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					(11/07/2002) Changes Gens 2.00 <- Gens 1.91 : --------------------------------------------Major change : 32X emulation added. [32X] * SH2 CPU emulation (custom ASM core) : - 100% instruction set implemented. - Full support of DMAC/DREQ. - Full support of external division unit. - Full support of watchdog timer. * Full support of FIFO registers and DMA. * 32X VDP emulation : - Support of fill function. - Full support of direct color mode. - Full support of packed pixel mode. - Support of run lenght mode without Genesis VDP and priority stuff. * PWM sound emulation (DREQ1 DMA not yet supported). [Sega CD] * Minors bugs fixed. [Genesis] * * * * IPS patch support added. Save state compatibility (Kega, Genecyst ...) improved. Fixed a minor bug with Z80. YM2612 : - Fixed a bug with frequency modulation LFO. - Fixed independent slot frequency calculation in special mode (channel 3). * PSG : - Noise channel fixed. * VDP rendering engine improved : - Better colors rendering. - Faster. * Fixed a minor bug in country detection code. [General] * Added some color adjustments feature : - Brightness adjustement. - Contrast adjustement. - Greyscale mode. - Invert mode. Note that contrast and brightness are not calculated correctly yet. * Rewritten Gens.txt by Red5 of the Genesis Project. This is intended to be an updated/improved version of the old Gens.txt, it is not a "Gens Manual Lite" however and you will still need to download that for

instructions on some of the more advanced features like Game Genie support. * Debug removed. * Screens saver is disable when Gens is running. * Modified the tiny application icon, the guy which sent me it will probably recognize it ;) (23/04/2002) Changes Gens 1.91 <- Gens 1.90 : --------------------------------------------Changes concern only the sound emulation : * YM2612 : - Fixed a stupid bug with decay rate calculation. - Fixed the enveloppe recalculation. - Fixed the LFO in High Quality mode. - Improved the interpolation calculation in HQ mode (slower). - Fixed a bug in the reset processus. * PSG : - Fixed a bug with very high frequencies. - Fixed a bug in the reset processus. - Volume ajusted. (05/04/2002) Changes Gens 1.90 <- Gens 1.80 : --------------------------------------------[Sega CD] * GFX conversion fixed (all conversions possibilities are emulated now). * Severals bugs added in Gens 1.80 have been fixed. [Genesis] * New YM2612 core : - More accurate. - We can activate a "High Quality" emulation mode. - A bit faster. * New PSG core : - We can activate "PSG improvement" mode (see the shortcut section). - Faster. * Save state support fixed a bit (some stuff were broken in Gens 1.80) * Minors others changes or bugfixs... [General] * Removed the 8 bits sound option (useless). * Fixed the infamous "closing during initialisation" bug. * Fixed a minor bug with the software x2 blit MMX. (22/02/2002) Changes Gens 1.80 <- Gens 1.70 :

--------------------------------------------[Sega CD] * * * * * CDD and CDC emulation improved. Fixed the bug with mono MP3 (broken accidently in Gens 1.70) Perfect Synchro fixed (can't break a game which work in normal mode). PCM timing fixed. Minor bugs fixed.

[Genesis] * Sprite limit fixed (thanks Steve Snake). * VDP rendering engine tweaked a bit. * Save state modified : - Better compatibility with Genecyst. - Old saves states (with Gens version < 0.76) are probably not correctly supported anymore. [General] * * * * * * News render modes : 50% and 25% scanline interpolated. Game Genie feature easier to use. More complete language support added. Kaillera client updated to version 0.9 Some shortcuts added or modified. Minor other changes.

(01/02/2002) Changes Gens 1.70 <- Gens 1.60b : ---------------------------------------------[Sega CD] * * * * Bug with memory fixed. PCM sound fixed (but still a bit buggy sometimes). SCSI CD/DVD ROM drives are now correctly supported. Memory mode register fixed.

[Genesis] * * * * * * Bug in 2 Cells V-Scroll fixed. Bug with dword 68000 predec EA mode fixed. DBtr instruction fixed in Starscream 68000 core. Minor fix in V counter (added in Gens 1.56) Z80 initial state fixed. Hilight / Shadow effect fixed.

[General] * Gens manual support added : You can now have a context help, you need to download the Gens manual (made by Red5) then configure the path in the Gens options.

