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									                                                              FROM THE BOARD CHAIR

                                                              Dear Friends of Welcome House:
                                                              Daily inspiration is in short supply during     Welcome House on your list of charities
                                                              this difficult economy. If you are receiving    to support in any way that you can. Join
                                                              this Annual Report you are likely aware         us for a tour of the facility and you will be
                                                              of the needs of the community and               inspired. Designate the Welcome House
                                                              clients served by Welcome House. This           to receive memorials honoring a loved
                                                              awareness is changing how we approach           one. Have an extra gift card you’re not
                                                              life day-to-day.                                using? Send it our way. New bedding,
                                                                                                              hygiene supplies, a re-gift that could be
                                                              The stability and hope brought to those         part of a silent auction basket, all make
                                                              in need by Welcome House programs is            great donations.
                                                              truly inspirational every day. From the
                                                              food and hygiene items given out through        You are part of the community of help and
                                                              the Emergency Assistance Pantry, to a           hope. We can accomplish much together,
                                                              safe room in the Shelter for a Mom and          even in tough times. Blessings to you and
                                                              her children, or stable housing in The          your family!
                                                              Gardens of Greenup comes the incentive
                                                              to carry on and face life’s tough issues.
                                                              While hope is in short supply in our
                                                              community, Welcome House staff provides
                                                              it in abundance to clients even though          Cheryl Johnson
                                                              budgets are under-funded and staff and          2008 Board of Directors, Chair
                                                              office space is in short supply.

                                                              Your donation of money, in-kind goods
                                                              and volunteer time are put to excellent
                                                              use in a very frugal manner. Please keep

                                                              are homeless or at-risk of homelessness.        The new facility will provide office space
                                                              These units will be transitional housing        to meet with clients and a training room
                                                              with supportive services. One of the most       for employment.
                                                              appealing features of the building is that

                                                              it has an existing elevator that will provide   We have named the facility King’s
                                                              full access to people with disabilities.        Crossing as the result of a contest to
                                                              Several grants are being submitted to           name the building. Staff, volunteers and
                                                              cover the cost of renovation.                   board submitted suggestions and then
                                                                                                              voted. The building is located at the
                                                              Developing more affordable housing is an        corner of Greenup and Martin Luther
                                                              increasing need for people on low and/          King Blvd. – where the idea came for the
                                                              or fixed incomes with the rise in housing       name. Thanks to all who participated in
                                                              costs including utilities - especially with     the contest!
                                                              the demolition of Jacob Price homes and
                  December 31, 2008 launched a “new           in the current economic environment. The        We look forward to expanding our office
                  year” for Welcome House when it closed/     eight units include: 2 – 2 bedrooms; 2 – 1      space and the services to the citizens of
                  purchased the property at 1      126-1134   bedroom and 4 efficiency apartments.            Covington.
                  Greenup Street in Covington (formerly
                  Health Point). The building will undergo    Welcome House has outgrown its current
                  a complete renovation to include space      office space and had the need for space
                  on the first floor for the Employment and   for the Employment and SSI Outreach
                  SSI Outreach services. On the second        services.   The services are currently
                  and third floors there will be 8 units      working from space that is leased or
                  of affordable housing for people who        space that has been converted to offices.

                                                                                                 OUR VISIONARY MISSION
                                                                                                       WELCOME HOUSE
                                                                                                       collaborates with the
                                                                                                     community to provide a
                                                                                                  continuum of quality services
                                                                                                   for individuals and families
                                                                                                   who are homeless or at risk
                                                                                                    of becoming homeless to
                                                                                                     eradicate homelessness,
                                                                                                  foster stability, and promote
                                                                                                           a just society.

                 ROBIN                                            STAN
ROBIN, a mother of four children and            STAN was brought to Welcome House by
pregnant, was staying in the emergency          his older brother who reported to us that
shelter.    She worked with her case            Stan needed assistance with payeeship.                    VOLUNTEERS
manager for childcare and housing to            His brother had provided this service for            & IN-KIND DONATIONS
then concentrate on employment. Her             many years but he had recently been
pregnancy presented an employment               diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Stan had a           Volunteers and donations are essential to
barrier because she was in her eighth           long history of homelessness and was not         Welcome House. Without the assistance of
month. After the baby was born and she          able to live on his own due to mental illness.   numerous groups and individuals, Welcome
was released from doctor’s care, her job        This resulted in a succession of evictions.      House would not be able to achieve all that
search began. Robin was interested in           Welcome House provided payeeship for             it does.
working with the elderly and she applied        the next four months but Stan’s condition        Volunteers provide intake and assessment
at area nursing homes. Soon, she was            worsened. Staff coordinated services             for emergency assistance, special activities
hired as a nurse’s aide. After working          between Adult Protection Services and St.        for families in shelter, childcare, mentoring,
for one month, Robin enrolled in CNA            Elizabeth Medical Center/St. Luke which          administrative support, research and planning,
(certified nursing assistant) classes through   resulted in the placement of Stan in a           pickup and stocking of donations, fundraising
her employer. She recently completed            personal care home. Stan now has a safe          activities and facilities maintenance and
the program and is happy in her job.            home where his medical and basic needs
Her manager at work states that she is          are being met.                                   In-Kind donations include food and donation
a very dependable person and works                                                               drives conducted by schools, workplace and
                                                                                                 church groups, as well as individual donations
well with patients. Robin attributes her
                                                                                                 of food, gift cards, furniture and baby items vital
accomplishment in achieving her goals                                                            to all our emergency assistance, transitional
to the support she received at Welcome                                                           housing and case management programs.
                                                                                                 Total number of volunteers serving in 2008:
                                                                                                 523 (173 youth; 349 adults) Number of
                                                                                                 Volunteers: 207 direct; 315 indirect

                                                                                                 •    Number of volunteer hours in 2008:
                                                                                                 •    Value of      these    hours    ($19.51/hr.):
                                                                                                 •    In-kind donations totaled $171,765 in


              EMERGENCY                                  WELCOME HOUSE                                         FAMILY CASE
              ASSISTANCE                                EMERGENCY SHELTER                                     MANAGEMENT
                                                                                                    The Family Case Management program
    The Emergency Assistance program provides       The Emergency Shelter provides a safe
                                                                                                    partners with two other Northern Kentucky
    basic necessities such as food, paper           supportive temporary home for women and
                                                                                                    agencies in comprehensive, interdisciplinary,
    products and personal care items to people      children who are homeless. Residents are
                                                                                                    holistic services for homeless families and
    in emergency situations or to supplement        provided basic necessities in a caring and
    low-income households who are at-risk of                                                        women. The goals are to secure sufficient
                                                    nurturing environment while staff assist them
                                                                                                    income, foster self-determination and stability,
    homelessness and/or hunger. Other services      in planning for stable income and housing.
                                                                                                    and assist in obtaining and maintaining
    include: assessment, referrals to Welcome       Collaboration with other agencies brings a
                                                                                                    permanent housing for those who have
    House programs and to community resources.      variety of supportive services such as legal
                                                                                                    struggled to sustain these basic needs due
                                                    support, mental health counseling, chemical
                                                                                                    to mental illness, domestic violence, and/or
    TOTAl SeRveD IN 2008:                           dependency treatment and nursing care to the
                                                                                                    chemical dependency issues. Many of those
    (Food and hygiene items): 6,845 adults and      shelter.
                                                                                                    served (76%) deal with two or more life altering
    children. (3,027 households) 40% were under
                                                                                                    disabilities or obstacles that affect their ability
    age 18.                                         Total served in 2008:
                                                                                                    to maintain work and housing.
                                                    290 individuals (174 adults and 1 children).
    •   48% of households received food stamps      40% of the residents were children; 67% of      Total served in case management in 2008:
                                                    the children were birth to 5 years of age.      580 individuals; (250 adults and 330 were
    •   In-house referrals – 51%
                                                                                                    children). 61% of the children (17 & under)
    •   Approximately 3,065 bags of groceries       •   Unit cost: one individual per day - $31     were birth to 5 years old. An additional 172
        were distributed                                                                            families/month are served in outreach and
                                                    •   Average length of stay – 39 days
    •   Donated food distributed value - $45,723;                                                   follow up services, along with housing and
                                                    •   Adults with disabilities – 73%              budget counseling and crisis intervention by
        in addition to purchases of $20,000
        (Kenton County Fiscal Court).               •   Of the 9,000 projected number of bed        phone.
    •   Average monthly income per household            nights in 2008, Welcome House provided
                                                                                                    •    Point in time caseload – 150 families
                                                        10,202 nights of shelter.
        was $750. The program experienced                                                           •    45 were chronically homeless (8%)
        families from higher incomes seeking        •   Overall 46% obtained housing; however,      •    Unit cost – case management services
        assistance.                                     for those who stayed 3 weeks or longer           household per month - $153
    •                                                   this outcome increased to 67%               •    91% of participants accessed transitional/
        49 households were assisted with rent/
        utilities totaling $14,338 to prevent       •   For residents who stayed 3 weeks or              permanent housing at time of exit.
        homelessness. These funds provided by           longer 78% obtained income on exit in       •    67% of program participants were
        No. KY Apartment Association, St. Pius          contrast to 12% for those who stayed less        permanently housed for at least 6 months
        and St. John’s churches.                        than 3 weeks.                                    after securing permanent housing.
                                                                                                    •    55% of eligible participants entering
    •   27% of households reported zero income                                                           the program unemployed secured
    •   Started food choice pantry                                                                       employment/income by the time they
                                                                                                         exited the program.
                                                                                                    •    70% of participants increased mainstream
                                                                                                         benefits they received between program
                                                                                                         entry and exit.

