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Verizon Wireless: Blackberry STORM launch (New York) Marriott World of Rewards (St. Louis)

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Verizon “How Sweet the Sound” (New York) 17 Coca-Cola Olympics US Retail Beijing Olympics Highlights: Coca Cola, adidas

Microsoft Windows Vista (San Francisco) Intel: Boldly Go (St. Louis)

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Awards	&	Honors Pro Award winners Momentum sponsors POPAI Awards FM&BE

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Heering: ACCESSORIZE 2009 (Öresund) Luksusowa Vodka: Nicdodac (Warsaw)

American Express OPEN Forum (New York) 14

vol. 1 issue 1


Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to the first issue of Month at Momentum, our new monthly enewsletter. This was specifically developed as a tool to help you not only learn about what’s going on in our 75+ offices around the globe, but to connect. To BE ONE. At the bottom of each page, you will see the name and email address of a colleague to reach out to when you want to learn more about their program, to brainstorm, ask for help, share your feedback or to just give them a pat on the back for their GREAT WORK. Being that this is the first issue, it is truly a work in progress and you can expect this to evolve. But in order to keep moving it forward, we need your feedback. We need to be continuously made aware of YOUR news so we can include it in future editions. Please send any news you’d like included to the Move It Forward mailbox at and I will review everything with our editorial team and get back to you if we need any additional materials. I hope you had a wonderful holiday and I look forward to hearing great news from you throughout 2009! Best,

vol. 1 issue 1


new hires

A	BIG	Momentum	 welcome	to...

Gautam	Bedi

Graphics Manager Momentum India

Jim	Howe	

SVP, Dir, Bus. Leadership-Verizon Momentum New York

Rajeev	Chauhan
Graphics Manager Momentum India

Dariusz	Matuszewski

Event Mktg & Sponsorship Mgr Momentum Poland

Chris	Devuono	

Account Supervisor Momentum Calgary

Murio	Nuradwi	

Operations Director Momentum Indonesia

Joe	DiMuro	

EVP, Music & Entertainment Momentum New York

Ben	Tsang

Managing Director Momentum China

Jacek	Gadzinowski	

Business Development Director Momentum Poland

Jeff	Vinick	

SVP, Group Creative Director Momentum New York

Bill	Grogan	

EVP, Managing Director Momentum New York

vol. 1 issue 1



Congratulations	to	 these	great	leaders	 on	their	promotions	 or	new	posts... and	for	continually	 Moving	It	Forward

Jo	Arscott

VP, Executive Creative Director Momentum Atlanta

Peter	Office	

Chief People Officer WW and General Manager Momentum Chicago

Lynne	Brinker	 Jeff	Coburn

Co-General Manager Momentum St Louis Director of Strategic Planning Momentum St Louis

Denny	Reed	 Joe	Russell	

COO N.A. and oversight of Latin America Momentum St Louis Head of Events Momentum UK

Laura	Loughlin	 Matt	Matzen	

EVP, North American Live Events Momentum New York GM & Global Lead, Microsoft Momentum San Francisco

Allison	Sheehan	

Co-General Manager Momentum St Louis

Donnalyn	Smith	 Jeff	Stevens

Regional Director, Midwest Momentum Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Detroit, St. Louis VP, Executive Creative Director, Momentum St Louis

Kevin	McNulty	

CMO of Momentum Worldwide Asia Pacific Regional Director

Rob	McQueen

North America, Chief Growth Officer Momentum New York

Greg	Sullentrup

North American Director/Creative Services Momentum St Louis

Norbert	Muczynski	

Field Marketing Director Momentum Poland

submit new hires, promotions and/or new posts details to

vol. 1 issue 1


office updates

Momentum	London	 has	moved	into		 new	digs... New address: 151 Rosebery Avenue London EC1R 4AB London’s new switchboard #: 0203 350 0000 London	Managing	 Partners:
Allan Cobb – Shopper Marketing Jon Hamm – Digital & Creative Product Simon White – Sponsorship & Events

learn more about momo london on the portal: _ momo

vol. 1 issue 1


office name give back pulse

Give	Back One of the five core objectives at Momentum Worldwide is GIVE BACK. We’ve all heard it bantered about, but what does it really mean? Giving back happens internally — from sharing knowledge with colleagues to joining a committee to make our workplace better; and externally by channeling passion into volunteer work and connecting good clients to great causes.

