Nerve by sdfwerte



Evangelists of all things funky... Stirred, fried and laid
to the side with Techna-acoustical Multimedia
Romanticism. Now, the-nerve serves up Eye Candy...
Visual screenery for that extra added unique flavor!

                    touch the-nerve...

              the-nerve wants to FUNK you up! Always high energy, the-nerve

              performs everything from Al Green to ZZ Top and from P-Funk to

              Prince, in their own “but you never heard it like this” style, served with

              an equal portion of original “nerve-us fonk,” guaranteed       to induce

              night-long booty bompin’… Through their unique swagger, crafted

              showmanship,         and     new     stunning      projection      screens,

              the-nerve is a phenomenon that keeps getting bigger and badder, The

              e-mail list, the following and the legend continues to grow. Come get

              you some! they’re itching to shake the funk aloose at your spot!

               Contact Raleigh's Multimedia Techni-Acoustic Soul Collective:
                           Tele: 919-260-0483 or dB: 919-602-5059

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