    DAY2DAY PROGRAM                                                            GARDENS AT GREENUP
       Integrates Protective Payee Services
     and the Homeless Services Project (HSP)          Provides affordable housing with on-site support services including intensive case
                                                      management and licensed quality childcare. The program works with families to set and
Day2Day offers street level outreach and case         achieve educational and vocational goals in working towards sustainable incomes.
management, supportive services, advocacy,
peer support and financial management and             Total served in 2008:
supportive services to help homeless and              76 individuals (30 adults and 46 children) 70% of the children were birth to 5 years old.
at risk individuals obtain housing and live           • Occupancy rate – 98%
independently within the community.                   • Average length of stay – 20 months
HSP is a collaboration of five local social service   • Unit cost - $173/household/week
agencies that provide crucial comprehensive           • 100% of adults developed individual case plans with established goals within one
services to move people from homelessness to               month of entry.
obtain income and housing.                            • 90% of adults improved at least 15 points on scaled measurement of strengths and
                                                           barriers each year.
Case Management Services assist people
                                                      • 64% of adults in the education track completed at least two quarters or semesters of
to obtain mental health/substance abuse
                                                           post secondary education or vocational training within 18 months.
treatment, permanent housing, employment,
                                                      • 88% of adults in employment track sustained employment for 6 months or longer.
peer support and other needed services.
                                                      • 43% of those reaching the 6 month milestone also reached sustained employment for
Protective Payee Services assist people                    12 months.
with mental and/or physical disabilities by
budgeting and direct bill payment of their
Social Security disability income. Direct bill
payment offers money management services
to low income workers with disabilities.

Total served in 2008 Homeless Service Project:            EMPLOYMENT SERVICES                                   SOCIAL SECURITY/
359 individuals; Protective Payee Services: 170                                                                BENEFITS OUTREACH
individuals                                           Employment specialists work with clients to
                                                      perform assessments, offer guidance with
                                                      job readiness activities, and help obtain and        Originally a component of the Day2Day
•    Direct bill payment - 94 individuals                                                                  program this is now a service of its own.
                                                      retain stable employment for Welcome House
•    Adults with disabilities – 98%                   programs and community collaborations                Claims specialists use a best practice method
                                                      including the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation.   to complete SSI applications for people who
•    Unit cost - $52/month
                                                      The Employment services include transitional         are disabled and homeless or at-risk. Securing
•    72% of the HSP program participants              jobs and job development as appropriate to           SSI can mean an end to homelessness and
     moved from homelessness to housing               individual needs and offers support throughout       more consistent health care resulting in a
     within 24 months.                                the process to clients and employers. The newly      better quality of life for individuals with severe
•    98% accessed the appropriate mainstream          developed JIVA curriculum integrates recovery        mental illness or other debilitating illness.
     health and/or human services programs.           and employment through experiential job              The successful partnership with St. Elizabeth
                                                      club activities, education, skill building and       Medical Center/St. Luke Hospital for this
•    75% of those served in the employment                                                                 service is being considered a best practice.
     component      gained       competitive
     employment.                                                                                           Because many referred clients lack secure
                                                      Total served in 2008:
                                                                                                           housing and other resources, staff members
•    62% of those served through case                 335 individuals—The program serves clients
                                                                                                           refer these individuals to other services
     management entered skills training or            with a wide range of abilities including
                                                                                                           available, such as emergency assistance,
     supported employment.                            mental health and chemical dependency
                                                                                                           housing, case management, primary care
                                                      issues, few marketable work skills and
•    62% of those who obtained competitive                                                                 physicians, etc. until such time as their disability
                                                      inconsistent work history. The program
     employment maintained a job for at least                                                              income is approved.
                                                      partners with other Welcome House programs
     60 days.                                         as well as Transitions and No. KY Drug Court.        •    Applications completed 67 in 2008
•    Payee - 77% of adults who participated in        71 clients received Kentucky Vocational              •    SSI/SSDI Approval Rating: 71% (national
     financial management services obtained           Rehabilitation services.                                  average: 37%)
     housing within 30 days.
                                                      •    Adults with disabilities – 53%                  •    Average days for approval determination:
•    83% of adults who participated in                •    Unit cost - $65/person/month                         60 days (national average: 120 days)
     financial management for 2 years or              •    57% of individuals who attended at
     more had a balance of $900 in savings,                least one Job Club made and kept 2 job
     enough to relocate to another apartment               coaching appointments with employment
     if needed.                                            specialists within 3 months.
•    91% of payees in the program 2 years or          •    43% of individuals participating in job
     more maintained stable housing and did                coaching were offered a job within 6
     not return to homelessness.                           months.
                                                      •    100% who were offered at least one job
•    Total payee funds managed: $1,623,000
                                                           started work.
     plus total direct rent funds managed:
                                                      •    Of those starting work, 57% retained a
                                                           job for 6 months or longer.

