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					                                                                                           March, 2006

                  NORTH                        PARK NEIGHBOR
                                           Prepared for the residents of NorthPark, a covenant controlled community.

      16th Annual Garage Sale                                                    TENNIS, ANYONE?
            May 6, 2006
                                                       The tennis program is back in Northpark this summer, by popular de-
The annual tradition of the wonderful NorthPark        mand. Come on out and learn how to play tennis! Lessons will be of-
Garage Sale continues! This spring will mark           fered by Kim Kochevar, tennis pro, with 16 years of experience. This
the 16th Annual Garage sale which is scheduled         will be her 6th summer teaching in our community. Lessons will be
for Saturday, May 6th. The Association will pay        offered beginning June 12th and ending August 4th. Private and group
for advertising in the Rocky Mountain News/The         lessons will be available.
Denver Post and the event will be advertised for
8 a.m. to 3 p.m. as in previous years.                 Please call Kim at 303-829-7446 to schedule your lessons. Lessons
                                                       fill up quickly so call soon to reserve your spot! Must be at least 8
Please register your address with Prokopiak
                                                       years of age or older to begin taking lessons. People will be grouped
Management (303-466-2432) so that we know
                                                       by age and ability for the group lessons.
how many homes to advertise in the newspaper.

Spring is a great time to take advantage of won-       Cost:    Group Lessons (minimum of six students) $56.00 for eight
derful weather and a new burst of energy to get                 one-hour lessons
those garages and basements                                     Private Lessons $35.00/hour
and closets cleaned out. Take a                                 Semi-Private Lessons (2 persons) $40.00/hour ($20.00/
look around your yard and home                                  person)
and get rid of the clutter. You’ll
feel better, the neighborhood                          Session I June 12-July 7
will look better, and everyone‘s                       Session II July 10-August 8
property values will benefit.

Have a great sale!

           NORTHPARK MARLINS SWIM TEAM                                                              IN SYMPATHY
                                                                                             A well-respected resident of the
Your NorthPark neighborhood swim team is a wonderful way for your child to be                Northpark community, Al Morr
part of a team, have fun, improve swimming skills, and learn to compete in a sup-            died recently. Al was a tireless
portive environment. The NorthPark Marlins swim team will get underway on Mon-               volunteer in the community and
day evening, June 12, at 6:30 pm at...where else..the pool.                                  served as Chairperson for the
If your child is 5 years or older and can swim the length of the pool, bring him or          Architectural Control Commit-
her to the pool on Monday evening, June 12, and hear more about the Marlins. We              tee for over 15 years. The
will hold a short meeting for the parents beginning at 6:30 p.m. Practice will begin         Board, ACC and management
immediately afterward. Practice times will be held in the evenings, Monday-                  company ask residents to join
Thursday, from 6:45-7:30 pm for age 9 and under, and 7:15-8:30 pm for over 9 years           them in expressing their condo-
of age. We encourage kids to attend as many practices as possible, but we also               lences to Al’s wife, Dell, and
understand that summer schedules are busy and that not all practices can be at-              their family. Al’s presence will
tended.                                                                                      be sorely missed.
The Marlins will compete in four swim meets this summer
(June 24, July 8, July 22 and August 6). Participant fees
are $50 for the first child in the family, $45 for the second
              BFI Recycling Update                                                Clubhouse Rental
Here are some tips to make recycling easy!

