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   A1) Introductory Exam               Please arrives the examination centre 15 minutes prior to your examination time.

   Please mark down the piece you are going to present in the examination. Please bring eligible copies of all
   selections for the examiner.
                                                   1. Poem                                        2. Conversation
   Introductory                                                                         The examiner will use the stimulus to
   Exam Section              (The learner must speak from memory one of the following
                                                                                        initiate a short conversation with the
                                  Ask Mummy Ask Daddy – John Agard
                                  When the Giant Comes to Breakfast – John
                                  Tailpiece – Max Fatchen                               A favorite toy or object: The learner
                                                                                        will bring a favorite toy or object into
                                  Tastes – John Foster                                  the examination room.

                                  Before the Bath – Corinna Marsh

                                  Lions and Tigers – A Nightingale

                                  Tarantula – Clare Bevan

                                  The Answers – Robert Clairmont
                                                                                        A picture, photograph or postcard:
                                  Stripey Tiger – Daphne Lister                         The learner will bring a picture
                                                                                        photograph or postcard, with which
                                  Sock Song – Ian McMillan                              they are familiar, into the examination
                                  Footprints – John Travers Moore

                                  The Ugstabuggle – Peter Wesley-Smith

                                  Going Swimming – Alison Chisholm

                                  Story Time – Andrew Collett
                                                                                        A favorite book: The learner will
                                  Star-trip – Barbara Ireson                            bring a favorite book into the
                                                                                        examination room. Please note that
                                  The Babysitter – Lindsay MacRae                       the learner will not be asked to read
                                  Grown out of – Tony Mitton

                                  Yuck – Paul Rogers

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