(20/01/2002) Changes Gens 1.60b <- Gens 1.60 : ---------------------------------------------Fast update to fix the CDC DMA to Word RAM (accidently broken in Gens 1.60). (19/01/2002) Changes Gens 1.60 <- Gens 1.56 : --------------------------------------------[Sega CD] * * * * * Vector GFX engine fixed. CELL conversion fixed. Minor fix in CDD emulation. BRAM emulation fixed. Some minors fix.

[Genesis] * Minor fix in Z80 timing. [General] * Game genie codes list no more sorted. * Added an option to remove SCD LED. (15/01/2002) Changes Gens 1.56 <- Gens 1.52 : --------------------------------------------[Sega CD] * CDD timing emulation fixed. * CD read improved (better CDDA playback from real CD). * Perfect Synchro optimised. [Genesis] * Fixed VDP write. * Fixed the infamous TAS bug. [General] * Minor bug with auto detection fixed. Game fixed : [SEGA CD] All Wolfteam games (ISO support).

[Genesis] - Gargoyles - X Pert - Cliffhanger (11/01/2002) Changes Gens 1.52 <- Gens 1.50 : --------------------------------------------[Sega CD] * PCM sound fixed (Popful Mail voices). * Fixed the memory management bug added in Gens 1.50 [Genesis] * Minor change in Z80 reset stuff. [General] * Bug with Vsync really fixed this time (i hope). (09/01/2002) Changes Gens 1.50 <- Gens 1.42b : ---------------------------------------------[Sega CD] * * * * * Fixed a bug in CDD (bug was added in Gens 1.40) Hard reset improved. SRAM Cartridge support added. Communication register fixed (thanks Steve Snake). Minor fix in memory management.

[Genesis] * Minor change in Z80 timing. * Fixed the CHK instruction in 68000 Starscream core. [General] * Bug with Vsync in Fullscreen with NVidia video card fixed. * The refresh rate problem with Win XP and Win 2000 is fixed. * Others minors changes. (04/01/2002) Changes Gens 1.42b <- Gens 1.42 : ---------------------------------------------* Z80 reset fixed (fix sound bug added in Gens 1.42). (04/01/2002) Changes Gens 1.42 <- Gens 1.40b :

---------------------------------------------[Sega CD] * Bug with win 2000/ win XP fixed. * Cell GFX conversion fixed. [Genesis] * Z80 BUS flag really fixed this time : All genesis games broken accidently in Gens 1.40 are (normally) fixed. * YM2612 modified a bit. [General] * You can now force the 555 or 565 video mode (see the FAQ section). * Minors changes. (22/12/2001) Changes Gens 1.40b <- Gens 1.40 : ---------------------------------------------* Bug in render mode menu access fixed. That's all, but have to be fixed. (21/12/2001) Changes Gens 1.40 <- Gens 1.30b : ---------------------------------------------[Sega CD] * CDD/CDC emulation improved (thanks Steve Snake for the fast foward/reverse command). * Direct CD read for play audio track, for the moment the synchro isn't yet perfect and we can heard noises sometimes. * CDC DMA fixed. * It's possible now to disable/enable CDDA playback. * Minor change in the memory mode register emulation. [Genesis] * YM2612 emulation improved : - Enveloppe phase fixed (right after a "key on" occurs). - Timers fixed. - Updated more often (slower but more accurate). * Z80 BUS flag fixed. * Z80 interrupt timing back to normal. [General] * Added the "interpolated" render mode. * Some littles optimisations with "not MMX" renders modes.

