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									Stroke Rehabilitation at Sunnyview: It’s a Labor of “Love.”
N     early three quarters of a million people
      will suffer a stroke this year. And
although most will survive, stroke is the lead-
                                                  Playing his cards right
                                                  Every time 81-year-old Angelo Salamone
                                                  plays a game of poker these days, he wins.
                                                                                                   is a lively social environment. This is where
                                                                                                   patients and their families can catch up
                                                                                                   on news, compare notes, get recommenda-
ing cause of adult disability in this country.    The secret is not how Angelo plays … but         tions, commiserate and share their every-
Recovery often is a lifelong and deeply           why. Because for him, poker is more than         day experiences.
personal challenge.                               a way to have fun and stay in touch with         “We’re so lucky to have this program,”
                                                  buddies. It’s therapy.                           says Rose. “Angelo looks forward to it
“There are lots of statistics and studies, but
no one is truly an ‘average’ stroke patient,”     Angelo first came to Sunnyview in 1987           so much. He’s in his glory there.”
says Lynne Nicolson, MD, our chief of             after a debilitating stroke. He was 60. “The
physical medicine and rehabilitation at           nurses and therapists and social workers were
Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital. “The           so wonderful … I really can’t tell you how
various recovery factors are so highly indi-      wonderful,” says his wife Rose. “They do ev-
vidual. Each new patient has slightly differ-     erything here with love.” After three months
ent physical or cognitive deficits, personal      of inpatient therapy, with steady improve-
needs and priorities.”                            ments in his speech, mobility and motor
                                                  skills, Angelo was able to return home.
This is why Sunnyview’s inpatient and
outpatient stroke rehabilitation programs         But within weeks he and Rose were back,
are so comprehensive in scope and interdis-       as new members of our Post-Stroke
ciplinary in approach … tailored to each          Support Group.
patient’s needs.                                  “The post-stroke group is real outpatient
Stroke rehabilitation is a “center of excel-      therapy … the only difference is we get          Angelo Salamone (c) with poker buddies
lence” at Sunnyview. For more than 40             to play.” That’s how Connie Todt, CTRS,          Timothy Proper (l) and George Potter (r).
years, we’ve been the region’s premier            director of recreational therapy, explains
provider of comprehensive services.               one vital aspect of the post-stroke program.     The group meets every Monday and Friday
                                                  Each week, Connie and her Sunnyview              at Sunnyview.
Sunnyview patients consistently return to
their homes, instead of nursing homes,            colleagues create a range of therapeutic and     The Post-Stroke Support Group is another
at rates far exceeding regional or national       social activities: group outings, numerical or   innovative way Sunnyview continues
averages. We can think of no finer example        word games — even Karaoke sing-alongs            caring for patients and their families for
than a remarkable man named Angelo —              and Wii video games. One goal is for group       months and often years after they return
affectionately known as “the mayor                members to exercise their physical and cog-      home from rehabilitation.
of Sunnyview.”                                    nitive abilities. But equally important          Angelo bounces back
                                                                                                   But one day last year, as Angelo was walking
                                                                                                   into his weekly poker game at Sunnyview,
       Sunnyview is the only stroke specialty program in the region                                he suffered a minor stroke — 20 years after
                                                                                                   his first one. Within minutes, he was rushed
       accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of
                                                                                                   to the emergency department at nearby Ellis
       Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).
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editorial board
Jennifer Bourque                                          The year 2008 began with a victory for
Speech/Language Pathologist                               patients who need access to inpatient rehabilita-
                                                          tion. Medicare’s 75 percent rule, which had been
Edward J. Eisenman                                        scheduled for full implementation in January
Chief Executive Officer                                   2009, has been a looming challenge for rehabili-
                                                          tation hospitals across the country ... threatening
Brian Foster, OTR/L
                                                          to prevent access to critically important healthcare
Vice President, Rehabilitation Services
                                                          for tens of thousands of patients in need of inten-
Michael Kalogridis, MS/PT                                 sive rehabilitation.
Manager, Department                                       The regulation stipulated that 75 percent of an
of Physical Therapy                                       inpatient rehabilitation hospital’s patients must
                                                          fall within a narrow listing of only 13 diagnostic
Kevin Sheehan, OT
                                                          categories. If a hospital was to fall below 75 percent, the hospital could lose its desig-
Occupational Therapist
                                                          nation as a rehabilitation hospital and face significant reductions in reimbursement.
Vincent Somaio, MD                                        Legislation was introduced in both the U.S. House of Representative and the Senate
Physiatrist                                               to permanently establish 75 percent rule relief at 60 percent ... legislation that Con-
                                                          gress passed into law in December. I am proud to say that we worked diligently for
Kathleen Ziobrowski                                       this legislation, in conjunction with the American Medical Rehabilitation Providers
Executive Director                                        Association (AMRPA), the American Hospital Association (AHA) and the Health-
Sunnyview Rehabilitation                                  care Association of New York State (HANYS). Thanks go to these organizations for
Hospital Foundation                                       their hard work in helping get this legislation passed, as well to our U.S. legislators,
Nancy E. Farnan
                                                          especially Congresswoman Nita M. Lowey, who introduced the legislation, and
Director, Corporate Marketing/
                                                          Senator Charles E. Schumer who was a strong proponent of 75 percent rule relief.
Communications                                            While this was a tremendous victory, it comes at a cost, since we will see no Medi-
Northeast Health                                          care rate increases for 18 months. We still face enormous challenges in the field of
                                                          inpatient rehabilitation. I look forward to continuing to work with AMRPA, AHA
                                                          and HANYS as we advocate for what people with disabilities need in their medical
                                                          rehabilitation recovery.
                                                          On a positive note, we have exciting things happening at Sunnyview this year. With
Rehabilitation Insight is a publication of Sunnyview      construction of Eddy Village Green on the Cohoes campus this fall, Eddy Cohoes
Rehabilitation Hospital for the medical community and
the public. The goal is to bring timely issues of acute   Rehabilitation Center will be transitioning its rehabilitation beds to Sunnyview. We
medical rehabilitation, including updates and advances    will be welcoming staff from Eddy Cohoes, as well as many new patients who will
of the hospital and its foundation, to the forefront.
                                                          experience Sunnyview for the first time. We are proud of the outstanding rehabili-
                                                          tative care that we provide and look forward to providing that care to even more
                                                          residents in our service area of upstate New York and New England in the coming
                                                          months and years.
                                                          Please enjoy this edition of Rehabilitation Insight and be sure to read all about
                                                          Sunnyview’s new technological advances, such as our new pressure mapping system
                                                          and the state-of-the-art telemetry system in our cardiopulmonary department.
                                                          As always, thank you for your ongoing support of Sunnyview Rehabilitation
                                                          Hospital. Best wishes for an enjoyable summer.