    2008 DONORS AND FUNDERS                                                                                        Michele Redden-Wexford         Suzanne and Events Deatherage
    All of those who contributed financially to Welcome House in 2008 are recognized in                         Nabil Boulos and Iman Bastawros   Leslie Deaton
    the following pages. Your contributions make it possible to offer the quality and cost                      Stephanie and Mark Boyd           John Deaver
    efficient services people have come to expect from Welcome House. We are extremely                          Jane Bracken                      Dorothy Decker
    grateful to all who support our mission and work on an ongoing and committed basis.                         Bertine and William Bradley       Norbert and Sally DeJaco
                                                                                                                John and Barbara Brancheau        Kathleen DeLaura
    (The contributions listed below are funds received above and beyond funds given                             Kelley Brandeberry                Anna Denton
    through government agencies and pass-through dollars).                                                      Scott and Valerie Brandenburg     Thomas and Martha Depenbrock
                                                                                                                Ruth Braxton-Brown                Robert and Elizabeth Devaney
                                       Congregation of Divine                 The Girls Friendly Society        David and Kathleen Bray           Wayne F. Dickens
    HeRITAGe                             Providence                           Toyota Boshoku America            Charles Breetz                    Thomas Dietz
    Gifts above $25,001                Crescent Springs Presby. Church        Michael and Rebecca Turney        Larry Brennan and                 Patricia Dion
    Griffin Family Fund Of The         Dayton Foundation Depository,          Philip and Diane Vaske               Karen Enzweiler                Penny Djordjevich
    Greater Cincinnati Foundation         Inc.                                Vision One                        Paula Brickler                    Richard and Judy Doerger
    Henry and Elaine Fischer           Deloitte Services LP                   Jon and Jane Votel                Arnold and Dorothy Brinker        John and Jodi Bowling
    Health Foundation of Greater       Diocese Of Covington/                  Robert and Peggy Wenning          Danny Briscoe                     William and
     Cincinnati                          Stewardship Office                   Ben and Agnes Wessels             Richard and Mary Broeg               Mary Ruth Donnermeyer
    United Way & Community Chest       Richard and Angela Elder               Jim and Phyllis Young             Lawrence and Janis Broering       Kenneth and Cecilia Dorger
                                       Steve and Mary Ellen Elsbernd                                            Leo and Norma Broering            John and Ilda Dorsey
    **Welcome House was very           Gloria Dei Lutheran Church                                               Marian Broomall                   Ann and James Doyle
    blessed in 2008 to receive two     Will Gregg
                                                                              STABIlITY                         Carey and Erin Brown              Gary and Christine Drainville
    exceptional gifts significantly                                           Gifts up to $500                  Jonathon Brown                    Ralph and Teresa Draper
                                       Richard and Deborah Grover
    greater than the $25,000 level.                                           3M Foundation*                    Mary and Bart Brown               Thomas and Jeanne Dressman
                                       Hamilton Co OH Chapter Of
                                                                              Larry and Kaye Ackley             Robert and Rebecca Brown          Dressman, Benzinger &
                                         Thrivent Financial For Lutheran
                                                                              Martha Adair                      Gary and Darlene Brueggen            LaVelle PSC
    ***One donor wishes to remain      Charles and Diane Hammond
                                                                              Robert and Margaret Adams         Suzanne Brun                      Ronald and Emily Droege
    anonymous.                         Hyde Park Publishing Services
                                                                              Steve and Debra Ader              George Budig                      Robert Drought
                                       Patricia Ivey
                                                                              Ronald and Darla Aitken           Mark Bukala                       David and Joan Dryden
                                       Henry Konstantinow and
    lIFe                                 Alexandra Rekers
                                                                              Michele Alford-Shaw and           Eugene and Susan Burchell         Hope Dubose
    Gifts of $10,001 - $25,000                                                  Robin Shaw                      Joseph and                        Edwin and Mary Clare Duhme
                                       Levi Strauss & Co.
    Northern Kentucky Restaurant                                              Julie Allegrini and                  Charlotte Buschelmann          Julie and Chris Dupont
                                       Mildred Mc Elligott
      Association                                                               Susanne Bookser                 Mary Buten                        Jean and Teresa Durkin
                                       Marge & Charles J. Schott
    Robert H. Reakirt Foundation                                              Lawrence and Nancy Allen          Marla and Lee Butke               Julie Tapke Dusing
    Robert M. Butler Foundation                                               Alan Shawn Feinstein Foundation   Martin and Sandra Butler          Michael and Deborah Dutle
                                       Paul and Jo Ann Schwartz
    Daniel & Susan Pfau Foundation                                            Richard and Besse-Lee Allnutt     M. Jean Byrley                    Kathy Dye
                                       St. Joseph Church
    Welcome House Outreach                                                    Jones Lang Lasalle Americas       Ginny and Peter Cahill            Eloise Eads
                                       St. Pius X Church
                                                                              Karen and Philip Anderson         Mary Cahill                       Theresa Eberly
                                       St. Timothy Church
                                                                              Eugene and Rosanna Ardine         Michael and Pamela Cahill         Nancy Ebersole
                                       St. Walburg Monastery
    HOPe                               Woody and Kathy Stephens
                                                                              Shirley Armstrong                 Robert and Virginia Cahill        John and Anne Edmiston
    Gifts of $5,001 - $10,000                                                 Asaph Transportation              Pat Caldon                        Genie Edwards
                                       Margaret Taylor
    Apartment Assoc. Outreach, Inc.                                           Joyce Asfour                      Charles and Dorothy Caldwell      Steven Edwards and
                                       Transfreight, LLC
    Blessed Sacrament Church                                                  Timothy and Kirsten Auch          Irvin and Joyce Callery              Kim Thompson
                                       Trinity Episcopal Church
    Johnson Family Foundation                                                 Dennis Augur                      Jenny Campbell                    Richard and Barbara Egan
                                       Jerry and Katherine Warner
    Mother of God Church                                                      Bill and Gail Aylor               Kathleen Carnahan                 Phyllis Ehlman