* Bugs with relative path fixed. * FAQ section updated, don't forget to check it before you send any email ! * Minors changes... (12/11/2001) Changes Gens 1.30b <- Gens 1.30 : ---------------------------------------------* Fixed the "Save State as ..." and "Load State..." menu functions. (they were only working with shortcuts). * Fixed the bug with "Quick Save" feature. (09/11/2001) Changes Gens 1.30 <- Gens 1.20 : --------------------------------------------[Sega CD] * Added the possibility to choose a perfect synchronisation emulation mode. This means that main CPU and sub CPU execute instruction by instruction then emulation is more accurate but a lot slower. This option is desactivated by default, you can enable it when you're playing Sega CD games but it's highly recommend to use it only if the game doesn't work in normal emulation mode and if your CPU is fast (>= 500 Mhz). * Fixed a (stupid) bug in the GFX rotation/scaling engine. * Fixed Word RAM decoded format (dot GFX conversion). * Added cell GFX conversion. * CDC -> PCM RAM DMA fixed. * CDD and CDC emulation improved. * Fixed the memory control register (not yet perfect). * Fixed a bug in the "Font Data" calculation. * Fixed a bug with PCM sound. * Fixed severals bugs in the MP3 decoder and streaming code. * Some others minors bugs fixed... [Genesis] * YM2612 emulator upgraded to the last version, FM sound is a bit better. * CGOffline support added. [General] * All specials renders modes (Scanlines, 2xSAI ...) are now as fast in windowed mode than in fullscreen mode. * Better sound volume adjustement between all differents sound chips. * VSync added for windows modes. * Can save or load custom named states. * States are marked EMPTY or OCCUPIED.

* Others minors changes... (19/10/2001) Changes Gens 1.20 <- Gens 1.10 : --------------------------------------------[Sega CD] * ISO support added. - ISO, BIN, RAW format supported. - MP3 playing supported (decoder is a bit buggy) * CD drives detection fixed. * 32x32 dots stamp support added in rotation/enlargement engine. * Graphics dots conversion added. * CDC/CDD emulation improved. * Some bugs in PCM sound has been fixed (not yet perfect). * CDC -> Prg RAM DMA fixed. * CDC -> Word RAM DMA fixed. * Word RAM (1 MB) -> VDP DMA fixed. * Fixed a bug in the memory control register (emulation still not perfect though). * Fixed the BRAM erased bug (occured after a reset of the SUB 68000 CPU). * Country autodetection added. * Lot of others bugs fixed... [Genesis] * SRAM support modified, so roms with bad headers can work correcly. * Rom memory access tweaked, little speed improvements. [General] * Sound volume increased, now all sound chip uses 32 bits buffer for a better final 16 bits mixing. * Shortkeys modified. Game fixed : - Some games which had SRAM problems : - Might & Magic 2 - Might & Magic 3 (SRAM) - Tonki - NHL 98 - ... (21/09/2001) Changes Gens 1.10 <- Gens 1.00 : --------------------------------------------* Prelemenary SEGA CD emulation added : - Sub 68000 (100%) - Prg Ram and Word Ram implemented (95%) - PCM chip (100% but stil buggy) - GFX rotation and enlargement (60%)

- Font color/data (100%) - CDD (70%) - CDC (60%) - BRAM saves supported. - No graphics conversion, no ISO support, no save state support yet. * Added an option to improve the DAC sound (voices) or not. This option can be enabled/disabled only by key-shorcut (see in the shorcuts section) because i don't recommend you to always use it since this can cause sound bugs with some games. * Added the possibility to force software blit for Fullscreen "Normal" and "Double" render mode. This option can be enabled/disabled only by key-shorcut (see in the shorcuts section) because almost people don't need to use it, try it only for speed issue. * We can now choose the order of country detection. * Undocumented scroll mode implemented. * Undocumented plan size mode implemented. * Rewrite the VDP IO control part, little speed increase. * Fixed VDP sprite table register (bug added in Gens 1.00) * Fixed a bug in VDP control decoding (Gens v0.8 was right about it). * Fast-blur fixed for no MMX processor. * A minor bug in DAC recovering sound has been fixed. Game Fixed: - All games broken in Gens 1.00 (missing sprites) - European Club Soccer (pause screen) - Populous / unofficial release (EA logo intro) (10/08/2001) Changes Gens 1.00 <- Gens 0.99a : ---------------------------------------------* Stretch option added (not available with all rendering mode). * PAT files automatically saved. * Kaillera client version updated to 0.84a * 16/15 bits mode now auto-detected (no more choice in menu). * 25% scanline render has been modified (equal to a 75% scanline in the old way). * Sprite masking fixed (thanks Charles Mc Donald). * Sprite table update fixed (thanks Charles Mc Donald). * Sprite limit fixed. * Fixed a bug in the 68000 Starscream core (bit-shift instructions). * 68000 interruption processing enterely rewritten. * H counter calculation modified. * V counter fixed. * VDP status flag fixed. * Z80 interrupt timing modified (fix some sound problem). * Window bug added in Gens 0.99 fixed. * Screen shot respect the game resolution (no more unecessary blank line). * Triple buffer option in "graphic" menu removed (VSync always uses triple buffering).