                                                                                                          Chip Eisenman
                                                                                                          Chief Executive Officer

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Foundation Announces Roberts Scholar Award Recipients
Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation is proud to an-            used for both lower extremity rehabilitation in conjunction with
nounce the 2008 recipients of the Richard E. Roberts, Esq. Scholar      traditional physical therapy approaches, as well as upper extremity
Award: Becky Alessi, OTR and Kristen Storms, PT.                        rehabilitation to improve quality of life. The program will target in-
Becky achieved an associate’s degree from Hudson Valley Com-            patient and outpatient clients treated by Sunnyview and will bring
munity College in 1996 and a BS in occupational therapy from            state-of-the-art therapy to help in the functional improvement of
                                               Utica College of         our patients.
                                               Syracuse Univer-         Funds from the scholarship will allow Becky and Kristen to attend
                                               sity in 1997. She        an extensive Bioness training program.
                                               began her OT ca-         To make a gift to the Roberts Scholar Award for future training
                                               reer at Sunnyview        of staff, or to help purchase the Bioness devices, please call the
                                               in 1998 working          Foundation office at (518) 382-4586 or use the attached envelope.
                                               with patients
                                               with acquired

                                                                           Credit Union Donation
                                               brain injury
                                               (traumatic brain
                                               injury and stroke).
L to r, Kristin Storms, Mrs. Barbara Roberts,
                                                  Kristen gradu-
and Becky Alessi.
                                                  ated with both a
bachelor’s degree in health science (2000) and master’s degree in
physical therapy (2002) from Quinnipiac College in CT. Kristen
has five years of extensive experience working with neurologically
impaired patients and currently works on the inpatient brain injury
program. She has additional training in neurologic developmental
treatment (NDT), constraint induced movement therapy, and
                                                                           Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital recently purchased two
the StimMaster functional electric stimulation bike for spinal             Nintendo Wii systems, televisions and stands, as well as the
cord injured patients.                                                     Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency (BOT2), thanks
                                                                           to the generosity the “Credit Union Care for Kids Campaign 2007,”
The Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation is currently in           a statewide community involvement program of the New York
the process of raising funds to bring the Bioness H200 and Bioness         State Credit Union League (NYSCUL).
L300 systems to Sunnyview (see article below). The devices will be

Sunnyview Looks to New Bioness System
In 2004, a group of visionary leaders established Bioness Inc.            and can help patients get the most out of therapy, and reduce
to help individuals with neurological impairments regain their            complications including muscle spasms;
independence. Bioness offers two award-winning medical devices          • the Bioness L300 Foot Drop System assists those with foot
designed to benefit people with stroke, multiple sclerosis, traumatic     drop regain a more normal gait. The advanced foot drop system
brain injury, cerebral palsy and spinal cord injury. These noninva-       uses mild stimulation to help an individual lift his/her foot,
sive devices, based on functional electrical stimulation (FES), help      so that he/she can walk more safely and easily. The L300 may
people regain mobility and independence, and improve quality              even eliminate the need to wear a rigid, heavy orthosis.
of life and productivity.
                                                                        Donors interested in providing funding for the purchase of
The two devices include:                                                this groundbreaking technology should contact Kathleen
• the Bioness H200 Hand Rehabilitation System helps those with          Ziobrowski, executive director of Sunnyview Rehabilitation
  upper limb impairments. Utilizing mild electrical stimulation,        Hospital Foundation, (518) 382-4586.
  the system helps improve the way an individual’s arm works,

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S UN NYv Ie W R eH A B I L I T A T I O N H O S P I T A L FO U Nd A T I O N

Why a Wish List?                                  Hospital Wide           $3,625 each (45 needed)
                                                  Sunnyview has used low position beds suc-
                                                                                                       Wellness Center
                                                                                                       To purchase a LifeSource blood pressure

Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital main-           cessfully to minimize the potential for injury       monitor. This monitor will allow Wellness
tains a capital budget to purchase much-          with patients who are at a risk of falling.          Center members to take their own blood
needed equipment. Every item from the             Increasing the number of beds will allow             pressure at any time.
wish list that the Sunnyview Hospital             Sunnyview to meet peak demand when                   Speech                                         $2,598
Foundation is able to fill is one less strain     there is a large number of at-risk inpatients.       Augmentative communications has become
on our not-for-profit budget.                     Orthopedics                       $1,625 (for two)   an integral component of services we offer
Thank you for helping us to fulfill our           The Rancho Multi-Link Mobile Arm                     at Sunnyview. Often, our patients have ac-
mission to improve the lives of people with       Support system allows patients with spinal           quired a medical disease or condition that has
disabilities and the lives of their families!     cord injury, traumatic brain injury, multiple        limited the effectiveness of their spoken and
                                                  sclerosis and stroke with significant arm            written communication. We wish to purchase
Top priority items still needed:                  weakness to self feed, perform light hygiene         both low and high technology systems that
Cardiopulmonary                         $28,000   tasks and light recreational tasks.                  will facilitate our patients being able to com-
To complete the $150,000 purchase of                                                                   municate on either a verbal or written level.
                                                  Audiology                                  $4,500
medical telemetry for our cardiopulmonary
                                                  The Audiology OAE (Otoaccoustic Emis-                Nursing – Cardiopulmonary            $4,300 (for two)
patients. Obtaining state-of-the-art telem-
                                                  sions) Screener is used for infant hearing           The Datex Ohmeda Pulse Oximeter 3900
etry will enable Sunnyview to continue
                                                  screenings. Otoaccoustic emissions are very          provides accurate readings for oxygen levels
to provide prompt rehabilitation services
                                                  small sounds produced by a healthy human             in the blood. It has a continuous print out
to individuals who are at risk for cardiac
                                                  cochlea. The cochlea takes an incoming               capability for documentation and provides
arrhythmias on any unit of the hospital.
                                                  acoustic signal and sends information to             the ability to store readings in memory
Without this capability, individuals would
                                                  the brain. In doing so, it produces distor-          which is useful when performing continu-
be restricted to certain units and equipment.
                                                  tion that can be measured objectively. Our           ous pulse oximetry readings for sleep studies.
Physical Therapy/                                 current equipment is outdated and can no             The equipment allows sleep studies to be
Occupational Therapy                   $100,000
                                                  longer be supported.                                 performed which serves as documentation
To enable the departments to purchase the
                                                  Nursing                                   $15,600    to justify oxygen needs for home coverage.
Bioness system, a state-of-the-art functional
                                                  To purchase IV pumps and poles which                 It also identifies sleep apnea episodes allow-
electrical stimulation (FES) device used
                                                  will safely and accurately infuse medications        ing us to provide the best possible treatment
to treat a number of conditions including
                                                  to patients.                                         to patients requiring interventions for
stroke, traumatic brain injury, multiple
                                                                                                       this diagnosis.
sclerosis and incomplete spinal cord injury.
Neurovascular                           $11,480
The use of a portable ultrasound bladder
scanner is becoming more common in
the rehabilitation setting as a non-invasive
                                                     Annual Fund Contributors
                                                     We are proud to acknowledge the following Annual Fund contributions of $100
method of estimating bladder volume. Blad-
                                                     or more and gifts-in-kind between January 1, 2007 and December 31, 2007.
der scanners are used to screen patients for
                                                     Every effort has been made to ensure an accurate and complete list.
post-void residual volumes and to determine
the need for intermittent catheterization            Please call the Sunnyview Hospital Foundation at (518) 382-4586 with any
based on volume rather than time. Benefits           errors or omissions. Once again, thank you for your support!
include a decreased number of invasive               Anonymous                                         Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Amell
                                                     3N Document Destruction                           Mrs. Frederica Anderson
catheterizations, thus decreasing the poten-
                                                     9 Maple Avenue                                    Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Anderson
tial for urinary tract infections and urethral
                                                     Carol Aiello                                      Anker’s Auto Service
trauma, and increasing patient satisfaction          AJ Floral                                         Mr. and Mrs. Harry Apkarian
and comfort. The scanner would be used               Albany Advanced Imaging, PLLC                     Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar
by approximately 520 patients per year and           Albany Symphony Orchestra                         Dr. and Mrs. David C. Armenia
could be used up to four times a day per             Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Albright                   Artforms Gallery & Framery
                                                     Mses. Eileen and Joyce Alessandrini               The Arts Center of the Capital Region
patient. The cost associated includes the
                                                     All Brand Cleaners & Sewing Center                                               (Continued on page 5)
cart for portability.