    Sutphin Family Foundation                                                 Tom and Pamerla Backer            David and Diana Carr              Dorthea Eichelberger
    William P. Anderson Foundation     eSTeeM                                 Helen Baker                       Peter and Nancy Cassidy           Jane Eilerman
    Mitzi Fox                          Gifts of $501 - $1,000                 Shawn Baker                       Challenge Girls Club of No. KY    Robert Elkins
                                       Anderson Childs Play Group             Joseph and Doris Balasa           Chas. Seligman Distr. Co.         Stephen and Maria Elkins
                                       Robert Berberich                       Dawn Baldwin                      Lowell and Laverne Chasteen       Ernest and Betty Elliot
    WelCOMe HOUSe ANGel                Michael and Suzanne Bish               Ruth Bamberger                    William and Anne Chatfield        Deborah Ellis
    NeTWORK                            Gregory and Patricia Blank             Patricia Barger-Rice              Catholic Charities, Inc.          Ellen and Jack Emsuer
    In 2006 we started the             Marvin and Joan Borne                  Ronald Barrow                     Ann Chisko                        Betty Engelman
    “Welcome House Angel               Donald Bourell                         Paul and Maryann Barth            Helma Cholera                     Gregory and Margaret Engelman
    Network” to recognize donors       Chevron Corp                           Joanne Basse                      Richard and Karen Chorey          Erlanger Lioness Club
    who have made financial            Steven Codell                          Jim and Lisa Bayne                John and Vickie Cimprich          Louis and Marilyn Esselman
    commitments of $1,000 or           Covington Art Club                     Bernie and Ann Beck               Cincinnati Friends of Charity     Regina Estes and Andrew Woods
    more each year for five years to   Fidelity Investments                   Harry and Ginny Beck              David and Tina Clark              F.N. Sheppard & Co.
    Welcome House. Our thanks          Elizabeth Hart                         Raymond and Elizabeth Beck        Ginny Clark                       Dave Faeth
    to these generous angel donors     Mary Geisen and Barbara Cox            Mary Becker                       A.B. Closson                      James and Susan Farmer
    who have pledged this level of     Rebekah Gensler                        Paul and Donna Becker             John and Jean Coggan              Mark and Ann Farney
    support for the next five years.   Gloria Dei Lutheran                    Joni Beckmeyer Hizer              Dottie Comassar                   Ron and Barbara Farrow
                                          Church-Cincinnati                   Kathy Beechem                     Craig Combs                       Carol Fausz
                                       Dennis and Joyce Griffin               Beechwood Elementary              Elinor and John Comer             Dick and Doris Fedders
    Gerald and Linda Benzinger         Robert Hoffer                          Elsie Beekley
    Cindy and Terry Carl                                                                                        Susan Comisar                     Scott and Janet Fedders
                                       Paul and Jennifer Jacobs               Gertrude Bellendorf               Community Pharmacy Care           James Fedor
    Mary Davidson                      Kenton Heights Womens Club             Bellevue Vets Ladies Auxiliary    Shirley Compton                   Joe Feldhaus
    Gregg Greene                       Nancy and Viola Kinman                 Nannette Benales and              Sue Corken                        Thomas and Marilyn Feldman
      and Emily Fischer-Greene         David and Diane Kramer                   Peter Rightmire                 Susan Countryman                  John and Jane Feldman
    Margie Hardebeck                   Barbara and James Leahy                David and Nancy Bender            Covington Latin School            Linda Fennell
    Cheryl Johnson and Jerry Rapien    Libby, Persyck & Kathmann              Benedictine Sisters St. Joseph    Barbara Cox                       Kyle Fessenden
                                       Macy’s Inc. *                          Devin and Mandy Bennett           Hugh and Pamela Cox               Ruth Finfrock
    Gerry Kreutzjans
                                       Thomas Martin                          Brian Berning                     Jana and Brian Cox                First Christian Church
    Edwinna Meister                    Jim and Gay Middendorf                 Jackie and Paul Berning
    David Quast                                                                                                 Thomas and Lisa Cox               Gloria Fischer
                                       Ruth Miner                             J and Ruth Bessler                Emily Crail                       Robert and Mary Fischesser
    Brent and Judy Rouse               Melissa Moore                          Paul and Joan Best                Kevin Crail                       John and Noemi Fisk
    Jerry and Katherine Warner         Janice Mortenson                       William and Jane Beuttel          Terri Crane                       Laurel Fitzgerald
    Rosie Wilcox                       New Friends of Northern                John and Carole Binzer            Joe and Ellen Creaghead           Patrick and Anne Flannery
                                          Kentucky                            Thomas and Bernice Bishop         Crestview Lands, LLC              James and Joan Fleming
                                       Reed and Theresa Nolting               Anthony and Kelly Bitter
    SPIRIT                             Provincial Council of the Sisters of   Glenn and Melba Bjornson
                                                                                                                Margaret Culkin                   Edwin Flick
    Gifts of $1,001 - $5,000                                                                                    Theresa Cunningham                Linda Fogle
                                       Divine Providence                      Ken and Shea Blackburn            John and Anne Daugherty           Kim Foley
    Gerald and Linda Benzinger         Stephen and Mary Ellen Pujol           Richard and Barbara Blank
    Clara Bosch                                                                                                 Tony and Dawn Davern              Thomas and Brenda Foley
                                       Charlotte Read                         C. William and Mary Blewett       Heidi David and David Young       Anna Foltz
    Frank Burns                        William Remke                          Audrey Board
    Joseph and Mary Jo Cleves                                                                                   David Quast Orthodontics          Fort Wright Civic Club
                                       David and Lisa Rogers                  Laura and David Bockweg           Mary Davidson                     Dieter Forthuber
    Jackson and Marian Cummins         Charles Rooks                          Henry and Joan Boehmer
    Brian Dickman                                                                                               Jerome and Suzanne Davis          Keith and Judith Fortner
                                       Charles Scheper                        Regina Boehmer                    Linda and Paul Davis              Jeffrey and Leah Fossitt
    Carroll Family Fund of The         Charles and Betty Schneider            Edward and Mary Lou Boerger
     Greater Cincinnati                                                                                         Pat and Geoff Davis               Frank’s Men Shop
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     Foundation                        St. Gertrude’s Church,                 Thomas Bonenfant
    Church of the Nativity                                                                                      David and Suzanne Day             William and Carol Franzosa
                                          Ladies of Charity                   Kevin Borowski and