* A minor bug in DAC sound fixed. * A minor bug in country detection fixed. * Others minors bugs fixed. Game Fixed: - All games accidently broken in Gens v0.99a - NCAA College Football - XPert - Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge - Dashin' Desperadoes - Columns (score correctly displayed) - Street Racer (intro graphics bugs fixed) - Castlevania Bloodlines (level 2 reflection and last level) - Galaxi Force (level selection screen) - Pirate Gold (problem with sprite sometimes) - Micro machine 2 (game mode selection screen) - Warlock (status top bar displaying) - Another World (intro bug in PAL version) - Barkley Shut Up and Jam 2 (graphic bug during game added in gens v0.99) - Rings of Power (minor intro bug added in gens v0.99) - J League Pro Striker 2 (minor graphic bug during pause). - Sonic Spinball (sound during sega logo). - Puyo Puyo 2 (music) - ... (13/06/2001) Changes Gens 0.99a <- Gens 0.99 : ---------------------------------------------* Fixed a stupid bug (i've desactived some lines of my code for testing... i've forgot to reactive them later) with Netplay, it's ok now. (01/06/2001) Changes Gens 0.99 <- Gens 0.98 : --------------------------------------------* Kaillera client version updated to 0.83 * Kaillera implementation is different, Gens can now start even if the kailleraclient DLL is not present. * Window split fixed. * Z80 cycles timing modified. * Load/save state improved. * Vietnamese menu translation added. * minors bugs fixed. Game Fixed: - Dragon Ball Z (window split) - Tecmo Cup Football (team name displaying) - Olympic Gold Barcelona 92 (broken in gens v0.95) (11/04/2001) Changes Gens 0.98 <- Gens 0.95a :

---------------------------------------------* Netplay support (Kaillera). The games aren't synchronised on DirectSound buffer during Netplay (du to some low frame rate problems) so the sound have some bad noises :( Note that Netplay is surely a bit buggy, sorry for it... * GYM loggin added. * VDP debug informations added. * VDP RAM write fixed (broken in Gens 0.8). * Bug with hilight/shadow effect over sprite fixed (broken in Gens 0.8). * Because of some incompatibilities with Visual C++ 5.0 and Kaillera, Gens is now compiled with Visual C++ 6.0 * Polish, Catalan and Hungarian menu translation added. German, Dutch, Greek and some others updated. * Add a FAQ section to the gens.txt file. * A special italian version of Gens.txt in this release but not updated for Gens v0.98. Game Fixed: - Street Racer (hilight effect during intro, broken in v0.8) - Dino dini's soccer (graphics bugs in font fixed) - Some games broken in Gens v0.95 Game Broken: I don't find anyone... (04/03/2001) Changes Gens 0.95a <- Gens 0.95 : ---------------------------------------------* The infamous VDP control decoding bug is really fixed this time, so Fido Dido is ok. (02/03/2001) Changes Gens 0.95 <- Gens 0.92b : ---------------------------------------------* Partial 4 player support (only Yuyu Hakusho Battle and Street Racer are currently supported) * You now have a choice of 3 or 6 Button Genesis pad emulation. * Rom format (SMD/BIN) detection modified. * Fixed the (accidently) broken PAL bit in VDP status flag. * SPACE is now accepted as a Code/Comment seperator in .PAT files (stupid bug, sorry). * Z80 V-INT timing modified. * V-Counter modified. * PSG sound fixed in some games like After Burner 2 (thanks Dave ;) * DMA timings modified again. * 68000 cycles timing modified (68000 is now overclocked of 1,3 Khz instead of underclocked of 14,3 Khz in NTSC mode).