          Pick-up is every other week on the same day as your
          trash pickup.                                                 The clubhouse is available for rental by resi-
          BFI’s Easy Sort Recycling allows you to mix together          dents only. The rental fee is $50.00 per day for all types of
          plastic, aluminum, glass and metal cans in the bin. They      functions.
          will be mechanically sorted at the recycling center.
                                                                        Make your reservations by calling Deborah Vera (303-464-
          All paper materials should be kept in a separate bin.
                                                                        8273). Please leave your name, date(s) you have in mind, and
BFI recycles the following materials:                                   phone numbers where you can be reached and you will be
Newspapers and paper products: Newspapers and the inserts that          called back as soon as possible. A $200.00 damage deposit is
come in the paper are fine. BFI also accepts magazines, junk            required in addition to the rental fees listed. Part or all of the
mail, computer printouts, white and colored paper, glossy               deposit will be held if the clubhouse is not cleaned properly
paper, photocopy and typing paper, receipt and register tape,
brochures and pamphlets, direct mail, posters, envelopes,
post-it notes, adding machine tape, coated paper, manila fold-
ers, phonebooks and cereal boxes!                                                                                          TRASH
Aluminum beverage cans: Soft drink and beer cans. Aluminum                                                                REMINDER
pet food and other cans are also acceptable, but please rinse them
out first.                                                                                                            Please contain all trash
Steel food cans: Also known as tin cans, these include cans from                                                      in trash bags inside
vegetables and fruit, soup and coffee. Leave the labels on but
                                                                                                                      your trash containers
please rinse them out.
Glass bottles and jars: Food jars as well as beer, soft drink and
                                                                                                                      to prevent it from be-
wine bottles are fine. You may leave the labels on, but please                                                        ing blown throughout
remove the lids, and rinse food containers.                                                                           the neighborhood on
  • Please do not include any window glass, drinking glasses,                                                         windy days. Thank
                                                                         Recycling Dates: March 10, 24; April 7,      you for your coopera-
       ceramics, pyrex, light bulbs or any glass that is not a bottle
                                                                         21; May 5, 19; June 3, 16, 30 July 14, 28;
       or jar.                                                                                                        tion with this request.
                                                                         Aug. 11, 25; Sept. 9, 22; Oct. 6, 20; Nov.
Plastic bottles #1 & #2: Most plastic soft drink, milk, juice, deter-
                                                                         3, 17; Dec. 1, 15, 30.
gent and shampoo bottles can be recycled. Look for the recycling
symbol with the #1 PETE or #2 HDPE on the bottom of the bot-
tle. You may leave on any labels, but please remove the lids.                              Northpark Board Meeting
Please no oil, pesticide or hazardous material bottles. At this time       The next board meeting of the NorthPark Homeowners
we cannot take yogurt cups, butter dishes or any plastic that is not       Association will be held on Monday, May 8, 2006 at 7:00
a bottle.                                                                  p.m. at the clubhouse.

Middle School Boundaries
Due to the growth that is happening in Northern Westminster and Thornton, Adams 12 Five Star Schools is building several new
schools. One of these new schools will be the new Huron Middle School that will be built at 124th and Huron, relocated from the
current location at 109th and Huron. With this comes the need to modify existing boundaries. Currently, NorthPark is within the
old Huron Middle School boundary. There is a possibility that the boundaries may change and NorthPark could be placed within
the Niver Creek Middle School boundary located at 9450 Pecos St. The district has created a team to assess information from
various sources in the community and create different scenarios of boundaries to consider. At the open house dates listed below,
community members may view and evaluate these middle school boundaries and give their input to the Boundary Team. The
boundary scenarios can also be viewed and commented on by going to the District’s web site at Please take
the time to investigate these two schools and attend one of these meetings to give your opinion.

Scenario Open Houses will be held:

March 7            5:30 – 7:00 p.m.            Niver Creek MS Cafeteria                9450 Pecos Street, Thornton

March 9            6:00 – 7:30 p.m.            Shadow Ridge MS Cafeteria               12551 Holly Street, Thornton

March 11           10 a.m. – 12 p.m.           ESC Conference Center                   1500 E. 128th Avenue, Thornton

March 13           6:30 – 8:00 p.m.            Westlake MS Cafeteria                   2800 W. 135th Avenue, Broomfield
          Northpark Web Site
♦   Need a copy of the DRC Request for Approval form
    or the House Repaint Request form?

♦   Need a copy of the most current Design Guidelines?

♦   Need a copy of the Declaration of Covenants and

♦   Misplace your last newsletter?

♦   Need a Pool ID application?

