingly using African
envisages a future that incorporates a          stantly in demand worldwide and one just     inspired motifs and patterns, yet the
more cocooned existence and a move              has to look to someone like Gavin Rajah      Africans look to Europe or the Americas
away from minimalism to more opulence,          to see that we can hold our own against      to try to cement their own identity. Let
luxury and the ornate. This will not only be    the world’s best. Celebrities, the foreign   us celebrate our African heritage, take
evident in fashion, but will also be strongly   kind as well as local, love his designs      pride in what we offer and show the
influencing our décor trends. Fashion shall     as well as those of other locally based      world that we stand back for no man. We
show a trend towards covering up and            or born designers. Stoned Cherry, Sun        are talented, capable and inspirational.
wraps, shawls and poncho style designs          Goddess, Rosenwerth and more all have        What will it take for the general public to
shall come to the fore.                         loyal foreign followings yet are barely in   realise this and support people that are
                                                the mainstream fashion consciousness of      innovators and creators of magnificent,
Another speaker, our very own Zapiro,           the South African buying public. Stephan     well engineered, well produced goods?
the cartoonist of the poison pen, was ex-       Martin, a talented new designer with
tremely entertaining while he explained         Rosenwerth, was asked to exhibit one         If you are still thinking that local product
his intimate relationship with our erstwhile    of his creations at Design Indaba by the     quality and delivery is shoddy, next time
deputy president Jacob Zuma. From the           organisers, a rare accolade for someone      you start your BMW remember that it was
brouhaha created by a single cartoon,           so young that hopefully raises awareness     built in Port Elizabeth. If the German’s are
he now lampoons Zuma by depicting               of the precocious ability we have wait-      so confident of our abilities, shouldn’t you
him with a showerhead permanently at-           ing in the wings to join Rajah and co on     be too?

                                                                                                      absolute l Cape Town           59

                                                                                                          By Adrian McCaw

                                                                                                          WHEN A LARGE
                                                                                                          SCALE DEVELOP-
                                                                                                          MENT GOES GREEN,
                                                                                                          WE SHOULD ALL SIT
                                                                                                          UP AND TAKE NOTICE

              COR, the first        cooling, enclosure for ter-        crisis that is looming with the    usage of glass and steel, it is
              sustainable, mixed-   races, armatures for turbines,     problems suffered by Eskom,        a statement of style that does
              use condominium       and loggias for congregating       this methodology could be a        not attempt to hide its flam-
in Miami, Florida represents        on the ground.                     saving grace for South Africa.     boyance, revelling in its unique
a dynamic synergy between                                              It would require determina-        design and eco qualifications.
architecture, structural en-        Miami is a perfect location for    tion and commitment from           Rising 130 meters above the
gineering and ecology. The          this eco-friendly style of con-    both the government and the        Design District, comprising
developers have cleverly inte-      struction. With an abundance       public sector, but the impact      commercial, office, fitness,
grated environmental energy         of sun-hours, solar energy         on our resources would be          live/work, and pure residen-
sources into the construction,      is a natural fit. Construction     significant. The recent bylaw      tial spaces – COR provides a
utilising the latest advance-       that is as ecologically aware      proposal in Cape Town that         uniquely flexible platform for
ments in wind turbines, photo-      as this is usually utilised on a   all new residential buildings      lifestyle enhancement.
voltaic’s, and solar hot water      much smaller scale, making         be required to harness solar
generation. All the necessary       the COR building such a sig-       energy for water heating is a
turbines and solar panels are       nificant step forward. Lessons     step in the right direction.
incorporated into a hyper-ef-       learned from these tech-                                              Oppenheim Architecture
ficient exoskeleton shell which     niques could be used equally       Importantly, the design of the     Chad Oppenheim
simultaneously provides build-      as well in South Africa where      building is not one which is the   Tel: +305 576 8404
ing structure, thermal mass for     we enjoy similar weather pat-      common perception of eco-          Fax: +305 576 8433
insulation, shading for natural     terns. With the current energy     friendly. High-tech with liberal

60 absolute l Cape Town

87 Kloof Street Gardens Cape Town South Africa
   Tel: +27 21 424 9458

           absolute l Cape Town        61
  P.A.D - ART

                          ART FOR THE PEOPLE
                          By Susan Comrie


                                      I don’t like art galleries. I       Point, where for four weeks she created a
                                      know it’s all very cultured but     collection of 100 Tchotchkes (pronounced
                                      personally I’ve never seen the      CHOCH-kuhs) – miniature portraits of the
                          attraction in being forced to view art in a     people who, through chance meetings,
                          way that leaves us feeling like badly be-       became participants in her living, breath-
                          haved school children for reacting with         ing social experiment with art. Ironically
                          anything above a whisper or an appre-           Tamsin’s painting career began in the
                          ciative nod. Art is meant to be an expres-      most traditional way possible, capturing
                          sion but most artists give the impression       the movement of fish in water on huge
                          that their work is so fragile that one loudly   oil canvases. But art for art’s sake never
                          uttered syllable is enough to send it flee-     held her attention for long, and driven
                          ing back to the closely guarded world of        to find her own “why” in art she started
                          “Art: Hands Off”.                               stripping down her work, ignoring the
                                                                          need to capture each detail as we see it
                          “That’s the whole debate about contem-          and instead creating her own interpreta-
                          porary art,” local artist Tamsin Relly says.    tion of each subject. Her first departure
                          “Should it really be this Ivory Tower, com-     from traditional oil painting was when
                          pletely out of reach of the very people         she began experimenting with sketches
                          it’s trying to speak to?”                       and photographs which, until then, she
                                                                          had only used as references for her other
                          This talented 26-year-old is one of several     works. Slowly these collected notes, im-
                          up-and-coming local artists who are tak-        ages and doodles started taking on a life
                          ing a different approach to their work in       of their own and began making their way
                          order to force a confrontation between          onto her canvases as her work became
                          the way we traditionally see art and the        more expressive.
                          real world. For her most recent project,
                          called Guerrilla Studio, she moved herself      Until recently, most of Tamsin’s work has
                          out of her comfort zone to create a public      been purely autobiographical – portraits
                          intervention at Vida e Caffe in Green           of people that she has shared some sig-

62 absolute l Cape Town
                                                                                                             P.A.D - ART

nificant encounter or relationship with. Her    of the exhibition, but who also inadvert-     secondary. It was much more a social ex-
tchotckes on the other hand – particularly      ently help change the course of this ever-    periment, being in the midst of everything
the ones created in her Guerilla Studio         evolving collection of work.                  and watching what people think and
– have pushed her out of the controlled         But Tamsin hasn’t finished pushing herself    how they react.” Free from the restrictions
surroundings of her home studio and into        out of her comfort zone just yet. Her next    of the tchotchkes she is now taking the
an unpredictable environment where the          project, Interface, which is part of the X-   experience of these everyday confronta-
interactions with her subjects are more         Cape art exhibition, takes her tchotchkes     tions and ploughing it back into her other
confrontational and impulsive.                  to Guga Sthebe in Langa to replicate the      work. Apart from these social experiments
“This project made perfect sense in the         Guerilla Studio but in a totally different    in art she has also just finished collabora-
evolution of my work,” Tamsin says. “The        social context. “Living and working in an-    tion on a piece of furniture for Mojo, and,
temporary studio I created was a space          other part of the city, ‘Interface’ becomes   to satisfy her curiosity for different medi-
where the private art-making process was        an exploration out of my comfort zone         ums, also plans to move into animation in
subject to the public eye, while allowing       into territory unfamiliar to me,” she says.   the future.
my work to be shaped by the unpredict-          “The process crosses cultural boundaries
ability of the dynamic environment.”            and creates a platform for exploring per-     “An artist’s biggest nightmare is to get
                                                ceptions around art and art making.”          boxed into one style of art,” Tamsin says.
Apart from inviting people to become            She also plans to move into other areas       But with her drive to keep challenging the
part of art history by having their portraits   of Langa to bring portraits of the township   limits of her work and a strong resistance
painted, she also encouraged people to          back into her live studio.                    to being defined by one particular style
pick and choose their own combinations          Although the tchotchkes have acted            or discipline, it’s unlikely that the tradition-
of portraits and to fill in their own entries   as a kind of testing ground for new           al art world will persuade her to conform
on her on-line blog page. It’s this great       ideas, they have come with their own          any time soon.
democratisation of art that makes her           limitations. Restricted by the size of her
work so appealing – although the luxury         canvases, the materials she chose to use       DETAILS:
of becoming part of an artwork used to          and the time she had with each subject        Tamsin Relly
be something that only a select few were        Tamsin admits that these unique portraits     Cape Town
hand-picked for, this project allowed           aren’t necessarily her best work. “The in-    Tel: 082 923 3950
chance encounters with people on the            teraction was that was important to me,”
street who not only became the subjects         she says. “The results on the wall were