* Once again, i've modified Z80 cycles timing, now voices are like the original genesis (crappy) but sound in some game are fixed (voices in Zombies). * Fixed a bug in VDP control decoding (added accidently in version 0.8). * Country detection fixed for (F) region (these games are NTSC and not PAL). * Added a sub-menu for rom history. Game Fixed: - All roms which the PAL error message (broken accidentatly in Gens v0.88) - Puggsy (intro bugs, broken in Gens v0.92b) - Donald Duck in Maui Mallard (graphics bugs at top of screen) - Fido Dido (black color, broken in Gens 0.8) - Eliminate Down (randomize lock fixed) - Double Dragon 2 (lock fixed). - Sound of Kid Cameleon, Chaos Engine ... - DAC sound (voices, sfx) in Zombie. Game Broken: - Sound of Puyo Puyo 2 is now crappy :( - Pause screen is glitched in European Soccer. (21/12/2000) Changes Gens 0.92 <- Gens 0.92b : ---------------------------------------------* * * * I've added a stupid bug in DMA with Gens v0.92, it's now fixed. DMA timing modified a bit... Korean language added in LANGUAGE.DAT That's all ...

Game Fixed: Game that was broken in Gens v0.92 Game Broken: Nope (20/12/2000) Changes Gens 0.92 <- Gens 0.88 : --------------------------------------------* new rendering mode : 25% scanlines * Scanlines, 25% scanlines, 50% scanlines, Interpolated scanlines and fast-blur has been rewritten for MMX CPU. - 25% scanlines and 50% scanlines are availables only for MMX CPU. * Z80 timing modified once again... voices are better (same as gens 0.78b) and compatiblity is ok. * Game genie improved and .PAT files supported. * DMA timing are now emulated. * Roms history (9 last roms). * New options for message displaying, FPS and others...

* * * * *

Some languages added or fixed in language.dat Minors bugs fixed. Can choose triple buffer separatly of V-Sync (not really usefull). New icon ;) others minors things.

Game Fixed: - Dragon Slayer (graphics fixed) - Dragon Slayer 2 (graphics fixed) - Joe & Mac (sound) - Super skidmark (intro fixed) - Barkley Shut Up and Jam (graphics fixed) - Barkley Shut Up and Jam 2 (graphics fixed) - Legend of Galahad (bottom screen fixed) - Kawasaki Superbike Challenge (bottom screen fixed) - European Club soccer (scrolling fixed) - .... Game Broken: After some testing, a couple of games was broken accidently: - Mortal Kombat - Combat Cars - .... (23/10/2000) Changes Gens 0.88 <- Gens 0.8 : -------------------------------------------* Country select feature added. * Menu language support improved : Menu is dynamically rebuild from language.dat file so it's very easy to add or change a menu language. * English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Hebrew menu language are actually supported. * Screen-Shot feature added. * Direct Draw code modified : - 'Normal' and 'Double' render mode uses hardware blit in Fullscreen. - Screen Size x1, x2 removed in windowed mode because not usefull. - Screen refresh improved when emulation is paused. * My 68000 core and MZ80 core are removed because RAZE and custom Starscream are accurate. * Debugger rewritten for Starscream. * Message drawing code rewritten. * GENS becomes cardware. * I figured that Gens played Genesis voices (especially in SSFII) better than the real genesis, the bug is now fixed so voices are now more crap with almost game :( * others fix or improvements ... Known game broken : Double Dragon 2 (this game is very sensitive to CPU timing :( )

Known game fixed : Frogger. (04/09/2000) Changes Gens 0.81 <- Gens 0.8 : -------------------------------------------Very few changes : * KNUX support is fixed. - KNUX is a window based application which allow you to change many parameters of almost all Sonic Games. - For more informations about KNUX, you can contact the author at * Spanish menu added. * Window position is saved when you quit gens. (02/09/2000) Changes Gens 0.8 <- Gens 0.78b : --------------------------------------------* New VDP-Render engine : - BG Hilight/Shadow effects fixed. - Complexes sprite priorities fixed. - faster with 80% of games. * New Direct Draw code : - Triple buffering added. - You can now use all render type (2xSAI ...) in windowed mode. * Auto fix checksum option added. * Game Genie support : - both game genie code or patch code are supported. - you can add or remove code. (don't forget to 'apply' the changes) * KNUX supported. * Auto Switch to 16 BPP when Gens starting (settings are recovered when Gens exiting) * Possibility to change menu language (only french & english actually) * 68000 Vertical Interrupt changed a bit.<br> * Some shortkeys modified (see them in 'How to play' section). * Others little fix or add ... Game Fixed: SeaQuest DSV (only [f][x] version) Fatal Rewind (27/07/2000) Changes Gens 0.78b <- Gens 0.76 : ---------------------------------------------* Rom banking support added. Super Street Fighter 2 works ! * YM2612 (FM) emulation improved: - LFO support. - Better sound (depending of the game). - A little bug fixed (looping sound).