Kuehn and Phyllis Frederick      Mary Hoefker                      Ken and Sandra Krumpelman        Richard and Gail Michalack         Francis and Bernice Reilly
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Frank and Donna Giese            Thomas Huster                     Garvin and Diane LeClaire        Julie Mueller                      Carol Rolf
Erin Gillispie                   Identity Sportswear               Thelma Lee                       Selena Murdoch                     Laura Rolf
Thomas and Mary Ginney           Illinois Tool Works Foundation    Linda Leicht                     Mary Anne Murphy                   Vernon and Karen Rolf
Suzette Glaab                    Immaculate Heart of Mary Cinti    Carmen Leisner                   Charles and Kay Murray             Debbie Rose and Jim Howard
Jeffrey and Kathryn Goldenberg   Independent Living Options Inc.   Fred and Melinde Leport          Daniel Murray                      Joan Rothring
Nelson and Ruth Goodridge        Ethel Ingalls                     Neil and Sarah Leyshock          Gary and Kary Myers                Robert and Deborah Rottman
William and Doris Gould          Bill and Lara Ingram              Donald and Carole Linnemann      Jane Mynatt                        Edward and Melissa Rowe
Mary Gray                        Interfaith Hospitality Network    Guy Linnemann                    Dan and Mary Nagle                 Robert and Irene Ruberg
Great American Insurance         Internal Revenue Service          Jerry and Frances Linz           Catherine Nestheide                Gina Ruehl
   Company                       Jeannine Ives                     Katie and Jim Litmer             Mary Ann Nestheide                 Runyan Memorial Christian
Kerri Green                      Garry and Linda Jackson           Michael and Sandra Longbottom    New & Associates                   Church
Sandy Grieme                     Lynda and Garry Jackson           Robert Lonneman                  New Beginnings Evangelical         Russell & Anne Staurovsky
Robert and Maryann Grimm         Shirley Jaeger                    Stephen and Jane Lorenz            Presbyterian Church                Family Trust
Ralph and Linda Groetzinger      Kathy Janson                      Suzanne Lorenz                   Donald Nicely                      Gilbert Rutz
Frank and Sue Groneck            Gerald and Barbara Johnson        Lawrence and Dolores Losey       Jack and Donna Nickerson           Nancy Kay Ryan
Jeannie Gronotte                 Misty Johnson                     Robert and Sallie Lotz           Sandy Niemiec                      Ryland Elementary
Leo and Virginia Gubser          Stuart and Yvonne Johnson         W. Robert Lotz                   Michael and Kelli Nitardy          Karen Samples
Amy Guenther                     Adam Jones                        Joanna Lounsbury                 Linda Noe                          Mike and Ginny Sandfoss
Mark and Catherine Guilfoyle     Greg and Becky Jones              John and Diana Lovelace          Ronald and Sherrie Noel            Sandy Cohen Printers
Lawrence and Linda Guttadauro    Jeffrey and Kimberly Jones        William and Beverly Low          Greg Noll                          Rina Saperstein and Jeffrey Davis
Barbara and Joseph Haas          Thildy Kaelin                     Karen M. Lowe                    Patricia and Louis Noll            Peter and Mary Sartori
Stephen and Diane Hack           William Kaelin                    Geneva and Ken Ludlow            Gail Nolte                         Andrew Saunders
David Hackworth                  Kathy Kaelin-Symons               Ludlow Christian Church          Northern Kentucky Chamber          Timothy and Sharon Schabell
Bonnie and Ronald Halderman      Jeanine and John Kalker           Jack and Linda Lundy               of Commerce                      Carol Schafer
Joane Haller                     Doris Kappas                      Evelyn Macklin                   Northminster Presbyterian Church   Sharon Schaefer
Michael and Peggy Halpin         Jerry and Kathy Kasselmann        Jim Maddy                        Joseph and Diane Nuxoll            Kathryn Schaller and Kathleen
Joe and Jan Hamilton             Thomas and Carol Kearns           Madison Ave. Christian Church    Stephen and Cathy O’Brian          Washam
Kenneth and Florence Hampton     Dale and Sharon Keith             Robert and Melinda Maier         Paul and Sue Ochsner               William Scharf
Thomas and Juanita Hanna         Dennis and Michele Kelley         Lee and Sally Mando              Ohio National Financial Services   Keith and Linda Schauman
Gerald and Andrea Hardcorn       Don and Rebecca Kelm              Victor and Gloria Mannino        Harold and Ruth Oliver             William and Betsy Scheben
Dennis and Lorna Harrell         Susan Kendall                     Nancy Martin                     Maureen O’Malley                   Becky Scheitz
Margaret Harrison                Janis Kennedy                     Theresa Martin                   Wayne and Deborah Onkst            Anna Scheper
Mary Lee Harrison                Kenton County Public Library      Maria Martini                    Deborah Owens                      George and Rita Scheper
Mary Hart                        Kenton County Republican          Joseph and Mary Lou Marusin      P&R Auto Repair/Sales, Inc.        Paul and Mary Lee Scheper
Brenda Hartman                   Women’s Club                      Annette Mason                    Phillip Palicki                    Jay Schilling
Raymond Hartman                  John Kevin and Brenda Kennedy     Gary and Mary Massie             Ronald Panko                       Thomas and Patricia Schleper
Barbara Harvery                  Thomas Kennedy                    Shawn Masters                    Mary and Bernard Paolucci          William and Sandy Schmaedecke
Victor and Donna Hauser          Carol Kerr                        Ruth Matracia                    James Parrott                      Paul and Deborah Schmeing
David and Barbara Hausladen      Dolores Kiernan                   Judith Mattingly                 Judy Parshall                      Donald and Janet Schmidt
Hebron Lutheran Church           Kelly Kingston                    Sue and Tim Mauntel              Robert and Judith Parsons          Karen Schmidt
Robert and Deborah Hedrick       Viola Kinman                      Nancy Maxfield                   Ernest and Michelle Parton         Donald and Anita Schneider
Steve Hegge                      Kim and Jerry Kinnaird            Kerry Fogarty and                Barbara Patrick                    Harry and Ellen Schoettelkotte
Robert and Mary Hehman           Ronald and Rita Kirkwood            Dawna McAtee                   Robert Paul                        Michael Schoettelkotte
Justin and Elizabeth Heinonen    Sarah Klamo                       Charles and Kay McConnell        Janet Pecquet                      James and Marilyn Schrand
Don Hellmann                     Glen Turner and Ruth Kleier       John and Carrie McCoy            Barbara Peeler                     Debbie Schroeder
Donald Hellmann                  Kenneth and Karma Klingenberg     Jo McCracken                     Michael and Sally Pettinger        Michael and Marcia Schulte
Louis and Marlene Hellmann       Mary Klingenberg                  David and Sandra McCrocklin      Richard Pingilley                  William and Joan Schunder
Dennis and Berti Helmick         David and Jan Klocke              Geraldine McDermott              Donald and Patricia Plogman        Brian Schwalbach
Kevin and Carol Hemmer           Jane Klosterman                   Clifford and Bernett McDine      Susan Porter                       Lori Schwartz
Mary Hemmer                      Ted and Tamara Kluemper           Dennis McDine                    James Poston                       Harold and Ruth Schweitzer
Pat and Bill Hemmer              Steven Kneipp                     Thomas and Mary McGlone          S. Kim Pratt                       Philip and M.L. Schworer
Robert and Patricia Hemmer       Edwin and Lois Knochelmann        Virgina and Jane McGlone         Margaret and Pam Precht            Dolores See
Hudson and Emily Henry           Mike Koch                         Charlene McGrath                 Rita Coveney and Robert Pudenz     Henrietta Seiler
Geraldine Herman                 June and Emery Kocsis             Mary McHale                      Frederick and Jean Pugh            Diane and Thomas Seiter
Betty Herriman                   Brian and Laura Koehl             Mark and Constance McNerney      Chesla Purtilar                    Senior Citizens of Ft. Mitchell
Jerome and Margaret Heyl         Trudy Koehling                    Paul and Marybeth Meisenhelder   William and Heather Quigley        Nadine Sexton
Michael and Maribeth Hibbett     Julia Koenig                      Gary and Kathy Menne             Dawn Quinlan                       Raegan Sharp
Jeff and Kathy Higgins           Fran Koher                        Thomas and Janet Mentrup         The R.C. Durr Foundation, Inc.     Dean and Diana Shay
Michael and Mary Higgins         Mark and Amanda Kolar             Merchants Cold Storage, LLC      John and Grace Rademacher          Jerry and Elizabeth Shroat
Highland Products LLC            Carl and Claudia Kornmeyer        Jennifer Merciez                 Susan Rahe                         Selma Siekman
Highlands Middle School          Charles and Ruth Korzenborn       Audrey and Bob Merrill           Daryl and Loraine Rainer           Steve and Janet Simon
Rodney and Genevieve Hill        Pat Kozecki                       Beverly Merrill                  Jeffrey and Patrica Raines         Sisters of Charity
Jim and Kathy Hils               Connie Kramer                     Albert and Carol Ann Messmer     Thomas and Elinor Rambo            Sisters of Notre Dame
Mark and Lisa Hils               Bernice Krebs                     James and Cynthia Metz           Olena Ramey                        Sisters of St. Joseph the Worker
Kim and Nancy Hiltibrand         Cecilia Kreiner                   Richard and Annette Meyer        Bryant and Dawn Ramirez            Jim and Catherine Skyrm
Gerald and Candace Hinners       John Kreitler                     Richard Meyer                    Tom and Carol Rasp                 Ken Slade
Ron and Sandra Hitzler           Kroger Company - General Office   William Meyer                    Patrick and Patricia Raverty       Tia Slinde
William and Jamie Hochleutner    George Kruempelman                George and Donna Mezera          Dave and Linda Rechtin             Garrett Smith