All these items can be obtained from the Association’s
web site:

                                  Summer Swim Lessons
 Swim Lessons at the pool will be offered again this summer by our pool company, Wild Iris. They have a new web site on which
 you can register your child for swim lessons. Check our their schedule on and get your child regis-
 tered early before all the sessions are filled. Registration information may also be obtained at

                                                                             House Paint Process

                                                                         Take advantage of this warm spring weather to evalu-
                                                                         ate the exterior of your home and get a painting con-
                                                                         tractor scheduled to repaint your home. Keeping your
                                                                         home painted regularly and shutters repaired adds
                                                                         value to your home. Please be aware that you must
                                                                         submit your paint color choices to the ACC before you
                                                                         paint. And you must select colors from the approved
                                                                         paint colors. You can obtain the paint sticks from Mil-
                                                                         lie Truitt (303-466-3225) to help you determine your
                                                                         color choice. Once you’ve selected your color, submit
                                                                         the color names to the ACC by completing the ACC
                                                                         House Repaint Form which you can print from the
                                                                         forms section on the Association’s web site
                                                                         ( Please allow at least 2

                                                                                    Senate Bill 100 Policies
                                                                         In newsletters last year, the Board informed residents of
                                                                         several policies which were adopted as requirements for
                                                                         compliance with Senate Bill 100. These policies are
                                                                         available to residents on the Association’s web site.

                                                                         At their February board meeting, the Board adopted two
                                                                         additional policies which will be posted shortly on the
                                                                         Association’s web site. These policies outline proce-
                                                                         dures to be used by the Association in submitting insur-
                                                                         ance claims, and procedures to be used by the Associa-
                                                                         tion in assisting seller’s to provide purchasers with As-
                                                                         sociation documents.
Pool ID Cards & Updates                                              NorthPark Pool Application Form
Use the Application form as part of the mail-   REPLACEMENT KEYS COST $5.00.
in system for obtaining pool ID cards this
year. Lifeguards are required to check each     Last Name of Household ____________________________________________________
pool user’s card so that unauthorized persons
are not allowed to use the pool. Dues must      Address__________________________________________________________________
be current in order for cards and renewal
stickers to be issued. Submit your applica-     Home Phone #_____________________________________________________________
tion now and avoid the spring/summer rush.
                                                Emergency Phone #________________________________________________________
The    procedure   is   New
                        as   follows:
Cards: (Cost $5 each, ages 9                    FIRST NAME                                    AGE                    NEW CARD/RENEWAL
and Older ONLY)
♦     Complete the Application Form.
♦     Send a snapshot or photograph of
      each person needing an ID card in         ____________________________________________________________________________
      your household. (Must be 9 years          ____________________________________________________________________________
      or older). Size of the face should not    ____________________________________________________________________________
      exceed 1”. School photos work             ________________________________________________________________
      well for children and xerox copies
      of driver’s license photos work well      I agree to abide by the NorthPark Homeowners Association Pool Rules. If I have children under the age of
      for adults. Label photos on back so       18 years old. I also agree to the terms of the pool rules specifically addressing children. I understand that
      that we can match the photos to the       the Association Bylaws empower the Board of Directors to adopt rules and regulations for the use of the
      correct ID card.                          common areas and facilities and the personal conduct of members and guests thereon. The Association
♦     Send a stamped, self-addressed            has the right to establish penalties for the infraction of the rules which could consist of fines or suspension
                                                of the right to use the facility.
      envelope along with the above in-
      formation to Prokopiak Manage-            SIGNED___________________________________________________________________
      ment Company, 13700 Troon Court,
      Broomfield, CO 80020-9587, and a          DATE_____________________________________________________________________
      check payable to Prokopiak
      Mgmt. Co. in the amount of $5/            (Send completed form with a stamped, self-addressed envelope to Prokopiak Management Co., 13700
      card. A copy of the pool rules will       Troon Court, Broomfield, CO 80020. Renewal stickers, which are free, and a copy of the pool rules will be
      be sent to you with your cards.           sent to you. New cards cost $5 each, payable to Prokopiak Mgt. Co.)