- DAC stereo sound (you can't enable DAC without enable YM2612 anymore). * Some PSG bugs fixed. * You can now disable/enable stereo sound and choose the sound quality (8/16 bits). * Sound dump (WAV format) feature added. * Some tweaks in RAZE Z80 core. * Some changes in Controller/IO code. * Collision flag fixed again. * Sprite limit is now perfectly respected. Games fixed : Super Street Fighter 2 Pirate Gold Sonic Compilation Action 52 in 1 Barbie Super Model Megagames Flink (little glitches in world map screen when sprite limit is activated are fixed) Sonic 1,2,3 (PSG sounds bugs fixed) Talspin (FM sound bug fixed) Marsupilami (FM sounds bug fixed) Bio Hazard (Keys are fixed) (27/06/2000) Changes Gens 0.76 <- Gens 0.73 : --------------------------------------------* DMA FILL finally correct (i hope). * Little bug in windows/scrollA interaction fixed. * STOP instruction fixed for "mine" 68000 engine. Thunder Force IV and Todd's aventure fixed with "mine" core. * 68000 interrupts fixed once again :) * Load / Save State improved : - File is smaller - Sound is correctly recovered - better stability * RAZE interrupt fixed, RAZE is now the default Z80 engine. * Z80 Memory write/read fixed again. * Z80 Interrupt timing modified. * MMX detection rewritten again (please, let's me know if Cyrix CPU still crashing). * You don't need anymore to reload a rom after changing the sample rate. * others little fix. Games broken : Fatal Rewind Game fixed : Panorama cotton Burning Force American Gladiators Barkley Shut Up & Jam (1 & 2 are now playables but some graphics glitches still exist)

Out Runners (Graphics glitches fixed) Street Racer (Graphics glitches fixed) Thunder Force IV (Intro graphics glitches fixed) Bram Stocker's Dracula Road Rash 2 & 3 (2 players splited mode fixed) Beavis & Butthead (Sound) Sonic 2 (Sound) Puyo Puyo 2 (Sound) some others i think .... (15/06/2000) Changes Gens 0.73 <- Gens 0.72 : --------------------------------------------* Menu selection fixed (2xSAI & Scanline) * Write/Read Z80 Ram fixed. (Grand Slam music is ok) * You can now pause emulation with ESC key. (automatically paused when the Gens window is desactivated) * High-resolution fullscreen finally complety fixed for all videos cards. * MMX detection code rewritten (no crashes anymore) (13/06/2000) Changes Gens 0.72 <- Gens 0.7 : -------------------------------------------* * * * High-resolution fullscreen fixed for voodoo3 & savage4. Repaint fixed for tnt2 in windowed mode. 50% scanline added. Interpolated scanline added.

(09/06/2000) Changes Gens 0.7 <- Gens 0.6 : ------------------------------------------Good new features : * * * * 640x480 Full Screen resolution added. 2xSAI Kreed's engine added (the same as zsnes or snes9x) ! Scanline added. AutoFrame-Skip synchronised on DirectSound (when available). Sound is better. * Correct screen ratio in windowed mode. * Little change in H-Blank flag. * Interrupts fixed for both 68k core (Starscream and mine) * Correct 'reset' instruction. * Z80 BUS request fixed. * Vertical-Counter fixed. * Shortcuts changed. (see the 'How to play' section) * Save and sram files name of zipped roms are now correct. * "Free-Rom" mode changed. If you can't see it, you aren't in 15/16 BPP mode (Gens needs 15/16 BPP). * "Top Most" window when exiting the fullscreen mode is fixed. * Bad config files in "\windows" directory fixed. * Minors tweaks in blits routines. * Minors bugs fixed.