This month, the Give Back spotlight is on Momentum Chicago. A team there has deployed the “Eco•Momo” Committee, dedicated to adding more sustainable

practices to day-to-day operations. They have divided

the committee into three areas – kitchen, recycling and office include:

education. Some of the measures they are taking in the · Replacing paper and plastic plates, cups and utensils with non-disposable alternatives · Investing in an environmentally friendly drip pot coffee system with reusable filtration and organic/fair trade coffee · Eliminating the sale of plastic bottled water from the vending machines, where possible, and purchasing a water filter for kitchen sink taps. · Asking their Coca-Cola client for Coke-branded recycling bins for aluminum cans · Acquiring additional recycling baskets for paper · Investigating what other agencies have done and borrowing best practices · Arranging for a presentation by a board member of the Chicago Recycling Coalition · Determining if there is any pro-bono work that can be done with an environmental group in the area so employees learn more about this important cause, while giving back knowledge and experience to the organization Hats off to Chicago’s commitment to doing their part!

to learn more, please contact in chicago

vol. 1 issue 1


employee pulse office name

Dj	Volko	Dishes		 on	His	7	Months	 in	Beijing Often times it takes a global team to make the biggest ideas a reality—and when San Francisco’s DJ Volko was presented with a seven-month stint on Olympic turf—he leapt. “I couldn’t pass up the chance of a lifetime,” he says, and as soon as he took to Beijing’s streets, DJ discovered the “excitement was palpable.”

Last summer, the biggest brands in the world met an even bigger

audience—descended from the world over. After pitching for nearly

a year, once Momentum was chosen as the lead agency to handle the entire activation for Coca-Cola at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games, the real work began.

“One of the coolest things about working at Momentum is the

opportunity to collaborate with other offices, in other countries, with other cultures and business practices and with great clients,” said Volko. “Executing the 55,000 square foot Shuang Experience Center we dreamt up, meant cross-cultural collaboration like never before. Coordinating the architecture, construction, staffing, elaborate major feat. It was a blast.”

DJ Volko and son Ryan

programming and client management proved a challenge and also a

The Coca-Cola Shuang Experience Center was located on the Olympic Green in the shadow of the now famous “Bird’s Nest” and featured nine interactive experiences and offered up free ice-cold CocaCola products. The center was universally praised for providing consumers.

an experience unlike any other and hosted over 250,000 VIPs and

DJ joined Momentum Chicago over three years ago and ran the US Army account before moving to Momo San Francisco. Prior to his post at Momentum, DJ ran the US Army account at Relay in Chicago.

to learn more, please contact in san francisco

vol. 1 issue 1


training & development office name pulse

A	Glimpse	Into	 2009… Momentum’s Training and Development Department is gearing up to launch their newest training tool in January 2009: will provide e-learning tools for Momentum employees in their professional and career development. to utilize, as they strive to advance

Look out for its official launch in early 2009.

to learn more, please contact in new york

vol. 1 issue 1


discipline pulse

- Jo Arscott VP, Executive Creative Director Momentum Atlanta

At Momentum, we’ve all been set free to explore a whole new world like the portal, and our Facebook group, to connect in many ways.

of creative inspiration and that’s a rare thing. We’ve been given tools At the end of last year, we launched the Global Peer Network (GPN) where associates are matched up with other associates globally to Atlanta, Tokyo, Manchester, Berlin, Japan and Madrid are currently involved in the GPN. share best practices, cool stuff, culture, challenges, briefs, ideas, etc.

