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									    February, 2008                                                                    volume 3        DPS~PTA
    Supervisor’s Message:                                                 Vice Chairperson’s Message :
                                                                       DPS is filled with music. You can hear hymns
    The 2008 Olympics in Beijing will soon be upon us. For the         during    assembly,      choir    practices and
    past few years, athletes all over the world have been training     instrument training after school. Music really
    hard for their different events. While the Olympics will only      plays a vital role in our school life.
    last for a short time over the summer, the training involved       This year, our talented students participate in
    to take part can take a lifetime. When we see the athletes         a wide range of music activities both outside
    being awarded their gold, silver, and bronze medals it is easy     and inside school.
    to forget that while the medal may be for a race only lasting      The year 2008 marks the 60th anniversary of
    a few minutes, the training to achieve it takes hours every        the Schools Music Festival which has
    day!                                                               commenced on February 18th. Our Treble
                                                                       Choir will compete in the festival and there
                                                                       are also students participating in various vocal
    What is true in sport is true in other areas of life as well. No
                                                                       and instrumental events.
    matter how clever someone may be, success will only come
                                                                       Internally, the instrumental classes arranged
    through preparation and hard work. For athletes it is
                                                                       by the school continue to nurture gifted and
    important that they don’t just train hard, but that they get
                                                                       virtuosic instrumental players. Also, newly
    the right training as well. Here at DPS, we are seeking to
                                                                       established Junior choir students have their
    offer an education that equips people for the future race of       weekly practice for their future performance.
    life. It is an education that focuses on every aspect of life:     Lastly, a big “Thank You” must go to our music
    intellectual, physical, and spiritual.                             teachers Miss M. Lau and Miss C. Chan for
                                                                       their tremendous support and guidance. We
    I hope you all enjoy the Mini-Olympics and the summer              sincerely hope that our Treble Choir will
    Olympics when it comes!                                            strive for their best in this year’s
                                            ~The Reverend              competition.
    Ross Royden~                                                       Mrs Sabrina Wong P.5

           What does baby basketball do?
    “Paddle one’s own canoe” means a person must depend entirely on himself to do something.
                                  Olympic Facts                                       Little Challenge:
    Sport plays a big part in many people's lives and the two single biggest              Balls of Fun:
    events in the world are both sporting occasions - the soccer World Cup            Unscramble the names of
    Finals and the Olympic Games. Do you know these sports?                           these sports:
    1. Pentathlon was added in 708 BC in the 18th Olympiad. It consisted of 5
       events: discus, javelin, long jump, running, and wrestling.                    1. OPLO
    2. Archery is the practice of using a bow to shoot arrows.                        2. ROCUQET
    3. Equestrian is one of the most ancient sports. Equestrian consists of three     3. OOPL
        disciplines: Jumping, Dressage and Eventing (Three-Day Event).                4. ENITNS
    4. Canoeing/Kayak is a very low riding boat. Kayakers compete alone for a         5. USQSAH
        distance .                                                                    6. SOALCRSE
How much do you know about the Olympics?                                              7. GOIWLBN
The Olympic Flame, Olympic Fire, Olympic Torch, Olympic Light,                        8. NPIG OGPN
Olympic Eye, and Olympic Sun are symbols of the Olympic Games.
                                                                                      9. IFEDL OHCKYE
Commemorating the theft of fire from the Greek god Zeus by
Prometheus, the Olympic Flame originated from ancient Greece,
                                                                                      10. AFTOLOLB
when a fire was kept burning throughout the Games. The idea of                        11. EAYRCRH
the Olympic Flame was met with enthusiasm, and was used as a                             12. AELBSLBA
symbol of Olympism.
                                                                                 Teacher’s Message

