Phase Sequence Indicator Phase Sequence and Motor Tester by sdfwerte


									Phase Sequence and Motor Tester
Checks phase sequence and if phase is live
                                                                                Motor Rotation &
                                                                                3-Phase Tester
                                                                                   NEW Model combines 3-phase rotation
                                                                                tester with a motor rotation tester for mea-
                                                                                suring the rotation direction of motor
                                                                                shafts. Ensures motor is not damaged from
                                                                                incorrect wiring. Dimensions: 5.9 x 3.3 x
                                                                                1.5" (150 x 84 x 38 mm).
                                                                                Phase Rotation Tester
                                                                                   100-660VAC rated test range for testing
                                                                                phase orientation of three phase power
                                                                                sources over 50-70 Hz frequency range.
                                                                                Five LEDs: two of which indicate phase
                                                                                orientation (correct or incorrect); and
                                                                                whether each of three phases is live.
                                                                                Operation is simple.
                                                                                   Complete with three large alligator
                                                                                clips. Wt. 5 oz. (140 g.). Dimensions: 3.5 x 2
                                                                                x 1" (90 x 50 x 25mm).

                                                                                Catalog No. Model Description                Price
                                                                                EH1194149     480300 Phase Sequence Tester    $59.00
                                                                                EH1194150     480303 Motor Rotation &         109.00
                                                                                                     3 Phase tester
                                                                                EH1194702     409992 Pouch case for 480300        10.00
                                                                                EH1194143     409996 Pouch case for 480303        15.00

Phase Sequence Indicator
Rugged and lightweight, this
instrument is used to determine
the phase sequence or phase
rotation of a 3-phase system
   Simple to use, the operator con-
nects 3 leads to the system and a
lamp will instantly indicate either
ABC clockwise rotation or CBA                                                                                                             Electrical / Electronic Test
counter clockwise rotation and 3
lamps will light to indicate that all
phase voltages are present. If a phase
is open, only one lamp will light and
identify the open phase.

Voltage    For use on 90 to 700 volts, 50/60Hz.
Indicating 5 lamps are provided and identified as to
Lamps      function. 1 indicates ABC clockwise rotation,   Catalog No. Model      Description                             Price
           1 indicates CBA counter clockwise rotation,     MV107201   PSI-700     Phase Sequence Indicator Provided       $385.00
           and 3 phase lamps are identified as A phase,                           With Leatherette Carrying Case As
           B phase, and C phase.                                                  Standard Equipment
Leads      Color coded 40" leads with insulated clips
           are permanently attached to the instrument.

Davis Inotek Instruments                                                                                              189
                               Phase Sequence Indicators
                                  TEGAM's Phase Sequence Indicators show in-
                               stallers and servicemen the correct way to make
                               three-phase connections and prevent costly dam-
                                  Working where power is on, TEGAM's Phase
                               Sequence Indicators instantly and clearly identify
                               A/B/C circuits. There's no more guesswork, no
                               more damage to motors, machinery, switchgear or
                                  TEGAM indicators have both an ABC lamp and
                               a BAC lamp. Just connect the Red/White/Blue test
                               leads to the three-phase circuit. When correctly
                               connected, the ABC lamp glows. A reversed se-
                               quence lights the BAC lamp. An open phase
                               lights both lamps at 200 volts or higher. It's that
                               easy, that fast.
                                     TEGAM's Motor Rotation Indicator prevents
                               costly motor damage by showing rotation direc-
                               tion before connections are made

                                                                                                           TEGAM's Motor Rotation Indicator
                                                                                                           (MR-I) eliminates guessing and the unsafe,
                                                                                                           damaging practice of "bumping" to determine
                                                                                                           which way a three-phase motor shaft rotates.
                                                                                                           Just connect the Motor Rotation Indicator's
                                                                                                           Red/White/Blue (ABC) test clips to the motor and
                                                                                                           turn the shaft in the direction you want it to ro-
                                                                                                           tate. Push the test button and the ABC or BAC
                                                                                                           light comes on, showing the correct way to connect
                                                                                                           the motor to the power source.

                                      • Saves time; no need to disconnect drive shaft
Electrical / Electronic Test

                                      • Eliminates guesswork; protects user and equipment
                                      • Identifies open windings
                                      • Reliable, solid state components
                                      • Test clips open to fit most terminals
                                      • Shirt-pocket size
                                      • One-year warranty

                               Catalog No.                 Model                      Description                                                     Price
                               TM470                       T-470                      Phase sequence indicator 115 to 700V, 400 Hz                   $149.00
                               TM471                       T-471                      Phase sequence indicator 115 to 700V, 50/60 Hz                  125.00
                               TM472                       MR-1                       Motor Rotation Indicator - Range 9 maximum                      125.00
                               Meters include 24" leads with heavy duty test clips
                               TM615208                     8668                      Optional vinyl carrying case                                     20.00

190                            Davis Inotek Instruments                                                                              

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