Akira (Glasses)/Tokyo)

The idea originated at COKE LOVE, a summit we held in Atlanta

last summer. Momentum Creative Directors from across the world

gathered to speak about the agency, and our long-standing partner, Coca-Cola, and felt the personal and business benefits. In the spirit of BE ONE, we thought it would be great if our creatives could do the same virtually. So, just before the holiday, Sae Shiraishi, Ulrich

Kudielka, Dave Lambert, Raul Perez and I put it into action. What has been amazing is that time, language, cultural and client differences have proven no barrier to exchanges and learning.



Today at Momentum, whether you’re an Art Director in Sydney or a Business Leader in Paris, it’s easy to get to know your global family. The tools are at hand on the Momentum Portal and our Facebook all, you’ve got over 55 countries and 75+ offices to choose from!

group. Join us! Of course, you can always set up your own GPN. After


to learn more, please contact in atlanta

vol. 1 issue 1


blog of the month

CONGRATULATIONS	 MANCHESTER		 AND	LONDON! This month’s blog of the month is a tie between our friends in the UK - Manchester and London - for having the most frequently updated blogs and the best content out there. Your dedication to keeping us all up-to-date on everything going on in Manchester and London is greatly appreciated! Who’s next?
check out the momo london and manchester blogs at
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do great work office name

Microsoft/ Best	Buy	 Multicultural	 Campaign There has been explosive Hispanic demographic growth in the US, resulting in a significant impact in the retail sector – and potential opportunity for Microsoft to further understand the Hispanic consumer segment from a technologyneeds and buying perspective.

Last year, Momentum created a campaign targeting the U.S. Hispanic market with a culturally and languagespecific Windows Vista marketing plan.

Momentum, with the help of McCann-Erickson, Universal a fully-integrated campaign with online banners, radio,

McCann, MRM, Edelman Public Relations and LCI, launched community workshops, POP, and bilingual RSP training for Best Buy Employees. The team also designed a ten page for software/computers in the top Hispanic markets. direct mail piece that targeted Best Buy customers looking

All campaign vehicles drove to a landing site where a user could choose to toggle between English and Spanish, and watch Vista demos and link to Best Buy to purchase the software.

If you would like more information on our multicultural

discipline, contact Julio. or

to explore opportunities with the Microsoft team, contact

for more information contact in san francisco

vol. 1 issue 1


do great work

Intel:	Boldly	Go	 One year ago, we embarked on a voyage to seek out strange new worlds.

Together with our client, Intel, we launched an Trek. One year later—one year of unflagging, has arrived.

endeavor to partner with JJ Abrams’ reboot of Star passion-fueled, and even manic efforts – the payoff

At midnight November 14, 2008, BoldlyGo.Intel.

com went live. As of 7AM the very next morning,

thousands of SciFi Fanboys across the nation had existence. The program also existed beyond the online media, and retail landing pages with our partners at Lenovo and Circuit City.

already discovered the site and spread word of its online world, including multiple elements in print,

Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors. Tell any life form you run across to visit

Thanks to everyone who made this a successful site launch. Live long and prosper. And, boldly go.

for more information, please contact in st. louis

vol. 1 issue 1


do great work

Heering		 Accessorize	2009	
Momentum Öresund launched a global fashion and drink competition intended for the world’s most talented mixologists and aspiring designers. Mixologists were asked to create a cocktail inspired by a dress and designers to create a cocktail dress inspired by a cocktail. Genius! Check it out today at

for more information contact in copenhagen

vol. 1 issue 1


do great work

Luksusowa	Vodka:	 Nicdodac Warsaw created unique line of bottle boxes for Polish vodka, Luksusowa Vodka, a line based on the idea of men and friendship.