                  DONORS & FUNDERS CONT.
    Karen and Gary Smith             Gregory and Diane Wehrman
                                                                        2008 IN-KIND DONORS
    Nancy Smith                      Sid Weil                          All of those individuals and groups who have made in-kind donations to Welcome House from
    Randy and Doreen Smith           Jack and Mona Wells               January to December of 2008 are recognized in the following list. In-Kind donations include food
    Tom and Mary Smith               Kenton and Martha Wells           and donation drives conducted by schools, workplaces and church groups, as well as individual
    Gary and Joyce Sneed             Lori and Hal Wendling             donations of food, household and hygiene items, gift cards, furniture and baby items.
    Jack and Marlene Snodgrass       Bob and Gerri Wenert
    Damon and Beth Sparks            James and Kathryn Wenstrup
                                                                                                         Health Department of Northern      Sage Hospitality
    Kevin and Karla Spaulding        Mary Westerfeld                   GROUPS                               Kentucky                        Sanrio
    Maria Spears                     Jack and Kelley Westwood          A Little Frame Shop
    J.T. Spence and Colleen O’Toole  Charlotte Wethington                                                Hebron Lutheran Church             Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill
                                                                       AC Nielson-Bases Research         Helping Greater Cincinnati         Signs of Life
    Linville and Nancy Spicer        Pat Wheatley                      Amazon.Com
    Therese Sprinkle                 Michael and Mary Jo Whelan                                          Achieve                            Skeffington’s Formal Wear
                                                                       American Eagle Outfitters         Highland Ave. Wesleyan Church      St. Agnes Church
    Gerry and Peggy St. Amand        Sheila Whitford                   American Legion Aux 203
    St. Barbara Church               Mary Frances Whitson                                                Highlands High School              St. Anthony Elementary
                                                                       Ameriprise Financial              Hinsdale School                    St. Barbara Church
    St. Catherine of Siena Church    Mary Wigger                       Andre Agassi Charitable
    St. Henry Church                 Mike and Carrie Wikoff                                              Holmes High School                 St. Elizabeth Hospital
                                                                          Foundation                     Holy Cross HS                      St. Elizabeth Medical Center
    St. John the Baptist Parish      Kay Willenbrink                   Anonymous
    St. Joseph’s Hilltoppers Seniors James and Pam Williams                                              Holy Trinity School                St. Gertrude’s Church,
                                                                       Apartment Assoc. Outreach, Inc.   Immaculate Heart of Mary Cinti       Ladies of Charity
    Raymond and Dianne Stacy         Phyllis Williams                  B. L. Spille Construction
    Nancy Staurovsky                 Robert and Gail Williams                                            Insight                            St. Henry Church
                                                                       Bare Essentials                   Jewel Craft Inc.                   St. James A M E Church
    Ellen Staverman                  John and Anisa Willis             Beechwood Elementary
    Doug and Rhonda Stegman          Rachael Winters                                                     Joe’s Crab Shack                   St. John the Baptist Parish
                                                                       Biggs                             John G. Carlisle School            St. Joseph Catholic Elementary
    James and Beverly Stegman        Marvin and Karen Wischer          Bilz Insurance
    Jerry and Johanna Stegman        Lindsay Wiseman                                                     Johnson Elementary                 St. Joseph Church
                                                                       Blessed Sacrament Church          Keeneland                          St. Joseph Parish
    Lawrence and Marilyn Stegman     C. William Witte                  Burke
    Michael and Ann Steines          Thomas and Debbie Wolfe                                             Kellogg                            St. Luke East Therapy Dept.
                                                                       CareerBuilder.com                 Kelly Elementary                   St. Mary Elementary School
    Jan Steinman                     Ralph and Arline Wolff            Carrabbas Italian Grill
    Daniel and Patricia Steinmetz    Women’s Guild of Zion                                               Kenton County Airport Board        St. Mary’s Cathedral
                                                                       Cathedral Basilica of the As-     Kenton County Health               St. Patrick Alter Society
    Hank Stephens                      Lutheran Church                 sumption
    Jay and Mary Stevens             David Works                                                            Department                      St. Paul’s School
                                                                       Charities Guild Shoe Fund         Kenton County Public Library       St. Peter and Paul Church
    Robert and Cathy Stevens         Debbie Wyatt                      Christ Church Cathedral
    Bob and Kathy Stevie             Charlie and Ginny Yancey                                            Kenton County Republican           St. Pius X Church
                                                                       Cincinnati Cyclones               Women’s Club                       St. Timothy Church
    Mary and John Stevie             Todd York                         Cincinnati Reds
    Catherine Stratman               Charles Young                                                       Kroger                             Star 93.3
                                                                       Cincinnati Zoo                    Kroger Company -                   Starfire Council
    David Stroh                      Linda Young                       Citizen’s Bank
    Darryl and Cindy Strong          Troy Young                                                             General Office                  Stephen’s Elementary
                                                                       Cline Elementary                  Lakeside Christian Church          Summit View Middle School
    Barbara Stross                   Kathy and James Yunker            Collins Elementary
    Michael and Melinda Sucher       Mark and Mary Ann Zalla                                             Lakeside Presbyterian Church       Sunrock Farm
                                                                       Color Me Mine                     Lazer Kraze                        SuperBowl
    David Suetholz                   Jean and Bill Zeck                Congregation of Divine
    Kathy Summe                      Anthony and Gerry Zembrodt                                          Leadership Northern Kentucky       TANK
                                                                          Providence                     Class of 2009                      Tapke Asset Management
    Peter and Kathy Summe            Rita Zerhusen                     Cork ‘N Bottle
    Judith and Frank Swartz          Wilbert Ziegler                                                     Legal Aid                          Taylor Mill Elementary
                                                                       Country Hills Montessori          Little Red School House            Taylor Mill Fire Dept
    Robert and Donna Sweeney         David Ziser                       Covington Board of Education
    Paul and Ann Tagher              John and Michelle Zulli                                             L’Oreal                            Technicolor Cinema
                                                                       Covington Car Wash                LPS                                The Benchmark
    Meralyn Taylor                                                     Covington Independent
    Paul Tenhundfeld                                                                                     Macy’s Inc.                        The Church of Jesus Christ of
                                                                          Public Schools                 Mary Kay Cosmetics                 Latter Day Saints
    Jack and Carol Thelen            Every attempt has been made       Covington Latin School
    Marilyn Thiel                    to include any individual or                                        Mary Queen of Heaven               The Daily Show
                                                                       Crossway Community Church         Mary Queen of Heaven School        The Doctors Show
    Paul and Adeline Throop          group who donated financially     Curves
    Mickey Tibbs                     to Welcome House from January                                       Mazak Co.                          The Gap Inc.
                                                                       D P and L                         Mead Johnson                       Theta Phi Alpha
    Mary and Lawrence Tiemeier       to December of 2008. Please       Delta Kappa Gamma Upsilon
    William and Mary Toebbe          forgive any inadvertent                                             Montgomery Inn                     Top Flight Gymnastics
                                                                       Chapter                           Mountjoy and Bressler, LLP         Town & Country
    Richard and Carolyn Toerner      omissions or misspellings.        Dewey’s Pizza
    Bill and Melanie Toler                                                                               National Assoc. of Letter          Toyota Boshoku America
                                                                       Dick’s Sporting Goods                Carriers                        Toyota Motor Manufacturing
    Michael and Andrea Tomasetti     Companies with an asterisk have   Direct Marketing Results
    Richard and Barbara Traud        provided matching donations                                         National City                      Transfreight, LLC
                                                                       Dixie Heights High School         National College                   Turner Construction
    Dallas and Gail Trinkle          to Welcome House on behalf        Dots
    Sylvia Troescher                 of their employees who have                                         Natorps                            UC Medical Center Community
                                                                       Dr. Phil Show                     NBC Today Show                       Outreach
    Harold and Elizabeth Trouten     contributed to Welcome House.     Eagle Manufacturing
    Trutschel Plastering, Inc.                                                                           New Beginnings Evangelical         United Food and Commercial
                                                                       Eagle Ridge Apartments            Presbyterian Church                Workers International
    Ronald Turner                                                      Economy Markets
    Shirley Tyus                                                                                         Newport Central Catholic           United Healthcare
                                                                       Elk Creek                            High School                     United States Playing Card
    Charles and Ann Ulbricht                                           Ethicon Endo-Surgery
    Janet Ullum                                                                                          Newport High School Key Club       University Hospital
                                                                       Fabulous Furs                     Next Chapter Church                Villa Madonna Academy
    Angela Vasseur                                                     Feast of Love
    Robert Vater                                                                                         North Pointe Elementary            Walgreens
                                                                       Fellowship Church of God          Northern Kentucky Health           Walton Verona High School
    Carla Venhoff                                                      Fidelity Investments
    Larry and Linda Verst                                                                                   Department                      FCA
                                                                       Fifth Third Bank                  Northern Kentucky Heritage         Weight Watchers
    Joe Vetter                                                         First Christian Church
    Jon and Shelly Voet                                                                                     League                          Welcome House Outreach
                                                                       Florence Freedom                  Northern Kentucky University       Wendy’s
    Edward and Mary Lou Vogel                                          Friends of TK Engineering
    Missy Vogelpohl                                                                                      Northern Ky Water District         Women’s Leadership Initiative
                                                                       Frisch’s                          Northminster Presbyterian          Xanodyne
    Edward and Donna Vogt                                              Ft. Mitchell Country Club
    Chris Voight                                                                                            Church                          Xavier University Cintas Center
                                                                       Ft. Wright Elementary             Northwestern Mutual                Zion Lutheran Church
    James and Paula Volz                                               Gateway Community College
    C.J. Vonderheide                                                                                     Notre Dame Academy
                                                                       Girl Scout Troop #319             Ockerman Middle School
    Gerald and Kathleen Vorholt                                        Girl Scout Troop #9150
    Angela Wagner                                                      Glenn O. Swing
                                                                                                         Ohio National Financial Services   INDIvIDUAlS
    Anne Wainscott                                                                                       Panorama Apartments                Billy Adams
                                                                       Gliers Meats Inc.                 Pet Suites                         Gary and Sandra Albers
    Liz Walden                                                         Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
    Ashley Walker                                                                                        Phi Kappa Tau                      Mary Aldridge
                                                                       Goshen Christian Church           PNC Bank                           Ashley and Ward Anderson
    Julie and Todd Walker                                              Graeters
    Robert and Joan Wallace                                                                              Proctor and Gamble                 David and Victoria Angner
                                                                       Greater Cincinnati Northern       ProVest                            Anonymous
    Julie Walter                                                       Kentucky Airport Association
    Tammy Walterman                                                                                      Remax Affiliates                   Becky Arnold
                                                                       Greater Cincinnati Oral           Remke’s                            Karen Asbrock
    Martha Walters                                                        Health Council
    Walton United Methodist Church                                                                       Rettay Chiropractic Office         Paula Ashcraft
                                                                       Green Mountain Coffee Roaster     Roebling Row Apartments            Shawn Baker
    Andra Warneford                                                    Health Alliance - Care
    Ronnie and Dan Wazyniak                                                                              Ryland Elementary                  Bill Banring
                                                                          Management                     Sableux                            Bob and Kathy Barasch
    Melinda Weaver