List of new games that work properly: Double Dragon 1, Double Dragon 2, Fatal Rewind, Super OffRoad, Tecmo NBA, Lemmings 2, Combat Cars (2 players split is ok), Todd adventures ... and surely others. (26/05/2000) Changes Gens 0.6 <- Gens 0.54 : -------------------------------------------* ZIP support added ! * We can define the directories for saves files. * Full-Screen is fixed for both voodoo3 and savage4 videos cards. * FM timers fixed (voices are now played at good pitch for comix zone, aladdin, cool spot ...) * H-Int finally fixed : Top Gear 2 and Lotus 2 looks good ! * Z80 interrupt fixed (bubsy works and censor smiley demo has music) * Controllers code fixed again (American gladiators and Forgotten worlds are playable) * I've removed the hack for double dragon, super off road ... because it causes problems with a few rom (like road rash 3) then they doesn't work any more :( * Some others little changes ... (18/05/2000) Changes Gens 0.54 <- Gens 0.5 : -------------------------------------------Just a great compatibility increased : * PAL roms are now works at good speed (50 FPS) ! (Tintin, Spirou ... doesn't lock with country message any more) * Another bug in Starscream 68000 core fixed: Sonic2, terminator 2 (judment day), lemmings, royal blood ... works perfectly with Starscream. * Little bug in collision flag fixed (interaction with ennemies in strider2). (Thanks to Bart Trzynadlowski from Genital) * I've fixed some things in vertical and horizontal interrupts & flags, more games works : Super skidmarks, megalomania, gauntlet 4 ... * Some bugs fixed in window plan and VDP reg write. Tale spin, rolling thunder 2 (not sure for this rom), Abrams Battle tank, Rings of power ... are ok. * Read/Write to CRAM, VSRAM fixed (taiwan tycoon V-Scroll, xennon 2 are ok) * Z80 BUS request fixed (double dragon, fatal rewind and super offroad works) * little fix in DMA copy (taiga drama taiheiki looks good, european club soccer looks better ...) * Very little bug in sram fixed (tonki comes back working) (26/04/2000) Changes Gens 0.5 <- Gens 0.4 : -------------------------------------------

* I've enterely rewrite the VDP IO code: - DMA transferts appears near perfect and a lot of games works now correctly ! (Warsong, Batman and Robin, Contra4, Shinig force 2 ...) - Improvement of Control Decoding. (Electronic Arts Intro finally fixed !) - Reads and Writes more accurate ... - Save state files (.gs*) has changed du to new VDP code and could have problems to load old save files. * I've fixed a bug in Starscream 68000 core : - Greendog, Samurais Shodow, Eternals Champions ... works correctly with Starscream. - little speed improvement. * SRAM finally fixed (file saved when change rom). * I've enterely rewrite controllers code (fix some mistakes). * Stupid bug in window plan fixed (miss a pixel on the right). * Little change in timing : Landstaker blank line fixed, Outrun back working with my 68000 core, ... * Messages infos added. * Show FPS added. * I've finally add an icon for Gens (Thanks to all people that send me an icon :) * Shortcuts has changed (readme.txt). * Some others things added or fixed ..... I think the compatibily rate's above 85% ! (06/04/2000) Changes Gens 0.4 <- Gens 0.39 : -------------------------------------------A lot of changes for this new release : - Gens configuration saved in file ! (finally) (You can specify your own file name for special configuration) - SRAM fixed and entirely implemented (saved in file). - Mouse cursor now hidden in Full-Screen then you must use the right mouse button to access at popup menu ! - Perfect recovering of sound after 'load state' (only with MZ80 core). Saves files are now bigger, but there are compatible with old format. - DAC (few) noises fixed. - Some little bugs with VDP DMA fixed. - Others bugs fixed ..... About 80% (little more) of roms work correctly ! No error messages anymore (like "Starscream core error ..."). If an error occurs, emulation attempt to continue even if can crash. (01/04/2000) Changes Gens 0.39 <- Gens 0.36 : --------------------------------------------- Joystick support added ! (directx 5.0 needed) - Interlaced VDP mode added ! (can play at sonic in split mode but only with my 68000 core) - Fixed (again) auto-detection for some others country ...