The campaign features extraordinary photos by famous German Polaroid photographer – Simon Puschmann. The re-launch of the mark was followed by Momo Poland & MRM’s collaborative launch of

The site’s goal was to connect friends submit unique stories about their

online and allowed visitors to secretly best pals. Once submitted, the story is name his mate that submitted, they qualified for the contest.

emailed to the “friend” and if he could

The vodka’s core target is mainly people who don’t use Internet very often. Our the target group and to create buzz the success! activities on the Web are aimed to widen about the product. Client is thrilled with

for more information contact in warsaw

vol. 1 issue 1


do great work

AmEx	OPEN	Forum Late last year, the American Express OPEN (for Small Business) team revisited the Inc. 500 Conference and Awards Ceremony to build on the success of the 2007 innovative launch of The Plum Card, winner of a 2008 PRO Award.

The Inc. 500 Conference is a prestigious annual event honors the Inc. 500 and the 5,000 fastest growing

hosted by leading small business magazine, Inc., which privately-held small businesses in the country. Past Inc. 500 nominees include Bill Gates, Timberland and Build-a-Bear. This year, for the first time ever, OPEN brought MSNBC’s segments and interview business owners.

show “Your Business” to the trade show floor to tape show

The highlight of the weekend though was the Momentumproduced live event “Inside the Entrepreneurial Mind” during the General Session featuring marketing guru

Seth Godin and management visionary Tom Peters. It was OPEN, Susan Sobbott.

moderated by our client, the President of American Express

Learn more at

for more information contact in new york

vol. 1 issue 1


do great work

Verizon	Wireless,	 The	Blackberry	 Storm	 To help announce the launch of the world’s first touch screen BlackBerry, The BlackBerry Storm exclusively from Verizon Wireless, and build excitement about the phone we created a New York City-wide scavenger hunt!

From November 6th through November 15th 2008,

we challenged consumers to find 45 BlackBerry Storm

smartphones that were hidden throughout Manhattan. The BlackBerry Storm smartphones were hidden in fashion boutiques, specialty stores, restaurants, and iconic NYC locations throughout SoHo, the East Village, the West Village, Midtown East, Midtown West, Upper East Side and the Upper West Side. Momentum scouted and contracted with each our super sleek counter and floor displays. retailer and in exchange for our promotion, they displayed

Once a Storm was found, a keyword was revealed to the the BlackBerry Storm or a Verizon Wireless giftcard this

consumer. To be entered into a daily drawing to win either keyword could be texted to 41039 or submitted online at

To learn more about the Blackberry Storm visit

for more information contact in new york

vol. 1 issue 1


do great work

Marriott	World		 of	Rewards		 25 days. 25 destinations. 25 questions. Endless Possibilities.

On October 27th, we launched “Marriott World of

Rewards” for our Marriott client. The dedicated web site was a contest destination where we awarded amazing instant-win prizes to Rewards Members every day for nearly a month! The Grand Prize was a trip for two to

any participating Marriott - anywhere in the world that technology and an integrated backend for prizing and fulfillment, built by Momentum.

the winner chose. The site featured Papervision 3D Flash

The latest reports show that in just 25 days, the site game plays!

generated over 2 million visitors and over 1.5 million

Launching this site was a truly collaborative effort with special thanks to everyone on the team who made it possible... Great creative, strong business leadership and killer interactive development and design... Jeff Gould, Chris Miller, Murphy O’Brien, Chris Modica, Stan Davis, and Ellen Purtell. Randy Smith, Robyn Jones, Ben Olson, Julie Clark, Dan Will, Aaron Clubb, Sue Blanke, Matthew Tillstrom, Tim Christian

for more information, please contact hafiz huda: in st. louis

vol. 1 issue 1


do great work

Verizon:		 How	Sweet		 The	Sound	 The 2008 Verizon Wireless How Sweet the Sound Gospel Choir Competition is a wrap!

