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									Registered Student Organizations of Interest to Biological Sciences Students

                                      Updated September 4, 2009

Alpha Chi Sigma
President: Robert DiFazio,
Purpose: To bring together students in chemistry or other related fields in a social AND professional
setting. Basically just be awesome!
American Association of Zoo Veterinarians, Illinois Student Chapter
President: Samantha Haskins,
Purpose: To provide veterinary students with additional educational opportunities and experience in
the veterinary care of zoo animals.
American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, Student Chapter of the
President: Dusty Sachen,
Purpose: To provide veterinary students with opportunities to learn about holistic veterinary
medicine, network within the holistic veterinary community, and educate the general public about
holistic veterinary medicine.
American Medical Student Association Pre-Med (AMSA)
President: Sean Swearingen,
Purpose: The mission of this organization is to cultivate exploration of the medical field by pre-
medical students. We hope to achieve this by contributing to the community through volunteering,
attending AMSA regional and national conventions, physician and medical student mentoring, and
a variety of other medical and non-medical related experiences. We aim to prepare pre-medical
students for the challenges they will face both in medical school and as physicians.
Applied Health Sciences Student Council
President: Jordan Sestak,
Purpose: To educate students of the various academic, social, as well as professional opportunities
available. As well as promoting enhanced interaction between students, alumni, staff, in addition to
organizations within the college of Applied Health Sciences.
Aquarium Club
President: Erik Chatroop,
Purpose: To enjoy the aquarium hobby as well as to promote conservation and awareness of marine
and aquatic environments.
Aspiring Latinos in Medicine Association (ALMA)
President: Anna Morris,
Purpose: The purpose of this organization is to allow students to learn more about different health
fields/careers and obtain the information and resources needed to continue education in health
related fields. Also, this organization will give the opportunity to interested students to volunteer in
health related community services both domestic and abroad expanding the knowledge of
differences in international medical practices.
Assisting, Tutoring, and Planning for Students in the Health Related Sciences
President: Arsalan Kabir,
Purpose: This program will provide tutoring for students majoring in MCB, Chemistry,
Kinesiology, and Community Health majors as well as others interested in going into the health
related fields. We will also provide help with the math and physics classes required for those majors
and have meetings to discuss resume building opportunities. Students can join to tutor others, form
study groups, or receive help from the tutors.
Biological Anthropology Journal Club
President: Alyson Rode,
Purpose: To provide a forum for discussing new ideas, new and classic biological anthropology
publications, and to hear invited speakers from within the diverse field of Biological Anthropology.
Campus Greens of UIUC
President: Sarah Grajdura,
Purpose: To promote a variety of progressive causes that have a direct impact on the environment,
economy, and social and political landscape.
Club Insecta
President: Allen Lawrance,
Purpose: To provide students opportunities to gain valuable experience, participate in community
outreach, and have fun through entomological activities.
Companion Animals Club
President: Anna Bengtson,
Purpose: To promote enjoyment of companion animals through related activities, such as volunteer
opportunities and social events, while providing career and educational resources for its members.
Direct Health Projects International
President: Richard Kim,
Purpose: To provide basic health relief to rural, poverty stricken areas in Ecuador, one family at a
time. Our group works closely with leaders and well-established organizations of the communities
we are targeting to create a well-coordinated relief effort based on basic medical aid and health
Ecological Design Consortium
President: Jennifer Sin,
Purpose: To promote ecological, economical, and equitable design solutions for the built
Environmental Law Society
President: Stephanie Johnson,
Purpose: Enhance the community's awareness of environmental issues on all levels, to facilitate
open discussion about environmental issues, and to promote sustainable environmental practices.
Frontiers- International Health Society
President: Kyla Bachtell,
Purpose: Frontiers- International Health Society is committed to raising awareness of global health
disparities. In addition it is Frontiers’ mission to foster critical exploration of solutions regarding
health care issues.
Global Medical Brigades at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
President: Elizabeth Cunningham,
Purpose: The Global Medical Brigades is a secular, non-profit network of university clubs and
volunteer organizations that travel to developing countries. We are a grass roots movement all over
North America working in concert to provide medical relief and health education to the world's
poorest countries.
Green Energy Team
President: David Kirmse,
Purpose: We provide a free aluminum can recycling service. With the aluminum cans we are able to
build solar energy heaters to then donate to under privileged families.
Hoof and Horn
President: Nolan Paxton,
Purpose: To educate students interested in animal agriculture and its related industries.
Human Nutrition Club
President: Karla Ortiz,
Purpose: To unite those interested in the advancement of nutrition through education,awarness,and
outreach both on campus and throughout the community.