- Fixed H-Blank status in VDP - Some others few bugs fixed (Alt-Tab key, ...) SRAM not yet saved in file Config not yet saved in file (27/03/2000) Changes Gens 0.36 <- Gens 0.34 : --------------------------------------------- Gens now uses the new MZ80 core of Neil Bradley (v3.4) and it corrects some sound bugs ! - Fixed special version auto-detection (Toy Story ...) - SRAM implemented (Landstaker, Light Crusader ... now work correctly !) but not yet saved in a file. - Choice of the game speed added : NTSC (60 FPS) or PAL (50 FPS). If a game runs too fast, just switch to PAL version. - Sound timing for some games (vector man ...) fixed. - Fixed switch state shortcut. - Fixed the stupid bug which exits after setting keys ! - Fixed load state crashes with starscream. - ... Joystick support not yet available :( (21/03/2000) Changes Gens 0.34 <- Gens 0.3 : -------------------------------------------- Starscream 68000 is available, changes : - More roms work fine (about 75% :) - Faster than mine ! - Debugger doesn't work with Starscream ! - RAZE Z80 core added, but there are some problems with certain roms aladdin, sonic ...) but it works better than MZ80 in other cases (animaniacs, contra4 ...). - Shortcuts added (Save / Load state, frame skip ... see below) - Sound is now stopped when clicking on menu or resizing the window ... - Current directory stored (but not yet in a file, just when you keep gens running) - Some optimizations -> some more FPS :) - Bug fixes (DirectSound init, key settings ...) - Others I can't remember .... (14/03/2000) Changes Gens 0.3 <- Gens 0.24 : -------------------------------------------- Starscream 68000 core (faster and more accurate than mine) is now implemented but deactivated, it'll be active in the next version ! - DAC works now perfectly (can hear 'SEGA' chord in sonic games :) - Many many fixes in sound and CPU timings: - All chips (68000, Z80, YM2612, PSG ...) are synchronized depending on the game type (PAL 50Hz / SECAM 60Hz) and PAL games work at 50 FPS in auto-frameskip mode. - Fix YM2612 timers.

- Fix PSG rate. - Can choose sound sample rate (you must reload the rom for that to take effect !) - Some little others... There are some glitches with the DAC speed with some games (just hear the voices in aladdin, cool-spot, lemmings ...) (08/03/2000) Changes Gens 0.24 <- Gens 0.2 : -------------------------------------------- I returned to MZ80 (Neil Bradley z80 emulator, it now works correctly ! - Preliminary sound emulation : - YM2612 works correctly :) - PSG works strangely :o - DAC doesn't work and only does some noises :( - Sound sync is not yet perfect ! - Sound is played slowly with certain roms - Fixed a bug in the window plane (Zombie doesn't crash any more ...) - Others ... (24/02/2000) Changes Gens 0.2 <- Gens 0.141 : --------------------------------------------- I've entirely rewritten the VDP rendering : - More optimized and so faster ;) - Fixed Scroll A / Window conflict. - Added masks sprite features. - Added sprite limit feature (can see it on sonic 1 main screen) You can enable or disable it by 'Sprite Over' option in the 'graphics' menu. - Added 15 bits mode. No more bad colors on some video cards :) - Fixed the VSRam read and write (vertical scrollings are now okay) - I'm using RAZE (Richard Mitton z80 emulator instead of MZ80 (Neil Bradley due to unworking games with MZ80 (I may not use it correctly). - Some changes in DMA transfers. (sprites of mario (no commercial) rom are okay). - Full-Screen now works correctly. Full-Screen is faster than Windowed mode, just use it ! - Some others ... Sorry, once again, the sound is not implemented, may be in the next release ! (08/02/2000) Changes Gens 0.141 <- Gens 0.12 Beta : ---------------------------------------------------------------- Auto-FrameSkip added !

- Corrected some bugs on DMA (demo roms like super mario don't crash any more ... ) - Key settings for Player 1 & Player 2 added ! - I have changed DirectDraw method to get faster transparencies effects. - HalfBlur effect added for smooth graphics ! (03/02/2000) Changes Gens 0.12 Beta (Win9X) <- Gens 0.15b (DOS): ---------------------------------------------------------------First important change: Gens works now under win9X and using DirectX ! Then some bugs appeared and some roms that worked on Gens 0.15b don't work anymore :( Screen size * 1; * 2; * 3; * 4. No V-Sync possibility for now. Debugger is missing because a lot of work is needed to make it work ! Save/Load state added ! I'm using Genecyst format, there are some bugs due to lack of info. - The transparencies effects due to palette changes during H-Blanking work ! No sound yet !

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