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					                              Messages to Shatin Tsung Tsiners
                                                                        19th January, 2007.
Dear Shatin Tsung Tsiners,

     I am taking this opportunity to share with you something interesting and important.
During the X’mas holidays, I met two old boys. I saw the first one who graduated in 2004.
When he was in my class, he gave me a real headache because he was very naughty. Some
time later, his classmates told me that he had been transformed by God after accepting
Christ in the USA. It was a real bonus to see him again – a young man now studying in
university and trusting God’s guidance. The other one left our school ten years ago. I
bumped into him on a bus. Then I was introduced to his wife whom he met at church . He
told me that he became a Christian when he was in S.1 in Tsung Tsin. He thanks God for
guiding his life and career in New Zealand. Isn’t it the most precious gift for us to see our
students pursuing their life goals according to God’s will?
     It will be the Gospel Week starting next Monday. Will it be your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th or 7th
Gospel Week? How will you see this school function? How serious are you when it comes to
religion? I really hope that you join next week’s programmes with attentive ears, prepared
and open hearts. I know when you are invited to follow Jesus, there are obstacles. I am
trying to explain two.
     Firstly, you may ask why you should follow a God who allows injustice, wars, famines,
tragedies and poverty in this world. God allows all these to exist, but He cares. He raises
Christians to help those who are trapped in trials and tribulations. Most importantly, when
Christians suffer themselves, they see their suffering from a different angle. In Romans 8:28,
Paul says “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him…”
All things mean both good things and bad things. When we believe that God has a good plan
for us, we do not fear even when facing suffering. Let me give you a couple of examples. You
know Chan Man Yee and Liu Kai Chi (TV artists). Their third son lived a very short life, but
his story has influenced many people. His funeral was not sad at all, but was like a
celebration that he had gone to Heaven to be with Jesus. A friend of mine was shocked when
she first discovered that her son has special learning difficulties. But God opened doors for
her to meet experts and get help. After struggling through a few years of hard times, she is
now a devoted volunteer helping parents who have children with the same problem.
     Many of you may say that you will lose freedom after accepting Christ. There are things
you can’t do like football betting, smoking, playing mahjong, using foul language and so on.
Moreover, there are things you should do but you can’t. For example, you have to respect
people, be kind-hearted to friends and follow many rules listed in the Bible. What does
freedom mean? According to my Oxford dictionary, freedom means the condition of being
free and in a state of not being a prisoner or slave. When you have Christ in your heart, you
are empowered by Him. God will help you to overcome your sinful nature and you will be
freed from sin. With true freedom and God’s love, you are able to get rid of bad habits and
love others. My father accepted Jesus in 2004 and was baptized last year. He had been
smoking since he was a teenager. Before his baptism, he announced publicly that he would
quit smoking. Amazingly, he is now free from cigarettes which had enslaved him for more
than 55 years. So, don’t worry; believing in Jesus does not result in following sets of rules.
Jesus, who overcame sin and death, is here to help you and guide you day by day.
     May I end my sharing by inviting you to join next week’s programmes positively and
willingly, especially those of you who study in S.5 and S.7? How will you respond to Jesus’
                                                              Miss Chu Fung Chu
                                                              Your English Teacher

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