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					/////////////// // Attention // /////////////// Because cheat can destroy save data, please go after takes backup, doing it. Ask by self responsibility. ================ = Introduction = ================ Because thinks that remains with other emulators, and basic usage does not change, please fit it than learns it. Seeing is believing. At first please try to use it. It is terrible to write a manual:) ================== = Cheat function = ================== Cheat support Cheat code Cheat enable Cheat enable GameGenie Use it when searches a code. Load a code, and edit it. Enable all codes. Disable all codes. Open a code file of GameGenie.

================= = Cheat support = ================= Search result to an Display search results. Send an address of the position address of data renewal by double click. Open a menu when clicks the right. Radix Length -SearchStart Update Undo Search Start a search anew. Update Now data. There is Undo by data just before that once. Search data set by data. Select 10(DEC) or 16(HEX). Select the chief of data of a search and comparison.

-Data writeWrite when Write in data set by data at an address. To some extent narrows it down, and it was possible, can test it. ============== = Cheat code = ============== An icon appearing in the left side of a cheat code list shows a state of a current cheat code. In the left, the right lower part expresses an effective / invalidity state, an effective / null and void state of a cheat key of an each cheat code, and green is effective, and red becomes null and void. Be to say that wants to change it with a cheat key, and the cheat code which there is not will turn the right lower part into red. A state changes that selects it and will click space bar or an icon. In addition, can send editing DIALOG when does double click of a cheat code list. A state of a cheat code is saved in a save, too. ============== = Game Genie = ============== Write a code of GameGenie to a text file (extension is ".gen"), and open with a file of GameGenie after opening by a ROM image. Because a CheatCode folder includes a sample, please refer to it. In addition, please open by a ROM image once again to turn a code of GameGenie into off.

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