Microsoft PowerPoint - Natural Terrain Hazard Study by sdfwerte


									Natural Terrain Hazard Study for Tsing Shan Foothill Area

Client : Civil Engineering Development Department, Government of Hong Kong
Consultancy Agreement No. : CE 47/2000
Project Value : HK$11M
Completion Year : 2004

                                                                  Tsing Shan Foothill is about 8 km
                                                                  long covering some 6.5 km2. On
                                                                  14 April 2000, over 100 landslides
                                                                  occurred within the natural hillside
                                                                  adjacent to the Tsing Shan

                                                                  This Assignment undertaken by
                                                                  Fugro has gathered a large
                                                                  quantity of site-specific data on
                                                                  landslide characteristics, geology
                                                                  and geomorphology; carried out
                                                                  preliminary analysis to delineate
                                                                  areas of hazard, risk and
                                                                  mitigation measures on regional
                                                                  scale; and conducted detailed
                                                                  analysis to examine the controls
                                                                  on       landslide   susceptibility,
                                                                  initiation and mobility on local

                                                                  Fugro (Hong Kong) Limited

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