                                                                                                          absolute l Cape Town            63
                                                                                                  P.A.D - DECOR

64 absolute l Cape Town
                          DELUXE DREAMS
                          By Susan Comrie

                                                                               P.A.D - DECOR

                                                                     Image courtesy of Farriers

             “Sleep is the new sex,” Marian   means “to pout”, became popular with
             Salzman, executive vice presi-   Baroque women in Europe as a private
             dent of J. Walter Thompson ad    room next to their bedchamber that they
agency in New York says. “If you're going     could retreat to with their most intimate
to have sex, you're still anxious to get a    acquaintances. Seduced by our love of
good night's sleep.” Bedrooms are chang-      fantasy and demand for luxury, boudoir-
ing. But not just from one fad to the next.   inspired spaces are finding their way back
2007, the year when the architectural rule    into our lives as clean lines make way for
book on bedrooms will be completely           old-world extravagance. Of course it’s
rewritten, and one of the biggest trends      not just restless nights which are leading
that forecasters are predicting will see      to more complex bedroom designs; as
master bedrooms split into separate rooms     houses have become more open plan
so that couples can keep their marriage       we are finding spaces where we can
intact without having to deal with snoring    escape to harder to find. New bedrooms
partners and restless sleepers.               are becoming as much daytime retreats
                                              as nighttime oases with pieces like Indian
All this may sound a little practical and     daybeds and antique chaises helping to
unromantic, but the idea of creating          create the perfect getaway for reading,
separate spaces within a master bed-          relaxing and napping during the day.
room actually draws it’s inspiration from
a much more glamorous and seductive           “Daybeds evoke a bygone era when
era. The boudoir, which gets it’s name        people took better care of themselves,”
from the French word bouder which             American designer Charlotte Barnes

                                                                               absolute l Cape Town   65
                          says. “Having one today seems like such                   away from that to more glamour and luxu-
                          a luxury. They allow you to feel spoiled.”                ry with deep-buttoned headboards which
                          Ironically as luxurious as daybeds are they               create a real statement in a room.” Beds
                          can solve quite a complex problem of                      are getting bigger and higher as Zen-like
                          space. Not only do they add extra seating                 simplicity makes way for high-drama in
                          to a room, but being so simple in design                  the bedroom, but changing your bed
                          they tend to disrupt the free flow of space               with each season can become a little
                          far less than a bulky, intrusive couch. If                extravagant, which is why many design-
                          your fantasy bedroom finds inspiration in                 ers are preferring individual custom-made
                          the spice markets of India then daybeds                   pieces to an entire ensemble of furniture.
                          are perfect, but if your taste is a little more           While most of this season’s beds will come
                          decadent then an antique chaise is a far                  with wonderfully ornate pedestals, the
                          better suitor. In fact antiques in any form               trend towards a more unique, eclectic
                          are making a comeback in the bedroom.                     style lets us mix and match old and new
                          While a technologically advanced mat-                     worlds together. But furniture isn’t the only
                          tress is a must, there is no reason to shy                thing being embellished this season and
                          away from a bit of drama with the rest of                 when it comes to fabrics, richness in look
                          the bed. From sculpted wooden four-post-                  or in quality is an absolute must. If you
                          ers to over-the-top deep-buttoned head-                   want something simple-looking but intrinsi-
                          boards, making a grand statement about                    cally rich choose hand-woven cottons
                          your bed has never been so in vogue.                      and linens from exotic locations like Egypt
                                                                                    or The Baltics. The fabrics to really focus
                          “Beds have gone through a 4 or 5 year                     on this year are velvet, silk and anything
                          trend of being very masculine,” a local                   damasked, but watch out for fabric-
                          trend spotter says. “We’re now moving                     coated walls and ornate gold and silver

                                        Image courtesy of Griffiths and Griffiths   Image courtesy of Wetherlys

                                                                                    Image courtesy of Trading Spaces

66 absolute l Cape Town
absolute l Cape Town   67

                                                                                                                 Image courtesy of Ligne Roset

               Image courtesy of Farriers

                                             WHILE ONE PERSON’S BLING                        very personal choice and letting someone
                                                                                             else’s ideas dictate the colour of your
                                               COULD BE SILVER, YOURS                        private sanctuary is a mistake. While one
                                              COULD BE GOLD – IT’S NOT                       person’s bling could be silver, yours could
                                                                                             be gold – it’s not so much about colour as
                                            SO MUCH ABOUT COLOUR AS                          it is about glamour. And finding your own
                                                  IT IS ABOUT GLAMOUR.                       personal glamour is what 2007’s bedrooms
                                                                                             will be about.

                                                                                             The final touch to any bedroom this year
                                                                                             will be finding unique ways to embellish
                                                                                             upon that personal style whether it’s with a
                                                                                             wall covered in old photographs, carved
                                                                                             silver boxes from exotic Indian markets or
                                            wallpapers too. Last year trend spotters         gold-plated religious icons from Russia.
                                            proudly proclaimed that 2007 would be            Adding a wall full of antique mirrors can
                                            the year of luxury as royal colours like gold,   add grandeur to a room, while smaller
                                            white, purple and blue would take center         chandeliers can create a sense of olde
                                            stage. While European décor magazines            world elegance. Even open plan spaces
                                            have been celebrating the triumph of             can become more intimate by using room
                                            decadent gold, dramatic black and regal          dividers or curtains and blinds dropped
                                            purple, local trend hunters are already          from the ceiling. Don’t be afraid to be
                                            looking at more antique versions of these        over the top in 2007 – this year bedrooms
                                            high-drama colours. “Purple is the new           are all about creating and living out your
                                            pink, but red will be the new purple,” trend     wildest dreams. Splash out on hand-wo-
                                            spotter for Plascon, Anne Roselt, says.          ven linen or regal purple silks, mix antique
                                            “There’s also a trend towards more femi-         French ornaments with exotic treasures
                                            nine colours like aubergine, mushroomy           from far away lands. Find your soul, cel-
                                            pink, dusty greys and silver and more            ebrate the richness of a bygone era, and
                                            natural colours like green and stone.”           above all else revel in this season’s love
                                            But when it comes down to it, colour is a        affair with luxury.

68 absolute l Cape Town
                                   Invite the beauty of the natural world
                                      into your life and your home with a wide
                                   range of natural stone wall cladding and tiling
                                   products available at Natural Stone Warehouse.
           JENISIS DESIGN.NSW082

                                   Pioneers in the art of elegant living.
                                       CAPE TOWN Paarden Eiland, 11 Paarden Eiland Road.
                                      Tel 021 511 0250 The Palms, Shop 7, 145 Sir Lowry Road,
                                    Cape Town. Tel 021 461 1422 | JOHANNESBURG Unit D4,
                                     The Gantry, Witkoppen Road, Fourways. Tel 011 465 4334
                                   PRETORIA 367 Lynnwood Road, Menlo Park. Tel 012 460 9794
                                    KNYSNA TH2, Long Street, Thesen Island. Tel 044 382 3632
                                        DURBAN* Shop 353, Gateway Theatre of Shopping,
                                        Palm Boulevard, Umhlanga Ridge. Tel 031 566 6562
                                         *Stone Guard currently not available – coming soon!


NSW082 Absolute APR 2.indd 1                                                                    3/6/07 5:28:48 PM   absolute l Cape Town   69
                                                                    Live beautifully.
                                                                     Live beautifully.