Kathleen Barker                 JB Francisco                    Gerry Kreutzjans               Dan and Catherine Seifert
Lisa Barnes                     Emma Frantz                     Kelly Kusch                    Scott Shelton
Kelly Barrett                   Jim and Sandi Gaines            Nancy Kyle                     Debbie Smith
Terri Barrow                    Ada Garrett                     Sharrie Lambert                Kaitlin Smith
Joanne Basse                    C. Wilian Garrett               Terry and Kathy Lanham         Karen and Gary Smith
Leonard and Millie Baumann      Johnnie Garrison                Sharon Lathrop                 Ken Smith
Jerry Bause                     Gary and L Gasper               Michael Lawson                 Bonnie Smyth
Lisa Beck                       Karen Gastright                 Sheila Lea                     Jack and Marlene Snodgrass
Paul and Donna Becker           Diana Gates                     Angela Lee                     Theresa and James Snodgrass
Joe and Lynn Berk               Jill Gay                        Kara Leonard                   Peggy Sogar
Brent and Emily Berkemeier      Amy Gee                         Michelle Long                  Ed Sparks
Renee and Ken Berkemeier        Tonya Geiman                    John and Diana Lovelace        Alison Spears and Daniel
Heidi Birnbaum                  Angie Gerrein                   Rhonda Lucas                   Richardson
Anthony and Kelly Bitter        Debbie Gibbons                  Jackie Lund                    Ray and Diane Stacey
Ken and Shea Blackburn          Cynthia Gibson                  Beulah Lykins                  Raymond and Dianne Stacy
Troy Blackburn                  Christa Gillen                  Barb Mabrey                    Karen Stafford
Fred and Mary Jo Boerger        Erin Gillispie                  Carla Manning                  Hailey Stallings
Paula Bonfert                   Mary Ann Gratkowskil            Maria Martini                  Molly Steele
Mark and Stephanie Boyd         Mallis Graves                   Betty and Steele Mattingly     Tina Stegman
Debbie Brauch                   Shari and Andy Gray             Mary Ellen Matts               Mary Helen Steinauer
Ruth Braxton-Brown              Mer and Susan Grayson           Elden and Julie McCubbin       Kathy and Derwood Stephens
Greg Breetz                     Sandy Grieme                    Steve and Selina McDine        Shirley Stephens
Diana Bridley                   Dana Griffin                    Micki McIntyre                 Binnie Stewart
Richard and Rachel Broering     Dennis and Joyce Griffin        Audrey and Bob Merrill         Stephanie Stitt
Talia Broering                  Juanita and John Griffin        Mike Metzger                   Saundra Strunk
Kris Brossart                   Traci Griffin                   Charla Meyer                   Darlene Summe
Paul and Sue Bruggen            Rebecca Grizovic                William Meyer                  Robert and Donna Sweeney
Nick Budreau                    Gemma Hall                      Charles and Bonnie Meyn        Ingrid Taboas
Angie Butcher                   Kathy Halloran                  Nicole Miday                   Mary Taney
Lynn Cameron                    Ann Hamilton                    Clyde and Mary Middleton       Charles and Joyce Tappan
Bernadette Campaniello          Charles and Diane Hammond       Edward Miles                   Angie Taylor
Louise and Eric Canter          Clarence Hanblin                Karen Miller                   Susan Taylor
Cindy and Terry Carl            Tina Hare                       Kathy Moore                    Mary Ann Thistleton
Cathy Carlson                   Emily Harmeling                 David Morris                   Allen Thornton
Lonnie Carter                   Genevieve Harris                Jessica Morris                 Connie Thornton
Sharon Carter                   Margaret Harrison               Donald and Frances Mosser      Gwen Triplett
Karen Cartwright                Dale and Joyce Hartig           Meredith Mountjoy              Sondra Tucker
Terri Chesher                   Nancy and Robert Hassman        Julie Mueller                  Erin Tuemler
Kathleen Clark                  Stephen and Beverly Hatfield    Joy Mullins                    Michelle Turner
Robert and Lori Clements        Ann Hemmer                      Julie and Elmer Myers          Hannelore Urton
Kim Clemons                     Gregory Hemmer                  Ruth Mynatt                    Barbara Vastine
Harvey Cohen                    Pat and Bill Hemmer             Kim Nachazel                   Tandy Volpenhein
Jim Conway                      William and Lynn Hemmer         Mark Neurohr                   Angela Wagner
Donna Cooper-Strother           Laura Henegor                   Linda Noe                      Amy Wainscott
Debbie Coulter                  Hudson and Emily Henry          Joanna Noonan                  Julie and Todd Walker
Joe and Ellen Creaghead         Douglas and Carolyn Hibbard     Karen Osborne                  Karen Wallace
Teresa Crowe                    Nadora Hill                     Annie Otis                     Ruth Wallace
Thomas and Theresa Currin       Linda Hillyer                   Kathy Papp                     Earl and Georgiana Walz
Mary Cuti                       Stacey Hoeter                   Nancy Parsley                  Susanne Ward
Michael Daly                    Linda Holt                      Barbara Patrick                Mary Wash
Debbie Damon                    Any Holt Castetter              Muriel Peterman                Pam Waugh
Carol Daugherty                 Arthur Hovel                    Kristi Pickens                 Monica and Craig Wells
Karen and Michael Daugherty     Dan and Lynn Humpert            Heather Pinson                 Michael and Julie Werling
Dawn and Tony Dauren            Aupala Huq                      Billie Pitz                    Rick and Sally Wessels
Tony and Dawn Davern            Diana Hutton                    Don Plake                      Virginia Wessner
Theresa Davis                   Kate Iadipaolo                  Ken and Elissa Plattner        Pat Wheatley
Thomas and Janet Davis          Barbara and Ron Inabnit         Frederick and Jean Pugh        Mike and Carrie Wikoff
Elizabeth Dean                  Bill and Lara Ingram            James and Kathy Quast          James and Pam Williams
Jennifer Dean                   DeAlice Isaacs                  Nancy Quinn                    Pam Williams
Suzanne and Events Deatherage   Wayne and Lin Isaacs            Dixie Rabenold                 Doug and Linda Wisher
Barb Deaton                     Carol Jackson                   Maryanne Rauch                 Angie Wolfe
Nikki Deckard                   Judy Jenkins                    Charlotte Read                 Otto and Cathy Wolff
Descea DeLong                   Jeannie Miley                   Ann Reckers                    Diana Wright
Ann and Bob DeMoss              Juanita Jett                    Tifani Reed                    Charlie and Ginny Yancey
Kim Demro                       Carrie Ann Johnson              Barbara Reeder                 Ted Zalla
Thomas Dietz                    Cheryl Johnson and Jerry        Mary Elise Regan               Jean and Bill Zeck
Minvette Dillingham             Rapien                          Tonya Regensburger             Matt and Joy Zeck
Gayle Diorio                    Karen Johnson                   Katie Reinhart                 Chris and Jennifer Zimmerman
Jennifer Don                    David Jones                     Robert and Janice Remmele
Dolores Donovan                 Jeannine Jones                  Julie Resing                   Every attempt has been made
Bertha Dorman                   Michael Greer                   Mark Rivard                    to include any individual or
Ray Darnbush                    Sylvia Jordan                   Cheri Roberts                  group who made in-kind gifts to
Laura Dressman                  Jerry Karn                      Sean and Allison Roberts       Welcome House from January to
Jeffrey and Lynne Drews         Debra Kees                      Yolanda Robinson               December of 2008. Please
Jerry Dusing                    Don and Rebecca Kelm            Cynthia and Terry Roeder       forgive any inadvertent
Nancy Ebersole                  Allison and Mick Kennedy        Jenny Roose                    omissions or misspellings.
Genie Edwards                   John Kevin and Brenda Kennedy   John and Cameron Ryan
Paula Eibel                     Nancy Kidd                      Robert and Darleen Sanders
Karen Elfers                    Noah Kidd                       Molly Saucier
Robert G. Elkins                Annie King                      Sue Scarlett
Deborah Ellis                   Lois Klaine                     Carol Schafer
Julie Enzweiler                 Diana Knoebber                  Shannon Scheuerle
Amanda Eten                     Margaret and Thomas Knorr       Elaine Schewe
Bob Eviston                     Lori Kocan                      Gorden Schlegel
Ron and Barbara Farrow          Jolanda Koch-Yaeger             Diana Schloemer
Steve and Marianne Fieger       June and Emery Kocsis           Nicholas and Kelly Schoening
Debbie Fischer                  Jennifer Kolar                  Carl and Anita Schuler
Steve and Debbie Fischer        Jennifer Kordenbrock            Ken Schuler
Vanita Fleckinger               Robert Kordenbrock              Jane Schwarting
Karyn Fogle                     Jessica Krebs                   Elaine Seech