Renewals: (No Charge)                                                             POOL USE FOR CHILDREN
♦     Renewals stickers will be provided
      each year at no charge upon re-           (To be completed and signed only by parents wishing to give permission for their children ages 9+ to use
      ceipt of a completed Application          the pool without being accompanied by a homeowners member during lifeguard hours.)
      Form and a stamped, self-                            CHILD’S NAME                                                          BIRTHDATE
      addressed envelope.
             Swim Hours                         ____________________________________________________________________________
The pool will open on Saturday, May             _____________________________________________________________________   RE-
27th at 10 a.m. and will close the Mon-         SPONSIBLE PERSON                        WORK PHONE #
day after Labor Day (unless water re-
strictions necessitate an earlier closing).     MOTHER__________________________________________________________________
The pool will be open from 6 a.m.               FATHER___________________________________________________________________
through 10 p.m. daily, but a lifeguard
will only be on duty between 10 a.m. and        DOCTOR__________________________________________________________________
7 p.m. Children ages 18 and younger
                                                In the event I cannot be reached at a time of illness or accident, or if the emergency is such that time does
must be accompanied by an adult when a
                                                not permit such contact, you are hereby authorized to contact Fire Dept. paramedics. I give my permission
lifeguard is not on duty. Parents are re-       for my child to use the pool facilities at NorthPark Homeowners Association. Such use is subject to the
minded that they must accompany their           current rules and regulations pertaining to pool use, and I have reviewed these rules with my child(ren). I
teens to the pool after 7 p.m. in the eve-      am the parent or legal guardian of the above children and am authorized to sign this form. I hereby re-
ning.                                           lease, indemnify and hold you, your agents and employees harmless from any and all claims, damages, or
                                                other liabilities for injuries to or damage by my child which are not a result of gross negligence by North-
                                                Park Homeowners Association, its agents and employees.
                 IMPORTANT PHONE

PRESIDENT            Mark McKinnon         303-438-8776
V.PRESIDENT          Marie Struckman       303-438-1169
TREASURER            Deborah Vera          303-464-8263
SECRETARY            Dawn Horras           303-469-4028
MEMBER               David Truitt          303-466-3225
MEMBER               Lori Goldstein        303-404-9570
MEMBER               Lynda Caulk 303-439-7892

AUDIT              Deborah Vera            303-464-8263
MAINTENANCE        Prokopiak Mgmt.         303-466-2432
TENNIS             Mark/Linda Prior        303-465-3661
POOL               Mark McKinnon           303-438-8776
CLUBHOUSE          Deborah Vera            303-464-8273

A.C.C.               Prokopiak Mgmt.       303-466-2432

PAINT SAMPLES        Millie Truitt         303-466-3225

CLUBHOUSE            3268 NorthPark Ave.   303-466-2676

PROKOPIAK MANAGEMENT                    303-466-2432

                                           OPTIONS FOR SPRING CLEAN-UP
Spring Cleanups
Spring is upon us and with spring comes the dreaded spring cleanup. You have a few options. The City of Westminster offers a
free spring cleanup each year. At the time of the printing of this newsletter, the City did not have a map schedule of the date that
they will be doing the spring cleanup for the Northpark area. Please check your late March edition of the City Edition which will
include a map showing the date of the cleanup. For further questions, you should call the City of Westminster at 303-430-2400,
ext. 2501 or 2539.

If you miss the City’s free program to haul off your debris, the Association’s trash contractor, Allied Waste, can also provide
some assistance, although there may be some charges, depending upon the type of materials you wish to dispose.

If you are cleaning out your garage, remodeling your basement or just sprucing up your house and you are only doing small jobs,   ♦
such as throwing away some furniture, you can put those items at the curb on your regular pickup day. Please call the Allied
Waste Customer Service center at (303) 287-8043 at least the day before you plan to put out the extra trash. Customer Service
will be able to schedule it for the driver and explain any costs that may be associated with the pickup. If there is a charge, you
will need to pre-pay over the phone via credit card.

Yard Waste
If you are planning to put out limbs or branches, please make sure any tree limbs are bundled, no longer than 4 feet in length.
These bundles help the driver to pick up your trash and yard waste quickly so he can move on to the next house. If you have any
questions, please call the Allied Waste Customer Service center at (303) 287-8043.

Keep the Community Clean
Please try to help Allied Waste keep the neighborhood clean by bagging your trash, even when in containers. This keeps the
trash from blowing around when the driver is picking up and even when the cans are just sitting at your curb.