ALSTER. Design: Emmanuel Dietrich. Exceptionally comfortable seating collection, an invitation to linger.
   ALSTER. Design: Emmanuel Dietrich. Exceptionally comfortable seating collection, an invitation to linger.
   You find more inspiration at at ligne roset showrooms:
You willwill find more inspiration ligne roset showrooms:
JOHANNESBURG: Peter Place, Lyme Park, Entrance 4 Brian Street Tel: 011 706 9961 Fax: 011 706 9967
   JOHANNESBURG: Peter Place, Lyme Park, Entrance 4 Brian Street Tel: 011 706 9961 Fax: 011 706 9967
   CAPE TOWN: Strand Street, Cape Town Central            Tel: 021 425 3469 Fax: 021 421 4383
CAPE TOWN: 80 80 Strand Street, Cape Town CentralTel: 021 425 3469 Fax: 021 421 4383
   Cell: 084 313 3523 E-mail:
Cell: 084 313 3523 E-mail:
          70 absolute l Cape Town
                                                                   P.A.D - BEDROOM ACCESSORIES

01                                                                 02

03                                                                 04

05                                                                 06

01. Snowdonia Bed by Ligne Roset 02. Bourgie Lights available from Twiice International 03. FUN 2TM available from Twiice Interna-
tional 04.VDM Chair available from Twiice International 05. Nguni Cowhide Ottoman available from Klooftique 06. Rococco Bed
available from Griffiths and Griffiths

                                                                                                  absolute l Cape Town         71
16447 Eos colour co-op 126X180 3/14/07 2:45 PM Page 1
                                                        C   M   Y   CM   MY   CY CMY   K

72 absolute l Cape Town



                                  absolute l Cape Town   73

     THE RENAISSANCE               By Giles Brown


74 absolute l Cape Town
                                                                                         MOTORING - SUPERCARS

             If you always thought that         tronic parking brake, multiple airbags to            The turbocharged W12 motor is what
             Bentley was all about sedate       four-position adaptive damping. But that             makes the Continental GTC what it is:
             tourers driven by elderly          doesn’t prepare you for the way it drives.           a wickedly fast but effortless performer.
gentlemen, think again. The past few                                                                 Engineers talk about “flat” torque curves
years have seen Bentley come roaring            The Continental GTC isn’t a particularly             and this one has just that, producing
back into contention, as well as gain-          large car (it is about the same length as a          maximum torque of 650Nm from 1600rpm
ing an emotional win in the classic Le          Jaguar XK8) but it is unusually wide. Yet the        to 6,000rpm. The automatic transmission,
Mans 24 hours in 2003, recreating the           precision of the steering is such that it can        which can be over-ridden with paddles
glory days of the hell raising Bentley Boys     be placed on the road with inch-perfect              behind the steering wheel, doesn’t need
in the 20s, who won the race five times.        accuracy and it has the agility of a much            all six gears but shifts between them with
And if you were looking for a suitably          smaller, lighter car.                                an elegant smoothness.
hedonistic venue to launch Bentley’s new        The combination of four-wheel drive, self-
Continental GTC on the coast, then Juan         levelling air suspension and automatically           Like Bentley’s similar models, the GT and
Carlos de Salamanca captured the spirit         adjusting dampers gives it excellent corner-         Flying Spur, the GTC still offers the driver
perfectly on a warm summers evening             ing poise, and the brakes — reportedly the           the choice between four settings from
at famous nightclub Olivia Valere’s (past       biggest of any production car — are of               comfort through to sport, the computer
guests have included Bruce Willis, Maria        course reassuringly powerful.                        controlled system automatically lower-
Carey, Prince Harry and the infamous            Bentley claims the Continental GTC is one of         ing the car to reduce lift above 224 km/h.
Naomi Campbell), an event attended              the world’s fastest four-seaters, quicker than       Useful. Ensuring the GTC can haul its hefty
by the good and the glamorous from              an Aston Martin or a Ferrari 456. It is certainly    2495kg to a halt as quickly as it manages
Marbella’s glittering social scene.             not like either of those, being easier and           to accelerate Bentley fits the largest brake
                                                gentler to drive, and although it makes a dis-       discs available on any series production
Bentley, now part of the Volkswagen             tinctive sound in the middle of its rev range        car. The anti-lock system comes with Brake
Group and divorced from Rolls-Royce,            it is not the music of a traditional V12 sports      Assist and electronic pressure distribution.
which belongs to BMW, decided that the          car. It weighs a massive 2495kg, yet feels           Also enhancing safety are traction control
vehicle to re-establish the brand was not       like a road going jet, its twin-turbocharged         and an Electronic Stability Programme, as
a huge luxury limousine or an out-and-out       412kw engine propelling it to 110km/h in 5.1         well as roll-over protection with pop-up rear
mid-engine racer but a generous two-            seconds and a maximum speed said to be               bars and a strengthened windscreen pillar.
door 2+2 coupe — a classic British Grand        in excess of 312 km/h.                               Other changes over the coupe include the
Tourer. There are such cars in its heritage,                                                         incorporation of the slightly revised steering
notably the elegant and surprisingly fast       That is explained by the nature of the               system of the Flying Spur. It’s said to provide
1950s Continental R Type, which gave its        engine, which was, in effect, created by             enhanced responsiveness and lighter
name to the new model.                          joining two narrow-angle Volkswagen V6s              weighting with more feel. Although offering
It looks good, in an opulent way, and of        side by side. It is amazingly compact for a          four seats Bentley describe the Continen-
course features beautifully finished wood       12-cylinder engine, yet under the bonnet             tal GTC as a 2+2, the rear seats only for
veneers and the finest leather. You find all    there is barely a millimetre to spare. It is built   occasional use, as adults might find the
the latest automotive technology here,          to Bentley’s specification at Crewe, where           headroom in the back slightly cramped,
from electronic stability control to an elec-   it is installed in bodyshells from Germany.          although the legroom is excellent.

                                                                                                              absolute l Cape Town              75
                          Ulrich Eichhorn, Bentley’s engineering
                          chief, draws a graph, which has luxury
                          and refinement as one axis and sport and
                          performance as the other. The Conti-
                          nental GTC, he says, is unique in sitting
                          high at the centre of the chart. Describ-
                          ing the Continental GTC as the “show-
                          piece for Bentley design”, Dr Franz-Josef
                          Paefgen, Bentley Chairman and Chief
                          Executive added: “The proportions of the
                          Continental GTC are the epitome of the
                          elegant, modern convertible and clearly
                          distinguishable from the GT coupe. The
                          Continental GTC is the most emotional
                          car in the range.”

                          The name Continental GTC is supposed
                          to evoke a car that can be driven long
                          distances across continents in comfort
                          and at high speed. The new Bentley plays
                          that role perfectly.

76 absolute l Cape Town
absolute l Cape Town   77

                             MUM’S TAXI?
                     HIGHLAND’S EXPERIENCE
                                                            By Adrian McCaw

              When one is confronted by          a few and they can wax lyrical about the     mistakably Audi, yet with more purpose.
              the new Audi Q7 in the flesh,      brand. Some might be labelled zealots.       Opening the door, I was immediately
              so to speak, it is an incredible   This is all to Audi’s advantage as they      impressed with the interior styling. Typical
experience. The car is large, very large,        take on more established brands in the       of Audi, the build quality is evident and
and imposing. You can feel how it will in-       luxury SUV market. If the European market    the Q7 exudes class and style. The mostly
timidate a Chevy Spark driver when they          is anything to go by, there will be a huge   black interior may be too austere for
view its grille in the rear-view mirror. Not     demand for the Q7. It has certainly out-     some, but I like it. The only quirk I didn’t
that that is a bad thing. The aggressive         stripped expectations there and is doing     enjoy was the position of the ignition key.
styling of the front of the vehicle shows        exceedingly well in the USA.                 On the left of the steering wheel in the
that it means business and lends an air of                                                    centre of the dash, it seems a counter-
power and performance to this beast.             Side on, the Q7 shows itself to be long      intuitive placing that always had me
                                                 yet shapely. It has a tapered roofline       reaching and looking, even after three
It seems surprising that is has taken this       that is incongruous with 4x4 styling, more   days of driving. The Multi Media Inter-
long for Audi to become involved in the          in line with an Avant. The wheels on the     face (MMI) housed in the centre consol
SUV market. They are the ones that in-           test vehicle were the 18inch rims shod       is an easy to use navigation system that
vented the Quattro system for cars, after        with Continental cross terrain tyres. When   runs the audio, suspension and sat-nav
all. Their ad campaign of building a car         looking at the rear end, the viewer could    settings. It is user friendly and was quickly
for Quattro was for me, spot on. About           be forgiven for noticing the design cues     worked out without having to refer to the
time, I say. The easiest market for this ve-     taken from the VW Touareg. The aggres-       manual. Audio controls on the steering
hicle will be current Audi owners. I know        sive stance when viewed front on is un-      wheel make it easy for the driver to fiddle