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Annual Fund Contributors (Continued from page 4)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Assini              Candy Co. of Saratoga Springs             Crossgates Mall                       Mr. Werner L. Feibes
The Automobile Club of New York          Capital District Physicians               Crystal Rock / Vermont Pure           Felthousen’s, Inc.
Ayco Charitable Foundation                    Health Plan Inc.                          Holdings, Ltd.                   Fenimore Asset Management, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Richard D. Baertsch         Capital Region Combined                   Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Cummins       Drs. Leonides and Maria Fernando
The Bajan Group                               Federal Campaign                     Current Assets                        Mr. Andrew Ferraro
Drs. N. Balasubramanian                  CapitalCare Medical Group                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Currie         Ms. Barbara Feulner
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce K. Barach             Mr. and Mrs. William L. Carhide           Ms. Ann Currier                       Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Lyle Barlyn                 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Carlin            Mr. and Mrs. Willard Daggett          Financial Remedies
Barnsider Barbeque Restaurant            Carney’s Restaurant, Inc.                 Dave Feiden Photography               Ms. Sarah M. Fine
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Baron                Ms. Denise M. Carpenter                   Rev. Anthony DeFranco                 The Firefly Florist & Gift Boutique
Mr. Paul Basile                          Ms. Grace K. Carter                       Mr. Michael J. Della Rocco, Jr.       First Niagara Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Battle              Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cartwright              Mrs. Lorraine DeMarco                 Mr. and Mrs. A. Bruce Fisher
Bayou Cafe                               Casa Visco Finer Foods                    Mr. Leonard De Masi                   Mr. and Mrs. Arnold S. Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beadle               Ms. Joan J. Cawley                             and Mr. James J. De Masi         Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Fodera
Mr. Glenn Busby and Ms. Margot E. Bean   Mr. and Mrs. Barton Chabot                Ms. Rosann DeMeo                      Fogg’s Automotive Car Show
Mrs. Eileen M. Beard                     The Chamber of Schenectady County         Mrs. Florence DeNice                  Mr. and Mrs. Craig Foote
Benchemark Printing, Inc.                Charles R. Wood Foundation                Dr. and Mrs. Norman F. Dennis         Mr. Stefan Fosco
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bette               The Chazen Companies                      Dr. and Mrs. Michael DePetrillo       Mr. Allan D. Foster
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Beyerl             The Cheesecake Factory                    Mr. Carl S. Derwig                    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Foster
Mrs. Juanita Billetdoux                  Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Chestnut              Ms. Patricia Desbiens                 Frank Gallo & Son Florist
Mrs. Victoria Bills                      Dr. Erma Ruth Chestnut*                   Ms. Patricia DeSimone                 Dr. and Mrs. Philip Fraterrigo
Ms. Lucille Bish                         The Children’s Museum at Saratoga              and Ms. Elizabeth DeSimone       Mrs. Jane T. Freihofer
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Blandino            Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey G. Christiana        Mr. Robert Devlin                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert French
Books Are Fun                            Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Christoff            Mr. and Ms. Patrick A. DiCerbo        Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Fritz
Mr. and Mrs. William Borthwick           Mr. Robert J. Christoffel                 Mrs. Suzanne Dickson                  Mrs. Stephen B. Fuerst
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Boucher                Mr. and Mrs. Michael V. Claps, Jr.        Disabled American Veterans            Mr. Richard A. Fuerst, Esq.
Bow Tie Movieland Cinemas                Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Clark                  Lt. Vibert O. Fryer Chapter 88   Dr. and Mrs. John D. Fulco
Ms. Mary A. Brady                        Mr. and Mrs. William N. Coffey            Mr. and Mrs. Richard DiSarro          Peter and Dianne Fullam
Richard and Susan Brainard               Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Coffman              Mrs. Arnetta Dix-Howard               Ms. Robin Gabel
Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Breault          Ms. Gail Cohen                            Ms. Ruth R. Doering                   Gabriel’s Super Market
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Bredlau               Dr. John Collins                          Domani Nail Spa                       Gaffney’s
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Breese               Ms. Judy Collins                          Ms. Constance Donahue                 Mrs. Sarah Gage
Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Brezinski          Mr. Jim Colose                            Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Downey, Sr.    Ms. Victoria Garcelon
William Gundry Broughton                 Commercial Mailing & Printing Service     Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Doyle         Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant
     Charitable Private                  The Community Foundation for the          Mrs. Mary E. Duffy                    Mr. and Mrs. Jack B. Gatzemeyer
     Foundation, Inc.                         Capital Region’s Alexandria Ashkar   Mr. Stanley Jones                     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gay
Ms. Gail Brown                                Tamburello Charitable Fund                and Ms. Maude H. Dunlap          GE More Gifts More Givers
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Brown, Jr.          The Community Foundation for              Mr. Bernard Durivage                  Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. George
Mr. Stephen Brown                             the Capital Region’s Hershey         Mrs. Celia N. Dziadul                 Dr. and Mrs. Peter J. Gernert-Dott
Bruegger’s Bagels Bakery                      Family Fund                          Eagle Claw Fishing Tackle Co.         Gershon’s Deli
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Bucci             The Community Foundation for the          Mrs. Alice Edelstein                  Mr. and Mrs. Edward V. Giaquinto
Mr. Peter Buccinna                            Capital Region’s Robert H. and       Mr. and Mrs. Clyde O. Eidens          The Gideons International
Ms. Julie James Buchan                        Valerie M. Sloan Advised Fund        Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Eisenman       Mr. and Mrs. George Gifford
Mr. Fred Buckley                         Complexions Spa for Beauty & Wellness     Mrs. Beverly Eisenstadt               Mr. and Mrs. Alfred R. Gilbert
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Buhrmaster            Mr. John Cook                             Empi                                  Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Gillen
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Burdick             Mrs. Fannie L. Cooper                     Empire State College                  Mr. and Mrs. Norman C. Gittinger
Mr. E. M. Burger, Jr.                    Ms. Christine Corlew                      The Employees of Sunnyview Hospital   Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Glasser
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Burgess          Cornell’s Restaurant                      Mr. and Mrs. James Erceg              Glennpeter Jewelers
Butcher Block Steak & Seafood            Dr. and Mrs. Peter Cospito                Mr. and Mrs. John Ericson, Jr.        Mr. and Mrs. Bryan J. Goldberger
Mr. Richard Junge                        Ms. Jo-Ann Costantino                     Ms. Millie Estes                      Mr. and Mrs. Max H. Gollmer
     and Mrs. Miriam Butzel              Mr. Karl C. Cote                          Experience & Creative Design          Mr. and Mrs. David Golub
Ms. Kimberly A. Bylancik                 Country Outlet                            Dr. and Mrs. Martin Farber            Ms. Mona Golub
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Bylancik          County of Schenectady                     Mr. and Mrs. Phillip G. Farrar        Mr. and Mrs. Neil M. Golub
Ms. Taryn Calo                           Mr. and Mrs. David G. Cournan, Sr.        Mr. and Mrs. R. Paul Farrell, Jr.     Ms. Noreen Goodwin
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Campbell              Mrs. Robert B. Crandell                   Mr. and Mrs. James Farrell            Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Gordon
Canali’s Restaurant and Catering         Credit Unions Cares for Kids              Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Fazio                               (Continued on page 6)

