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        Everdream Anti-Malware & Virus Management Software Service

                          Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Overview

    Service Overview

       What is the Everdream Anti-Malware & Virus Management software service?

            The Everdream Anti-Malware & Virus Management software service is a new service that
            enables the management, configuration, and reporting on multiple antivirus and anti-spyware
            engines, all from a single management interface. IT administrators can identify virus infections
            across multiple vendors, configure administrative scans, and force virus/spyware definition file
            updates remotely. To complement the new antivirus and anti-spyware capabilities, customers
            who purchase this new service will also have the ability to manage client firewalls on Windows
            XP Operating System

       What customer challenges does Anti-Malware & Virus Management address?

            •     Loss of end-user productivity due to virus and spyware outbreaks
            •     Inability to protect networks and desktops from virus outbreaks
            •     Huge negative impact resulting from business downtime
            •     IT resources are diverted to deal with virus outbreaks
            •     Inability to rapidly detect infected machines during a virus outbreak
            •     Difficulty in managing multiple antivirus and anti-spyware products
            •     Difficulty in centrally managing the Microsoft Client Firewall

       What are the key features and advantages of Everdream Anti-Malware & Virus Management?

       Features                                                         Advantages
       Centralized monitoring of hourly updates of all antivirus and    • Secures desktops with industry leading virus, spyware, &
       anti-spyware definitions and daily updates of antivirus            malware prevention solution
       software logs
                                                                        • Standardizes antivirus & spyware software deployed
                                                                          across the enterprise

                                                                        • Eliminates end-user disruptions caused by the need to
                                                                           manually install and upgrade antivirus and anti-spyware
                                                                        Reduces the number of onsite visits required to repair
       Virus utilities to fix problematic antivirus software            problematic antivirus software

       Intuitive, dashboard-driven, centralized management              Streamlines and centralizes management reporting of virus
       reporting:                                                       protection status

         • By virus definition update

         • By full system scan history

         • By action taken: quarantined and deleted
                                                                        Ability to quickly identify infected assets that require
       Centralized search capability to identify assets infected with   remediation
       specific virus types, threats, and infections

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       • Discover any installed antivirus / anti-spyware software          Ability to manage heterogeneous environment with multiple
                                                                           antivirus and anti-spyware products
       • Distribute and install antivirus / anti-spyware software to all
         assets including upgrades

       • Update antivirus / anti-spyware definitions on all managed
         assets with a single click

       • Kick off full system scans for viruses and spyware with a
         single click

       • Discover installed versions of Windows Firewall                   Ability to centrally manage Microsoft Windows Firewall and
                                                                           ensure policies are being followed
       • Set port & application policies for Windows Firewall and
         apply policies across all managed assets

       • Centralized search capability to identify assets that do not
         conform to applied firewall policies

       What are the benefits of the service?

            •    Reduces IT support costs
            •    Makes IT support costs predictable
            •    Reduces end-user downtime
            •    Minimizes onsite visits by support personnel
            •    Conserves critical IT resources
            •    Improves IT responsiveness to virus outbreaks
            •    Lowers administration costs
            •    Increases productivity
            •    Reduces security risks

    Service Details

       Which vendors and products are supported for the different categories of antivirus, anti-
       spyware and firewall within the Anti-Malware & Virus Management service?

            •    Supported Antivirus Vendors: Symantec, McAfee
            •    Supported Anti-Spyware Vendors: Symantec, McAfee
            •    Supported Firewall Vendor: Microsoft

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               Product                       Vista               Win XP SP2            Win 2000
    McAfee AntiVirus
              Enterprise ver 8.0                                        X

    Symantec AntiVirus
                    Ver 9                                               X                   X
               ver                                          X
               Ver                   X

    Norton AntiVirus
           Norton Anti-Virus 2007               X                       X

    McAfee 8.0 AntiSpyware
          McAfee 8.0 AntiSpyware                                        X                   X

    Microsoft Windows Firewall
         Microsoft Windows Firewall                                     X

       Can Anti-Malware & Virus Management be sold a la carte?

       Yes. The Anti-Malware & Virus Management service can be purchased separately and does not
       require the purchase of antivirus licenses from Everdream.

       Are any antivirus solutions available from Everdream?

       Yes. Antivirus solutions from Symantec and McAfee are available for purchase from Everdream.

       Is this service integrated with the Everdream Control Center?


       Is there any activity reporting available?

       Yes. There are reports on antivirus and anti-spyware definitions status.

       How does the Anti-Malware & Virus Management service compare with the existing Antivirus
       Management service?

       The new Anti-Malware & Virus Management service differs from the Antivirus Management service in
       that it provides a centralized console for various antivirus and anti-spyware engines as well as
       enables users to centrally manage the Microsoft Client Firewall. With Antivirus Management, you
       could only manage Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition on your PCs. The following table further
       outlines some of the key differences between the two services:

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     New Anti-Malware & Virus Management                 Existing Antivirus Management
     Can initiate immediate scans across multiple        Cannot initiate scans through Control Center
     assets through Control Center
     Can update virus definition files across multiple   Cannot update virus definition files
     assets through Control Center
     Can centrally manage Microsoft Windows              No ability to manage Microsoft Windows Firewall
     Firewall for Windows XP operating system
     Supports multiple vendors for anti-spyware and      Supports only 1 vendor: Symantec
     antivirus: Symantec, McAfee
     Reports for last scan history for scans run         Reports detail history for all manually run scans
     Reports scan history for scans initiated through    Cannot initiate scans from Control Center or
     Control Center                                      report on them.

     Is the Antivirus Management service still available?

     The Antivirus Management service is still available through the Everdream Control Center to existing
     customers who have signed up for it until their contract expires. They can upgrade to the new Anti-
     Malware & Virus Management service at no charge. Any contract renewals or new sales should offer
     the new Anti-Malware & Virus Management software service.

     Is there any cost to existing Antivirus Management customers to upgrade to the new Anti-
     Malware & Virus Management service?

     No. There is no extra cost for the upgrade. Current users of Antivirus Management have full access
     to the functionality of Anti-Malware & Virus Management.

     What will be the impact of Symantec 11? Will we be able to manage systems with Symantec
     11? Will this be a problem?

     Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0 is currently available as a beta product. The first release of
     Everdream Anti-Malware & Virus Management being released as part of 7.5.1 in August is not
     certified to work with Symantec 11.0. If there is enough market demand to make a business case to
     provide this, then Product Management will evaluate this need and put it on the product roadmap.
     Please contact Product Management with your customer requests.

     Why would IT departments choose to use Anti-Malware & Virus Management to manage their

     There are three main reasons for IT departments to choose Anti-Malware & Virus Management to
     manage their firewalls:
         1. Anti-Malware & Virus Management centrally manages the Microsoft Windows Firewall which
             included with Windows. This makes it a natural choice for IT departments to standardize on.
         2. The Microsoft Windows Firewall is fully supported by Everdream’s integration layer.
         3. Many companies have a distributed environment in which the IT department needs to have
             remote control over distributed assets. The Anti-Malware & Virus Management service
             provides them a way to centrally manage their firewall policies across all assets.

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