78 absolute l Cape Town
                                                                                      MOTORING - SUPERCARS

without taking his hands off the wheel.           derpowered or lacked performance. On           per quiet, even at speed. Once we had
The central dashboard display is copied           the comfort scale, this must surely be the     hit the dirt roads to Trossachs, our home
in a smaller window on the driver’s instru-       SUV to beat. Spacious does not begin to        for the weekend, the build quality was
ment panel, further adding to the safety          describe the interior and the commanding       once again made apparent with no dust
and ease of operation. Just mentioning            driver’s position has plenty of adjustment     entering the cabin and very little road
the driving brings a smile to my face. The        in the electronically controlled seat. The     noise considering the surface. We could
tentative manoeuvres out of the park-             lumbar support was welcomed on the two         maintain a normal conversation without
ing area were a product of the initially          hour drive to McGregor where we would          having to raise our voices and the ride
intimidating size. As an A3 driver, this was      be putting the vehicle to the test off-road.   quality was not compromised at all.
certainly a bigger vehicle than to which          The third row of seats does lack headroom
I was accustomed. The fears soon van-             and space, but these should be seen as         But, I can hear you asking, how does it
ished as I was surprised by the ease with         occasional seats that would not be used        go off-road? After a good night’s rest, we
which this car handles. Never does it feel        on a daily basis.                              headed out to the Groot Toren 4x4 trail
as if it needs to be wrestled into place. It                                                     outside McGregor. When being invited
simply glides.                                    The car effortlessly gobbled up the road       on the weekend by Audi, I was expecting
                                                  before us, comfortable at the speed            a bit of dirt road driving, possibly a farm
The engine was the 3.0 TDI diesel deriva-         limit, with a lot more speed and power in      track, but not a full blown, purpose built
tive. It is also available in a 4.2 petrol ver-   reserve. The six speed automatic gearbox       4x4 trail. That part of the trail were closed
sion. The thing is that I never realised it was   was sublime, with no perceptible gear          due to slippage and washed away bits,
a diesel. It was that quiet. The power from       changes. There was a slight lag on reac-       made me realise that we were there for
the engine is also impressive, taking the         tion when punching the accelerator to          the real deal.All four of the vehicles in our
two and a half ton vehicle from standstill        overtake, but not enough to make it dan-       group were given a map of the route,
to the 100km/h mark in well under ten             gerous or unsettling. With minimal body        amusingly with directions only in Afrikaans.
seconds. For the petrolheads amongst us,          roll while cornering and an automatically      Having been given directions on how to
it also delivers more than 500nM of torque.       adjusting air suspension, the ride was         set the vehicle up for the terrain ahead,
For the uninitiated, this translates into awe-    quiet and exceptionally comfortable.           we moved off in convoy. The settings are
some towing and hill climbing ability. At         Some reports have mentioned tyre noise,        deceptively simple. Gone are the days
no time did I feel as if the vehicle was un-      yet I personally found the car to be whis-     of locking hubs and getting hands dirty.

                                                                                                          absolute l Cape Town            79

A quick twist of the MMI control and the        The first vehicle stuttered slightly, bounc-   hill descent control kicked in, keeping the
vehicle was raising itself on the air suspen-   ing and spitting rocks from beneath            vehicle at under 7km/h until it registered
sion in readiness. One touch of a button to     the tyres, then breached the crest and         that it was no longer needed. Then it
disable the ESP driving settings and enable     disappeared from view. I was third in line     releases the control and lets you take
Off-Road mode and we were away.                 and my heart was pumping, excited at           over once again. The ease with which it
                                                the challenge. Not only did I have to get      controlled some difficult descents was a
The first obstacle of a shallow stream cross-   over the crest, but I had to do it without     testament to German engineering.
ing was handled with no problem and I           damaging the vehicle that was mine
was beginning to doubt how tough the            only on loan for the test. I picked my line    Once back on the level, it was a press of
course would be. Not long after, we were        and built a decent momentum, holding           a button and a twist of the MMI to return
faced with a winding, steeply climbing          steady. I was expecting a struggle. Yes it     the vehicle to its road handling settings.
rocky section that had some tight switch-       was bouncy, but that is to be expected         Nothing could have been easier. As the
backs. Being a long vehicle, I was initially    when off-roading. I have to admit that I       Q7 settled back on its haunches, I was
concerned at the manoeuvrability of the         was surprised and impressed by the ease        sorely tempted to go through the quick
Q7. My fears were unfounded and the ve-         with which it clawed its way up.               process again, just to experience the air
hicle climbs these slow sections with ease                                                     suspension raising the ground clearance
and very little sliding and wheel slipping      The tail vehicle followed, faltering twice     once more. I am sure that owners of Q7s
thanks to the efficient computerised assist-    before it made it to the top. When look-       will wear this function out as a party trick!
ance. At least it now felt like a “real” 4x4    ing at the tyres on the vehicle it was not     On the tarmac, it was revealed that all
course. The course became increasingly          that surprising it had struggled a bit. Tak-   the thumping and bumping had done
rocky and some sections looked demand-          ing on a demanding trail with low profile      nothing to reduce the ride quality and
ing. Rutted and loose from a succession of      road tyres is inadvisable but a testament      the vehicle was still as smooth as silk.
vehicular traffic, it was making me sit up      to the car’s capabilities.
and take notice. One hill took a second                                                        It is a pity to think that most of these
attempt, but I would place the blame            A short break for a picnic lunch was fol-      vehicles sold will never see off the beaten
squarely upon my driving skills rather than     lowed by a descent from the top of the         track destinations, being used for school
the vehicle’s abilities.                        mountain via another route. It took me a       runs and shopping trips. To use this vehi-
                                                while to place my trust in the hill descent    cle in that capacity is to do the designers,
When our guide stopped and walked the           control, but once I had managed to let         Audi and the owner, a disservice. It is a
next incline before attempting to drive it,     go completely, the result was amazing.         capable off-roader which should be used
I knew we had arrived at a defining mo-                                                        as such.
ment. This would be a test not only of our      By taking my foot off the brake com-
driving, but also the ability of the Q7 to      pletely while slowly picking my way            Granted it is not built for completing the
banish all mum’s taxi references.               amongst the loose rocks and gravel, the        Paris-Dakar, but this car is no Mum’s Taxi.

80 absolute l Cape Town



                                                                   absolute l Cape Town   81

By Dave Chislett
                                        Melanie Scholtz is a singing    she says with a smile, “but I found myself
                                        sensation from Cape Town.       inevitably drawn to the freedom, improvi-
                                        Trained in Opera and experi-    sation and spontaneity that jazz offers. My
                          enced in Jazz, she is a musical personality   technical background definitely helps me
                          like few on the South African scene. Her      cope in terms of stamina and protect-
                          debut album, “A Zillion Miles” was re-        ing my voice, though sometimes I feel it
                          leased late in 2006 and this young singer     hinders me because I over analyse things,
                          is definitely a star on the rise.             which can take away the heart factor in
                                                                        the music.”
                          Melanie began singing when she was
                          very young. Born into a musical family,       But there is no denying the heart of this
                          she grew up awash in music of all styles      young woman and her passion for music.
                          and genres. At the age of seventeen,          Her resume alone is extremely impressive
                          when she left high school, she enrolled at    for such a young singer. In 2002, Melanie
                          the Opera School at UCT and graduated         won the "Old Mutual Jazz Encounters",
                          cum laude in 2001. But while she was          for "best jazz vocalist”, she appeared
                          doing this highly technical and demand-       on South African guitarist Jimmy Dludlu's
                          ing Opera course, she was also out in the     album "Afrocentric", sang alongside Al
                          clubs singing jazz, pop and R&B. It may       Jarreau on "the Felicia Show" and sang
                          sound like an odd combination, but for        the National Anthem in front of Nelson
                          Melanie it worked well.                       Mandela and millions of TV viewers for the
                          “I really like the technique and training     Presidents Cup in George. She performed
                          and discipline that Opera gave me,”           two years running on SABC's "Woman