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S UN NYv Ie W R eH A B I L I T A T I O N H O S P I T A L FO U Nd A T I O N                                                              continued

Annual Fund Contributors (Continued from page 5)
Dr. and Mrs. John J. Gorman             Hudson River Bank and Trust           LT’s Grill                           New York State Office of Temporary
Mrs. Dorothy Graham                          Company Foundation               Dr. and Mrs. Edward J. Ludwig             and Disability Assistance
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Graham             Hudson River Community Credit Union   Mrs. Gerald W. Ludwig                Ms. Heather Newell
Grandma’s Restaurant                    Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Huening, Jr.   M & T Bank                           Drs. Douglas Hamilton
Mrs. Paula Ann Granger                  Mr. Richard J. Huether                Ms. Ann Macejka                           and Lynne Nicolson
Dr. and Mrs. Walter Grattidge           Mr. and Mrs. John E. N. Hume, III     Mr. and Mrs. Leo MacKinnon           Mr. and Mrs. Craig Nicolson
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters          Mr. and Mrs. James J. Hunter          Mallozzi’s Restaurant                Niskayuna Wines & Liquors
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Greene             Ms. Denise Hyde                       Ms. Karrie R. Marascia               Drs. John and Donna Nolan
Reverend and Mrs. Larry Greenwold       Dr. and Mrs.* Israel S. Jacobs        Mario’s Restaurant                   Mr. and Mrs. Yves Nollet
Mrs. Eva Gregorek                       Mr. and Mrs. John R. Jersen           Mr. and Mrs. George Marshall         Northern Funding Corporation
Ms. Alycia Gregory                      Jersen Construction Group             Ms. Louise W. Marshall               Mr. and Mrs. Tony Noto
Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Gregory           Ms. Karen B. Johnson                  Ms. Lakishia Martin                  Mr. and Mrs. John S. Novakovic
Ms. Frances Griffin                     Dr. Mark Jordan                       Robert and Linda Matt                NY Giants Football
Mrs. Emmeline A. Grubb                  Mrs. Linda Jung                       Mr. and Mrs. Chester L. Matthews     NYS Alliance for Arts Education
Guptills Coney Express                  Mr. and Mrs. Ernest H. Kahn           Mr. Joseph A. Matura, Sr.            Ms. Tamara O’Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gustafson          Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kalogridis       Mr. Edward Mc Elroy                  Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. O’Brien
Mr. Arthur W. Haberl                    KAPL, Inc.                            Mr. Christian McCann                 Mr. Warren D. O’Neal
Mrs. Sonia Hachigian                    Fred and Sandy Kaplan                 Ms. Gloria McCasland                 Mrs. Elinor F. Obuchowski
Mr. Eric Halberg                        Ms. Barbara Kasprowicz                Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McCoy             Mr. Richard F. Ohlerking
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Hali             Kasselman Electric Co., Inc.          Dr. and Mrs. Michael McGovern        The Olde Bryan Inn
Ms. Barbara Hallett                     Keeler Motor Car Company              Ms. Ruth D. McGraw                   Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Oldow
John P. Halstead, CPA                   Mrs. Patricia R. Kellam               Ms. Vivian McKnight                  Dr. and Mrs. Edward F. Olli
Mr. and Mrs. Tahir Hamid                Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Kennedy        Mrs. Kathryn Meade                   Mr. and Mrs. Chester Opalka
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Hamm             Mrs. Teresa Kennedy                   Mrs. Leonard Melsert                 Open Door Bookstore
Hannaford Supermarket of Glenville      Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kerr              Mr. and Mrs. John J. Merry           Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Oster
Mr. Donald Hannon                       Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. Kilanoski      Mr. Edward C. Mertzlufft             Nancy W. and Michael A. Ottati
Mrs. Kelly Harvey                       Ms. Margaret B. Kile                  Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Meuse            Overton, Russell, Doerr & Donovan, LLP
Mr. Paul S. Hasler                      Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Kindl       Microsonic Inc.                      Mrs. Angeline Pagnotta
Health Employees Federal Credit Union   Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. King            Ms. Patricia A. Miles                Ms. Graziella Palleschi
Mr. Edmund Hennel                       Suzanne M. Kirby                      Ms. Renee Mills                      Mr. and Mrs. R. Bram Palm
Ms. Jody Henry                          Mrs. Olga Kirchmayer                  John Mizerak                         Panza’s Restaurant
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Hess             Ms. Megan E. Klein                    Mobility Works                       Mr. and Mrs. Gerard F. Parisi
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart B. Hettig          Ms. Jennifer Krom-Armer               Ms. Anne M. Mocker                   Parisi’s Steakhouse
Hewitt’s Garden Center                  La Torre Orthopedic Laboratory        Ms. Morgan-Lyn Montanye              Parisi, Coan & Saccocia PLLC
Higgins Family Foundation                    & Prosthetics & Orthotics        Ms. Patricia M. Montgomery           Dr. and Mrs. Carl Paulsen
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Hillander             La-Conte-Fowler Hair Stylists         Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Montorio        Ms. Mary Pedone
Hillside School/Niskayuna               Lake Side Cider Mill Farm             Mr. and Ms. James W. Mooney          Pendleton Sign Company
      Central School District           Mr. and Mrs. R. Ned Landon            Mr. and Mrs. John T. Moran           Pepsi Bottling Group
Estate of Beulah T. Hinkle              Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Langley         Ms. Marylin Morgan                   Ms. Vicki Perry
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hirshorn            Ms. Marie Laven                       Ms. Nancy Morgan                     Mr. Stephen M. Peters
Hiscock & Barclay, LLC                  Mr. and Mrs. Mike Laviolette          Morrison Management Specialists      Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Petersen
Mrs. Robert Hoffman                     Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Leeser, Jr.   Mr. Charles K. Mowers                Dr. and Mrs. Charles C. Peterson
Hoffman Car Wash                        Mr. Charles T. Lemley                 Muddy Cup Coffee House               Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard Phillippe
Hoffman’s Playland                      Ms. Mary Lettieri                     Mr. and Mrs. Hugh J. Murphy          Ms. Susan M. Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. John Hogan                 Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Leupold        Dr. Marion E. Murphy                 Pitney Bowes MapInfo
Holiday Inn Holidome of Schenectady     Mrs. Shirley Levey                    Mr. and Mrs. Neil V. Murray          Mr. Quintin E. Poore
Dr. and Mrs. James Holmblad             Ms. Dawn Lewis                        Mr. and Mrs. Robert Murray           Mrs. Yon Powers
Home Made Theater, Inc.                 Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Liebers        MVP Health Care                      Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Prater
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Mr. Stephen F. Honicki                  Mr. Harris S. Lindsay                 Ms. Jean Nagel                       Mr. and Mrs. Ari Presler
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hoopes              Ms. Marilyn M. Lindy                  Mr. and Mrs. Ira Nahikian            Price Chopper - A Golub
Mr. and Mrs. James Hotaling             Mr. and Mrs. Hermann Lintner          Mr. and Mrs. Robert Y. Naylor             Corporation Company
Mr. Michael Houlton                     Mrs. Cristen Locci                    Ms. Eva Nell Coates                  Proctor’s Theatre
Howell Ventures Ltd.                    Mrs. Kim Locker                       Ms. Elvira B. Neumann                Prudential Manor Homes
The John and Susan Hubbard Foundation   Lomini Family Charitable              New York State Department of Labor   Dr. and Mrs. Peter F. Purcell
Mr. and Mrs. Russell C. Huber                Remainder Trust                                                                           (Continued on page 7)