Hat’s off to the Momentum team for their incredible success

with the “How Sweet The Sound” national tour and promotion

for Verizon Wireless. This was by far our hugest undertaking to the want to do it again...and with us at the helm. The planning listed below:

date for the client and it was so successful, the client informed us for 2009 is already in full swing! Some of the key highlights are • 11-city arena tour in search of the best church choir in America including United Center in Chicago; the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C.; and the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia

• Over 80,000 attendees

• Featured top acts in gospel music including our host

GRAMMY®-winning songwriter, producer, arranger and music director, Donald Lawrence and GRAMMY-winning legends Marvin Sapp, Hezekiah Walker, Smokie Norful and CeCe Winans

• A caravan of seven tractor trailers and four buses wrapped in • 83 choirs participated (over 4,000 total performers) • Over $800,000 in prizes were distributed • $35,000 in charitable contributions were made still anticipated HSTS branding

• Over 92,000,000 media impressions and additional coverage is You can view the finale show opener at

The HSTS team would like to thank everyone at Momentum who contributed to making this massive undertaking a huge success. From live events, account, creative, music & entertainment, have done it without you! finance, phygital, legal, HR, administration, etc, we could not

for more information, please contact in new york

vol. 1 issue 1


do great work

Coca-Cola	2008	 Olympics	Retail	 Program	in	U.S.	
As the longest continuous sponsor of the Olympic Games, since 1928, CocaCola capitalized on their shared ideals of optimism, friendship and unity, to create a fully integrated U.S. campaign, led by Momentum Atlanta, around the platform “Connect with the World over a Coke.”

This end-to-end marketing program leveraged the unique association between Coca-Cola and the Olympic Games, and drove retail execution throughout the summer through the use of:

· Olympic athletes as the human connection · Proprietary collectible packaging to put the · POS and merchandising equipment to remind · Strong TV and online media to achieve breadth · Two dedicated websites to increase depth of brands (Coca-Cola & the Olympic Games) and awareness of our message shoppers of the occasion Olympic Spirit in consumer’s hands with the brand

consumer involvement with these two iconic

In a declining category, this campaign sparked positive volume growth, despite competitor price cuts.

for more information contact in atlanta

vol. 1 issue 1


do great work

Momentum	Owned	 the	Olympic	 Sponsor	Projects	in	 Beijing! For Coca-Cola and adidas, we planned and executed all of their on-theground activation and owned a huge footprint on the Olympic Green just steps from the Bird’s Nest. What exactly did we do?

• All concepting, exterior and interior design, construction, programming, interactive content and creative development

• Managed the operations and programs

throughout the Olympics and Paralympics

• Created excitement and interactive via media attention in China and Worldwide

experience for stakeholders/consumers

• Coca-Cola had the highest brand adidas, the third highest

recall of any Olympic Sponsor and

• We also created unique experiential

marketing events for major Olympic

sponsors in China — UPS and J&J Visioncare

for more information on the coca-cola activation in beijing contact

vol. 1 issue 1


do great work

Coca-Cola	Shuang	 Experience	Center	on	 the	Olympic	Green
Highlights: - designed and constructed 55,000 square foot venue in just over 100 days - developed nine fully interactive experiences - hosted over 250,000 VIPs and consumers - served nearly 60,000 gallons of Coke product - managed thousands of employees from

construction to servers

for more information on the coca-cola activation in beijing contact

vol. 1 issue 1


do great work

Adidas	Pavilion
- Hosted over 300,000 visitors to the 1000 sq metre adidas Pavilion - Our 91 meter long spiral theatre was the longest in the world with 760 LED panels (second in size only to LED at Opening Ceremonies) - Managed 22 vendors and thousands of staff to build and run Pavilion

for more information on the adidas activation in beijing contact

vol. 1 issue 1


awards & honors

Congratulations	 to	the	Pro	Award	 Winners! On October 29th in Chicago, the PRO Awards, from Promo Magazine, were announced. Momentum had more finalists, twice as many actually, than any other agency with NINE total. Check out how we did...