82 absolute l Cape Town
                                                                     PRIORITY - THE SCORE

                          of the year" awards, toured in Holland,          She has a distinct desire to go further and
                          Germany and Norway, as well as per-              be better. When asked she replies that,
                          forming with the Cape Town Philharmonic          “The Melanie Scholtz outside the music
THIS WOMAN LIVES, EATS,   Orchestra, Sibonghile Khumalo, Joe Mc-           world is a high attention to detail person.
                          Bride, Gerald Veasley and many more.             I am very particular as to what I need
SLEEPS AND DREAMS MUSIC                                                    musically and personally.” So indeed she
                          As you might imagine, this woman                 is someone with an incredible amount of
                          lives, eats, sleeps and dreams music. “I         drive, a rarity in the legendarily laid back
                          love surrounding myself with music that          world of South African music, especially
                          stretches me emotionally and musically           here in Cape Town! She laughs a bit
                          but also music that just makes me feel           at this, “There is a small element in my
                          good,” she acknowledges. “This stretches         personality that has an easygoing factor.
                          from as far as Jimmy Hendricks to Puccini.       I guess I am just a very high energy and
                          Music is such a big part of my life. Like air    driven person. I’ll sleep when I'm dead!”
                          I need it to breathe. So I listen to music al-
                          most all the time. Occasionally, and only        As a result, she likes nothing better than to
                          very rarely, I will find myself, maybe after     perform her material live. She describes
                          a very intense concert, not being able to        herself as being almost addicted to per-
                          listen to music.”                                forming. “As a performer I think the thrill
                                                                           of being on stage, being able to express
                          Melanie is very focused on her career,
                                                                           myself and deliver a message to people
                          with plans and dreams of touring more,
                                                                           in such a personal, but groundbreaking
                          both in South Africa and abroad, and of
                                                                           medium such as music is so exciting and
                          course releasing more albums. Her debut,
                                                                           it moves me every time I do it. It is such
                          “A Zillion Miles” has been doing very well
                                                                           a blessing and so powerful, addictive. I
                          for her in South Africa and she admits to
                                                                           love it!”
                          being very proud of the record. “I am
                          very happy with Zillion Miles. It has rep-
                          resented the journey, the mistakes, the          But she is also an introspective song writer
                          success and happiness that I have been           who enjoys the timelessness of writing
                          fortunate enough to have had in my life          and leaving a message behind oneself. “I
                          until now.”                                      want, through my writing, to evoke emo-
                                                                           tion and thought in people,” she says, “To
                          And that life has been growing and               give them something to think about, to
                          changing as her career begins to                 change the world in some small way.”
                          emerge. “A Zillion Miles has definitely
                          opened some otherwise shut doors, in             But whether you are witnessing Melanie
                          that people do take you more seriously           live on stage, or listening to her debut
                          when you have released an album,” she            album, one constant element remains:
                          ponders with a smile.                            the sheer talent and drive of the woman.
                                                                           A quick look at the collaborators on her
                          It becomes clear very quickly from the           album sleeve will tell you that it’s not
                          process of securing this interview and the       just the fans that think highly of her, but
                          interview itself that Melanie is very togeth-    respected jazz musicians as well. A Zillion
                          er from a business and career perspec-           Miles may well be how long this girl’s
                          tive, over and above her musical talents.        career path turns out to be.

                                                                                    absolute l Cape Town            83

                                       01                                             02                                            03

                                      04                                              05                                            06

Over a million songs to download on

01. RAY CHARLES                                03. NINA SIMONE FEELING GOOD                    05. MADELEINE PEYROUX
Ray Sings Basie Swings                         Very Best Of                                   Half the Perfect World
Studio technology allows the Genius to         Definitive collection of Nina’s most           An exquisitely seductive jazz set of hand-
belt out swinging jazz standards, gen-         memorable tunes including “I Loves you         picked covers of Johnny Mercer, Tom
ius soul gems and pop covers with the          Porgy”, “My Baby Just Cares for Me” and        Waits, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell and
legendary Count Basie orchestra. An            more. Nina Simone, pop, jazz, and soul         occasional originals. The smokey-voiced
“imaginary concert” created by com-            singer extraordinaire, covered one of          chanteuse’s third CD is a lovely collec-
bining recently discovered tapes of Ray        the songs, “Feeling Good,” on her 1965         tion of after-hours ruminations and should
Charles’s vocals and newly recorded            album I Put a Spell On You. The song was       confirm her rise to fame. The four original
backing by the Count Basie Orchestra.          not a chart hit for Simone, but it became      tracks, all co-authored by Peyroux, easily
Charles is in exceptional voice.               one of the favorite tunes in her repertoire.   keep up with such august company.

02. GEORGE BENSON & AL JARREAU                 04. RANDY CRAWFORD AND JOE SAMPLE              06. ANJANI
Givin’ It Up                                   Feeling Good                                   Blue Alert
Virtuoso guitarist George Benson and           Soulful songbird and smooth piano man’s        Honolulu-born songbird/pianist pays hom-
vocalist Al Jarreau hook up with Herbie        urban acoustic jazz overhaul of romantic       age to her mentor Leonard Cohen on
Hancock, Jill Scott and Stanley Clarke         blues and Bossa standards by Nina Si-          this dreamy set of supper club cool jazzy
on this 5 star set of standards, soul covers   mone and Billie Holiday. Joe Sample and        ballad interpretations Blue Alert is a col-
and suave supper club originals. The           producer Tommy LiPuma produced this            lection of gentle music tinged with styles
producers of ‘Givin’ It Up’ have increased     album which includes classic standards         ranging from Holly Cole to Tanita Tikaram,
the pulling power of the CD’s co-billed        and fresh takes on a couple of songs that      with an overriding sense of cool jazz
veterans with a full array of prominent        Randy made popular in the 80’s. Featur-        throughout, which transports the listener
and successful guest stars.                    ing Steve Gadd and Christian McBride.          straight into a smokey New York club.

84 absolute l Cape Town
                                                                                       PRIORITY - DVD REVIEWS

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                                       04                                               05                                            06

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01. DIANA KRALL                                03. GEORGE BENSON                               05 .TONY BENNETT
Live In Paris                                  Absolutely Live                                 American Classic
Does it get any better than this? Cana-        There’s no questioning Benson’s contri-         Bennett appears in what’s described as
dian torch singer and pianist Diana Krall is   bution to jazz over the years. He’s been        a “docu-musical,” faithfully re-creating
in perfect form in this two-hour Paris con-    hailed as one of the genre’s finest, most       a variety of performance settings much
cert, recorded in December 2001 shortly        expressive, and fluid guitarists. His ability   like the ones in which the 80-year-old
after the release of her CD The Look of        to cross numerous genres is impeccable          singer has appeared in the course of his
Love. The sophisticated contemporary           and he’s influenced a generation of             long, fruitful career. Thus we find him on
jazz songbird/pianist segues between           players. Buoyant big band renditions of         a concert stage with Barbra Streisand, in
nostalgic standards and classy improvisa-      Benson’s smash hits, including “This Mas-       a nightclub with John Legend and on a
tional readings of swinging classics.          querade”, “Give Me The Night”.                  ‘60s-style TV variety show with Diana Krall.

02. FOURPLAY                                   04. NINA SIMONE                                 06. HARRY CONNICK JR.
An Evening Of                                  Live at Montreux                                New York Big Band concert
Taken as individuals, keyboardist Bob          Nina Simone made four appearances at            New Orleans’ coolest piano playing
James, guitarist Lee Ritenour, bass-           the Montreux Festival between 1968 and          crooner swings loud and proud on this
ist Nathan East, and drummer Harvey            1990. This DVD features the whole per-          stellar big band set of intimate standards
Mason are among the most engaging              formance from 1976 as the main feature          and upbeat originals. The overall memory
improvisers in the field of smooth, R&B-       and is supplemented by bonus features           of this concert is one that leaves the
inflected jazz. Taken together as the jazz     of two tracks from her concert in 1987          viewer with an overwhelming sense of the
supergroup Fourplay, the quartet elevate       and four from her final show in 1990. De-       ‘feel-good’ factor and fun. The chemistry
the quiet-storm aesthetic to a new level       finitive live showcase of legendary diva’s      between singer and band members is
with their innate sense of dynamics.           mastery of jazz, blues, soul and gospel.        incredible and it is evident in the DVD.

