MINUTES OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF
                        HONG KONG SINGERS LIMITED
                       HELD ON FRIDAY 31 AUGUST 2007
                    AT DELANEY’S, WANCHAI, HONG KONG

Present:      Gus Scott              Chairman
              Linda Davy             Secretary

              Andrew Ashley                                      Mae Lim
              Jeremy Barr                                        Irene Or
              Karly Cox                                          Tony Penny
              Adrian Davis                                       Mandy Petty
              Jocelyn Gagnon                                     Ian Robinson
              Tim Gallagher                                      Arvin Robles
              Kenn Joyce                                         Anne Skeggs
              Bill Kong                                          Micha Sparrow
              Joo Lee Latter                                     Susie Young
              Vanessa Lee                                        Karine Zanini
              Jim Lewis

Apologies:    Robert Nield
              Hugh Osborne
              Micah Sandt

There being a quorum present, the Chairman declared the meeting open at 7.55 pm.

1      Minutes of the Previous AGM

       Adoption of the previous Minutes was proposed by Gus Scott, seconded by Linda Davy
       and carried by a show of hands.

2      Report of the Chairman

       The Chairman read his report aloud and a copy is attached to these Minutes. He
       specifically proposed a show of thanks to Jocelyn Gagnon for all his hard work on the
       website, and this was carried with acclaim.

Jim Lewis and Karly Cox arrived during the Chairman’s report.

       Adoption of the Chairman’s Report was proposed by Linda Davy, seconded by Susie
       Young and carried by a show of hands.

3      Report of the Treasurer

       The Treasurer’s Report was read aloud by Vanessa Lee and a copy is attached to these
       Minutes. Approval of the accounts was proposed by Mandy Petty, seconded by Adrian
       Davis, and carried by a show of hands. Jeremy Barr requested sight of the full accounts
      and a copy was passed to him. No other member present wished to see them.

      The Chairman thanked Vanessa Lee for all the work she has done for Hong Kong Singers
      over the years, and this was met with applause.

4     To appoint an Auditor for the year ending 31 December 2007

      The re- appointment of KPMG was proposed by Gus Scott, seconded by Jeremy Barr
      and carried by a show of hands.

5     To elect the Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary
6     To elect the Committee

      The Chairman explained that he, Linda Davy, Robert Nield and Hugh Osborne were
      standing down as Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and committee member respectively.
      Nominations had been received to fill these posts and, in total, the number of
      nominations received for committee members did not exceed the number of posts vacant
      so a ballot was not required. Linda Davy read the names of the committee members

      Chairman:      Ian Robinson, proposed by Gus Scott and seconded by Tony Penny
      Secretary:     Susan Young, proposed by Ian Robinson and seconded by Tony Penny
      Treasurer:     Kenn Joyce, proposed by Gus Scott and seconded by Vanessa Lee
      Members:       Vanessa Lee, proposed by Hugh Osborne and seconded by Gus Scott
                     Mandy Petty, proposed by Gus Scott and seconded by Vanessa Lee
                     Gus Scott, proposed by Mandy Petty and seconded by Hugh Osborne
                     Tony Penny, proposed by Gus Scott and seconded by Vanessa Lee
                     Andrew Ashley, proposed by Tony Penny and seconded by Ian Robinson
                     Jocelyn Gagnon, proposed by Linda Davy and seconded by Tony Penny

      As no other nominations had been received prior to the start of the meeting, these were
      duly deemed elected.

7     Any Other Business

7.1   Date of Future Annual General Meetings

      The Chairman reminded members that it was hoped the AGM could be brought back as
      close as possible to April. The next one would hopefully be held around May 2008 but
      the actual date would be decided by the incoming committee.

7.2   My Fair Lady DVDs

      The Chairman noted that some members had identified a problem playing the DVD on
      certain types of player. He asked anyone who had encountered this problem to notify
      Vanessa Lee before 30 September 2007 and a replacement would be provided. After 30
      September 2007 it would be assumed that all copies sold were working correctly.
7.3    Membership

       Jeremy Barr said that he only received information from the Singers if he had performed
       in a show. He suggested that members should be reminded when their memberships
       expired, and invited to rejoin or renew.

       The Chairman replied that there was a list of over 4,000 present and past members, and if
       any of them were not receiving e-mails it was possible that they had not informed the
       committee of new contact details. Information on Singers activities could also be found
       on the website, www.hksingers.com. Volunteer committee members were constantly
       striving to find new members and organise activities for existing members but this took
       up a lot of their time. He suggested that anyone interested in helping should volunteer.

       Karine Zanini said she had heard nothing about this year’s Christmas Carol concerts and
       would be willing to help organise them. Joo Lee Latter suggested using these concerts to
       raise funds for Operation Santa Claus, and said she would be happy to work with Karine
       on the charity side.

7.4    The Full Monty

       Arvin Robles, the Director, briefed the members on the progress of the show to date.

There being no further business, the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 8.35 pm.

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