MINI: The Other Lunch Break (London)

• First Place, Best Multidisciplinary Campaign • Third Place, Best Creative

• Second Place, Best Use of Event Marketing (> 5 venues)

American Express OPEN (New York)

• First Place, Best Dealer, Sales Force or B2B Campaign • Second Place, Best Campaign Generating Brand Awareness and Trial Recruitment

Verizon - Mini Movie Studio (New York) Content

• Honorable Mention, Best Use of Consumer Generated

American Express OPEN Plum Card Launch (New York) Strategy

• Honorable Mention, Most Innovative Communication

Toohey’s NEW Wallabies Promo and Photo Mosaic (SYD) • Honorable Mention, Best Interactive Promotion - but hey, they won the client a Guinness Book World Record!

for more information contact: in st louis

vol. 1 issue 1


awards & honors

Momentum	 sponsors	POPAI	 Awards	in	London	 and	Ireland ...and in the process, also scored: We Won a Silver Award for Sports & Toys Category for our Sprintfit FSDU program for REEBOK

Thanks to the great work by Momentum Handforth and of the POPAI Awards UK & IRELAND! The teams worked

Manchester Retail in support of Momentum’s sponsorship together to create a glittering event attended by hundreds of brands, retailers and POP suppliers on 9th October at London’s Marriott Hotel.

The POPAI awards are designed to acknowledge the

highest standard of creative design, manufacture and implementation of Point of Purchase material in the industry. They are organised by POPAI international. As corporate sponsors, Momentum hosted a champagne reception for all guests who also had the opportunity to win a HP Laptop, Nokia mobile or gift vouchers through an unique code to enter online at a purpose built Momentum micro-site:

exclusive Momentum competition. All guests were given a

Momentum has just signed on again as the official corporate sponsor of the 2009 POPAI Awards!

for more information contact: in manchester

vol. 1 issue 1


awards & honors

Field	Marketing	and	 Brand	Experience	 Awards Momentum Handforth UK have won gold at the Field Marketing & Brand Experience Awards for their logistics project with Maybelline and L’Oreal. They also won “Highly Commended for Client-Agency Relationship of the Year” with Procter & Gamble.

Momentum entered a joint Maybelline & L’Oreal re-merchandising which took place on October 1st in London.

project into the Logistics category of the prestigious FM&BE awards

For Maybelline and L’Oreal we undertook a major new product rollout and stand update across 3741 stands in only 18 days in January 2007. The short timescale and sheer quantity of stands across a logistics process.

large estate called for first class project management and a seamless

For P&G we won “Highly Commended for our Client-Agency

Relationship of the Year.” Momentum has worked for P&G over the past 10 years delivering various tactical and strategic field marketing services. We demonstrated how we’ve added value to

P&G’s business by evolving the service from van sales through to a dedicated brand ambassador programme. We also developed and Co-op retail estate which has achieved some fantastic results. implemented a dedicated field marketing service for P&G within the

These awards would not have been won without the hard work and dedication of Momentum Handforth’s field and account teams, so well done all and keep up the good work throughout 2009!

for more information contact: in manchester

vol. 1 issue 1


press name officecoverage

Event	Marketer	 Magazine	 Featured our CocaCola and adidas work at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

for moremore, please contact to learn information contact: in new york

vol. 1 issue 1


press name officecoverage

Event	Marketer	 Magazine		 Featured our Blackberry STORM Launch Events for Verizon Wireless

for moremore, please contact to learn information contact: in new york

vol. 1 issue 1


press name officecoverage

Advertising	Age	 Featured the new Managing Director of our New York office... Bill Grogan

for more information contact: in new york to learn more, please contact

vol. 1 issue 1


press name officecoverage

Advertising	Age	and	 Promo	Magazine	 Featured the new EVP, Music & Entertainment, out of our NYC office... Joe DiMuro

for more information contact: in new york to learn more, please contact

vol. 1 issue 1


next month

Stay	tuned	for	the	 next	issue	of	Month		 at	Momentum!

In the next issue… • Give Back Spotlight • Atlanta •UK •New York • Singapore Office Launches! • Great Work • Hardy’s UK

• UPS/European Tour UK

• Army All American Bowl- Chicago

• HP Ultimate Big Gift- San Francisco • Verizon Winter Classic – New York Please submit content for review to:

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