                                                                                                        absolute l Cape Town           85

By Andrew Fairbanks

 As far as streets go, you don’t get many better known than 4th Avenue in
 Parkhurst. Originally, it was notorious for raucous drinking scenes at the historic Jolly
 Roger. This student favourite is especially packed on Wednesday nights for the half
 price pizza special. Granted the drinking continues unabated at the Jolly, but the
 rest of the street has transformed itself over the years into a culinary haven for the
 discerning palette. Antique stores, flower sellers and the occasional clothing store
 are the only real break from side-by-side choices in sidewalk, café style eating.

                                                                                                    Batuke is the place to be if you are
                                                                                                    looking for some East African soul food.
     Raising the game by more than a few                                                            With menu items in Portugese, in honour
     notches, Georges on 4th is one of the                                                          of one of the partners, a Mozambican.
editor’s favourites. Their caramelised pear                                                         That nugget of knowledge hints at why
and blue cheese salad is phenomenal as                                                              the seafood biased menu has a strong
   a starter and the sesame seared tuna is                                                          leaning towards cuisine from that coun-
pure bliss. The fact that they have a good                                                          try. When eating here, grilled sardines
     wine list at reasonable prices makes it                                                        are the dish of choice.
 that much more of a good night out. The
oversized prints on the wall make for inter-
  esting décor and it has a very Soho New
York feel to it. Definitely one to visit, often!

                                                   Directly across the road, the old Europa         Shoe-horned amongst these restaurants
                                                   coffee shop has been transformed into            is a little clothing store that offers cloth-
                                                   another Italian inspired restaurant, Bot-        ing for the little people. Love Generation
                                                   tega. All the usual suspects are present         is notable as a range of garments are
                                                   on the menu and it has retained its              designed and ethically manufactured
                                                   quirky charm it used to have in its previ-       specifically for the shop in limited quanti-
                                                   ous incarnation.                                 ties. Wherever possible, organic and
                                                                                                    natural textiles are used. The shop also
                                                                                                    stocks quilts made by women with HIV
                                                                                                    and jerseys made by women in Zimba-
                                                                                                    bwe who are finding it a continuing battle
                                                                                                    to make a living and care for their fami-
                                                                                                    lies. Furthermore, a percentage of the
                                                                                                    shop’s turnover goes to an orphanage
                                                                                                    in Alexandria, Johannesburg, so you are
                                                   Further along, one comes to Cilantro.            free to shop while satisfying your social
                                                   This small yet efficient eatery is probably      conscience.
                                                   best known for good food and thought-
                                                   ful service. If you find yourself in the area,   With all the available options, it is difficult
                                                   trying a bowl of fresh mussels in a creamy       to have a bad time in Parkhurst. Next time
                                                   lemongrass is a must. Served with home-          you find yourself there, look for a seat on
                                                   made pommes frittes, this is a sure winner       the sidewalk and simply wait for the menu.
                                                   no matter who the company.

86 absolute l Cape Town
absolute l Cape Town   87

                                     THE PUBLISHER
                                                          By Fraser Dodge

                                THE PUBLISHER TAKES A PUBLISHER FOR DINNER

             To name a restaurant after       teams up with owners of the YO SUSHI           impressive from the moment you walk into
             a horse is unusual, unless of    brand to launch a fine dining restau-          the space. Depending on which direction
             course you are in France         rant in the centre of Cape Town. When          you choose, the immediate response will
where they still eat the doe-eyed beasts      the first choice name of Grand Central         differ. Entering from the Adderly Street side
as a delicacy. The story as to how the        came up against the airport of the same        is my personal favourite.
restaurant came by its name is one that       name, the restaurateurs stood down.
has lived in infamy in the Sinovich family    George Junior invited his partners to          The imposing façade hides a truly memo-
since 1974. Any of you readers with an        be to his home, which coincidentally is        raqble dining experience. The entrance
encyclopaedic memory might recall             also named for equine excellence. The          is large and important with glass-paned
that the winner of the Durban July that       partners, upon seeing the name, liked it       steel doors. Immediately on the right after
year carried the same name. George            so much they asked George if they could        passing through the entrance lobby, is
Sinovich, son of George Sinovich, tells the   use it for the restaurant. He conceded,        the smoking lounge. This is all wood pan-
story. A conservative man, the senior was     thereby ensuring many more people              elled and leather couches, but reasona-
not prone to betting. On a whim, an un-       would be made privy to the family secret.      bly tiny. It carries the air of seriousness as it
characteristic one, he placed a princely                                                     should, having been the bank manager’s
sum on the rank outsider, Riboville, to win   Housed in a magnificent old bank building      office in the building’s previous life.
the race. George’s horse came in and          wedged between Adderly Street and St.
the family legend was born, in conjunc-       Georges Mall, this restaurant is reminis-      You are next confronted by the oyster
tion with their fortune.                      cent of fine establishments designed by        bar. I am not overly fond of its place-
                                              the likes of Conran. I am certain that this    ment or style, but there it is. As you face
We skip forward to 2006. After long and       restaurant would hold its own in any of the    the room, the wonder begins. Luxurious
protracted negotiation, George Junior         locations chosen by this infamous man. It is   table settings greet the eye, infusing you

88 absolute l Cape Town
                                                                                     PRIORITY - WINE REVIEW
with a sense of occasion. Leather chairs sit squarely against the
wooden tables, either clothed in thick white linen cloths or laid
bare for the wood to shine through. Once again, my personal
preference lent itself to the clothed tables. It did not feel right to
be at a naked one for an evening of such import.

The high ceilings are supported by a row of leather-clad col-
umns, a now standard open kitchen running along the far wall.
Well, more than one kitchen, as this restaurant boasts three.
There are plans to expand the building further to host a club

                                                                         SAUVIGNON BLANC
(limited to 500 members), a cigar lounge, design studios and
a gallery. The beauty is that all these levels are reached by an
old, trellis-gated lift. This in itself is a thing of beauty. The next
best thing is that the lift also descends a floor to what used to

                                                                           RESERVE 2006
be the old bank vaults. Now used to house the wine collection,
you are able to enjoy cheeses and port down here should you
so please. It is an impressive collection that surrounds you. More
than 10,000 bottles from 50 estates are available, with some ex-
clusive European choices soon to be added. After marvelling at
the wines on show, the Publisher, my dinner guest, chose a Ken
Forrester Chenin Blanc. A clean, crisp wine that was well suited
to the heat of the Cape summer evening, it could also stand up
to the Asian fusion cuisine on offer.

The Publisher, owner and editor of a well known décor and
design title, proved to be stimulating company. His graphic
representation of how he wishes to be fed his whisky in his dotage
will remain seared into my memory for a long time yet. He chose
a pork dim sum as a starter while I went with the spice-encrusted
seared tuna on sushi rice with a wasabi dressing. Mine was heav-
enly. The steamed pork dumpling that the Publisher had chosen
was tasty and rich, especially when dipped in soy sauce.

Having had the duck on a previous lunch at Riboville, I decided
to have some game as a main. It is an unusual choice for me.
The springbok fillet was served with wasabi mashed potato and
balsamic grilled vegetables. It was not served as one piece of
meat, rather smaller, bite sized chunks. The meat was tender, full
of flavour and well worth the order. I was slightly disappointed
by the veggies, as the balsamic vinegar had overwhelmed the
flavours somewhat. Pepper Prawns were served to my guest
and were met with approval. I was lucky enough to snag one
from his plate. I am not a huge fan of prawns, yet these were
plump, crisp and not in the slightest bit powdery. Of a decent
size, they had a good fleshy bite that satisfied the both of us.

