Morning Sharing _7October_2009_ 5B Ko Chu Keung Time is Precious

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					Morning Sharing (7October,2009) 5B Ko Chu Keung
                       Time is Precious
        Nowadays, many young people spend a lot of time
playing computer games, talking to friends on the phones or
shopping. I think what they do is a waste of time.
        In my opinion, time is very important. It is even more
important than money. If you lose money, you can earn it
again. However, if time is lost, you cannot retrieve it
anymore. In this article, I will discuss how to use time
        First, we should study for at least 3 hours a day after
finishing our homework. As we learn a lot of things at school
every day, doing revisions can consolidate our learning. If
we do not do revisions, we will not know what we don’t
        Second, young people should have enough sleep.
According to the experts, we must sleep for at least 8 hours
a day. If we have insufficient sleep, we will feel very tired
and can’t concentrate well in classes.
        Third, after revisions, we need to relax ourselves by
playing sports, reading leisurely or playing chess. I am very
opposed to teenagers’ playing computer games as an
entertainment. Not only does it hurt our eyes, it may also
affect our brains adversely.
        Last but not least, during long holidays, we can do
some voluntary work. Being a volunteer is not difficult and
you can learn a lot from it. You will become more mature,
think more positively and be more capable of
communicating with others.
        Though time is precious, many young people are not
using it wisely. I hope you are not one of them.

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