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               Fond of Liangyou                                               Church in Weakness                                             Unemployment Problem
“Today I heard from Liangyou Radio about an American              “In the village a mile away from my home, there is a church.      “I graduated in July last year. I majored in nursing. I applied
missionary preaching gospel in the northwest region of            Young people go away to work, leaving old people and              for several hospitals but failed. I am approaching 23, but still
China during the Second World War. I was deeply touched. I        women to have worship on Sundays (more than 80). The              jobless. I feel shameful to be taken care of by my parents. I
would like to say ‘thank you’ to you! Though I am a Buddhist,     preacher (an old man of 60) is in bondage to mahjong and          just want to join a normal hospital to do some work that
I like your programs very much. Could you send me a               his sermon is weak. I am 39 and willing to work for the Lord.     benefits people. Some clinics and small private operations
program schedule? I would also like to have booklets or free      However, I have only had primary school education and feel        provide poor facilities and have low safety awareness. Most
Bible if you have some. Besides, I have been persuading my        inadequate tending the flock. It is far beyond my ability. The    of them engage in abortion. I think this is against the will of
mother to believe in Christ for a few years. I am happy to tell   church is not growing, the number of people has not               God and I do not want to work in these places.” (Sister Cui)
you that she is now a devout Christian. Thank you for your        increased, and the spiritual life is immature. Please pray for
gospel broadcast!”(Audience Zhou)                                 our church. ” (Audience Wang from Henan)
                                                                                                                                       May God comfort, encourage and help Sister Cui on her
                                                                                                                                       way of job-searching and enable her to witness and
   May the Holy Spirit open the spiritual eyes of audience           Pray that the old preacher will throw off the bondage             glorify God on her job. Also pray for university graduates
   Zhou through gospel broadcast and relevant materials to           entangling him, that Listener Wang will be properly               from last year. May they, especially those from poor
   let him see Jesus as the only Lord in the world and follow        trained and edified, and that the church will grow                families, find jobs soon.
   his mother to turn to Christ.                                     healthily.

              Southwest Drought                                               Collusion with Triads                                                 Hospital Reform
The worst drought for a century is hitting Guizhou, Yunnan,       According to the 2010 “Rule of Law Blue Book” released by         To ease the burden of medical bills and to solve the problem
Chongqing, Sichuan, and Guangxi. The case in Guizhou and          Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, particular types of           that receiving medical service is difficult and expensive, the
Yunnan is especially serious, leaving nearly 80 million acres     “White-Black-Red” groups consisting of legitimate                 Ministry of Health and four government bodies have
of agricultural land in drought and more than 13 million          companies, mafia gangs and government officials have              released the Guidance on Pilot Reform of Public Hospitals.
people without drinking water. These places had crop failure      become the most typical and advanced form of triad                Sixteen cities have been chosen to carry out the pilot
last winter and cannot plant spring crop this year. They are      organizations. Nearly ten percent of triad-related criminal       medical reform. These pilot hospitals must retain the goal of
facing food crisis. The drought is spreading to Hunan and         groups are organized and led by government officials.             serving the public interests and their top priority should be
Guangdong. The number of victims has reached 100 million.         Meanwhile, the Procurator-General of the Supreme People's         protecting people's health. They should separate
According to the forecast of the Meteorological Department,       Procuratorate has pledged that its office will investigate into   government administration from medical institutions,
the arid weather will extend to mid-April. (Summary               and prevent duty-related crimes in 2010 and take serious          management from operation, medical care from
Report)                                                           action against crimes that protect mafia gangs. (February 26      pharmaceuticals, and for-profit from nonprofit operations, to
                                                                  and March 12, 2010, Wen Wei Po)                                   establish a reasonable, effective and optimized medical
                                                                                                                                    service system. (Summary Report)
   May God who is in charge of the weather have mercy on
   the dry land of China and send rain in its season to water
   the victims of the drought. Also pray that local                  Law enforcers collude with lawbreakers. Where can one             Pray that hospitals at all levels will actually put people’s
   governments will carry out relief work effectively.               find justice? May the righteous God defend the cause of           health on top priority. Pray also that the government will
                                                                     those oppressed people who have neither money nor                 establish a sound medical and health system that
                                                                     power. Pray that law enforcement officials will act out           benefits people from both urban and rural areas and
                                                                     justice and that law courts will perform their duties             provides people with safe, effective, reasonable medical
                                                                     lawfully.                                                         service.