Illini Dairy Club
President: Bradley Niemerg,
Purpose: To organize students and faculty members with interests in dairy science for their mutual
benefit, to broaden their knowledge, and to stimulate a greater interest in the dairy industry.
Illini Emergency Medical Services
President: Elizabeth Regan,
Purpose: Provide volunteer EMT-B care at events on campus and to educate the C-U community in
CPR and first-aid.
Illini Green Team
President: Annie Sun,
Purpose: To promote green living in residence halls and people in the community through
environmental education, service projects and social activities.
Illini Heartbeats
President: David Edelstein,
Purpose: Promoting awareness of cardiovascular disease and a heart healthy lifestyle! Major
initiatives are education, fundraising and coalition formation to increase CVD awareness in C-U.
Illini Medical Screening Society
President: Grant Reed,
Purpose: Our organization will provide uninsured individuals medical screening including some
basic blood work. This will be run by pre-health undergraduate students at the University of Illinois
under the supervision of local physicians and nurses. We hope to serve people in both an urban and
rural setting once per month. Finally, we hope our organization will serve as a template for other
universities to replicate in their geographic area.
Illini Red Cross Club
President: Allison Mayer,
Purpose: To establish an organization of volunteers with the University in order to educate and
provide unique volunteer opportunities, as well as raise funds for the Red Cross and its chapters.
Illinois Biophysics Society
President: Damien Mathew,
Purpose: To encourage the participation of all students interested in biophysics research.
Illinois Journal of Undergraduate Research
President: Robert Grzyb,
Purpose: Promoting the importance of undergraduate research and providing a medium for
publication of such research.
Illinois Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association
President: Adrienne DiPietro,
Purpose: To promote a spirit of friendly professionalism and leadership among students in
veterinary school.
International Association of Aquatic Animal Medicine
President: Jayme Richardson,
Purpose: To promote further knowledge in the field of aquatic and marine mammal medicine.
International Health Society-COM
President: Helena Orbach,
Purpose: We are a group committed to learning about, addressing, and impacting global health
 Kinesiology Student Association
President: Stephanie Chirillo,
Purpose: To provide a mechanism for those interested in kinesiology to express their educational,
professional, and social interests and concerns.
Latinos in Pre-Health
President: Pablo Quintana,
Purpose: Provide guidance and academic support to students pursuing a health-related field. Assist
health major students by providing numerous opportunities and activities that will enhance their
qualifications and increase competitiveness in the application process for graduate/health schools.
Timothy Feldheim,
Purpose: Just as DNA Ligase links together the gaps in the DNA backbone, this organization will
link together students interested in Molecular and Cellular Biology and provide a medium for
students to pursue and discover the plethora of fields associated with MCB.
March of Dimes Collegiate Council
President: Sarah Loebach,
Purpose: To improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects and infant mortality.
Minority Association of Pre-health Students (MAPS)
President: Caesar Arturo,
Purpose: MAPS Pre-Med strives to connect members with all the resources necessary to become the
most well-rounded medical school applicant by hosting a variety of speakers from local hospitals
and clinics, Doctor panels, Senior Pre-Med panels, UIC Med Student Mentor Match, SNMA
conference, and plenty of volunteering opportunities. We also keep members updated with our
newletter Pre-Med Campus which provides details on Pre-Med events around campus.
National Network of Latin American Medical Students, UIUC Chapter
President: Mario Lopez,
Purpose: To provide support for underrepresented medical students and to educate medical students
on Latino health issues through advocacy and volunteerism.
National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical
President: Kwaku Okraku,
Purpose: The mission of NOBCChE is to build an eminent community of scientists and engineers
by increasing the number of minorities in these fields.
National Science Teachers' Association, Illinois Chapter
President: Jerry Brady,
Purpose: The NSTA-Illinois student chapter supports and encourages students in science education
by providing professional development and community service opportunities while upholding the
mission of the National Science Teacher Association.
New Life Volunteering Society
President: Sarah Bluhm,
Purpose: To serve the homeless, hungry, mentally and physically disabled, and underprivileged
children. Our volunteering opportunities are open to everyone who wants to make a difference. We
volunteer at places like Champaign County Free Health Clinic, Times Homeless Shelter, and Swaan
Center for Disabled Children. NLVS also has medical missions in Chicago and Florida, and abroad
in Costa Rica, Peru, and South Africa!
Omega Tau Sigma Professional Veterinary Fraternity
President: Amy Wade,
Purpose: Professional veterinary organization devoted to community service and the furthering of
bettering the career of veterinary medicine.