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Annual Fund Contributors (Continued from page 6)
Mr. William Putnam                       Estate of Edna M. Scheper                    Dr. and Mrs. James M. Strosberg       Mr. and Mrs. Peter Van Avery
Mr. Dennis Quinn                         Mr. and Mrs. Page M. Schmitt                 Sunnyview Massage Therapy             Mrs. Margaret Van Deloo
Ms. Meg Rathbun                          Mr. Brian Shoemaker                          Sunnyview Rehabilitation              Mr. and Mrs. Harry Vanerhule
Ms. Judy Rausch                          Ms. Eileen Schoch                                 Hospital Auxiliary               Mr. Robert J. Vanosky, Jr.
Mr. David Reali                          Mr. and Mrs. James H. Scholtz                Mrs. Esther M. Swanker                Dr. and Mrs. George A. Vassolas
Dr. and Mrs. James Reed                  Schrader and Company, Inc.                   Mr. Robert N. Swidler                 Verizon Foundation
Regal Entertainment Group                Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Schroth              Mr. and Mrs. J. Walter Szymaszek      Ms. Diana H. Vianna-Brignola
Research Triangle Institute              Mr. Thomas Schuhle                           Mr. Francis R. Taormina               Mr. and Mrs. John Viertl
Mrs. Marion Rhodes                       Mr. and Mrs. Roy Scott                       TD Banknorth                          Villa Italia
River Stone Manor LLC                    Screen Designs                               TEC Photography                       Mr. and Mrs. Alan N. Vincent
Riverview Orchards                       SEFA                                         Ms. Susann Teegarden                  Ms. Chieko Vititow
Dr. and Mrs. Walter Robb                 Mrs. John W. Senn                            Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Tentor        Ms. Mary Ann Vujakovich
Mr. and Mrs. Eli Robbins                 Ms. Deborah Sgroi                            Mrs. Alice Tepper                     Mr. Richard Wagoner
Mr. John Fagen and Ms. Allison Roberts   Dr. Kenneth L. Shapiro                       The Hat’s Meow Chapter                Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Wait, Jr.
Mrs. Richard E. Roberts                       and Dr. Joan Dacher                          of The Red Hat Society           Wal*Mart of Glenville
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Roberts      Mrs. Kenneth S. Sheldon, Jr.                 The Parker Inn                        Ms. Nancy L. Walden
Mr. and Mrs. George Robinson             Ms. Suzanne Sheldon                          Mr.* and Mrs. Charles E. Thomas       Ms. Susan Wallen
Mrs. Linda M. Robinson                   Dr. and Mrs. George T. Shelton               Ms. Maryrose Thompson                 Mr. Michael T. Wallender
The Robison Family Foundation            Ms. June F. Sherman                          Mr. and Mrs. William Thorne                and Ms. Erin Rinella
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Rogers                Mr. William Sherman                          Times Union                           The Walters Co. Air Conditioning, Inc.
Ms. Joann Rose                           Mr. and Mrs. James F. Sherry                 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Todt             Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Ward
Mr. Mark J. Rosen and                    Ms. Melissa Shufelt                          Dr. and Mrs. Richard B. Toll          Water’s Edge Lighthouse
     Mrs. Leslie J. Newman               SI Group, Inc.                               Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Tomeck              Restaurant & Inn
Mr. Barry Rosenblatt                     Siebel Floor Covering, Inc.                  Mr. Russ Toombs                       Mrs. Ella Weber*
Mrs. Emily S. Ross                       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Signor                Towne Construction Company            Mr. and Mrs. Charles Weick
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Rourke            Mr. and Mrs. Charles Siler                   Mr. Thomas J. Tracy, Jr.              Dr. and Mrs. Laurence A. Weiner
Mr. Ernest Rumbaugh                      Mr. Richard Sills and Ms. Katherine Fritz*   Ms. Rachelle Trahan                   Mr. and Mrs. Gary Weitzman
Dr. and Mrs. Peter J. Runge              Dr. and Mrs. Paul A. Skudder                 Tri-City ValleyCats                   Mr. David A. Werner
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rytell               Mrs. Cheryll A. Slater-Schampier             Ms. Patricia Trolio                   Mr. and Mrs. John C. Westcott
Sagamore Resort & Golf Club              Mr. Peter D. Slavis                          Mrs. Lois M. Troup                    Ms. Shirley Wilcox
Ms. Kimberly A. Salmon                   Slick’s Restaurant                           Trustco Bank Corp.                    Dr. and Mrs. Gary W. Wood
     and Mr. Richard Freemont            The Smachlo Family Foundation                Mr. and Mrs. Leland C. Tupper         Wood Travel LLC
Sampson’s Prosthetic                     Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Smith                   UBS Financial Services Inc.           Mr. and Mrs. James Woodruff
     & Orthotic Laboratory               Mrs. Lillian K. Smith                             Mr. Neal Jairath                 Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Woodward
Dr. Robert E. Sandroni                   Solid Surface Craftsman, Inc.                     and Mr. Brij Jairath             Mrs. Ellen R. Woodzell
Saratoga Gaming & Raceway                Dr. and Mrs. Vincent M. Somaio               Mr. and Mrs. James E. Underwood       Mr. George W. Wright
Saratoga Performing Arts Center Inc.     Southwest Airlines                           Mrs. Jessica Underwood                Ms. Brenda S. Wyko
Mr. and Mrs. John Savage                 Spare Time Family Fun Center                 Mr. and Mrs. John Undrill             Mr. Frances Yankowski
Ms. Anna Saville                         Mrs. Matilda Spodnewski                      Union College Athletics               Ms. Freda Yorganson
Mrs. Betty Lou Scanlan                   Mrs. Eldon Springsted                        Union College Bookstore               Mrs. Anne W. York
Mr. Peter J. Scanlan                     St. Jude Medical                             United Jewish Federation              Dr. and Mrs. Robert Yunick
Ms. Marceline M. Schaefer                St. Peter’s Health Care Services                  of Northeastern New York’s       Mr. and Mrs. Peter Zakriski
Mrs. June Schechter                      Ms. Joyce A. Stec                                 June and Jay Schechter           Zalucki & Halstead, LLP
Schenectady County Community College     Mr. William Stec                                  Philanthropic Fund               Ms. Eileen Zilberman
Schenectady Fire Department              Mrs. Dorothy S. Stevens                      United Way of the Greater             Mr. and Mrs. Ken Ziobrowski
The Schenectady Museum                   Stewart’s Shops                                   Capital Region, Inc.             Mr. and Mrs. Gordon N. Zuckerman
Schenectady Permanent Firemen’s          Stockade Inn                                 USTA Eastern Northern Region          Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Zywot
     Association, Inc.                   Straight Line Industries Inc.                Dr. Arthur R. Vakiener
Schenectady Radiologists PC              Mayor and Mrs. Brian Stratton                Van Antwerp Middle School/Niskayuna   * denotes deceased
Schenectady Turn-Verein                  Mrs. Susan Streett                                Central School District