To end the evening, I went with the conservative choice of the
classic cheese board for one. The cheeses are selected from the
vault downstairs and were of exceptional quality. There was one
that didn’t appeal at all, however I am unable to recall its name.
The serving size was too large for me to complete. This was served
with a 40yr old sherry that was robust and full flavoured enough                       Sauvignon Blanc, named “the white savage”
to really complement the strong cheeses. The Publisher had the                         by the French, remains among the world’s most
chocolate mousse and pear tart, which looked really good, even                         popular white wines with its elegant structure,
if I was unable to taste it after such an extensive feast.               crisp minerality and herbaceous aromatics. In the southern-
                                                                         most corner of the Constantia Valley this” white savage” lives
That ended the evening, one of great company and excep-                  on in the form of the Steenberg Sauvignon Blanc Reserve,
tional food in a setting fit for a king. The evening was a success       tamed only by age and the elements. This wine is full of
which can be attributed to the setting, superior service and the         the rich greenness of peppers, fresh asparagus, nettles and
undeniable joy the owners have for providing an experience               gooseberries interwoven with a flintiness that lends elegance
that will be hard to top.                                                and finesse. The palate is fat and lingering without being
                                                                         cloying – fullness offset by a finely tuned acid that produces
The only worrying thing about the evening is that his magazine           a wine of character and verve. Produced from 21 year old
comes out before mine, so I might be totally misinformed as to           vines it is handled with minimal interference in the cellar, al-
his opinion of the dinner. I wait with bated breath to see if he         lowing its complex nature to express itself. With the potential
thought the same of the evening.                                         to age magnificently the Steenberg Sauvignon Blanc Reserve
                                                                         has proved itself worthy to be ranked as an equal with some of
 DETAILS:                                                                the world’s best.

Riboville Restaurant and Cellar                                           DETAILS:
ABC Bank Building
130 Adderley Street                                                      Steenberg Vineyards
Tel: 021 426 0324 - Reservations                                         Tel: 021 713 2211
Tel: 021 426 0341 - Restaurant                                           Fax: 021 713 2201
Fax: 021 426 2347                                              

                                                                                                      absolute l Cape Town            89

          AFRICAN                        BELGIAN/FRENCH                          MEDITERRANEAN                                     ASIAN
Mamma Africa                            Den Anker                               Manna Epicure                          Haiku
178 Long Street                         V&A Waterfront,                         151 Kloof Street                       33 Church Street
Cape Town                               Cape Town                               Gardens                                Cape Town
021 424 8634                            021 419 0249                            021 426 2413                           021 424 7000

Mamma offers warm friendly hospi-       The widest range of Belgian beers       A modern, dramatic twist on tapas      A life experience more than eat-
tality in a relaxed way. Live African   in Cape Town’s oldest Belgian           and mediterranean favourites.          ing out. The sublime menu offers
bands nightly. With crocodile and       restaurant. A spectacular setting,      Super trendy venue where there         dishes worthy of prose. A favourite
other exotic meats, it is an African    delicious dishes and attentive,         is often a wait for a table. But the   amongst the elite in the city, with
experience never to be forgotten.       friendly service.                       wait is definitely worth it.           good reason. Book now.

Bloemandal                              Cafe du Cap                             Harbour House                          Shoga
Bloemandal Estate                       76 Church Street                        Kalk Bay Harbour                       121 Castle Street
Durbanville                             Cape Town, CBD                          Kalk Bay                               Cape Town
021 975 7525                            021 424 4008                            021 788 4133                           021 426 2369

Perched high on top of Tygerberg        French Belgian Bistro situated in       Mediterranean inspired seafood         Generous portions of perfectly
hill with spectacular views of the      CBD. Croque Monsieur to grilled         restaurant right on the rocks over-    cooked Asian cuisine. The crispy
Peninsula. Renowned for serving         lamb chops served in an elegant         looking the ocean. A simple, stylish   duck is particularly memorable.
Cape styled food out of a cast iron     atmosphere. A range of Belgian          interior. Very popular and service     Good choices for vegetarians too.
pot buffet.                             beers and fine Cape Wines.              can be compromised.                    Always a worthwhile dinner.

Cape Malay Restaurant                   Forty Ate                               Constantia Uitsig                      Chef Pon’s Asian Kitchen
Cellars-Hohenort Hotel,                 48 Hout Street                          Spaanschemat River Road                12 Mill Street
93 Brommersvlei Road,                   Cape Town                               Constantia                             Gardens
Constantia                              021 422 2270                            021 794 4480                           021 465 5846
021 794 2137
                                        Cool, modern decor with dishes          One of the most popular restau-        An unpretentious local favourite
An upmarket venue in which to           that are truly memorable. Located       rants with perfectly presented fare.   that is full most nights of the week.
enjoy the best of Cape cuisine.         in an historical building in the cen-   Set in one of the most beautiful       An excellent choice for a small
After smoorsnoek or a bredie, finish    tre of the CBD. The presentation is     areas of the Cape, with an amaz-       group of friends. A reliable option
off the evening with a melktert.        quirky and original.                    ing wine list.                         for good Asian offerings.

                                                                  A taste of the
     Extreem Kwizeen is a Cape Town based BEE Compliant catering company with the infrastructure to operate nationally for large
     corporate events. We supply the ultimate in quality food to ensure your function will be an event spoken about for years to
     come. Extreem Kwizeen has no limitation to types of food or functions. Extreem Kwizeen can cater to all , from the smallest
     most intimate to the largest most complex lunch or dinner. We use only the best quality ingredients - the freshest available in
     South Africa. Our team goes to extremes to satisfy out customers and produce food that is exceptional in both taste and
     quality, while maintaining the highest standard. At Extreem Kwizeen we strive to tie in all important factors that could in uence
     your menus to ensure a successful event with outstanding, complementing food and beverage services.

                                      Tel +27 21 447 5774 • Fax +27 21 447 5723 • Mobile + 27 82 828 2422
                                                Unit 24 B, Waverley Business Park, Mowbray, 7700,
                                 Cape Town, South Africa

90 absolute l Cape Town
                                                                                PRIORITY - RESTAURANT LISTINGS

           ITALIAN                              SEAFOOD                                        GRILL                        CONTEMPORARY
Col’Cacchio                             Abalone                                 Stake                                      Rcaffe
The Spierhead,                          Lagoon Gate Drive,                      Main Road                                  138 Long St
42 Hans Strydom Ave.                    Milnerton                               Green Point                                Cape Town
Foreshore                               021 528 2000                            021 439 6306                               021 424 1124
021 419 4848
                                        Literally a stones throw away from      Newly opened restaurant on the             Simply put “this place is a treat”
Near perfect thin based gourmet         the beach, the view from Abalone        strip. Innovative starters and excel-      serving the best espresso based
pizzas and interesting pastas. The      is unparalleled. Fish dishes are as     lent steaks. The coolest bottled wa-       coffee south of Italy. Breakfasts,
large, leafy salads are a delight.      fresh as the day’s catch. Service is    ter in the city. Trendy bar upstairs.      Sandwiches, Quiches, Salads.
Always has a lively vibe.               exceptional.

Pasta Factory                           Baia                                    Barristers Grill Cafe                      Fork
2C Park Road,                           6262 V&A Waterfront,                    Kildare Road                               84 Long Street
MLT House                               Cape Town                               Newlands                                   Cape Town
Gardens                                 021 421 0935                            021 674 1792                               021 424 6334
021 423 3003
                                        Seafood, Continental, Fine Dining       Famous for its ribs and gigantic           Modern interpretation of tapas.
Fresh Italian pasta, coffee special-    and Grills, all in the grand old        steaks, this is the place for the car-     Named after the only piece of
ties, home made cakes and des-          Portuguese tradition. A first class     nivorous. Standard grill style menu        cutlery gracing the table. Exquisite
serts. Situated in the trendy Park Rd   dining experience. Convenient           with some notable exceptions, like         food that has you begging for
off Kloof Street.                       location with good views.               the Congac Steak and Coustellet.           more. An excellent choice.

95 Keerom                               Miller’s Thumb                          Brad’s Grill                               Five on Park
95 Keerom Street                        10b Kloofnek Road                       2nd Avenue                                 5 Park Road
Cape Town                               Tamboerskloof                           Claremont                                  Gardens
021 422 0765                            021 424 338                             021 671 2527                               021 422 5022

A firm favourite among those in the     A local institution. The Yaki Soba      Typical meat palace with giant             The best lunch option in Gardens.
know, this restaurant has some of       is still a firm favourite. The homely   rump steaks that satisfy the most          Trendy decor and design in the
the best Mialnese cooking in Cape       atmosphere belies exceptional           hearty of appetites. A great               newest trendy area of the city.
Town. An exceptional wine list          seafood prepared with great care        option when really hungry for red          The food is incredibly good value
includes amazing grappas.               and innovation.                         meat and potatoes.                         for money. Highly recommended.