Phi Delta Epsilon
President: John Mihelcic,
Purpose: To foster and achieve bonding among future and current physicians of high moral
character devoted to education and philanthropy for a lifetime.
Pre-Dental Club
President: Ashley Ginsberg,
Purpose: To guide undergraduate students in their pursuit towards a career in dentistry.
Pre-Optometry Club
President: Payal Thakkar,
Purpose: To provide members with more resources and knowledge about the field of optometry.
Pre-Pharmacy Club
President: Kinjal Shah,
Purpose: To introduce students on campus to each other and to the studies and profession of
Pre-Physician Assistant Club
President: Kristin Hess,
Purpose: To help prospective students interested in the physician assistant program prepare for
graduate school and a career as a PA.
President: Jay Patel,
Purpose: Pre-SOMA is the undergraduate division of the Student Osteopathic Medical Association.
It is set up to promote and inform the public about the osteopathic medical education as well as to
increase the number of applicants to osteopathic medical schools.
Pre-Vet Club
President: Amanda Wolff,
Purpose: To provide guidance and membership for students interested in continuing their education
in the field of Veterinary Medicine.

Red Bison
President: Justin Meissen,
Purpose: To work on prairie restoration projects and educate the campus and community about
native vegetation.
Society of Asian Scientists & Engineers at Illinois
President: Dan Yu,
Purpose: SASE is dedicated to the advancement of Asian heritage scientists and engineers in
education and employment so that they can achieve their full career potential. In addition to
professional development, SASE also encourages members to contribute to the enhancement of the
communities in which they live. SASE’s mission is to - Prepare Asian heritage students for success
in the transnational, global business world. - Promote diversity and tolerance on campuses and in
the workplace.
South Asian Pre-Health Association
President: Avishkar Sharma,
Purpose: To assist students pursuing a career in a health-related field by providing a multitude of
opportunities, academic and advising support, and activities that will enhance their qualifications
and increase competitiveness in the application process for graduate/health schools.
Student Alliance Of Veterinarians For the Environment
President: Samantha Haskins,
Purpose: To promote the conservation of nature and a more sustainable/eco-friendly College
through education within the veterinary profession.
Student Chapter of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists
President: Richard Hill,
Purpose: To study the physiology and mechanisms of disease and introduce veterinary careers in the
field of pathology.
Student National Medical Association
President: Sylvester Douglas,
Purpose: To increase the number of physicians devoted to underserved communities.
Student Nurses' Association
President: Rebekah Miller,
Purpose: To use our health care knowledge to impact our fellow students and community through
our volunteer services; to encourage students to consider the field of nursing as a career option; and
to unite all levels of nursing students on the campus.
Student Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society
President: Joseph Cosman,
Purpose: This club enriches the experiences of the students of veterinary medicine by exposing
them to Emergency and Critical Care Medicine.
Students for Environmental Concerns
President: Anthony Larson,
Purpose: To educate and inform students and community members about environmental issues and
to work towards positive environmental change on a national, statewide, and local level.
Students Towards Alzheimer's Research and Service (STARS)
President: Julia Buhnerkempe,
Purpose: To promote awareness of Alzheimer's Disease at the University of Illinois, provide
fundraising activities in coordinance with the Alzheimer's Association chapter in Bloomington, IL,
and to engage in service work with Alzheimer's patients in local hospitals and nursing homes in the
Champaign/Urbana area.
Teach For America University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Chapter
President: Tanisha Joyce,
Purpose: Our mission is to build the movement to eliminate educational inequity by enlisting our
nation's most promising future leaders in the effort.
Unite for Sight at UIUC
President: Payal Thakkar,
Purpose: To empower communities worldwide to improve eye health and eliminate preventable
Veterinary Students as One In Culture and Ethnicity
President: Kelly DeBaene,
Purpose: To encourage veterinary students and faculty to explore multiculturalism and expose
minority communities to veterinary medicine.
Veterinary Students of Illinois, Limited
President: Kathryn Wycislo,
Purpose: Sale of books and medical equipment to veterinary students and staff.
Water Environment Federation
President: Kyle Hegger,
Purpose: Focus on preserving watershed quality and advancement of biofuels research. Projects
include algal biodiesel production, wastewater nutrient harvesting and local educational/outreach
programs. Also, interface with professionals and prepare for post graduate life.
Women In Molecular and Cellular Biology
President: Martha Tomala,
Purpose: Our aim is to support the inclusion of women majors in MCB. We aim to do volunteer
work with local area hospitals and in the health industry in general. We will foster professional and
interpersonal networking opportunities in a noncompetitive and supportive environment.

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