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S UN NYv Ie W R eH A B I L I T A T I O N H O S P I T A L FO U Nd A T I O N                                                                          continued

	               in	Memory	of       Donation by                                         	   	         in	Memory	of     Donation by
           Augusta Zeh Barry       Mr. and Mrs. Barry Rogers                                      Forrest Fordham     Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital
                   elio Basile     Mrs. Richard E. Roberts                                      Robert W. Freihofer   Mrs. Jane T. Freihofer
                 Arthur Beard      Mrs. Eileen M. Beard                                            Jennifer French    Anonymous
         Joseph M. Billetdoux      Mrs. Juanita Billetdoux                                      douglas W. Gifford    Mr. and Mrs. George Gifford
             david G. Boehm        Mrs. Lisa A. Balschunat                                          Kathryn Gifford   Mr. and Mrs. George Gifford
                                   Mrs. Cristen Locci                                           Chester Godlewski     Ms. Sandra A. Rider
           Thomas B. Brennan       Mr. and Mrs. Arnold S. Fisher                                                      Mr. and Ms. James B. Ryder
                 edwin Brown       Mrs. Judith Brown                                                  Augusto and
                ernest Buerker     Schenectady Turn-Verein                                          Ann Gregoretti   Ms. Rena M. Nicodemi
              e. Melvin Burger     Mr. E. M. Burger, Jr.                                             K.T. Gutowski   Anonymous
            elizabeth Bylancik     Mr. John Bylancik                                              Sarkis Hachigian   Mrs. Sonia Hachigian
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Eisenman                                 Rose R. Harding   Anonymous
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Paul Richter                                                         Ms. Denise M. Carpenter
       evelyn M. Campbell          Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Murray                                                     Mr. Ira B. Harding
          Harold Campbell          Mrs. Roberta D. Davies                                                            Mr. and Mrs. John E. Kolodziej
    Lawrence Chamberland           Mr. and Mrs. Edwin L. Teaney                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Sickinger, Jr.
        Michael G. Chouffi         Albany Advanced Imaging, PLLC                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Sindoni
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Brian Campbell                                                       Mr. Peter D. Slavis
                                   Mr. and Mrs. John Conway                                                          Mr. David L. Wessinger and
                                   NYS Department of Health Bureau                                                     Mrs. Cheryl Urban-Wessinger
                                      of Early Intervention                                Roger and Barbara Hennel Mr. Edmund Hennel
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Gary Roosa                                       Betty Hershkowitz Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hirshorn
                                   The Sage Colleges                                         Robert J. Hoffman, Md Dr. Marion E. Murphy
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Christian C. Stecher                                   Keith Homiac Anonymous
                                   Mr. Daniel Schettine and Mrs. Marilyn M. Berrigan              Mary Ann Houlton Ms. Doreen D. Amyot
            Mary C. Christoffel    Mr. Robert J. Christoffel                                                         Mrs. Victoria Bills
          Amy elizabeth Chubb      Anonymous                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cherniak
           Michael J. Cinquino     Mrs. Angeline Pagnotta                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Rod Fortran
         James d. Cobine, Phd      Mrs. Mary E. Duffy                                                                Mr. and Mrs. William Houlton
             Joseph Costanzo       Mr. and Mrs. James A. Costanzo                                                    New York State Department of Labor
              elizabeth Crittell   Mr. Edward Crittell, Jr.                                                          Ms. Claudia O’Brien
            Carolyn A. Currier     Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Baluch                                                      Mrs. Marie L. Rustin
                                   Ms. Patricia A. Schultz                                          Jean B. Hughes Mr. John Hughes
                                   Mr. Robert J. Vanosky, Jr.                                Alex & emma Johnson Anonymous
           Russell davignon        Anonymous                                                      Helen C. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Johnson
    delGallo & Laven Family        Ms. Marie Laven                                                     Lynn Joosten Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Zywot
          Frank del Monico         Anonymous                                                        Robert Kraemer Ms. Mary J. Kraemer
          Carmen P. deLuke         Ms. Mary K. DeLuke                                               Robert Krasucki Ms. Morgan-Lyn Montanye
              John deMartin        Anonymous                                                          edmund Laven Ms. Marie Laven
           Francis dempsey         Ms. Katharina Blick                                              david M. Lewis Mr. David F. Lewis
           Harold J. deNice        Mrs. Florence DeNice                                           Gerald W. Ludwig Dr. and Mrs. Edward J. Ludwig
              domenick and                                                                           Anna Macejka Ms. Ann Macejka
             Lena deSimone         Ms. Patricia DeSimone and Ms. Elizabeth DeSimone                        Ted Male Mr. E. M. Burger, Jr.
         Joseph diCarlo, Sr.       Ms. Nancy A. DiCarlo                                                  Frieda and
      elizabeth dickershaid        Mr. David Aldrich                                                Jack McCrindle Mrs. Ella Weber*
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Dalton                              Helen W. Mcdermott Mr. Leo McDermott, Jr.
                                   Mr. and Mrs. John S. Docherty                              Mildred McGloughlin Ms. Julia E. Improta
                                   Schenectady City School District                                dominic Minosh Mr. and Mrs. Dominic A. Minosh
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Carl M. Troiano                                       Anna Mizerak Mr. John Mizerak
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Peter Zarrillo                         	           dorothy Mowers Mr. Charles K. Mowers
         Richard dickershaid       Ms. Susan Malinowski                                                 John Mullin Mr. and Mrs. Harry Vanerhule
                 Joan dickson      Ms. Ruth H. Dickson                                                 Mary Mullen Anonymous
                Roland diemer      Mrs. Milada J. Diemer                                     dr. Joseph H. Naumoff Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Naumoff
          vincent R. dominelli     Mrs. Ruth Dominelli                                         Andrew L. Nicodemi Ms. Rena M. Nicodemi
                  Joe dubinett     Mr. and Mrs. Eli Robbins                                 Richard H. Obuchowski Mrs. Elinor F. Obuchowski
             Richard dunleavy      Mr. and Mrs. John S. Varriale                                 William M. O’Hare Mr. William M. O’Hare
	          John A. dziadul, Sr.    Mrs. Celia N. Dziadul                                           Gasper Pagnotta Mrs. Angeline Pagnotta
            Solomon edelstein      Mrs. Alice Edelstein                                               John Palumbo Anonymous
          Raymond eisenstadt       Mrs. Beverly Eisenstadt                                         Richard F. Parker Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Ossenfort
                    June ellen     Dr. and Mrs. Hugh Boronson                                Cindy La Roe Pelletier Mr. and Mrs. William La Roe
         Susan Pascoe Farrell      Mr. and Mrs. R. Paul Farrell, Jr.                              Marilyn Pompilio Ms. L. Arlene Frederick
            Father and Mother      Mr. Charles R. Van Wie                                                                                         (Continued on page 9)