                                                                                                                         absolute l Cape Town              91
SOCIETY                   ZEPI-TEPI
                          Guests, fashionistas and media gurus attending Zepi-
                          Tepi were held under arrest as each unsuspecting victim
                          played witness to a serious style wave that has taken
                          over this extremely trendy cocktail venue.

                          The two designers in question were international trend-
                          setters Dondup and Ottimo.

92 absolute l Cape Town
absolute l Cape Town   93
 01                                                                                                 HIGH
  FACES                                                                                             SOCIETY
                                                          04                                05

      01                                                  02                               03
02                               03


     04                                                   05
 06                                                       07

      01.Irvine Solomon,
      Jeff Solomon, Ian Stern
      02.Tash Battle, Jason Stone, Neil Myerowitz
      03.Jackie, Raymond, Bianca
      04. Douglas, Freya, Sacha, Dino,              09
      Debbie, Kim, Alex,
      Fraser, Jeanette
      05.Jordan, Nic, Seth
      06. Nicky Greenwall, Sascha Polkey.
 Guests were hosted at the Canderel Cocktail
 Lounge that served the low-calorie sweetener’s
 signature low-calorie cocktails and snacks.
 Canderel also sponsored the annual Most
 Elegant Couple competition – one of the J&B
 Met’s social highlights – as well as scouted for
 the “Sweetest Couple” – a complementary

 LUMINARE                                                 07
 On                               a re-
10 the beachfront in Camps Bay,Without
 CLUB OPENING Bay are to
 worked Eclipse opened as Ignite.
 a doubt, the best views of the
  be had a doubt, expansive balcony. Over-
  Withoutfrom theirone of the best views
  looking all the is to be had from their
  of Camps Bay happenings, this club is quite
  possibly Oversized the summer. pepper
  terrace. the find of lounging beds Oversized
  lounging beds pepper lie terrace. enjoy
  the terrace for you tothe back and Lie back
                                                         01. Chris Coutroulis, Vanessa Carreira, Marcus Brewster 02. Billy
  one of their great cocktails at
  and enjoy one of their great cocktails                 Hare, Craig Dummett 03. Gareth Cliff, Monique De Bot, Barry
  True celeb-style summer fun. for the pa-
  sunset. Just keep an eye out                           Oberholzer 04. Canderel wrapper dress designed by Gadija
  parazzi, they might have found you. True               Kaiser 05. Nico Bezuidenthout, Nenette Bezuidenhout 06. Jean
  celeb-style partying.                                  van Wyk, Andy Darlington, Mathew Palin 07. Ferdinand Rabie,
                                                         Jacques Du Preez 08.Colette Palin 09. Outfits designed by
                                                         Colette Palin 10. Ronnie Madikang, Refilwe Lesabane

94 absolute l l Cape Town
94 absolute cape town
HIGH      02    J & B MET : CADIZ LOUNGE
                 Cadiz financial Strategy group host-
                 ed their annual event at the J&B Met
                 for their clients and business associ-
                 ates. Cadiz was awarded the best
                 Marquee trophy due to their exquisite
                 effort and flawless attention to detail
                 which Cadiz is renowned for.

               01. Frankie & Robbie Fleck 02. Jo Ann
               Strauss & Claudia Henkel 03. Chris
          04   and Cindy Nell 04. Tammy Fortuin &
               Carol Penny 05. Ray Cadiz,Mienkie vd
               Westhuizen,Ferdinand & Colleen rabe,
               Frank Cadiz 06. Ram Barkai & Minki van
               der Westhuizen 07. Lawrence Simonson
               & Michelle Mclean 08. Nicky Greenwall &
03             Robin Fryer



          07    08

                       absolute l Cape Town            95
HIGH                                           02
                                                                             AUDI LAUNCH
 01                                                                           Audi Centre recently hosted the local launch of
                                                                              the new TT Coupe. The new car was the star of
                                                                              the show and people turned up in their droves
                                                                              to drool over the sexi

 03                                                               04                                  05

01. Audi TT Coupe 02. Gary Trappler 03. Lynne, Martin & Marc
Puzzey 04. Munier Sydow & Ismail Mohammed

                                                                  01                                  02
  Monda PR, Publicity and Events, hosted a Valentine’s
  Charity Masked Ball in aid of Miles for Smiles. David Grier
  and Braam Malherbe ran the entire length of the Great
  Wall of China, in one attempt. Hence, “Miles for Smiles”.
  Braam Malherbe attended the ball and along with the
  band, Tuxedo, got the guests into a charitable mood for
  the auction that followed a decadent dinner by Chef,
  Quentin Spickernell.

 03                                             04                                      05

01. Fiona Hope & Irving Solomon 02. Nina Monda 03. Mariana and Phillip Otto 04. Tanja & Gary Faulds
05. Derek Poole, Alex McCormack & Juan Van Zyl

96 absolute l Cape Town
HIGH                                      02   2007 FLEUR DU CAP AWARDS
SOCIETY                                        ARTSCAPE

                                               The cream of South African theatre gath-
                                               ered at The Artscape Theatre for a glitzy
                                               affair on Sunday, 4 March to honour
                                               those artists, whose brilliant performances
                                               in 2006 earned them a coveted Fleur du
                                               Cap Theatre Award. The Fleur du Cap
                                               Awards, hosted by Distell have given
  01                                           recognition to local professional theatre
                                               for the past 40 years.





01. David Newton with Simone Nieu-
woudt 02. Faith & Candida Mosoma 03.
Tinarie van Wyk Loots with Juliet Paul-
ing 04. Emily Child, Marc Lottering and
Ntombi Makhutsi 05. Marlene le Roux,
David Kramer and Manfred Zylla
06. Patrick Curtis, Susan Danford Pallo
Jordan and Claire Watling

                                                         absolute l Cape Town           97


APR2007                                          MAY2007
              Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees       My Coke Fest 2007
              31 March – 8 April 2007                1 May 2007
              Oudtshoorn                             Kenilworth Race Course
              044 203 8600                           011 340 8000

              Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon         Knysna Pink Loerie Mardi Gras
              4 – 6 April 2007                       26 April – 1 May 2007
              GoodHope Centre                        Knysna
              021 438 2595                           082 854 5725

              Garden Route Homemakers Expo           Nosel’eyibethile Akakayoji – Drama
              5 – 9 April 2007                       2 – 12 May 2007
              Outeniqua Railway Station              Artscape
              George                                 021 410 9834
              021 465 2200

              Oyster and Champagne Festival          Shark Rally 2007
              7 – 8 April 2007                       4 – 6 May 2007
              Bloemendal Wine Estate                 Klip River Park, Tulbagh
              Durbanville                            072 783 6083
              021 976 2682

              Tulbagh Goes Cape Dutch                The 15th Cape Times V&A
              14 – 15 April 2007                     Waterfront Wine Festival
              Church Street, Tulbagh                 8 – 11 May 2007
              023 230 1348/75                        Market Square, V&A Waterfront
                                                     021 408 7600

              Autumn FAB Bridal Expo 2007            Tosca – Opera by Puccini
              14 – 15 April 2007                     10 – 26 May 2007
              Cape Town International                 Artscape Opera House
              Convention Centre                       021 410 9820
              021 981 4737

              Clanwilliam Agricultural Show          Table Bay Classic Yacht Race
              19 – 21 April 2007                     14 – 19 May 2007
              Clanwilliam Showgrounds                Table Bay
              027 482 1248                           021 421 1354

              Design for Living                      Kringe in ‘n Bos – Theatre
              21 April – 1 May 2007                  16 – 25 May 2007
              Good Hope Centre                       Artscape
              021 488 5860                           021 410 9915

              Decorex Cape                           Cape Gourmet Festival:
              26 – 29 April 2007                     Good Food & Wine Show
              Cape Town International                24 – 27 May 2007
              Convention Centre                      Cape Town
              011 549 8300                           021 797 4500

              Cedarberg Festival                     Darling ½ Marathon & Fun Run
              27 – 29 April 2007                     26 May 2007
              Clanwilliam                            Darling Primary School
              027 482 2024                           022 492 3401

98 absolute l Cape Town

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