2008 年的春節剛過去。 同學們, 你們留意到春節一些特別的習俗            Someone said it was a revenge of the Mother Nature.
嗎? 您有幫爸爸、媽媽貼春聯(廣東話:揮春)嗎?                     A snowstorm, which China did not experience in the
                                        past 50 years, swapped 14 provinces since 10th January
春節, 是農曆的歲首, 也是我國最古老的、 最盛大的、最熱鬧的 2008. Besides the death toll and the inconveniences that
傳統節日。俗稱 “過年”。 每當春節來臨, 在中國, 千家萬戶         caused to the livelihood of many Chinese people, the
寫春聯, 貼春聯, 是一千多年前流傳下來的吉祥象徵, 表達           storm also inflicted an enormous damage to the economy.
人們嚮往美好生活的民族風俗.春聯寫作有兩個基本的要求:                  During the snowstorm and immediately after it, we
                                        could see the government and the public was doing their
1. 上下聯字數必須相等.                           utmost best to help those being affected.
2. 對仗, 即詞性相同.                                Money and supplies were donated to the affected
3. 春聯通常要加上橫批                            regions by many who cared. Fund raising concerts and TV
                                        programs were organized in China and in Hong Kong.
請大家欣賞下列幾副春聯.                            Billions of dollars were raised for the unfortunates.
四字聯: 一元複始 萬象更新                          Government is also busy in carrying out the rehabilitation
五字聯: 山河增秀色 天地播春輝                        programs. We wish all these afford can help the affected
七字聯: 天增歲月人增壽 春滿乾坤福滿門                    people back to their happy lives soon.
八字聯: 春風春雨春色燦爛 新年新歲新景絢麗                       Human beings have been violating and upsetting the
春聯橫批: 日新月異 / 春暖人間 / 辭舊迎新 / 春色滿園         balance of the nature. The chain reaction resulted from
                                        these irresponsible acts changed the climate of the world.
            Mrs Mary Kwok P.2           Maybe it was really a major factor that caused this
      ~PTA Learning Support Committee ~ abnormal phenomenon.
                                           It is a lesson that we have to remember. We have to
                                        respect the nature as we are always at the mercy of it.
Sneaked out from the lunch meeting and picked up a long
distance call, I heard a lovely protest from the other side of the
world, “Daddy, how come you are not home for dinner yet?”                                     ~ Ms Margaret Lau~

“Oh, dear, I am now working in Germany and will be back on
Saturday,” I replied.                                                Upcoming PTA Events
                                                                     1st March, 2008 (Sat)
A moment of guilt flashed through my mind, “What’s your sister
Veronica doing?”                                                     Parents’ Seminar & Workshop (Effective Parenthood)
                                                                     2nd, 3rd, 7thApril, 2008
“She’s practicing her piano now. I want you to come home             ~Books & Uniform Recycling
right away after work, OKAY?? Byeeeeee…..”                           13th April, 2008 (Sun)
                                                                     ~ PST Fun Day (Outing)
This lovely fellow sounded even sweeter when not making
trouble.                                                             2nd May, 2008 (Fri)
                                                                     ~ Mini Olympic Sports Fun Day (at DPS)
Needless to say, I am not the only busy one. Other fellow
parents have always been occupied by the list of (never-ending)
tasks - meetings, reports, sending the children to all kinds of      Visit Our web site:            
activities, housework, assignment coaching, etc. Why do we                            Please visit our web-site for answers
need to do so much? We want to provide our children with the
best possible.
Do grasp your chance to join and if possible, help in these
programs; like the PST Fun Day (on 13th April) & the Mini            What does Dracula take with him when he
Olympic Sports Fun Day (coming up on 2nd May). I am sure             goes to a ball game?                                 st
                                                                                             (Answer to be found on 1 page)
you could establish a much closer relationship with your young
fellows as well.                                                     “Mini-Olympic Sports Fun Day” Bookmark Contest”
                     Mr Victor Li
                                                                     Please don’t forget to turn in your bookmarks between
     ~Volunteer Services Committee Chairperson~                      March 17th & March 20th, 2008.
              Class representative of P.1

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