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	             in	Memory	of    Donation by                                     	            in	Memory	of      Donation by
           dorothy K. Potter  Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Aydinian                                Leslie Snyder     Anonymous
                              Mr. and Mrs. Michael Battle                               eldon Springsted     Mr. and Mrs. Louis F. Doto
                              Ms. Arlene E. Brown                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Hali
                              Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm K. Bryant                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Langley
                              Ms. Marilyn J. Carpenter                                    david Stonham      Mr. and Mrs. George Iacovitti
                              Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Christoff                            Katherine Swartz     Mr. and Mrs. James Hudson
                              Ms. Anneliese S. Conley                                        Irene Thisse    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Anderson
                              Ms. Charleen DeLorenzo                                       Ruth M. Tracy     Mr. Thomas J. Tracy, Jr.
                              Mr. and Mrs. John M. Donahue                        Anthony “Tony” Tranelli    AAA Western and Central New York
                              Mr. and Mrs. Warren Gifford                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Amell
                              Mr. and Mrs. Leroy R. Hamlett, Jr.                                             Mr. and Mrs. Harry Apkarian
                              Ms. Deborah Hayden                                                             Mr. Paul D. Campbell
                              Ms. Susan I. MacNeil                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Howard Charbonneau
                              Mrs. Charles S. Markarian                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey G. Christiana
                              Ms. Carolyn E. Proper                                                          Mr. and Mrs. William Curran
                              Mr. Kevin Ricard                                                               Dr. and Mrs. Norman F. Dennis
                              Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Tanski                                                  Mr. Joseph Garber
                              Mrs. Connie Todt                                                               Mr. and Mrs. John T. Greene
                              Mr. and Mr. Floyd Van Dyke, Jr.                                                Dr. and Mrs. James Holmblad
                              Ms. Catherine L. Zimmer                                                        Ms. Karen B. Johnson
       Judy Madden Rapavy Ms. Brenda F. Stevens                                                              Fred and Sandy Kaplan
      Wolfgang Riemer, esq. Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Fritz                                                     Mr. and Mrs. John P. Langan
     Richard e. Roberts, esq. Dr. and Mrs. Charles Canoll                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Leeser, Jr.
                              Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Cummings, Jr.                                           Ms. Patricia Malusa
                              Mr. John Fagen and Ms. Allison Roberts                                         Mr. and Mrs. Lance A. Manus
                              Dr. and Mrs. Michael L. Gelfand                                                Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Matt
                              Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Griswold                                               Mr. and Mrs. John J. Merry
                              Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Hali                                                    Ms. Jill Shellabarger Mueller
                              Mrs. Harriet J. Paul                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Neil V. Murray
                              Mrs. Richard E. Roberts                                                        Dr. and Mrs. Carl Paulsen
                              Dr. and Mrs. Walter Robb                                                       Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard Phillippe
                              Ms. Marilyn A. Vitch                                                           Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Prater
                              Dr. and Mrs. Robert Yunick                                                     Mrs. Emily S. Ross
                Alice Roche Mr. and Mrs. Michael Koza                                                        Ms. Christine Schmitz
         Roberta Rosenblatt Mr. Barry Rosenblatt                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Schuyler J. Stewart, Sr.
                 Abram Sahr Mrs. Celia H. Sahr                                                               Mrs. Anthony Tranelli
           Joseph Salamack Ms. Kathyleen Guarnier                                                            Ms. Rosemarie D. Tranelli
    Nicholas & Nettie Sawicki Anonymous                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Alphonse J. Vinci
               edna Scheper Anonymous                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Ward
                              Mr. and Mrs. Harry Apkarian                                                    Mrs. Ellen R. Woodzell
                              Mr. and Mrs. Duane Ball                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Peter Zakriski
                              Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beadle                                                     Mrs. Kathie Ziobrowski
                              Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Breault                        John van deloo, Md      Mrs. Margaret Van Deloo
                              Mr. and Mrs. Phillip G. Farrar                              Margaret varin     Ms. Gloria McCasland
                              Mr. and Mrs. James Farrell                                    Judy vickers     Mr. and Mrs. Richard Engle
                              Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Fazio                               Paul Watrobski      Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Watrobski
                              Mr. and Mrs. Norman C. Gittinger                            edward Weber       Mrs. Ella Weber*
                              Dr. and Mrs. John J. Gorman                              Gertrude P. Welter    Nancy W. and Michael A. Ottati
                              Dr. and Mrs. Walter Grattidge                             Leonard C. White     Anonymous
                              The Hat’s Meow Chapter of The Red Hat Society        Kenneth e. Willcox, Sr.   Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Willcox, Jr.
                              Dr. and Mrs. James Holmblad                                donald Whitney
                              Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Huening, Jr.                      and Lillian Wright    Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Armstrong
                              Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kerr                                                       Ms. Sylvia Harris
                              Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Kristel                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Gerry S. Pierce
                              Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Langley                                                  Dr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Weiss
                              Mrs. Eldon Springsted                               donald Whitney Wright      Rev. and Mrs. Richard A. Johnsen
                              Mrs. Esther M. Swanker                                                         Ms. Constance C. Quaintance
                              Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital Auxiliary                  Anne Wrafter      Anonymous
                              Mr. and Mrs. David B. Taylor                            George e. York, Md     Mrs. Anne W. York
          Marjorie Sheppard The Honorable Harry R. Sheppard                                J.J. York, Md     Mrs. Anne W. York
               Sara F. Siegel Anonymous
       Albert and Ann Smith Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J. Pelkey                                                    * denotes deceased

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S UN NYv Ie W R eH A B I L I T A T I O N H O S P I T A L FO U Nd A T I O N                                                                                continued

	                     in	Honor	of    Donation by                                      	                    in	Honor	of    Donation by
    Charles Assini’s 80th birthday   Mr. and Mrs. Ralph N. Comanzo                        dennis and Terri Montanye       Ms. Morgan-Lyn Montanye
              Stephan Bourgeois      Ms. Eileen Schoch                                           dr. Lynne T. Nicolson    Mr. and Mrs. Jean Paul Poulin
               Robert J. Bylancik    Mr. and Mrs. John J. Bylancik, Jr.                                Nurses & Staff -
                   david Chiefari    Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Haggerty                     Sunnyview Orthopedic Unit       Mrs. Stephen B. Fuerst
               Roberta d. davies     Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Tremel, Jr.                      dr. and Mrs. Carl Paulsen     Mr. and Mrs. R. Ned Landon
                 Quinn desiderio     St. Peter’s Health Care Services                              dr. vincent Somaio     Mr. and Mrs. Charles Viscusi, Jr.
     Julia eddy & dr. dan Mayer      Anonymous                                                dr. James M. Strosberg      Ms. Nancy A. DiCarlo
                dr. Martin Farber    Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Currie                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. King
         Nancy Fitzroy’s Birthday    Mr. and Mrs. Murray M. Jaros                          Sunnyview Occupational
              Norman W. Fox, III     Mr. and Mrs. Eric T. Sundquist                            Therapy department         Ms. Anne Peterson
                       Craig Frear   Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Sollecito                      Sunnyview Rehabilitation
                   God’s Children    Anonymous                                                       Hospital Staff       Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hirshorn
      John Mackey’s Retirement       Lake Associates, Inc.                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Murphy
                   Julian Mallein    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Breault                                                          Ms. Marceline M. Schaefer
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Dominic DeMaria                                   victoria Purcell’s
                                     Mrs. Christopher J. Rooney, Jr.                               Sweet 16 Birthday      Mr. and Mrs. David G. Anderson
                    Jamie Mallia     Ms. Wilena H. Bartlett
                                     Ms. Lorraine B. Cox
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Rodney S. Crosby
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Richard Diehsner
                                     Ms. Philomena M. Holt
                                     Ms. Barbara Philipson