Thursday                                                              Friday                                                                        CHINA NEWS AND
                Power of Gospel                                           A Daughter’s Expectation                                                                          April 2010
“My parents were devout Christians and often prayed for me        “My parents have been quarrelling since I was young. I lack
in tears because my heart was hard. I said to myself: let         a sense of security and self-confidence. I don’t like what’s        Dear Prayer Warriors,
them have their piles of prayers. I will have my own ideas. I     happening in my family. My mother looks down upon my                   Recently Hong Kong people talk much about the
would believe in Jesus when the sun would rotate the other        father. She thinks that he earns too little money and cannot        “post-80s” generation. We have recently visited some
way round. I earned a lot of money but only managed to            lead us to reach her ideal standard of life. This attacks my        “post-90” audience. They were not born after 1990.
save little. I was often in anger. I was determined to find       father greatly. He feels inferior and acts like a coward in front   They are actually more than 90 years old. They are
                                                                  of other people. I really hope that my mother will respect and      our loyal audience, praying warriors and supporters.
faults and mistakes in the Bible so that my parents would no
longer be ‘deceived’. But when I read the Bible, I was            admire my father and stops despising him. I hope that they             The youngest of them is Sister Zhang from
touched by God’s words. I knew from the bottom of my heart        will no longer loathe each other.” (Sister Cui)                     Guangdong, aged 93, suffering from cataracts. She
that I was a sinner. I confessed sin in front of God and turned                                                                       wrote us two letters with her shaking hands. She has
to God.” (Brother Cai from Guangdong)                                                                                                 been listening to Liangyou Radio for several decades.
                                                                      Utilitarianism and money-mindedness have distorted the          Four years ago she moved to an old people’s home.
                                                                      respect and care that people should have for each other         There she met Liangyou Radio again. In her letters she
   May Brother Cai’s testimony encourage Christian parents            (even for close family members). Pray that the true light       expressed her wish to make donation to us. She hoped
   to pray for the saving of their children in hope. Pray also        of gospel will shine upon China to bring healing and            that we would go to visit her when passing by.
                                                                      hope to the hurt souls.                                            We visited Sister Zhang not for the sake of her
   for those countrymen who misunderstand or detest the
                                                                                                                                      donation. We were touched by her letters. When we
   Christian religion. May God soften their hearts and                                                                                reached the old people’s home, we found her listening
   remove the obstacles that block them so that they will                                                                             to Liangyou Radio. She listens to our programs every
   come to know the real God.                                                                                                         day and often prays for program hosts.
                                                                                       FEBC News                                         Another audience, Sister Zhang from Zhejiang, aged
                                                                      The Second Season of “China Prayer Day”                         94, has been listening to Liangyou Radio from the
            Academic Corruption                                   1                                                                   1980s. Her life is simple and austere. But she persists
                                                                      —   Pray for the Voice of Friendship Seminary
                                                                      Date: April 13 (Tuesday)                                        in making donation to us regularly. She regards it as
Problems of academic fraud, plagiarism, and certificate
                                                                      Time: 7:30 – 9:00pm                                             “family expenses”. At the introduction of Sister
buying are found among teachers of higher education                                                                                   Zhang, we visited Sister Ge, aged 104. She is also a
institutions, scientific researchers and officials in recent          Venue: FEBC                                                     loyal audience. Though she has lost hearing ability,
years. One of the reasons is that under the existing system,          Sharing: Students of the Voice of Friendship Seminary           she has pink cheeks and looks spirited.
most of the scientific research units and universities are            Worship: The Messengers of Life                                    “The beauty of old men is the grey head.”(Proverbs
owned and operated by the government and can hardly get                                                                               20:29) Health and long life are the blessings of God.
away from the influence of officials who are in charge of their   2   Evening Course on China Ministry and Media Mission              Let us learn from these sisters to hold to our faith and
operation and fund. Moreover, the selection mechanisms of             Course Outline:                                                 pray earnestly for China each day.
technology awards have been criticized for long as frauds               1.      Brief History and Prospect of Chinese Church                                              Your Prayer Partner,
are involved. The credibility of national technology awards is          2.      Needs and Caring of Chinese Christians                                                              Jenny Yuen
seriously damaged. (Summary Report)                                     3.      Training of Workmen                                                          Senior Director of Training Centre
                                                                        4.      Media Mission and Its Challenges
                                                                      Date: April 26, May 3, 10, and 17 (Mondays)                             FAR EAST BROADCASTING CO LTD
   Fraud and corruption are common in every sphere of the             Time: 7:30 – 9:00pm                                                     Phone: (852)3717-1818 Fax: (852)3717-1919
   society. It is so sad that China is at the edge of                 Venue: FEBC                                                              Website:
   bankruptcy of good faith! Pray that China will change              Fee: $50 per lesson (Enroll in four for 10% discount)           Address: 10/F, Midas Plaza, 1 Tai Yau Street, San Po Kong,
   according to God’s will and the tide of corruption will be                                                                         Kowloon, Hong Kong.
                                                                      * All in Cantonese.

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