                                                                           2008 TOTAl ReveNUe - $4,062,114
                   2008 Revenue          *
     Contributions from                      2,587,028                        Government Fees        15% Other Income
     Individuals and                                                                4%                       1%
                                                                        United Way                                 In-Kind Donations
     Organizations                                                          4%                                            4%
                                                             Special Events
     Foundations and Trusts                   206,884             3%
     Special Events                           105,938      Foundations
     United Way                               168,000                                                                               Contributions
                                                            and Trusts
                                                                                                                                  from Individuals
     Government Fees                            167,125        5%
                                                                                                                                 and Organizations
     Government Grants                         624,012                                                                                  64%
     Other Income                                36,139
     In-Kind Donations                        166,988

     Total                                    4,062,114
     *All numbers are based on an un-audited year-end
     financial statement. An audited financial statement
     will be available after June 30, 2009.

     **Revenue includes two one-time significant gifts.
                                                                         2008 TOTAl expenses - $1,916,392
                   2008 eXPeNSeS*                                                               Management/Fundraising
     Management/Fundraising                   295,240
     Program Expenses                         1,621,152

     Total                                    1,916,392
                                                                                                                                Program Expenses
     *All numbers are based on an un-audited year-end                                                                                 85%
     financial statement. An audited financial statement
     will be available after June 30, 2009.

     Net Assets at year end totaled
     $,00, (unaudited)

                                                                                 2008 BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                                                                     Cheryl Johnson, Chairman            Bill Ingram, Treasurer
                                                                                     Shea Blackburn, Vice Chair          Emily Hanna, Secretary

                                                                                     Donna Arlinghaus                    Tony Huser
                                                                                     Brian Berning                       Sarah Leyshock
                                                                                     Stephanie Boyd                      Kim Kinnaird
                                                                                     Lisa Casson                         Pamela Mullins
                                                                                     Joe Creaghead                       David Quast
                                                                                     Susan Countryman                    David Runyon
                                                                                     Barb Haas                           Julie Tapke-Dusing
                                                                                     Jeremy Hayden                       Jamie Weaver

                                                                            2008 WELCOME HOUSE STAFF
                                          ADMINISTRATIve/SUPPORT                        FAMIlY CASe MANAGeMeNT /
                                          Linda Young, Executive Director               eMeRGeNCY ASSISTANCe
                                          Nancy Daugherty, Receptionist                 Dawna Thornton McAtee, FCM/EA Program
                                          Ellen Emsuer, Accounts Manager                    Coordinator
                                          Misty Johnson, MIS/TA                         Tina Carnevale, Eastside Project Manager
                                          Donald Nicely, Special Projects               Hope DuBose, Assessment/Outreach Case
                                          John Plymesser, Janitorial                        Manager
                                          Delores Quevedo, Administrative Assistant     Sandra Eiler, EA Team Leader
                                          Tara Thomas, Operations Manager               Christie Jackson, Lead Family Case Manager
                                                                                        Danielle Knox, Family Case Manager
                                          DAY2DAY PROGRAM                               Barb Patrick, Family Case Manager
                                          Rachael Winters, Day2Day Coordinator
                                          Karyn Fogle, Case Manager                     GARDeNS AT GReeNUP
                                          Nicole Miday, Case Manager                    Beverly Merrill, Gardens of Greenup
                                          Deborah Owens, Case Manager                       Coordinator
                                          Kim Pratt, Representative Payee               Jim Boggs, Maintenance
                                          Ken Slade, Representative Payee               Selena Murdoch, Case Manager
                                          Cynthia Tupman, Case Manager
                                                                                        emergency SHelTeR
                                          DevelOPMeNT                                  Julie Walter, Shelter Program Coordinator
                                          Ashley Anderson, Development Coordinator     Amy Bauer, Shelter Advocate
                                          Erin Gillispie, Development Assistant        Angelique Clayton, Shelter Advocate
                                          Ashley Walker, Volunteer and                 Renea Feihinger, Shelter Advocate
                                              Donations Manager                        Joanie Henderson, Shelter Advocate
                                                                                       Katie Henderson, Shelter Advocate
                                          eMPlOYMeNT                                   Laura Beth Johnson, Shelter Advocate
                                          Debbie Rose, Employment Program              Misty Lester, Shelter Activities Facilitator
                                              Coordinator                              Patricia Mayes, Shelter Advocate
                                          Tom Bonenfant, Enhanced Aftercare Specialist Anne Stadtmiller, Shelter Advocate
                                          Dale Hartig, Employment Specialist           Amy Wimmer, Lead Shelter Advocate
                                          Carol Maxey, Employment Specialist
                                          Jennifer Nichols, Employment Specialist
                                          Patrick Reiber, JIVA Employment Specialist
                                                                                       Social Security/Benefits Outreach
                                                                                       Edwinna Meister, SSI Outreach Facilitator
                                          Hank Stephens, Employment Team Leader
                                                                                       Jeffrey Adams, SSI Outreach Facilitator
                                                                                       Ada Garrrett, SSI Outreach Facilitator

Special Events play a critical role in helping raise both unrestricted dollars and
awareness for Welcome House. The following companies and individuals have helped
tremendously in making our events so successful. Those listed have contributed a
minimum of $500 in support of the 2008 Welcome House Outreach Dinner.

SILVER SPONSOR                            Dennis and Joyce Griffin
Direct Express                            Dressman Benzinger LaVelle
Griffin Industries                        First Financial Bank
                                          First Financial Wealth Resource Group
BRONZE SPONSORS                           Frost Brown Todd
Macy’s                                    Grant Thornton, LLP
National City                             Greene Tool Systems
The David J. Joseph Company               Hemmer Industries
                                          John and Juanita Griffin
                                          Martin and Victoria Griffin
B.L. Spille Construction
                                          PNC Bank
Barnes Dennig
                                          Thomas and Cheri Griffin
Bill and Jean Zeck
                                          Thomas More College
Bilz Insurance
                                          Welcome House Board of Directors
Bob and Carol Griffin
C-Forward                                 BENEfAcTORS
Cheryl Johnson and Jerry Rapien           Carl Lindner
Cincinnati Reds                           Guy and Marsha Linnemann
Custom Design Benefits                    John Berger

                                                                                                 U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                COVINGTON, KY
                                                                                                PERMIT NO. 46


HOUSeHOlD ITeMS                  CleANING SUPPlIeS                       FOOD
Kitchen towels and wash cloths   Mops, buckets and sponges               Canned meat and tuna
Bath and hand towels             Toilet bowel cleaner                    Canned fruit and vegetables
Shower curtains                  Bathroom and kitchen cleaner            Canned soup
Sheets-twin, full and queen      Dish soap                               Rice
Blankets                         Laundry detergent and laundry baskets   Stuffing
Bed pillows                      Kitchen garbage cans and garbage bags   Mac N’ Cheese
Pots, pans and skillets                                                  Peanut Butter and Jelly
Dishes                           eveRYDAY ITeMS                          Pastas and sauces
Glasses                          Electric alarm clock                    Cereal
Cooking utensils                 Watches - women and men
Crock pot                        New planners                            GIFT CARDS/TRANSPORTATION
Can openers                      Umbrellas                               Gift cards for groceries, discount
Toasters                         New bras                                    shoe and department stores
                                 New socks for women and men                 and restaurants.
HYGIeNe ITeMS                                                            Bus Passes and tickets for public
Toilet Paper                     FOR KIDS                                    transportation.
Shampoo and conditioner          Diapers-all sizes
Hand and body soap               Baby formula and food
Deodorant                        New underwear and new socks
Toothbrushes and toothpaste      Craft supplies
Feminine hygiene products        Cribs, bassinets and playpens

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