Sunnyview Junior Volunteers Attend
Disney Youth Leadership Conference
A   nyone who’s been involved with
      Sunnyview knows the important
role that junior volunteers play in helping
                                                              Students complete journals and participate
                                                              in an experiential component to practice the
                                                              concepts they have learned.
various hospital departments.                                 Sunnyview junior volunteers were able to
“I am always looking for ways to enhance                      take part in the recent leadership program
our junior volunteer program,” said Joan                      thanks to fundraisers and the support of
Laviolette, Sunnyview’s director of volunteer                 parents/guardians. Traveling to Disney
services. After much research, she concluded                  World were: Eli Feldman, Marissa Debiase,
that the Disney Youth Leadership Program                      Christian Forte, Jessica Mazzo, Carly Snow,
held in Orlando, FL, would offer the teens                    Rebecca Pike, Philip Mascitelli, Noelle
a development opportunity that would                          Vetro, Stephanie Todt and Krista Carroll.
help them grow as volunteers, students                        Ten parents and guardians were able to
and young citizens.                                           participate, along with Joan, Kathie Boyle,
“Many of our junior volunteers excel in                       volunteer coordinator, and Connie Todt,
school and community activities,” she                         CRT, director of recreational therapy.
added. “This program not only teaches                         “Our junior volunteers are tomorrow’s lead-
leadership skills, it also provides hands-                    ers,” Laviolette emphasized. “We hope that
on experience in customer service ...                         their participation in this program will con-
Disney-style!”                                                tinue to help them in their future endeavors
The program focuses on different aspects                      in college and beyond.”
of leadership, including understanding                        To learn more about volunteering at
conflict, cooperation and interdependence                     Sunnyview, call the volunteer office
among individuals, groups and institutions.                   at (518) 386-3631.

Page 10
           Physical Therapy Department Acquires Pressure Mapping Equipment
In February, Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital became the first          we can analyze it and determine where pressure sores may occur,”
area acute rehabilitation facility to acquire a new pressure mapping     says Patricia.
system that helps clinicians determine the suitability of a wheel-       “We also use the system as a patient education tool ... patients can
chair cushion and/or to justify to insurance companies why certain       see on the computer screen how shifting body weight can alleviate
wheelchair features would be most beneficial to specific patients.       undue pressure on specific areas of the body, which in turn helps
According to Patricia Valenza, PT, “pressure mapping utilizes sen-       alleviate the risk for pressure sores and skin breakdown,” she adds.
sors that measure pressure at different parts of the sitting surface.”   Patients appropriate for pressure mapping are individuals who
She notes that a thin mat, measuring approximately 18 inches by          spend a good part of their day in a wheelchair — those with
18 inches, contains a matrix of small sensors. “When a patient sits      spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, stroke or brain injury.
on the mat, the sensors read pressure at individual locations on the
                                                                         The $7,000 Vista Medical FSA system was made possible
thighs and buttocks. This data is transferred to a computer where
                                                                         through a gift to the Sunnyview Foundation.

     When Every Heartbeat Counts —                                                   Sports Clinics Scheduled
       State-of-the-art Telemetry                                        The therapeutic recreation department offers a series of clinics
The cardiopulmonary department recently acquired the new,                and classes for people with disabilities, providing opportunities
state-of-the-art GE ApexPro CH telemetry system, the most thor-          to explore and participate in sports and leisure activities, learn
ough and reliable wireless patient monitoring available today.           new skills and gain self confidence.

“Telemetry monitors a patient’s heart rhythm, almost like a con-         Upcoming sports clinics include:
tinuous EKG,” says Deb Dross, RN, nurse manager. She notes               A Day of Fishing                    A Day of Adaptive Tennis
that “the new system greatly increases quality of care for our           Friday, June 13                     for Beginners
patients, especially since it enables our nurses to monitor patients     9:30 am - 12:30 pm                  Friday, July 18 and
from two locations, rather than just one.” She explained that with       Six Mile Waterworks                 Friday, September 5
the new system, patients can move freely throughout the unit,            Van Rensselaer Lake, Albany         10 am - noon
as well onto other units within the hospital.                                                                Courtside Lane
In addition to patients with congestive heart failure and those                                              Central Park, Schenectady
with a recent heart attack, the 19-bed unit cares for patients recov-
                                                                         There is a $5 fee for each clinic. For more information,
ering from cardiac surgery. “As an inpatient cardiac and pulmonary
                                                                         or to register, please contact Sunnyview at (518) 382-4576.
rehabilitation unit, the telemetry system helps us monitor our
patients’ endurance during the rehabilitation process.”
Donations to the Sunnyview Foundation made purchase of the
equipment possible.

                        Stroke rehabilitation at Sunnyview: it’s a labor of “love.”
                                                             Continued from page 1
  Hospital. And five days later, Angelo was back at Sunnyview            for card games and help him hold his cards. Connie, Jennifer
  for three weeks of inpatient rehabilitation.                           and Linda … the whole staff was unbelievable.”
  “The second stroke left him a little weaker,” says Connie, “but        “Angelo’s recovery has been really remarkable,” says Dr. Nicolson.
  he bounced back strong. Our goal was to get Angelo back into           “And a lot of it has to do with his determination and attitude.
  the support group as quickly as possible. We knew how impor-           He’s an amazing guy.”
  tant that was to him.”                                                 We are happy to report that the “mayor of Sunnyview” is back
  “That group helped tremendously,” says Rose. “Even when he             in office, regularly playing poker with his support group friends.
  was still doing inpatient rehab, they would bring him downstairs       And still a winner.
                                         For more about our stroke services, please call 518-386-3575.

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                                                                                                                                      U.S. Postage
                                        1270 Belmont Avenue                                                                            Permit # 79
                                       Schenectady, NY 12308                                                                           Albany, NY

                                                     Here’s What Our Patients Have to Say
At Sunnyview, we want to be sure that we create an exceptional                 satisfaction results, we are doing quite well! In fact, 95 out of
experience for patients and their families ... to meet and even ex-            100 patients recently reported that they would recommend
ceed their expectations. Our patient satisfaction survey process               Sunnyview to family and friends.
helps us monitor how we are doing. According to recent patient

                                                               There’s No Place Like Home
                               80                                                   The graph to the left shows the rate of
  Percent discharged to home

                                                                                    discharges to home for Sunnyview, compared
                                                                                    to national and regional averages.


                                                                                 Source: eRehabdata, a service provided through the American
                                                                                         Medical Rehabilitation Providers Association (AMRPA).
                                     Sunnyview        National      Regional

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