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   Modern Terminals Upgrades its Network with Altai Technologies
                       Super WiFi Solution
     Innovative Wireless Solution has Significantly Improved Network Performance

Hong Kong, July 21, 2009 – Altai Technologies Limited, a leading outdoor Super WiFi
solution provider announced today that Modern Terminals, the first purpose-built
container terminal in Hong Kong, upgrades its wireless network using Altai Super WiFi
Solution. To cope with the daily terminal operation, Modern Terminals had implemented
traditional mesh AP network for data application. However, the network performance
was less than ideal due to the complexity, high interference and multipath of signal at the
berths as well as the constraints of site facilities. Hence, Modern Terminals has been
searching for the right wireless solution until they tested Altai Super WiFi Solution.

Mr. Cheng Chung Keung, IT Manager - Infrastructure of Modern Terminals, said, “We
chose the Altai Super WiFi solution for our network upgrade because of its excellent
performance and high reliability. Altai has provided an excellent wireless solution for us.
As container ports require highly reliable, high speed network access for container
operation, multiple-coverage is vital. In case of any base stations failure, users can
connect to another base station automatically.”

The Altai Super WiFi Solution has greatly improved the reliability and stability of the
wireless network, which benefits overall efficiency of the terminals. “We are pleased to
be selected by Modern Terminals. The highly-efficient and busy industry nature of
container ports is a challenge to wireless network,” said Chi-hung Lin, President & CEO
of Altai Technologies. “The WiFi signals usually experience quite a lot of interference
and multipath by rubber-tyred gantry cranes and containers moving in the terminal area.
Moreover, the number of installation sites for WiFi base station is also very limited. The
long range technology of Altai Super WiFi Solution has overcome all these challenges,
bringing the next generation wireless technology to the logistic industry.”

Furthermore, Altai’s Super WiFi base station is equipped with the patented Adaptive
Interference Control and other special signal sampling techniques, therefore Altai A8 can
operate in a high interference and multipath signal environment and co-exist with near-
band radio equipment such as GSM, CDMA.and 3G.

Altai’s Super WiFi equipment is renowned for its superior performance, reliability,
scalability and price of network deployment and operation. The Altai Super WiFi Solution
is now deployed in over 40 countries including cities in U.S., Central & South America,
China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Nigeria, Middle East and Asian-Pacific

About Modern Terminals

Modern Terminals has been continuously aiming for service excellence ever since it
opened Hong Kong's first purpose-built container terminal in September 1972. Apart
from optimizing its business in Hong Kong Port, it has also been actively expanding into
China in recent years. Modern Terminals holds the majority shares in and operates Da
Chan Bay Terminal One in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) as well as Taicang International
Gateway in the Yangtze River Delta. It also holds equity stakes at Shekou Container
Terminals and Chiwan Container Terminal in PRD.

Modern Terminals, as a responsible corporate citizen, has become one of the
signatories of Hong Kong Clean Air Charter since 2006 and has been awarded the
Caring Company Logo 2007/08. In September 2008, Modern Terminals was also
awarded the Wastewi$e label by Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence.
Modern Terminals will keep searching for more diversified solutions to further enhance
environmental performance.

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About Altai Technologies

Altai Technologies is a high technology company focused on the design, development
and marketing of innovative outdoor wireless broadband solutions. Its flagship product,
the A8 Super WiFi base station, is being deployed throughout the world in outdoor
environments. Altai’s award-winning base station dramatically improves the Wi-Fi signal
coverage while minimizing interference from other signals broadcasting within the
2.4GHz unlicensed frequency spectrum.

The A8 Super WiFi base station has been proven in both urban and remote application
in various regions and countries, including cities in the US, China, Malaysia, Cambodia,
Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asian-Pacific countries.

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